Darryl Stephens on Frank Ocean, the "Noah's Arc" Typecasting Trap and New Series "Dtla"

A group of friends dealing with life and love…blending elements of both comedy and drama…set in Los Angeles…airing on Logo…and starring Darryl Stephens.

Based on that description, you might think the show we’re talking about is Noah’s Arc, the series that aired on Logo from 2005-2006 and then wrapped up in a big screen movie in 2008. However, this is 2012 and we’re talking about the new series, Dtla. Created by Larry Kennar (The L Word), the show premieres this week on Logo. Compared to Noah's Arc, it's arguably a more mature take on relationships, family, love and careers as seen through the eyes of a group of twenty-to-thirty-something friends.

And, yes, Darryl Stephens leads the cast as Dtla’s Lenny but, as he told AfterElton last week during a sit-down in West Hollywood, this isn’t a continuation of the role that made him famous.
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Ask the Flying Monkey: Are Gay Men Obsessed with Straight Male Sexual Fantasies?

This week: Does country music have any gay anthems? Why the brouhaha over Elton John’s child? Plus, Mark Indelicato, Kyle Bornheimer, and more!

Have a question about gay male entertainment? Contact me here (and be sure and include your city and state and/or country!

Q: I've always wondered what's with the gay guy obsession with straight guys doing gay adult films? Is it like a forbidden fruit kind of obsession, or are straight guys just that much hotter, because I really don't get it? A hot guy is a hot guy and gay adult films are gay adult films, but looking at the internet, sites with straight guys getting it on with other guys are all the rage now. I personally find the whole "gay for pay" thing a bit weird. It might be me thinking a bit too much, but there's a slight turn off in knowing
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A Geekgasm of "Cronos," "Inception," "Videodrome" and More New DVDs

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A Geekgasm of
A look at what's new on DVD today:

"Cronos" (1993)

Directed by Guillermo Del Toro

Released by Criterion Collection

After years of being out of print, Guillermo del Toro's feature debut is getting the Criterion treatment and del Toro has gone all out to make it one of the best discs ever with new interviews, his 1987 short "Geometria," two audio commentaries, a video tour of his home office, and more.

"300 Killers" (2010)

Directed by Matt Jaissle

Released by Midnight Releasing

A police chief (Johnny Andrews) who sees his city falling under the thumb of a ruthless drug dealer and sends out his best detective (Anthony Tomei) to put a stop to it in Matt Jaissle's action film.

"Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright" (2010)

Directed by R. Ellis Frazier

Released by Maya Home Entertainment

Aidan Quinn stars as a billionaire who flees to Tijuana after he's on the run
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