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Excellent summer movie
ivko24 August 2005
This movie will never win an Oscar, but it still surprised me and became my favorite summer movie this year. The plot, as in all good summer comedies, is simple. Two guys who crash weddings to pick up woman have zany adventures and learn a little something along the way. The real fun of this movie is in the actors, who deliver their performances perfectly. Owen Wilson is the aging California surfer type who may be ready to move on with his life. Vince Vaughn is his best friend who frequently acts like a spoiled, horny child but is actually a good guy. Christopher Walken is the slightly scary father of the love interest. So if you have seen Wilson in Shanghai Noon and Vaughn in Swingers and Walken in, well almost anything he has ever made, then you have seen these characters before. But still, they just work well together here. The movie contains just enough real emotion to keep you caring and enough absurdity and broad physical comedy to keep you laughing. This isn't Shakespeare, but it is funny. Highly recommend.
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Witty, raunchy and sure to become a 'classic'
botner26 June 2005
Saw a advance screening of this on Friday night. Hilarious doesn't do the film justice. You know how in most films you remember the funniest parts and bring them up as you leave the theater? This one, it's hard to remember the best parts because there's so many of them.

Unlike his previous films, where Vince Vaughn is usually reduced to the role of 'scene stealer', here we get a full dose of Babaganush, and he's in his finest form since 'Swingers'. If you liked him in his Swingers/Made persona, you'll love him here. Some of the riffs that he has literally will have you holding your sides with laughter.

Owen Wilson is Owen Wilson. You either like him or you don't. He's more of the straight man in this film, although he does have some pretty good lines too, and he has great chemistry with Vaughn, especially in the scenes where they're fighting. He's the ying to Vaughn's yang.

The movie certainly 'earns' it's R rating. There's a healthy dose of nudity, sex related hijinks, and f-bombs. But it's not 'gross out' humor a la American Pie. It pushes boundaries, but not just in a 'shock value' way. It's genuinely funny.

I saw the movie with a bunch of critics, who usually the jaded type, were laughing their asses of as well. Guys will love this movie and will be quoting it for the rest of the year. Girls will love it too though, and there is a romantic subplot (cheesy at times, but forgivable given how funny the movie is), with Rachael McAdams doing a great job as Owen Wilson's love interest. Isla Fischer plays the role of 'scene stealer' in this one, serving as Vince Vaughn's psycho love interest. And Chris Walken is Chris Walken.

So overall..inappropriate, hilarious and glorious. Better than Oldschool. Way better than Anchorman. Best comedy of the year, maybe the last couple of years.
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This movie was hilarious
Rooster9916 June 2006
An excellent comedy, Vince Vaughn is a gifted comedian. He kept "Old School" going, was the only light in a dismal "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", and had a terrific debut lead in "Swingers". I highly recommend people considering this movie, to watch the extras on the DVD; there is a karaoke scene at an Asian wedding which will have you rolling. It is a shame it was cut from the movie, but as the director's comments stated, "They just couldn't find a place where it would fit." I was very pleasantly surprised at the number of times I laughed out loud, a rarity for me while watching comedies. The lines were witty, the delivery was crisp, and the jokes were mostly new and fresh. Rachel McAdams was stunning, an excellent casting choice to play the object of Owen Wilson's desire. Despite the more or less rehashed plot (two guys lie about themselves to meet women, only to find that they now have a dilemma when they find 2 they really like), the film is nonetheless novel and original. There are a number of obviously stereotypical characters, (drunken grandmother, artistic introverted son, psychotic cheating boyfriend, immoral mother, powerful father), but they work in this film. Particularly the grandmother, who is prone to drunken scatological exclamations, had me laughing my head off. It was quite unexpected.

Although many of the situations could come off as contrived, they were secondary to the excellent repartee between Wilson and Vaughn. Their comic pairing worked to a T.

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Wilson and Vaughn: The Perfect Couple?
Jay Vydelingum2 July 2005
The Frat-Pack, are surely the hardest working collective in Hollywood. Hardly a month goes by without a movie featuring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jack Black, Will Ferrell, or those Wilson boys Luke and Owen being released.

When Starsky and Hutch paired Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller it was good, when Dodgeball put Vince Vaughn with Ben Stiller it was better, but "Wedding Crashers" could well be the finest Frat-Pack pairing to date.

Although Wilson and Vaughn have appeared in four movies together so far, this is the first where they've both taken star billing. In "Wedding Crashers", John Beckwith (Wilson) and Jeremy Klein (Vaughn), are a pair of divorce mediators whose passion in life is sneaking into weddings to take advantage of the free food.. and of course score with girls.

They have a strict 'crashers rulebook', which dictates the etiquette of the pick-up, such as 'never use your real name'. It also suggests, by behaving raucously, loudly and generally being the life-and-soul, people will think you're so obnoxious, you can't not have been invited.

The pair eventually find themselves at odds with each other when John meets and falls for a bridesmaid at the Washington society wedding of the year.

Although "Wedding Crashers" is at times formulaic, the comic performances raise this movie above par and in lesser hands the main characters could have descended into Rom-Com cliché. The fast-talking machine-gun delivery of Vaughn is the perfect accompaniment to Wilson's laconic style. Their single-guy banter's often painfully accurate, as is the acknowledgement they're both a little too old to be acting so carelessly. There are also some great comic set-pieces too, notably the divorce meeting, the weddings montage, the cringe-worthy football game and the hunting trip.

The supporting cast are also an asset, Christopher Walken expertly walks the tightrope of being both broodingly intimidating and likable, while Rachel McAdams' 'Claire' has a charming vulnerability and an easy-to-fall-in love with quality. Former "Home and Away" pin-up Isla Fisher however, is less convincing.

I admit "Wedding Crashers" is far from perfect, at time situations seem too contrived, the nudity is laughably gratuitous, and Claire's evil fiancée Sack (Bradley Cooper) is an almost too heavy-handed device to make Wilson look good.

But if you can look past all that, and simply accept it for what it is, you're left with a very funny film. 8/10
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Enjoyed every minute of it
hesdeadjim8227 January 2008
When I first watched this movie in the cinema when it was released I loved it then and saw it twice. I unfortunately forgot about it until I saw it again on TV tonight. How could I have forgotten? It is truly one of the best big box office movies that is actually funny. Clever humour, good morals (eventually), and plenty cheesy one liners that makes it a one of a kind amongst the many hundreds of slapstick US movies. I love how the movie demonstrates to us that the crazy gene does not discriminate between class and bank accounts, and we should all except our families with a sense of humour. I think any woman wouldn't mind if either of them crashed their wedding.
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I laughed so much, I cried too. Fun buddy movie of two friends who crash weddings to meet girls.
Seamus Waldron5 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This could have been a shocking buddy movie, but the writing, the comedic performances and the simple concept, make this my favourite comedy of the year.

Divorce mediators John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) are business partners and longtime friends who share a strange hobby, crashing weddings.

With intricate planning of back stories, the pair crash Jewish, Itaian, Irish, Chinese, even Hindu weddings, always with an answer for that question of "And you are".?

Wedding crashing has rules, handed down from one generation to the next :

"Invites are for losers", "Make sure she's single", "Never use your real name", "Dance like you mean it", "Free drinks, why not?", "If you can't cry, fake it!" and the most important; "Never leave a fellow crasher behind"

Though a kaleidescope of parties, we glimpse the whirlwind nature of wedding crashing. John and Jeremy aren't just out on the make, though the girls are their ultimate goal. They are sympathetic characters. Being the life of the party attracts the women, but these guys really do love the food, the bands, entertaining the kids and dressing up in their suits. Not only are they Wedding Crashers, they are Wedding experts.

The ultimate crashing challenge comes when the daughter of the Treasury Secretary (Christopher Walken) and he wife (Jane Seymor) is getting married in what is sure to be the social event of the year.

Of course, our friends find that this might just be a wedding too far, especially when they are invited to an extended weekend celebration at the Secretarys' home.

The fun really begins and I shall stop telling you what is going on as the ins and outs of this film are delightful. Jane Seymor has a marvellous scene with Owen Wilson and there are many moments you want to berry your head in the shoulder of the person next to you to stop laughing too loudly.

This is my favourite comedy of the year so far.
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Good comedy that only struggles when it has to focus on the actual narrative
bob the moo11 December 2005
John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey are committed bachelors who enjoy their womanising ways. They specialise in crashing weddings and picking up women for one night stands by taking advantage of their lower defences. Countless scores of women later, John is getting tired but the offer of "one last big job" tempts him back to crash the wedding of Treasury Secretary Cleary's daughter. Things go well until John falls for Claire Cleary while Jeremy finds himself trapped with the frighteningly clingy Gloria as the pair accept an invitation back to the weekend retreat of the Cleary family.

This did not appear strong enough to draw me into the cinema on its release but, on an trans-Atlantic flight it looked like being good enough to fill some time – which is actually a pretty fair summary of the film's strengths and weaknesses. I say this because it is funny enough to cover the problems that it has and thus will serve up as an enjoyable experience if you're relaxed enough to let this happen. The strengths lie in the lead two characters – they banter, they are lively and they are funny. Funny enough to cover up the fact that they are exploitative and sexual predators and funny enough to mean that the scenes where they are doing their thing are generally enjoyable. Of course it helps that Wilson and Vaughn are both doing their thing as usually and have great chemistry together – good news if you usually like them but, if you don't, then why bother? The weaknesses come in with the actual story because, every time someone has to fall in love with someone else, the laughs stop, the pace slows and the whole thing takes on a mushy air that doesn't gel that well with the banter scenes. Likewise the plot devices in the second hour tend to feel a little forced where they are just used to provide direction and create a proper ending etc. This doesn't mean it is terrible but it cannot be a good thing when you actively wish the plot would take a backseat in a film. The support cast share the comedy reasonably well; McAdams is cool and appealing, Fisher is a bit OTT but is funny, Seymour plays on her sexy image really well while Walken is reliable as ever as Christopher Walken.

Overall this is an enjoyable if patchy comedy. It trades on the usual delivery and chemistry between Wilson and Vaughn and the two do well to produce the film's best scenes when they are together. The need for a plot, romance and separation does hurt the film a little (because it is not as good as the aimless banter) but not a massive amount. Not a great comedy then but certainly good enough to please anyone who liked Anchorman, Dodgeball and other films of similar styles of humour.
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Crashers rock!
muri735 July 2005
Movie lives through Vaughn and Wilson. Both show an easy performance and want the audience to just simply have a good time.

The Story is nothing spectacular. If you liked "Meet the Fockers", you're gonna like this one as well.

Its the actors, who make the difference. Vaughn is hilarious and proofs, that he's much better in comedies than in "serious" movies. Wilson plays himself (as in every one of his movies) and scores a good 2nd place.

Walken is just Walken and thats worth half the ticket. The girls are gorgeous. Especially Rachel McAdams knocked me out. Holy Cow! The Crashers are good fun. Not an new invention of the genre, but especially because of the actors, this movie rocks!
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Vaughn And Wilson Are Great Comic Tandem
Desertman8417 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Wedding Crashers is a romantic comedy about two lawyers who attend weddings to meet and sleep with beautiful women for a one-night stand.It stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn together with Rachel McAdams,Isla Fisher and Christopher Walken. This hilarious film was directed by David Dobkin.

Jeremy Klein and John Beckwith are long-time friends who work at a law firm helping couples go through their divorces.Their work made them develop a pessimistic and cynical attitude towards marriage and commitment. On their spare time,both acts as wedding crashers to meet and sleep with beautiful women.Trouble begins when both attend the wedding of the daughter of William Cleary, the nation's Secretary of the Treasury and a possible Presidential candidate.During the event,John fall in love head over heels with Claire Cleary,one of the bridesmaids and and John got the attention of Gloria,also one of the bridesmaids and Cleary's daughter who happens to be promiscuous.They stay at the wedding longer than expected and things become awry as they get to know more about the Cleary family members which in the end would change their attitude towards love and marriage.

This was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.Vaughn and Wilson proved to be effective in their comedic scenes and have provided great comic performance in the movie as they managed to elicit lots of fun and laughter especially with their raunchy humor.Their chemistry is also worthy of mention as well.Added to that,having McAdams and Fisher as their love interest proved noteworthy as well as both actresses were charming,appealing and funny as well.Apart from comedy,it was also sweet as the viewer will also find the development of characters particularly with their attitude towards love and marriage both sweet and touching This definitely lives up to the hype and surely deserves the highest rating.
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Wedding Crashers A Hilarious Comedy
tburke8520 June 2009
Wedding Crashers was a hilarious comedy mainly because of the great performances by Owen Wilson and especially Vince Vaughn. Director David Dobkin is admirable in making this movie about two best friends who enjoy to spend their time crash weddings and picking up chicks. Owen Wilson and Vincent Vaughn both made this movie worth seeing because of their great comic chemistry with each other. Their scenes together are worth seeing it alone. The film also stars a more restrained Christopher Walken, Rachel McAdams, Isla Fisher, and Bradley Cooper who are equally impressive as the supporting characters. The rest of the cast are okay in their roles as well. A few of the supporting actors provide some comic relief to to movie but most of the laughs come from Wilson and Vaughn as their characters find themselves in one hilarious situation after another. The pacing was a little slow at times but the rest of the film made up for it's few flaws. I was very impressed with Wedding Crashers because it's one of the best comedies I've seen in quite sometime. My parents even liked it which really surprised me. Overall Wedding Crashers has plenty of humor and exceptional performances by the cast (Wilson and especially Vaughn) making this comedy worth seeing because is sure to please almost any fan of the genre.
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surprisingly funny
stealth493317 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not a guy who usually goes for the gay and sexual humor. This is not because I am a prude, but because these kinds of movies tend to take it too far and just isn't funny after that point. Wedding Crashers, however, executed this brand of humor perfectly. Another plus that makes this movie an above average comedy is the fact that the comedy did not take away from the plot. Many movies, such as Animal House, go so out of their way to be funny that they forget that movies are meant to tell a story. Wedding Crashers did a great job of keeping the comedy in the realm of a specific plot. Wedding Crashers is a unique and fun movie and I would definitely recommend watching it.
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Come on...
cnwiper3 January 2007
OK ,i did find the premise interesting , but come on, the acting is frequently over the top, the characters reactions extreme and unbelievable and so is the ease by which the central heroes "score" with women looking better than top models, as well as their total "immunity" to the occasionally "out of this world" beauty and heavenly figure of some of their "victims" until the "right" one comes along...Needless to say that despite it's somewhat original premise ,the film is ridden with clichés and of course a cheesy "happy" end...The movie tries hard to not be too sleazy, but sleazy enough for teenagers but the result is not so attractive... On the other hand, there are some clever lines and funny scenes and likable protagonists. Overall though unconvincing and unsatisfactory and therefore, overrated...
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Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn Really Click Well In This One.
BigHardcoreRed19 July 2005
Wedding Crashers is the latest installment in the new, over-the-top comedies cut from the same cloth as Old School or Meet The Parents. It will take it's rightful place in history along side these great comedies as it deserves.

Business partners John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) are also best friends that go way back. Every year they get together and go on a binge of crashing weddings to take advantage of the romance in the air and ultimately, to score with the jealous bridesmaids, or any other single woman for that matter. John and Jeremy are very smooth and do a lot of research to get a back-story that explains who they are, how they are connected to the families and why they are there. They also have what seems to be at least a hundred rules to ensure the crashing of the wedding goes as planned and of course, this could not be possible without the original wedding crasher, Chaz (Will Ferrell), who is not only THE wedding crasher, but also an innovator, as you will see.

This all works very well for them until they decide to crash the wedding of weddings, Secretary Cleary's (Christopher Walken) daughter and her new husband-to-be. John was unable to achieve his goal at the Cleary wedding of establishing a relationship with his other daughter, Claire (Rachel McAdams), who he is also falling in love with. Jeremy, too, is having his problems after achieving his goal with the Secretary's other daughter, Gloria (Isla Fisher), perhaps a bit too quickly, as he finds out it was her first time and she quickly attaches herself.

The long story made short, both John and Jeremy end up on an extended weekend with the Cleary family and hilarity ensues, very much the same way Ben Stiller was put in uncomfortable positions by his fiancé's family in Meet The Parents.

This was a great comedy in which I have heard compared to There's Something About Mary. I would not place it on such an iconic platform but it was very good and holds it's own along with other great comedies of today. Vaughn and Owen are a great team. Will Ferrell is typical Will Ferrell in his small bit part as Chaz. Christopher Walken's part was too small to really be noticed. Isla Fisher played the psycho first-timer in such a way that it even scared me.

The biggest surprise of this movie for me was Rachel McAdams. I took notice of her in Mean Girls and I believed she would be typecast in such roles for probably her whole career but she proved she could carry a movie as the lead love interest and was very captivating with her gorgeous smile.

If you liked the movies mentioned in this review, then I highly recommend seeing this one as well. It will not disappoint. 8.5/10
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Incredibly Funny
christian1237 May 2006
John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) are life-long friends who have made a hobby out of lying to get into wedding receptions, where they pick up vulnerable women with even more lies. Their plans to crash the upscale wedding of a high-profile politician (Christopher Walken) go awry when John falls in love with the politician's daughter (Rachel McAdams) and the two guys end up spending the weekend with her family…who just happen to be completely nuts!

Wedding Crashers is easily the funniest film of 2005. It's constantly hilarious and it's not completely immature. The premise is pretty creative and original. The film is not just filled with cheap jokes and toilet humor. There's actually a pretty mature love story to be found here as well. In all honestly, the script isn't that great but the film works really well because of the cast. The actors bring life into their characters and most of them give funny performances. Vince Vaughn is the true star of Wedding Crashers. His over the top performance is very funny. Some people may find him annoying though. Owen Wilson also gives a funny performance. He just wasn't as good as Vince but he holds his own. Together, Vaughn and Wilson have great chemistry and really make their scenes with one another really funny.

Rachel McAdams is one of the best young actresses working today. She appeared in three movies in 2005 and this one was the best. Her performance is pretty good and it's so easy to love this girl. Christopher Walken does his usual routine and he gives an okay performance. He isn't as funny as everyone else though. Isla Fisher is also another talented young actress. She comes out of no where and gives a very funny performance. Jane Seymour is underused which is too bad because she's pretty funny. Bradley Cooper was okay, nothing really special though. Not all of the film is perfect. I think the running time is too long. Long comedies rarely work out and while this one does, it could have still been edited. Also, the ending is kind of cheesy which is okay but a little unexpected. Will Ferrell makes a cameo and let's just say that it was not needed. It wasn't completely bad but he seemed to be trying way too hard. I really think that he's just an average comedian and nothing really special. One last thing, the film is pretty funny yet it doesn't have that great of a repeat value, at least for me. In the end, Wedding Crashers is worth checking out. Rating 8/10
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Walked out, this movie was an utter BOMB
Paul207617 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I lasted just over an hour into this movie before my girlfriend and I rolled our eyes for about the 50th time and decided it was time to leave. The point we left was when the one kid rolled into bed with Vince Vaughn which was, to me, the last straw in a long line of cheesy, over the top corny scenes that were put into this movie to get the most dimwitted audience members to laugh uncontrollably.

I found it funny in the theater we watched it in because one half of the theater didn't laugh once throughout the entire time that we were there, yet the people on the right were howling from start to finish. Was the ventilation pumping something into the air on that side of the theater? Looking back, it seemed as though this movie was written for its shock value alone. I think the writers of this crap-fest basically thought to themselves, while writing, "hmm, what is the most outlandish thing we could have happen here" and then wammo, enter low brow slapstick humour to the extreme.

The first twenty minutes or so, I felt as though I was watching an extended trailer for the movie. It was like watching a train wreck, I just couldn't look away (until we finally up and left). Thank God we had coupons, because I don't think I would have been able to look myself in the mirror ever again having known I had spent money on watching this movie.

Like star wars episodes 1,2 and 3, this is a movie is at its best in the preview. Why waste 2 hours or so watching the entire movie when you can do it in 2 minutes.
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Truly stupid and not in the least funny...
bijou-218 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Some Spoilers -if this tripe can be spoiled.

This attempt at a male fantasy comedy fails on every count. Most to blame is the implausible screenplay but the hammed up bad acting and impossible premise don't help. Several scenarios simply do not work and the maudlin "falling in love" pretence that is supposed to make these guys likable drags the film kicking and screaming into one of the lamest conclusions in movie history.

The two male leads are about as believable and charming as the skanks they may actually pick up along the way. Fortunately, the two female leads turn out to be equally reprehensible in their poor judgement and immorality although I suspect the writer and director failed to notice this. One would marry for kinky sex, the other to run away from a violent fiancée. What was she doing with that guy anyway? These guys will eventually get what they deserve but I could help feeling the violent fiancé was a much better choice.

If you are naive enough to accept any unlikely plot device thrown your way, hate women, fear gay men, and believe Washington D.C. should have no minorities, then this is the comedy fantasy for you! The film has an odd sense of 50's values that reveals it's point of view to be sexist, homophobic, ageist and immoral (and not in a good way). Add an obnoxious Will Farrell ad lib and you have one of the year's worst films.

If you must, rent it, don't buy. You will feel bad having it around the house.

If you like a sexy comedy fantasy with turn of the century attitudes, see THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN and stop encouraging hacks who make really bad movies like this one.

WEDDING CRASHERS is a hateful sad little pimple of a movie that made too much money in the summer of 2005 due to a sudden talent vacuum.
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Undeveloped, unbelievable, and not really funny.
fallen_voice27 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Why do so many people love this movie? I just didn't buy it. The characters were undeveloped and the story predictable. I chuckled maybe once or twice during the entire movie, but in actuality, I was bored. To begin with, I found Will Ferrell's character disgusting and disturbing. To play on the idea of picking up women at funerals is in incredibly poor taste--even for comedy. Not to mention the relationship with Vince Vaughn's character and the psychotic girl was simply unrealistic. Owen Wilson's character finds love, so, in turn, Vince Vaughn's character, a man who thrives on being a playboy, who spent the latter part of the film hiding from the crazy girl, suddenly finds himself in love with her? Let alone the campy ending, which really seemed like the writers didn't know what to do, so they threw everyone together for a happy dysfunctional ending. This movie was supposed to be a situation comedy and I just didn't buy the situation, nor did I find the comedy really all that funny. It would make sense to be that senseless if the movie was intended to be "stupid" humor, but this movie was not promoted in that way. And as a result the "jokes" were poor attempts at raunchy humor and not really all that original.
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Tiresome and sophomoric rubbish
Warning: Spoilers
Plumbing new depths in vulgarity and tastelessness, "Wedding Crashers" is a tiresome compilation of recent American guy-girl movie clichés. The acting is poor and the script worse, making the cinema seat harder as each long minute goes by. Of course the audience lapped it all up, guffawing at each sophomoric gag. How depressing to see that this awful movie is #1 at the box office. Good cinematography doesn't rescue it. We squirm seeing Christopher Walken and Jane Seymour repeatedly embarrassing themselves. We yawn at Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson lurching from unbelievable "I love ya Buddy" male bonding to predatory joint hunting of generic society chicks. Compared with the finer acting and script of now-running "Must Love Dogs", the winner of the toilet humor, bad language, degrade women and insult gays genre is undoubtedly "Wedding Crashers". Insatiable public appetite for this rubbish will ensure that we soon might see even worse movies, if that is possible.
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Shut-Down Your Brain and Laugh
Claudio Carvalho14 October 2006
The thirty and something years old bachelor partners and best friends divorce mediators John Beckwith (Owe Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) have a hobby of crashing weddings following predetermined rules to have one night stand with different women. When they decide to crash the most important wedding of Washington pretending they are brothers, in a party promoted by the Secretary of Treasury William Cleary (Christopher Walken), John breaks their rules and has a crush on Claire Cleary (Rachel McAdams) and Jeremy scores the sex-addicted Gloria Cleary (Isla Fisher), both daughters of William. Gloria invites Jeremy to spend the weekend at the Cleary family estate, and John sees the chance to be close to Claire, in spite of her engagement with the arrogant Zachary "Sack" Lodge (Bradley Cooper). Along the weekend with the dysfunctional Cleary family, John and Jeremy will fall in love for the sisters, but their real identities jeopardize the relationship.

"Wedding Crashers" is silly and will never win or will be nominated to an Oscar. But it is also hilarious, with many funny situations. The great cast shows a fantastic chemistry and seems to have fun while making the movie, and is supported by a delicious screenplay and an excellent music score. My advice is simple: shut-down your brain and laugh with this highly recommended comedy. See also their one hundred and fifty-five (155) Rules of Wedding Crashing in IMDb. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Penetras Bom de Bico" ("Crashers Good of Talking")
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so predictable.
karenlynn12 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I am truly disappointed with this movie. I expected a good comedy, which would leave me laughing out loud holding my gut. Instead I yawned. I looked at the clock. I counted the minutes of my life wasted while watching this crap... and as much as i was tempted to put on a better DVD...I (mistakenly) kept watching thinking that at some point it would get better.

It's not that funny. The plot is predictable. The script is terrible.

The scenes in the beginning move so fast, that you can barely tell what's going on...then half-way through you find out that it's NOT an American Pie type comedy but a romantic comedy. A romantic comedy with a plot that's already been done about a dozen times. Will he get the girl before she makes the biggest mistake of her life and marries somebody else? Then it gets dramatic and depressing. Then it gets silly (as Will Ferrel finally shows up) then the plot reaches it's predictable climax, and the movie ends. The best part of the movie, IMO was the, not the final scene but the closing credits.
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I do...
woowacka4426 June 2005
I was lucky enough to see a sneak peak of this at New Line Cinema about 4 months ago, and it was very very funny. It starts off a little slow, with Vince Vaughn carrying the film based on the fact that almost anything he does is funny... but then the film really finds itself a little bit later and the laughs begin. The further the movie goes the funnier it gets. And it honestly looks like something we all can do and have a blast doing it. I recommend this to others and I plan on actually plan on seeing it again when it comes out... Although this time I have to pay for it.

go see wedding crashers
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WEDDING CRASHERS Rated "R" for Ridiculous, Repugnant and Revolting
Nikos Vlachos3 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know a better way to convey to the reader how I feel about this movie than to say this. If someday, when I'm on my death bed, with only a few hours left to live conversing intimately with my Pastor, and he asks me if there is anything that he can do for me before I die. I'd tell him: Ask God, if I can please have two extra hours added to my life to make up for the two hours I wasted watching WEDDING CRASHERS.

Katie Couric on her morning show, with the cast to this movie present, said "WEDDING CRASHERS is the funniest movie I've seen in my lifetime." So towards the end of watching this movie I started thinking about what she said and came to this conclusion: A. Katie never saw the movie and was too embarrassed to say so B. Katie saw the movie, knew it sucked wet dog fur, but she was too embarrassed to tell the cast C. Katie saw the movie, knew it sucked wet dog fur but she was paid a huge sum of money to say she liked it D. Katie saw the movie, and really did like it, and this explains why she's still having trouble finding a good man in her life This movie's Mission Statement was obviously-"Concentrate on making money first even though we know the movie we're making stinks." The multiple producers, (I counted seven and all males) used the time honored equation for bad movie making that should have tipped me off before I bought my ticket. Take some trendy actors and actresses, stick them into a single gag theme script, that has the word "wedding" in the title, hype the idea up to gullible "get rich quick" investors who are looking to cash in on what they think is another BIG FAT Greek WEDDING movie project, then laugh your way to the bank.

Problem is, folks, no one is laughing. In fact, in the half-full audience I was at, I heard more snoring than laughter. I'm sorry now that I didn't sneak out at the beginning with my date to see BAD NEWS BEARS, which is a more fitting title for this movie. (Actually, the title DUMB AND DUMBEST ANOTHER SEQUEL fits this rag like a glove.)

You all know the plot line by now, John Beckwith, (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey, (Vince Vaughn) a pathetic pair of committed womanizers who sneak into weddings to take advantage of the food, drink and romantic tinge in the air, find themselves at odds with one another when John meets and falls for Claire Clearly, (Rachel McAdams.)

This is a very angry movie that is irrespecter of persons. It's quick to mock everyone, including our mentality challenged, in the worst way with undertones that probably reflect the dysfunctional home life of the scriptwriters, (both males I might add.) In fact, I don't recall seeing a movie that degrades women more than this one does, (think about that last statement.) There's a homophobic subtext throughout. I could say it's anti-military too, by the quick reference to using a bogus Purple Heart as a ploy to win an unsuspecting "woman's heart" but that would be stretching it.

Infidelity and the unbridled use of the "F" word attached to various nouns and adjectives is as pervasive as in the movie GOODFELLAS. The mother, (Jane Seymore) cheats on the husband and father of the bride, (Christopher Walken), the groom cheats on the bride, the bridesmaid lies about being a virgin to land her beau, the two implausible Lotharios lie constantly and the movie ends with our two couples driving into the sunset laughing about their next make believe ruse. Everybody in this movie is screwed up except the butler.

The director, (also male) uses every tasteless trick to get laughs that never come with the pathetic duo singing "Shout" to the point that I thought I was watching outtakes of ANIMAL HOUSE.

In my opinion, anyone who feels good at the end of this movie needs counseling, unless of course, they're feeling good because the movie was finally over.

Ladies, if the man in your life tells you WEDDING CRASHERS is his favorite movie, I'd avoid him like you'd avoid a bad smell, (unless of course your name is Kitty Couric.) My advice to the producers of this film is to remake the film with Christpher Walken in the lead using his very funny SNL role as The Continental who crashes weddings and funerals looking for rich widows, or as a sequel to DIRTY ROTTON SCOUNDRELS.

My advice to the cast. Rachel, now that you've done something fun, go back to a part that endures as in THE NOTEBOOK. Vince, I think you've been typecast since SWINGERS. Some of your rapid funny lines were funny, like talking dirty to your girlfriend on the phone, but it's starting to get old. Find a dramatic role next time.

If this movie manages to make any money, heaven help us, as that means there will be more of these morose cinematic insults to the public's intelligence, (save Katie Couric's) to follow.
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A comic masterpiece from start to finish.
dead4754814 June 2007
A pitch-perfect comedy full of laughs and heart from start to finish. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson play off of each other as natural and easily as Abbot and Costello. They really are the perfect comedic duo. Wilson's confidence and heart of gold combined with Vaughn's supremely charismatic hate of the world. All of the performances in the film are golden. Rachel McAdams is so sweet and adorable that you feel like she's the girl next door that you've been in love with your entire life. Christopher Walken is an actor with such warmth and charisma that it's impossible not to love him. The real highlight of the film though is Isla Fisher. She is so natural and convincing in one of the most difficult roles of all time, that is scares the hell out of me. I'm scared to ever meet her because of how convincing she was. Will Ferrell delivered arguably the greatest cameo of all time. Even Bradley Cooper was brilliant as the chauvinistic, over the top jackass who is stealing the adorable, perfect girl. I really love everything about this film. I die in laughter from start to finish every time I see it. It's so quotable as well. My only real complaint is that it's pretty one-dimensional but that can be forgotten with how perfect of a comedy it is. Vince Vaughn is really a comic genius. His style of striking, smooth quick-paced, charismatic cynicism is more brilliant than any comedic style I've ever seen. He really is nothing short of a miracle to comedy.
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a great movie that provides a wonderful comedic experience
The_Amazing_Spy_Rises12 April 2007
Wedding Crashers, one of the top comedies of 2005, is a great comedy because it will appeal to so many different kinds of people. The teenagers are going to love it (it's too much for kids under 14), adults will have a blast, and everyone in between will have some good laughs to remember. Starring comedic powerhouses Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, Wedding Crashers is a sure bet if you're looking for a fun time.

John (Wilson) and Jeremy (Vaughn) are divorce counselors whose hobby is crashing weddings. Yes, it's really ironic. The dynamic duo have every part of the crash planned from the get go. Slap on a new name, a reasonable backstory, and a big smile, and they're ready to go eat, drink, and mingle with the women at each ceremony. The only thing they aren't prepared for is one of them falling hard for a bridesmaid (Rachel McAdams) who is the daughter of the Secretary of State (Christopher Walken).

The acting is extremely good, and when you've got the comedic talents of Wilson, Vaughn, and Walken, it's hard not to be good. Although Wilson and Vaughn play the same characters we're used to over and over, they're at their best here. Wilson's typical slacker always has a sweet side, and here is no different. He and McAdams have nice chemistry, despite the fact that he's far from her in age. Vaughn's quick thinking and sarcastic Jeremy is probably one of the best comedic performances of recent memory, and in 2005, it's second to only Steve Carell in The 40 Year Old Virgin. His interactions with Walken's son and other daughter, played by Isla Fisher, are off the wall hilarious. Fisher plays a crazy character that can get annoying sometimes, but will make you wide-eyed at how insane she is. Fisher does a great job of making moments that sound cute and funny sound almost scary in a funny way. Rachel McAdams is at her best here, as her character is extremely likable, as she always is (except for Mean Girls, of course). McAdams has a subtle trait in her that makes her so special as an actress, the way she can catch the audience. It's a rare quality that few actresses possess.

The humor is everywhere from simply brainless to clever and witty. Some jokes are complex, while some are potty jokes. Vaughn does his thing with the angry and impatient jokes, as well as the sarcasm. Wilson's humor is mostly slapstick and simple, but he does it very well. Walken brings intensity and humor together and meshes them perfectly for a good performance. Wedding Crashers is a must see for fans of any of the actors, but I think everyone will come away from it laughing at least a few times, even if they don't like it. It's a memorable experience that you shouldn't take for granted. Take it from me, it's a wonderful movie.

9/10 --spy
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