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It "Clicks", Alright
zkonedog10 March 2017
When one thinks of an Adam Sandler film, the phrase "juvenile humor" immediately comes to mind, filled with low-brow humor and outlandish acting. Fortunately, "Click" is a departure (for the most part) from that categorization by providing an interesting story, developed characters, and very solid acting.

For a basic plot summary, "Click" sees Michael Newman (Sandler) struggling to find time for his family while wearing himself out for his never-impressed boss. On a routine trip to find a universal TV remote, Michael runs into a crazy scientist (played by Christopher Walken) who gives him a "universal remote", that can control his entire life! Hilarity, emotions, & hijinks ensue.

Besides the novel concept, this movie outshines other Sandler flicks due to its heart. While shaping up (in the early goings) to be a hijinks comedy, somewhere along the way a heavy dose of emotion is thrown into the proceedings. By the end of the film, the viewer will actually care about the main characters and want to see their resolutions.

Granted, "Click" does still contain some of the typical Sandler low-brow humor, but it isn't too over-the-top or suffocating. Far outweighing that aspect is the above-average acting from pretty much the entire cast, which produces a real connection between characters and audience.

Overall, "Click" is a fun little movie (though not for the younger kiddies) that may (at least in a small way) change your perception of Mr. Sandler. This isn't his goofy "Waterboy" or farcical "Billy Madison". Instead, director Frank Coraci crafts an actual storyline filled with character development and fun concepts.
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A beautiful blend of comedy with drama-warning, if you have a heart, you will cry
acedj13 February 2020
Michael Newman has it all; a gorgeous wife that really loves him, two beautiful kids, a great home and a job he does well. Still he is not entirely satisfied with how his career is progressing and resents spending time away from big projects that might further him in the company.

One night in a Bed Bath and Beyond, while looking for a universal remote for his TV, Michael runs into a guy named Morty. Morty is a bit odd, but gives Micheal the remote. Instead of being meant for a TV, this remote controls your life. Soon Michael is skipping life events that he dislikes and tries to only be present for the good parts.Before Michael understands what he has unleashed he is an old man, dying in a hospital and alone. Can he correct the error or his ways before he dies?

Every damn time I watch this I cry. Why? Because it is so damn relatable. How many of us as kids could not wait to go to school? Then graduate so we can be adults and "do whatever we want"? Then as adults, how many of us wish the work week would fly by, etc, etc, etc? Before you know it your kids are grown and you have lost a huge chunk of what little time we have on this planet. Watch this movie and learn something from it. Slow down and enjoy the small things, because that is what life is about. Now go hug your kids.
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This review is for those who generally DON'T like Adam Sandler movies
planktonrules1 June 2008
I have never been a fan of Adam Sandler, though I have seen a few of his movies. I am in my 40s and I notice that the appeal for him seems to be with teenagers and young adults--and I assume most of the reviews here are by younger reviewers. So here is a review that might be a little different--a 40-something who is a bit of a hard sell.

Overall, I was surprised that I did like this film as much as I did. It was far deeper and less dopey than films like BILLY MADISON and HAPPY GILMORE and seemed like an attempt by the rapidly aging Sandler to make a more adult film. While there are still lots of crude jokes that fell flat for me (such as the dog and the stuffed animal), there was still plenty to like and a depth that surprised me. Also, while there were some comedic moments, after a while it became obvious that this was really a comedy-drama--with the second half of the film being very serious and even touching.

So here we seem to have an Adam Sandler movie that might just appeal to kids AND parents--one that everyone can get something out of and enjoy. I am happy I saw this one and wouldn't mind seeing more films like it.
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The only movie that almost made me cry.
awwplutto18 July 2020
I love this movie. This is one of my favorite Sandler movies. This was the only movie coming close to making me cry. Incredible heartwarming comedy. Must see if you love Adam Sandler and comedy!
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Rewatched it for 5th time in 2019
marinaki_rw6 May 2019
I love this movie . I've been watching it since I was a child/teenager and I rewatched it now in my middle 20s and I still love it . It gets me so emotional every time . It's a comedy with a deep meaning that has me feeling delighted and content every time I watch it. And I confess I cry near the end every time . It's not the "ha ha" type of comedy really. It's just a light hearted movie with a few jokes here and there and a good emotional message to pass to the viewers. One of my favorites . The only reason I'm writing this review now so many years later is that I saw the 6.4 rating and I could not believe it . How is that even possible? Maybe from 1s from people expecting to see something else entirely ? What can I say besides how much I still appreciate this movie..
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It's not a comedy.
Kdosda_Hegen9 May 2020
This movie plays like a comedy, does some crappy jokes, which takes this movie down a bit from what it really is - a great drama. It has amazing character development it shows us why family is important. It's a great drama for whole family.
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Funny & Touching - A Good Combination
ccthemovieman-115 December 2006
This was a funny and - near the end - a touching movie. That's a nice combination to have. My only complaint is that it certainly isn't "family fare" for a nice story and should have been rated "R," not PG-13. There's simply too much sexual material (and and f-word) for PG-13. With some editing, this could have been a great story for everyone.

However, for us adults who like to laugh, there is plenty in here to do that. The jokes come pretty fast, right from the get-go. The premise would good: with a (television-like) remote control, you could control your life. You could fast-forward through all the unpleasant scenes in your life, or freeze frame something that is happening now, or you could go back into time with your life. It all sounds good, but as our main character "Michael Newman" (Adam Sandler) found out, it's not so cool. That's a key message here, too, that avoiding the bad things is not necessarily what's best for us. The major message, however, was that spending time with your family is more important than putting your job ahead of them, as far as priorities go. That theme leads to some touching scenes in the final 30 minutes of this comedy. As funny as this film is, you would be hard-pressed not to have some tears in your eyes at some point near the end of this film.

Sandler plays a typical role for him, and utters some great lines and uses sight gags as well for plenty of his laughs. Kate Bekinsale, who plays his wife "Donna," looks absolutely beautiful, the prettiest I've seen her since "Pearl Harbor." She plays a nice lady in here, too. Their little kids - especially the girl (Tatum McCann) - are cute and funny at times. I won't mention the dog. I can't without being crude. Christopher Walken is here, and that usually means good news as he tends to play fun-and-interesting characters.

Unfortunately - just a warning - this comedy, as so many modern-day ones are, has its share of crude moments, some language and the above-mentioned sexual material. Overall, it was extremely, entertaining, however.
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Adam Sandler's most essential classic
henrycoles910 July 2020
I've lost track of the number of times I've watched this roller-coaster masterpiece. It's one of very few movies I'd want to watch again and again.
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Family Comes First
claudio_carvalho19 February 2007
The architect Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) has a typical middle-class family with his lovely and gorgeous wife Donna (Kate Beckinsale) and their son Ben and daughter Samantha, and a constant visit of his parents. However, Michael is workaholic and under stress, trying to satisfy his boss with overwork and get a partnership in his company, giving priority to his work and neglecting the family issues. When the tired Michael goes to a department store to buy an universal remote control, he rests on a bed and he meets the weird salesman Morty (Christopher Walken) that offers him a remote control capable of controlling his own universe. Michael uses too much and loses the control of the device, having his own life controlled by the remote control. Then Michael sees the worthwhile parts of his personal life he missed while working, and in the end of his life he lately concludes that the family comes first.

"Click" is a very interesting comedy, with a serious approach about the importance of having a balanced life between family and work businesses. Adam Sandler performs the role of a liberal professional that does not give priority to his family trying to be successful in his own career, and having the chance to see how his procedure would affect his beloved family. There are some low level jokes, like the "entertainment" of his dog, but they are also hilarious. Kate Beckinsale is extremely beautiful, as usual, even when she is aged, and shows a great chemistry with Adam Sandler. Christopher Walken is very funny in the role of a quite crazy angel. In the end, this highly recommended "Click" is a big surprise, leaving the important message that family comes first and many entertaining moments. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Click"
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Surprisingly touching
FilmLover-423 June 2006
This movie surprised us. We cried. Yes, we cried. The trailer barely tells you what the movie is about. There were some unfunny dumb things having to do with dogs, etc. (no one in the theater laughed much) and some cheeseball stuff, but the emotional core of the movie delivers a wallop that is unexpected. Along the lines of a sort of combination of "Family Man" and "It's a Wonderful Life" -- more "Family Man" -- this movie didn't just bring tears to eyes, it makes you cry. Because of that, I liked it and give it a thumbs up. The annoying stuff is a relatively small price to pay for the lessons the core stuff teaches. Lastly, Kate Beckinsdale (the epitome of domestic beauty in this movie) is absolutely a dream and the actress that played her grown daughter had eyes that matched -- well done. Enough said.
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A tragic comedy
Rishav19873657 November 2019
It was Adam Sandler's most underrated movie.His role was that of a ordinary workaholic of that time trying to put up a better living for his family but he misunderstood his priorities and try to make the family happy but instead went on avoiding their company. It a fine piece of art and a wonderful chemistry of husband and wife between Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale. Watch the movie on Netflix or/and Amazon Prime.
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Surprisingly good
Lliao0211-125 June 2006
I walked into the movie theater expecting to see Adam Sandler make a complete buffoon of himself. However, when I came out I was impressed. There was a depth to this movie I did not see coming, and it took me completely off guard. "Click" proved to be a powerful, emotional, and humorous piece of work. There was a certain philosophical message in this movie, in which I think, we all take for granted. Adam Sandler did a great job in playing a work-aholic. It is always great to see Christopher Walkin in any movie, and in "Click" he played the eccentric scientist who provides Adam Sandler with his life controlling remote.I Recommend this to anyone looking for a quality film with a good laugh. Definitely a 10/10 in my book.
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Excellent feel-good movie
BlueSkies76525 August 2020
A very underrated movie. You don't often hear people talk about Click, while in my opinion it's a classic. Maybe this movie isn't universally loved because humor is subjective. The style of humor in this movie is goofy and in your face. Nothing subtle and while I found it hilarious and was laughing throughout the movie, this might not be appealing to others. So maybe this is a movie you either love or hate.

There's also an important life lesson. It was powerful and made this movie not just be a good movie but a great movie. What they did right is that the drama didn't get the overhand in the movie with the risk of becoming preachy. The movie is playful for the most part so even if has heavy moments it's mostly a feel-good movie. Overall just a great movie.
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Puts Kubrick to shame
gamerboss-949788 December 2019
Only a 10 can be given to this monumental art piece that changed cinema forever.
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Refreshing comedy gags meets heartfelt, reflective story to appreciate life's little details
nic-16518 June 2006
Going in to this movie I expected to have the normal 2 hour thoughtless escape from everyday life that these type movies normally deliver. Instead I laughed. I even cried. I left pleasantly surprised. Leaving the theatre I couldn't help reflect upon the need to really appreciate life's little moments and close friends and family more. Walken was outstanding. Sandler was effective and really funny in his toned down approach to this more intelligent comedy than the usual Sandler fare. Kate Beckinsale is very lovable as the wife and mother of his children and Hasslehoff couldn't have been more perfectly cast as the cluelessly self-absorbed exec/ boss. I liked it a lot and I'm not normally one to feel either way about these type of movies. I'd go see it next time with family and friends that I really should spend more time with anyway!
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A Delight!
namashi_119 February 2012
'Click' is A Delight Of A Film, that is Beautifully Written & Superbly Acted. It entertains throughly!

'Click' Synopsis: A workaholic architect finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. Complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices.

'Click' gets it right from start to end. It's humorous, emotional, engaging & memorable. The final 40-minutes are particularly marvelous. The Screenplay is Beautifully Written by Mark O'Keefe & Steve Koren. Frank Coraci's Direction is decent. Cinematography, Editing & Art Design, are passable. Make-Up is excellent.

Performance-Wise: Adam Sandler excels, yet again. The actor delivers a lively & arresting performance! Kate Beckinsale is wonderful. Christopher Walken is quite good. David Hasselhoff is fantastic! Henry Winkler & Julie Kavner support well. Jonah Hill deserves a mention.

On the whole, 'Click' is A Delight.
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i blove Click
safulacod15 February 2019
Click is a very intense movie. adam sandler has the power of sans undertale using Hispanic blick device. tHE Movie is entente cause adsam sandlker can go sicko mode and obliteration the enmey with his gamer power mote. He is god, adam sandler is god, one of us, one of us
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Compelling drama
briancham199420 August 2020
Along with Fifty First Dates, this is Adam Sandler's best film. The fantastical scenario is a really cool idea and I often wish I could have this ability! It has a very emotional progression with some surprisingly sentimental drama and insight.
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Where did the old Adam Sandler go?
Jobi1425 June 2006
Where did the old Adam Sandler go? I'm not complaining mind you. I never really liked the fire breathing, short-fused Sandler and it seems that with every new movie I like him even more.

I went to see Click expecting it to be some flash-in-the-pan comedy...but it was much better. The funny jokes weren't a result of Sandler's screaming, but of plot development. The especially sad part of the movie was fantastic and showed a completely different side of Sandler.

The only problem I saw with the movie...they didn't develop Christopher Walken's and Nick Swardson's characters enough. What little parts they had were great, though, and I recommend it for anyone who doesn't over analyze movies. It's a well-spent two hours, and you'll enjoy the film.
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Illogical but good message drama-scifi movie...!!!
kamalbeeee29 June 2020
A man got universal remote from a store by scientist then it changes his life awfully...then finally he tries to come back his normal life and he wanted to give first preference to his family.after watching this movie really it changes you atleast something...
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Adam can act
hall89517 August 2011
It's not the typical Adam Sandler movie and thank goodness for that. This movie has some actual drama, some real heart to it. It's not all lowbrow toilet humor. Has Adam Sandler grown up? Even in this more grownup venture he apparently just couldn't help himself, tossing in the obligatory disgusting fart joke. But we'll give him a a pass on that one because pretty much everything else in the movie shows a refreshing maturity. Well, OK maybe not the humping dogs. But what do you want? Sandler's never going to go full-blown serious dramatist and who'd want him to? This movie maintains the humor Sandler is known for but also gives you a story you actually care about and moments of great emotion and poignancy. Along the way Sandler gets to show that he does have some actual serious acting chops. One scene with him and his father, played by Henry Winkler, particularly stands out. Here Sandler's character has so much emotion coursing through him. And Sandler performs the scene so well you feel the emotion right along with him. Very well done, and more than a little surprising from an actor who is not known for this sort of thing.

The story revolves around Sandler's character of Michael, an overworked architect whose family takes a backseat in his quest for career advancement. He loves his family, he just doesn't have the time for them. Then he meets Morty, a mysterious man who bestows upon Michael a gift which will make things so much simpler. It's a universal remote which actually control's Michael's universe. Now he's got all the time he needs. He can pause, rewind, fast forward. But inevitably there will be complications. Michael ends up fast forwarding through his whole life. He misses everything. And he gets really, really fat. It seems in order to really appreciate life Michael had to miss it. Can he get it back? According to Morty that's not part of the deal.

Those expecting a straight comedy are going to be very surprised with Click, but probably pleasantly so. There are plenty of laughs but nothing that's really uproariously funny. And most of the comedy is shoehorned into the first half of the film. The second half takes on a more serious, at times even somber, tone. A somber Adam Sandler movie? Who wants to watch that? You should. Sandler breaks out of the little box that is his admittedly wildly successful career to try something a little bit different and it pays off. Sandler is really terrific in this. And he's got great support from the rest of the cast, most notably the always reliably brilliant Christopher Walken playing the eccentric Morty. Not everything in the movie works perfectly. Some jokes fall flat, some dramatic moments don't grab you quite as much as they should. But most of it works, and works very well at that. Adam Sandler can make you laugh. Turns out he can tug on your heartstrings too. Who knew?
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Very underrated movie
brittbrown-6294812 February 2020
This is the most underrated movie. Starts off light and ends with the conveyance of a deep message that makes me cry every time I watch it.

Everybody who thinks this movie is bad must have been expecting the usual Adam Sandler type movie and was disappointed, or they don't have a family and/or heart. Deserves more than a 6.4 rating.
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Amazing movie, top to bottom...
minorchord23 June 2006
What a pleasant surprise "Click" turned out to be! Based on the trailer, one can assume that Adam Sandler, playing Michael Newman in his latest movie, has made a movie that is just like Adam Sandler's last movie... and Adam Sandler's movie before that... and the one before that... i.e., the comedy at which you groan, shake your head, say "what the...", and yet can't help from laughing out loud. That's what you get in the first hour of this film. That hour is also as much as the trailer shows, and for good reason.

Director Frank Coraci, who also worked with Adam Sandler in directing The Waterboy and The Wedding Singer, makes excellent use of a technique that should be taken advantage of more often by more directors. He sets us up in the aforementioned first hour of the movie for laughs, and manages to do this quite a few times, and not just with the moments seen in the trailer like other comedies. And, based on one's presupposed knowledge of the typical Adam Sandler movie, one expects there to be a spiral out of control for Michael, a realization of the "right thing to do" and everything to end happily with a monologue and one final punchline, all while remaining light-hearted and humorous. However, having this expectation makes the power and the drama of the movie's second hour so much more heartfelt and emotional. This drama never comes off as forced or unnecessary, because the pacing of the transition between the two utterly different tempos is perfect. Steve Koren and Mark O'Keefe, the co-writers of this movie, used a similar technique in "Bruce Almighty", and it worked very effectively there, as well.

There's not much to be said about the ending without the possibility of spoiling it for someone, but suffice to say it accomplishes what it needs to accomplish without making you feel like you've just been cheated.

Far and away the best movie I've seen all year; likely one of the best I have or will seen for many, many years. There's so much more to see in this movie than what the trailer offers. See it... you won't regret it.
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Adam Sandler's best movie
xnightwingx23 June 2006
Click is by far Adam Sandler's best movie.. and that ISN'T a cheap shot at his previous films.

Sandler has done a ton of comedy movies with terrible jokes and corny plots, and until Anger Management really he didn't have much to his characters other than his goofiness.

He reminds me of Jim Carey before The Truman Show - just comedy, no substance.

The trailers for Click feature some of the comedic scenes of the movie, but don't worry there are a ton more that aren't spoiled. That being said, this movie isn't all that the trailers portray it to be.

If you're going to see Click solely for a good laugh, you'll love the first 45 minutes and hate the rest of it. The script takes a swerve closer to the end and, unlike any of Sandler's previous movies, the "down" part of the movie (where the main character goes through rough times) is actually very well done. Click goes from being a comedy to a drama - just for a little while.

The dramatic portion of the movie allows Sandler to act as a regular human being; a man who faces the real life consequences of putting his work ahead of his family. It's something a lot of people can relate to, and all of the characters in the movie contribute to the storyline very well.

Click provides great comedy and Sandler's best dramatic performance in a movie. It's clean enough for the kids (okay, the early teenagers), a good laugh with the guys or girls, and turns out to be a surprisingly good date movie.

Thumbs up
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wow, what a great movie!
snperera24 February 2017
Loved this movie and it's probably one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies. There is so much heart in this movie! Adam Sandler really gives his all to this role and you really feel for him and the movie makes you think about your own life and how you shouldn't take the people in your life for granted and you should live life to the fullest. This movie is so funny and i will always enjoy this movie!
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