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Techincally flawed, but politically relevant film.....
Tilly Gokbudak2 February 2005
I must say if there is one strength of the documentary, it is that the political message of the film can transcend the actual overall quality of the film. I am not sure the same can be said for features, though my favorite of 2003 was the highly political Irish film "The Magdalene Sisters," which was based on a documentary. It should be pointed out that I am half-Turkish and I live in a red state. I have definitely felt the stigma of post-September 11th racism, even though I was born here and have grown up in Virginia my whole life. I, therefore, feel that the subjects' views are accurate. With films like this, and the recent made for TV film "The Exonerated" about people exonerated from death row, the opposition will use everything in its power to discredit the testimony of those who state that were abused by the law. But, there was one story in this film which really got to me. It was the one with the Pakistani man who was accused of being involved in the Sept. 11th terrorist plot because he simply took his wife's relatives to the WTC a month before Sept. 11th. I think the filmmakers could have used more sources, and not just pointed the finger at John Ashcroft. As much as I disdain him, the problem is a lot deeper than just him. I also think the footage is badly filmed, and it would have been beneficial if subtitles were used for people who could not be understood very well. I sense the film was made in haste, so it could be shown in some circles before the election. But, the resounding power of what was said, and the fact that mainstream media has, for the most part, shied away from this subject make this a relevant documentary. I only wish it were less rough around the edges. Nevertheless, I give it 3 stars out of 4.
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