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The film is an example of social activism at its best; it's not only enlightening, but it's an engrossing story that a smart television audience should embrace.
Potent docudocu by Katy Chevigny and Kirsten Johnson makes a strong case against capital punishment by pointing up the fallibility of the justice system, while offering an inspiring portrait of one politico who actually seems guided foremost by conscience.
Chicago Sun-Times
A sober, even low-key documentary about how the American death penalty system is broken and probably can’t be fixed.
Chicago Tribune
A prime example of advocacy journalism--a form often criticized but perfectly honorable. Most importantly, it gives you a chance to ruminate on some crucial questions of human error, justice and life-and-death.
There is no rage here or Michael Moore-like bluster. Instead, Deadline is a straightforward, compassionate look at a volatile subject.
New York Post
So potent, it could change the mind of even the most staunch defender of capital punishment.
Chicago Reader
At 92 minutes this could hardly be considered a definitive statement, yet its combination of high drama and carefully articulated principle delivers quite a punch.
Village Voice
What Deadline lacks in heft it makes up for in common sense.
Not as dynamic as it should be, given the punch of the story it tells, but it makes its points.
Film Threat
Deadline contributes reason and passion to the ongoing debate about whether civilized nations should employ the ultimate punishment and how justly it is administered.

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