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Sex & Nudity

  • Many varieties of male Birds of Paradise dance and parade in a mating ritual (females either do not come to see them or fly away disinterested).
  • We see two polar bear cubs nursing from their mother.

Violence & Gore

  • Many lions attack an elephant, the elephant runs, the lions jump on its back and bite and claw at it (we do not see the elephant taken down, but it is implied that the lions killed it).
  • A wolf attacks a caribou calf, both run for a great distance, and the wolf snatches the tail of the calf when is stumbles (we do not see blood or the wolf devouring the caribou).
  • A cheetah stalks and chases a gazelle, the gazelle trips, and the cheetah bites its throat (we see no blood or eating).
  • A great white shark leaps out of the water and catches a seal in its mouth (we see no blood but we see the fins of the seal sticking out of the shark's mouth).
  • A polar bear tries to attack walruses: we hear that the walrus tusks cut like knives and the polar bear can be killed, the polar bear chases one walrus into the water and they struggle briefly (the polar bear gives up).
  • A polar bear collapses and lies motionless (it is implied that the bear died of starvation).
  • We see a polar bear scavenging for food and hear that there is a limited amount of time that it will be able to hunt before the ice melts.
  • We hear that a polar bear may drown because the ice has melted and it must continue to swim.
  • We hear that a polar bear may starve to death.
  • We hear that a polar bear has not eaten for 5 months. We hear that it is unlikely that polar bear cubs will survive their first year.
  • We hear that an elephant mother and calf have been separated from the herd and are unprotected.
  • We see an elephant calf following the footsteps of its mother, but hear that it is going in the wrong direction (it is implied that the elephant will die on its own).
  • We hear that a humpback whale is starving and must get to a far away body of water to feed.
  • We hear that rain forests are starting to dry up because of changes in weather patterns and that deserts are getting larger.
  • Elephants struggle to keep lions away from their young.
  • An elephant calf appears very weak.
  • We see sailfish feeding on huge schools of fish. We see several baby ducks jump out of a nest in a tree and fall, uninjured, onto a pile of leaves below (they cannot fly yet).
  • We see a bubbling fungus growing and spreading on the ground in the tropical rain forest.
  • A monkey shoves many pieces of fruit in its mouth (its face and mouth are stretched to extreme).


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film includes some scenes involving predators and prey in nature, which may be unsettling to young viewers.

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