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Absolute cinematic roadkill...
garys6729 June 2005
Absolute cinematic roadkill, this stillborn turd of a film is a wretched vanity project for someone who doesn't have any reason to be vain, Steve Barnes. As inept and wooden an actor as you will likely ever see, his performance has been shown to induce narcoleptic seizures in an astounding 4 out of 5 viewers.

Following the screening (attended by I believe 8 people, of which 3 walked out), my cohorts and I engaged in a highly intellectual conversation during which we attempted to determine which would be worse - watching another Barnes (non)performance or violently inserting an ice pick into our foreheads.

The latter won by a landslide.
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Would not wish this film on my worse enemy
eric.griffin9 September 2005
Sometimes you watch a film and wonder how it was ever made. In this case, this film was made to feed the ego of its "star," radio DJ Steve Barnes. He plays some sort of robot that kills people. The other actors are barely D list talent that do their best to stumble through an extremely poorly written script. The plot has enough holes to drive several Hummers through. The lighting looks like it was done with flashlights. I don't know who actually shot it, but it looks horrible. I can't tell if it was shot on film, DV, or VHS. I think most high school A/V clubs could put together a more professional film. I am amazed that it has been released on DVD. It makes you wonder if there is a factory on Asia somewhere that makes the DVDs, and if the workers there watched it and laughed. Let's hope the people involved in the making of this motion picture never attempt such an exercise again.
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Total Crap
captstacey4 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Both my boyfriend and I were speechless about how absolutely awful this movie was. At least we got a good laugh out of it - maybe he should make a comedy next time. Cory Feldman was ridiculous - embarrassing to watch. The lighting guy should be shot.....was it a flash light he was using? The sets, the endless dribble about what? I did not realize that hit men have a heart or drink Merlot. Wow you learn something every day. There is no way I could add a spoiler to other views of this movie because I simply do not even know what the plot of the movie was. I guess I could go on longer but I would not even know where to begin. The only redeeming quality was naked chicks at Follies......Barnes might want to stick to being a DJ. Stacey and Brian, Atlanta, Georgia
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Horrid, Horrid, Horrid!!!
gary_betz14 January 2008
I could not believe how sophomoric and infantile a film could be till I watched "No Witness". Did the producers of this film actually watch it prior to distribution??? This film will give even the worst films that Ed Wood ever produced a run for their money. My only thought is that perhaps this film was made by a sociopath in that he/she was under the sad arrogant delusion that they had produced something entertaining or a work of art. Hopefully the writer of this screenplay is out walking the picket lines, perpetually. My one hope is that those responsible for this film take the criticism seriously and in any subsequent efforts obtain objective opinions prior to releasing it.
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Oh Well......
NAHSdance15 July 2006
Hi All.

I had the odd opportunity to watch "No Witness". I cannot remember how the film came into play but there is was at a group gathering and we began watching it. Might I say, the film was beyond malicious to watch. The best part and only high light of the entire movie was played by the actress (Nikki Buggs) who played a feisty "In-your-face" waitress who manages to keep little Corey Feldman(Lead actor)in his place. The other main lead actor was Steve Barnes who was absolutely undeniably gut-winchingly appalling! If he was any more boring and ridged, one could take him out to the beach and use him as a surfing board. Yikes! Yikes! Yikes! Per a few friends watching the film with me, we all agreed, it would do Barnes better to stay behind the microphone.

I am sure the rest of the actors are great actors. It is a shame they had to work on such a terrible film. Hopefully, this mistake will not ruin the rest of their careers.

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Frank White4 February 2011
actually it was nice movie to me, nice conspiracy theory thriller but acting too. i think that they must made a video game from this movie that would be great...anyway i think that acting can be better maybe it was just low budget thing for a movie, but story is good, and in some parts of a movie is really good music entertaining at the moments. there is a lot of movies with this type of thriller stuff but this one is good because of a story it is really amazing what people can do for their sacrifice even do their family...plot line is good at least for me and script maybe can be better in some dialogs but will do. there are no famous actors here at least Steve Barnes is like Stephen Baldwin to me in some parts of a movie but is good. Jeff Fahey is a legend of these kind of movies and he is the best in it, i love him. And at the end Marisa Petroro...ah what a lady what a beauty...I suggest you this movie it is worth a try!
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one the years best
Colin Nekritz8 January 2007
I watched No Witness and was amazed by musical numbers, it puts to shame "Singing in the Rain" (look it up on IMDb, watch it and see the similarities). Better than any Elvis movie with catchy beats you will not stop humming after leaving the theatres. This was better than Chicago and should have gotten an award for musicals. Steve Barnes' acting was part Gene Kelly, part Lawrence Olivier with his gripping, passionate performance. Many in the audience were moved to tears while laughing due to his performance, or maybe it was laughing while crying, I wasn't sure as my eyes were glued to the screen, hanging on his every, dynamically charged, words. Corey Feldman sure has come a long way since Lost Boys, No Witness is sure to put him on the map as a premiere talent. Michael Damian also uses his vocal chops showing his remake of the hit "Rock On" from the 80s was no fluke, this guy is the real deal and almost stole the singing numbers from Barnes. Don't just walk, but run out to rent this blockbuster of entertainment, it has it all!
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I disagree!
Richard Goodman20 April 2007
I found this to be a fun movie! I assume this negativity is arising from all of the bashing that 99x radio in Atlanta did on the movie. I bought it and enjoyed it. I am happy these guys are using Atlanta to produce movies...kudos to them!! I wish more movies would be produced here by locals instead of taking all of the production to Louisiana and North Carolina. Tyler Perry is one of the few to keep it here and keep people in jobs that love and have a passion for the industry. It seems that the people posting this bitterness could find something better to do? I don't care how "bad" a movie is, if it brings work to the area. This movie is by far not an award winner but I would also not call it roadkill. It is no different than any other "straight to DVD" release I have seen. Corey Feldman was actually quite fun to watch!
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I love this very bad movie...
OK. I agree, this is a lousy picture, with corny actors and directing. A movie made for DVD releasing. Nothing more. I have never heard of any of the actors, except Jeff Fahey. This guy played in a bunch of films of this kind. His best character was in Clint Eastwood's WHITE HUNTER BLACK HEART, in 1989. But after that, he drowned in lousy pictures.

Back to NO WITNESS, what I love is the topic. In this tale, there is no heroes, no lead, no good vs bad scheme, as we have already seen 178 millions times before. Only disgusting characters, except the girl one. Everything is surprising, no ethics. I love this.

But, I repeat, this is a very bad movie. During the 90's, in France, we always saw this kind of crap, Saturday evenings, on TFI Channel, in Hollywood NIGHTS series. Forgettable movies made for VHS releasing, but seldom very interesting, with unusual topics. As this one.
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not a total train wreck, just a typical jam on 400
mister wombat21 August 2005
i've seen much worse, but this could have been much better. i'm not just saying that 'cos i met 2 of the stars (i guess Corey wasn't available). i agree that the lighting director needed fresh Duracells or perhaps more matches. writing could have been tighter. i liked being able to pick out where it was shot. had this been done a few years back, i would hope they used the gold club. not enough naked girls! there's never too much of that. sorry. there should have been more L5P! znn? i thought that was only for episodes of "jag" and "ncis". one HUGE problem i had - the one very obviously "shot on video" scene of the airtran jet taking off.
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