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EA does it again!
The_Light_Triton26 September 2006
Electronic Arts rules when it comes to making games like these. The music, the gameplay, the sound effects, and sometimes even the story. If you're interested in going very fast, and moving up the ranks faster than ever, then give this game a try.

You are somewhat of an inexperienced driver who joins the underground street scene. You meet up with the beautiful, yet tough Samantha, who helps you through your first few races. You must buy and build up your car, and make it look cool so that you, the driver, are as cool and good as everyone who races.

I have to say, i was blown out of the water by the soundtrack. Lil' Jon's "Get low" is pretty much the main song for this game, however, it's not an exclusive, like mistikal's "get faster" or Petey Pablo's "Need for speed". there's also good rock alternative music like Story of the year's "And the hero will drown", Static-X's "The only", X-ecutioner's "Body Rock" and Hotwire's "Invisible".

It's a perfect buy. 10/10
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Have you got a need for speed?
reuel_thompson24 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I could sum this game up for you in 2 words... F###king CLASS!!!!

This game delivers an unbelievable sense of speed which sends a cool, cold shiver up your spine. The game it's self is basically about buying cars and racing them but it's so much more than that.

You get to do up your car with practically an endless amount of spoilers bumpers and side skirts. Also you can by sweet lookin' alloys and paint your car or put funky lookin designs on them.

The graphics in this game are ULTRA realistic which gives the sense of speed much more depth.

Overall I give this game a 10/10!
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Fedgeroony19 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
My god this game has speed! The first time I played it, I hired it out from the Blockbuster store, as an overnighter. I had a large over due fee. This is just so addictive! Excellent graphics, and great control! What else do you want in a racing game.

What its mainly about is...well, turning the Fast and the Furious into a game.You pick a car, do some street racing, drag racing or even some drifting. Get enough cash(I think its $$$, could be points) and upgrade your car on appearance and performance. You can add new hoods, bumpers, side skirts and spoilers. You can put decals on your car from famous brands such as Yokohoma, or NOS. Unlock new stuff by completing races to get some upgrades to your engine, brakes, and suspension. You make friends and enemies in the races, more enemies though.

Thats just in Underground mode! You can also just go to a Free Ride thing and pick a car and race. A good way to earn...$$$. There is also a multiplayer mode incase you want to drag against a friend or somethin.

Graphics- 10/10 Gameplay- 9/10 Longterm- 9/10 Sound 10/10

Overall 10/10

P.S. I absolutely LOOOVVEE the blur effect from activating Nitro!!
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