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Weird but interesting
rbverhoef12 April 2005
From the director of 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' and its star Jim Carrey we get 'Pecan Pie'. A short film that takes about a minute and a half showing Jim Carrey singing Elvis Presley's "Pecan Pie" while driving in his car. His car is actually a bed, the kind that is quite popular with small children, with real wheels and an engine attached to it. With his bed-car he enters a gas station where two pretty well-known comedians help him... but not the way you really expect.

This weird little film that could easily be one of the dream sequences from 'Eternal Sunshine' is pretty interesting to watch though. Despite a lot of others I do not think the film really meant anything, I just liked the idea since I have seen a lot of car-beds but never a bed-car. Just fun with Carrey.
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is it really just Pecan Pie? Or the work of a Genius?
C4Eggshells2 May 2004
Yes. Pecan Pie the film, starring Jim Carrey and two unknown French Actors, directed by Music Video superstar, Michel Gondry, is about LIFE... and about taking chances. Pecan Pie is a token international film that crosses all boundaries, all racial inequalities, and breaks all gender stereotypes. As we have all seen with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and with the release of Gondry's video work by Palm Pictures, Pecan Pie (or PP for short) lets viewers far and wide into a world that only the priviledged intellect can truely understand. PP is not to be missed. PP is god. PP loves you.
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Speed between the sheets
Warning: Spoilers
Michel Gondry directs Jim Carrey in this very short and very odd little movie. Basically, it's the star from The Truman show riding a mixture between bed and car through the streets. It does look pretty comfortable though. Not a thing for truly long rides, however, as it seems inevitable you'll experience the dangerous phenomenon of micro-sleep and nick-off sooner or later. Mr. Carrey also chants a famous Presley song during his ride.

He arrives at a gas station and has his tank filled up again before riding out into the night. I'm sure it became a memorable evening. This little shorts constitutes the first collaboration between Gondry and Carrey. It must have been a fruitful shooting as only one year later the duo did Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, considered a modern masterpiece by many.
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