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Something charming about the cheapness
bensan911 June 2019
I don't really understand why people give this one a 1 star rating. It is certainly a low, low budget cheesy movie, but that can be enjoyed if you are expecting it.

The mummy theme park idea is certainly entertaining enough. The main character is a camera man and the actress who plays his assistant is pretty. There are some mummy monsters but they are all just fake and not at all scary.

The camerawork has a 3D feel to it using the sets and the screens to give a pretty interesting look to the whole film. It is certainly a cheap look, but it kind of draws you in. The colorful (very, very fake) sets are amusing - sometimes the walls look like cardboard stages. I really like movies that create their own sets and worlds. This one does it to the extreme though very cheaply.

The fake looking costumes and mummies are so bad that they become fun as well. Overall not a bad way to spend your time if you are looking for something different and creative for eye candy.

On the negative side, there is no suspense or sense overall. All of the acting is over the top and terrible as well, but again that can be part of the charm and entertainment.
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Worst movie ever!!
davelynch1631 May 2007
I can't believe I sat through this, nothing what so ever to recommend. You would be better off watching an Ed Wood marathon of movies, which would be far better made. The visuals and effects are terrible. The plot, from what I can remember (I have tried to forget, but details still haunt me) is simple and has something to do with the opening of a mummy theme park You know, like Jurassic park but with mummies. it's beyond a bad movie, as bad movies can be fun, even a laugh. No laughs to be had here. Thankfully I can't remember an awful lot so I can at least spare you any more details; in fact even reading a review of this movie is time wasted, go watch paint dry it's more exciting. I mean it, if you think this review is bad then go watch Mummy Theme Park!
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Hey, this should have been buried with E.T. The videogame
dabbenstein21 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Hello, I originally thought this was a documentary about a roller coaster at universal theme park but nope.... I stumbled onto the worst film of the 2000s yeah ummm don't watch this literally some guy dies by a mummy touching another man genitals yeah weird hey another things surprises aren't surprises when you already show the concept. Another 2000s trope terrible CGI god wish I have never seen this film oh the dumb blonde showing of several woman's breasts not cool and I quote a terrible scene mummy stares at the dumb blonde's breasts then back to mummy then even worse to her co-worker who also stares at her breasts and said I think it's in love with your breasts and then she lowers her top I know the movie is R-Rated but this movie god no forced slavery also the main train they used to travel was never fueled and the track system is wicked flimsy.

On a Final Note Do not watch this movie ever trust me you'll just be bored and waiting for it to be done.

Just in case this is my second film review on the 89 Film Extravaganza
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Don't waste your time!
Russell6218 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Why this movie was ever made, let alone placed in the horror section of my local DVD rental shop comes from an area of logical thought that is totally beyond me. Everything about it is a dismal flop. The acting is mostly dire, no surprise that many of the cast have never appeared in any subsequent movies (The Curse of the Mummy Themepark perhaps?) The costumes are idiotic, not even remotely accurate, the false beards look like something they used to clean out the prop room after plundering it for every crappy cliché in the book. The opening scene shows some cowardly locals, and a Brit explorer looking vaguely like something out of the 1924 Tutankamun expedition. There is effectively no plot, no character development, and no reason to waste your time renting this atrocity. The editors warn not to add spoilers. Me write any spoilers? Don't worry, there is nothing to spoil, if anyone reading this is unwise enough to bother watching this uber-turkey, that is their funeral! Don't forget the mummy wrappings!
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