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A lovely short about the near and of childhood, and the begin of a new adventure
spemsammler6 March 2004
Two boys are having fun at a lake. While one is totally immersed in the game, the other one suddenly makes a discovery: an anticipation that girls might be much more interesting. Not yet, but the next summer? The title has a nice double meaning, referring to the boy's game and the continuing of the story.

This wonderful short evokes the joy of springtime, warm sunbeams, the untroubled fun of childhood - and the exciting discovery of a completely new adventure. A lovely story, a wonderful mood, excellently photographed and directed, a joy to watch. I just had to see it several times in a row! Congratulations to Mattias Sandström for this short.
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What a lovely film!
audionomio23 February 2005
I really did enjoy watching this little movie. I was remembered to my own childhood in a very charming way.

Furthermore I was pleasantly surprised to watch a short which isn't just made for a quirky punch line. It is rather a detailed capture of an important moment of probably everyones life.

Although the film makes use of the Super8 film format in its best capabilities the format of choice is not more important than the content. It is a perfect fit, not more but also not less.

Since IMDb forces me to write at least ten lines I add this little sentence.
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A professionally made film not following the "mainstream".
S8_booster8 March 2004
A professionally made short relying on its own story line - not trying to disguise any shortcomings (here: none) by overpowered sound effects and trivia. . As the psychology in this story is somewhat deeper than common with many shorts these days the viewers will need to take their time to get hold of the fine nuances which builds the story.. Nice work, professionally done - my credits to everyone involved in the production.. SOB
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A must see for Super 8 short filmmakers.
Magnificos4 March 2004
A charming little short. A simple universal story well-told. Terrific performance from the young lead. Beautiful Super 8 cinematography, demonstrating a taste of what with this (superior to DV) format can do image-wise. And even a terrific "plot summary" on IMDB!

Aside from the solid direction and acting, this short demonstrates a key point that all filmmakers would do well to learn -- namely, be smart and choose a medium and subject matter combination that works for you instead of against you. The marriage of this subject matter with the beauty and time displacement of super 8 works for this film. Shooting it on DV would have been a mistake. Shooting it on 35mm wouldn't have worked, either.

If you have a chance, catch it to a film festival near you during 2004 or on television in Scandinavia where it has already made a big "splash".
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