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StGabriel9711 February 2019
The "Citizen Kane" of bug movies. My only regret in life is that I cant see this movie for the first time again, and yet upon each re-viewing I find myself peeling back more and more of the metaphysical layers to this enthralling epic of tragedy and redemption.

Jerry Seinfeld delivers an Oscar worthy performance as Barry B. Benson, local hive schlub and opportunistic apis mellifera, he aims to please both his personal needs for love, passion and adventure, as well as his parents wishes for stability and success. The results can bee bittersweet, and downright hilarious at times, and ultimately enriches the audience with its tantalizing charm and wit.

As far as political agendas go, "Bee Movie" dares to not shy away from allusions of eco-fascism and the socialist working class struggle, and faces the globalist honey collecting hordes head on through judicious and peaceful means. The political influence derived, serves as a peek into a Beewellian realm, governed by a beenevolent dictator aiming to seize the rights of honey distribution worldwide, yet maintaining a clear social hierarchy, both in hive and out. Fascinating audiences worldwide, "Bee Movie" is nothing less of a manifesto, and a warning of what to bee prepared for in a hypothetical future. As far as I'm concerned, I welcome the thousand year hive with open arms, and think we'd all bee better off sticking one to big honey.

Black and Yellow! Hello! I give this instant classic two antennas up.
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Truly a masterpiece
crazymaningarage22 June 2019
This cinematic motion picture has some of the most relatable characters such as Ken but it also has the most funny jokes as

soon as I heard the joke "Do you like jazz" it made me crack up and fall down on the floor laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing in conclusion Bee Movie is a true masterpiece and I know there are a lot of memes (is that what they call it) about this movie which I do not understand beacause the film is a true cinematic masterpiece and it beats the great skills of Scorsese and Tarantino.
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Lighthearted Humor - Fun Movie
andrew-1534 November 2007
This is a silly movie. It's goal is to make you laugh, and little beyond that. Indeed I laughed for most of the movie. It is hard for me to find much fault when I am laughing that much. That the last act had fewer jokes was a minor misstep. The characters were cute and the story didn't get in the way of the humor. And I kind of enjoyed the story, it was a little odd and funny.

It is unusual among animated movies in that its focus is jokes, kind of like a stand-up act. There are a lot of these jokes and they are quite funny! Does anything feel better than laughing? (OK, well very few things.) The story is mainly there as a vehicle for the jokes. So perhaps slightly different expectations will serve you well with this movie.

Don't go to this for a serious story! It is light humor, and at that game a great success. If you recognize that that is what the filmmakers are going for, then you will enjoy it. If you are expecting an incredible story or thrilling action or amazing animated beauty, then you might be disappointed.

As lighthearted humor with playful animation, and a great ending song, the film is a success.
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Ignore the critics. We had a great time.
rdbergs4 November 2007
Is the Bee Movie the best animated movie we've ever seen? No. But, defying the critics, I took my 11 year old daughter (who didn't really want to go) and my 5 year old son to see the movie and we all really enjoyed it. Most importantly, the story and humor of the movie operates at multiple levels, so it appealed to all of us at our individual age level.

What is beyond dispute is that the visual feel of the movie is incredible. Some of the bee hive interior and flight scenes were just breathtaking. My kids were spellbound.

To me the best judge of a movie is how fast it moves along. This one kept us all entertained throughout and its 90 minute running time felt like half that. So, ignore the critics, and take your kids. They'll have a great time, and even if you're not a Seinfeld fan, so will you.
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[ Insert "bee" pun here ]
Derek2371 December 2007
Bee Movie has its moments of brilliance, but they are few and far between, and I think what weakens this movie the most is the fact that most other movies have already beaten it to its punches. There's nothing too original here. Most notably, it bears many similarities to the 1998 animated film, Antz, starring Woody Allen as the insect living in a perfectly functioning society who begins to question his importance in the greater scheme of things. And much like DreamWorks' previous animated film, Sharktale, featured many fish-themed puns, Bee Movie tries the same thing, except with bee puns, and you'll learn fairly quickly that there's not a lot to work with in that area. And, let's face it: Larry King has appeared as himself in so many movies that the gimmick itself has become an irritating cliché. Here he is, in complete bee form. I think they've taken him as far as he can go.

Altogether, though, Bee Movie is not without its charms. It does eventually find itself in some odd, uncharted territories (could a bee really fall in love with a human?), there are plenty of funny moments, and yes, even some of those puns work. Jerry Seinfeld, who has taken a lot of pride in writing, producing, acting in, and promoting the movie, does do a very good job voicing the main character. You sometimes feel like these actors doing voices for cartoons are just phoning it in, but Seinfeld gives a surprisingly energetic performance. I could picture him mimicking Barry B. Benson's movements in a recording booth as I heard his voice; it's obvious he was passionate about every aspect to the movie. The rest of the cast does a good job, too: Renee Zellwegger, Matthew Broderick, Patrick Warburton, as well as John Goodman in a brief role, who once again proves what an amazingly talented voice actor he is. Whenever there's a need for a big, burly character, John Goodman is the go-to guy, because, well, he IS a big, burly character. Ray Liotta's cameo was also a highlight, and much more inspired than King's cameo.

It may not be a perfect movie, or the most original, and for a 90-minute run-time, it kind of drags on a bit, but for all that it is, I can't say that it wasn't entertaining. It won't go down in the history of greatest animated films, but it may be a decent way to spend a rainy day, when you can't go out and fly.

My rating: 6/10


If you're knowledgeable about your animated films, you may remember the slight controversy surrounding Finding Nemo, which inspired a few children to flush their fishes down the toilet so they could "free" them into the ocean. Bee Movie just may plant some worse ideas in kids' heads. Keep an eye out for news stories about children getting stung by bees after trying to make friends with them once they see the movie. Maybe Larry King could do a special about it.
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This is a movie about nothing. Seinfeld's quick-paced and witty humor flies past the kids and stings the adults
diac22811 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A professor in the University of Central Florida that taught me very well about cinema, submitted a wonderful script to different movie studios about two kids over the summer living with their father inside a boat, as they sail the western hemisphere for multiple reasons. But, despite the good script, had a major issue that did not allow for it to ever be filmed: it did not figure out its audience and failed to reach a demographic to aim for. The script was much too mature for kids to watch; yet the piece was about kids, which wouldn't interest the adults. It was a coming-of-age story that would have issues entertaining anybody, despite the rich material. This is the biggest issue of Bee Movie.

Bee Movie tries to entertain kids and adults yet has very little humor for the children, nevertheless a plethora of jokes for the adults—but the cutesy factor becomes a turn-off for the parents. As a matter of fact, Bee Movie could have definitely benefited from edgier material and aiming the film towards an older audience. Jerry Seinfeld has a wonderful story to tell, but the kids would definitely not be interested. Bee Movie involves a major lawsuit, celebrity cameos, hidden humor about actors, and the typical Seinfeld humor that made the comedian a household name back in the 90s. The movie does have its laughs, does indeed contain its moments, but it could have been much better if it didn't try so hard to appeal to the kids.

In this movie, we follow a recently graduated bee by the name of Barry B. Benson (Jerry Seinfeld) that decides to fly away from the hive to see the world prior to picking the one job he'll work for the rest of his life, whatever that may be. After an incident involving a tennis ball, a spunky florist Vanessa (Renee Zellweger) saves him. As his relationship with humans, especially Vanessa, improves, he learns that humans eat honey and decides to sue the entire human race. About a dozen of well-known actors and actresses are sprinkled in this movie, ranging from Oprah Winfrey to Ray Liotta to Chris Rock to even Sting (okay, so he doesn't act). The best vocal performances in this movie however come from Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller, adult Simba) and of course, Patrick Warburton (Kronk in Emperor's New Groove, The Tick, and Joe from Family Guy).

Unfortunately for Dreamworks, Pixar is once again raising the bar in animation with the incredible Ratatouille earlier this summer. So, with such competition, the animation department suffers a lot. Whenever the action slows down (the flying sequences, albeit not enough of them, were good) the lack of detail becomes obvious; the trees look the same, the buildings look the same, and some of the voices doesn't match the faces. For example, when Ken (Warburton again) screams and rants, his face does not match the explosion of rage. Even older flicks like Madagascar, Over the Hedge, and Ice Age looked better. Seinfeld's vision of the bee world was unveiled, but not with a rather lack of detail.

Where the movie scores its biggest points lies in the fast-paced, unpredictable humor of Jerry Seinfeld. This is a well-written story with an original plot and plenty of jokes to throw at everybody. The slapstick and physical humor rather misses more than hits, but the Seinfeld-humor (you whether understand this very well, or not at all) delivers most definitely. Whether it's the sidesplitting one-liners, subtle pop culture gags, or the hilarious cameos (Ray Liotta's scene was comic gold), the Master of Nothing still has the jokebug in his blood. The performances do indeed enhance the experience, but some are underused; best example is Chris Rock. The slow moments come whenever slapstick replaces dialogue, and it happens several times.

Bottom Line: Bee Movie is a decent flick for adults, but not that great for kids. Finding the balance between material for kids and material for adults is not easy yet in this film it becomes so one-sided, you wind up laughing a lot but feeling sorry for the kids watching at the same exact time. The story and dialogue are unique and refreshing, but at the same time it almost feels wasted because half the audience will get a kick out of it. Jerry Seinfeld once again delivers, but should probably try to stay away from making substance for kids, and remain with the witty adults. Animation isn't a big deal either, so the visuals will not astound you that much either. Instead, come in for the great dialogue and a potential step towards making more computer-animated flicks for just teenagers and adults---even though this genre is almost always marketed towards the "rugrats."
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Great movie!
avaannie21 January 2019
Not a fan of Jerry Seinfeld, but this movie is hilarious! Watch it everytime its on!
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enjoyable as can bee
Special-K8824 December 2007
Sharp, funny animated feature about a beemused young bee and recent college graduate who learns that he's destined to work a routine colony job for the rest of his life. Although his natural instinct is to beeware of humans, his life takes a turn for the better when he meets a saintly florist who not only beefriends him, but helps him quickly file a lawsuit beefore humans can take all the credit for mass production of honey! Occasionally too silly for words, probably by intention, but lots to take in with superb animation, good gags, and quirky, memorable characters. Comedy is uneven at times, but still serves as acceptable entertainment for kids and adults alike. ***
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Bee Flat
villard11 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is a mediocre and uninspired script packaged in cutesy computer animated figures (soon headed for your nearest toy store shelves). This film is an easily forgettable loser in trying to entertain children.

It doesn't entertain adults much either because it lacks the playfully devilish double entendre humor you find in animated cartoons like "Shrek" or "The Simspons Movie."

The only side-splitting humor is in a mosquito character voiced by Chris Rock - and that lasts just a few precious screen minutes. He would have made a great sidekick to the Seinfeld bee character, but alas, I guess Jerry didn't want to be upstaged by another comedian.

Instead, Bee Movie is low-calorie on energy, excitement, slapstick and the tickle-your-funnybone fun-loving momentum that propelled classic animated cartoons like "Cars," "Toy Story," "Robots," and "Over the Hedge."

The laughs are few and far between. I watched this in a theater with lots of families and I can count on one hand the number of times children giggled with delight.

So, this movie met my worst apprehension: a television sitcom comic tries to make a children's cartoon with a lot of clever dialog but little action.

For example, the parody on using outside personalities like CNN's Larry King,the rock star Sting, and Ray Liotta is completely lost on young viewers (but it did guarantee a promotional spot for Jerry Seinfeld on the real Larry King Live broadcast).

Also, I can't think of anything more boring in a children's film than having courtroom scenes, of all things. The worst and scariest bad guy the cartoon has to offer is a lawyer in a three-piece suit. Nyuk! nyuk! yet *another* lawyer caricature.

Bee Movie tries to work in a gratuitous environmentalism statement in the final 15 minutes. But by the time that rolls in you've already looked at your watch a few times wondering where you parked the car.

There's nothing honey sweet about this film, it's purely Saccharine: no nutritional value and bad aftertaste.
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Take flight and shake off the blues with yellow!!!
lindajeanneaaa5 November 2007
I must admit, my first impression was it would be just for kids. I was pleasantly surprised just how much of a kid I still am! The Bee Movie was an adventure in honey heaven. The cheerful animation and very funny script kept me flying high to the very end! I loved this movie. It lifted my spirit and helped me to relate to my own dull working world experience. I see so much potential in this film for sequels and spin-offs. A clever script and comic timing that only Jerry Seinfeld has mastered, this film is sure to take you on a journey. It blends fantasy and reality so delicately they are both interchangeable. Seinfeld was at his best. I also have a new respect for the little buggers (bees)! I recommend this movie to anyone who feels trapped in their routine... set yourself free and see the Bees!
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Not the best animated movie you'll see, but certainly a pleasant one.
patriciogl1021 August 2018
Sometimes we waste time trying to compare certain movies with other similar ones when it comes to genre or plot. Bee Movie stands as a decent effort that slowly tries to entice us into its colorful animated world. The story deals with a recently graduated bee named Barry (voiced by Jerry Seinfeld) that begins to feel that there's more to life than working his butt off just to fabricate honey. So he decides to train with the Pollen Jocks whose job is to collect pollen from flowers outside the hive. That's how he gets out to the real world, and after a series of jiggling and accidental events, he is saved by Vanessa (voiced by Renée Zellweger) just as her boyfriend was about to squash him. Barry breaks an extremely important rule of bees: never speak to humans. But he does so knowingly just to thank Vanessa for saving his life. After they get to know each other, Barry finds out and immediately reacts outrageously to the fact that humans eat the very same honey that all the bees in the world work exhaustingly to make, just for the humans to make a profit out of it. This leads to a series of events that result in a catastrophic environmental outcome and it becomes Barry's mission to put it back the way it ought to be.

I'm a big Seinfeld fan, but I gotta say, hearing Jerry's voice coming from an animated bee is something of a bizarre experience, as I didn't think his voice really fit the character, and this off-putting perception made the viewing experience a bit distracting. Seinfeld's voice holds a mature, adult sounding quality to it that it seems inadequate for a young bee fresh out of school. Apart from that, there were some clever jokes and bits like the appearance of Ray Liotta to name one and some obvious ones that should have gone unnoticed for their own sake. Overall I think that is an enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half; just immerse youself in the story and try to relate to it, for I'm sure that one of us has felt the way Barry does: unsure about what the future holds concerning job prospects, and worried that it might be the same life day in day out for the rest of your repeated days.
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Terrific Animation but weak storyline!
Sylviastel23 May 2008
Jerry Seinfeld had one of the most successful television programs in history. Now, he returns as the voice of Barry Benson, a young bee, who graduates from Bee School with all Bees. All the bees in the hive work after they graduate from Bee School but in the same job for the rest of their lives with little time off to enjoy life. So one day, Barry manages to get out of the hive and experience the world out there. New York City never looked so good on television. He befriends Vanessa Bloome, the voice by Rene Zellweger, who is a florist after she stops her husband from killing him. The voices are first rate with top stars including Patrick Warburton, Matthew Broderick as Barry's best friend, Kathy Bates, and others as well. It's a great film for children but it gets boring and tiresome at some times. THe look is great but it's not perfect.
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Mildly Amusting Animated Effort
ccthemovieman-122 March 2008
"Mildly amusing" is probably the best description of this recently-released (on DVD) animated feature. My reviews on animated movies are what I thought of it as an adult, and how adults would relate to it. For this one, I'd say this is not a film adults will run out and buy: rent - yes/maybe; purchase - no.

The animation and story might be something kids will still enjoy but most of the gags fall flat for adults, although it does have a few clever things in it. It just isn't up to some of the truly funny animated films of the past few years. That said, it was still fun to watch with some humorous drawings in the background that you have to watch for quickly.

As for the story, for a film with a lot of politically-correct messages, stereotypical characters, Liberal icons plugged, etc., it was surprising to see a commonsense "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" conclusion. Kudos for that, but there are just too many dumb parts in this story. The connection of a talking bee with a human girlfriend was too ludicrous to be entertaining, as were the courtroom scenes.

The animation was fair. Yes, a story with flowers as a key ingredient is going to be colorful, so there is plenty of color but it looked kind of washed out and blah to what it could have been (i.e. "Cars," "Polar Express," etc.). I expected more out of a Dreamworks film.

Overall, for adults: skip it. It just isn't funny enough to invest your time. For the little kids, sure - they'll like it. They like almost almost any animated movie.
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Seabass904476 December 2007
It was a light hearted-animated-comedy-for the whole family. It taught good values, like take pride in what you do as a person. But it was geared in my opinion toward little kids. I took my 3 cousins (3 years to 8 Years) and they loved it but they wanted to get bees as pets.... try to explaining why a 3 year old can't have a bee as a pet. When i saw the parts in the court room the way the bees moved in sync it was amazing. It has nothing on the original computer generated movie "Shrek". It set all kinds of ground work for newer movies like The Bee Movie. The CG of the bees flying was a pretty cool look how they all flew in droves just like it was an actual bees taking flight. I think that there should be more family friendly films like this one. But, all in all it was a good Flick.
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The worst thing to happen since I crapped myself.
evilpumbaa4 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This film is awful. Horrible. Not good. Even for kids. Even for adults. It is just bad.

The intro is horribly written, imagine you and a work friend are walking to work, and your mate turns to you and says "We are going to work, at the factory, where we make pies, to sell to people. That is my lot in life". Would that not strike you as a little strange? Yes it would, somebody stating the obvious to me like that would result in me hurting them in the face. The dialogue in this opening section is this bad.

The film then decides to start off about 7000 plot lines ("I Don't WANT TO WORK FOREVER IN THE SAME JOB!" "HUMANS STEAL MY HONEY!" " I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH A HUMAN!" "IM GOING TO COURT!" "THE WORLD IS DYING!") each of which is either stolen from Antz, or just stupid (how would the Bee have sexual intercourse with a human woman? You could'nt even do it carefully).

The graphics look like a bus drivers face, average and yet longing for something more, and Patrick Warburton turns up again playing a muscle bound moron. His mother must cry at night. Yet again he is the best thing in this horribly written movie.

Events happen, with seemingly no logic, or sense, or even meaning. Jerry just wrote this, after watching loads, and loads of other animated animal movies, over a weekend, whilst he was having sex with a shoe. Rubbish.

This film came about because over dinner Jerry Seinfeld told an awful joke (Bee movie, B movie, gettit? I just wet myself...and you) and it shows.

Jerry, give Larry David a phone call.

Overall..screw summing up, just avoid this film, stick on Curb and bask in the glory of David. And if your a child, just vomit or something. it will be more fun.
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Bee afraid, bee very afraid
10fttall6 November 2007
Why? That is the important question. Why was this movie made at all? I know Seinfeld was a "show about nothing" and I am a Seinfeld fan. This was a movie about nothing, but unlike the TV show, Bee Movie was agonizingly unfunny, pointless, and meandering. Whoever green-lighted this script clearly has a substance abuse problem.

I see lots of people are falling all over themselves with praise because this movie is cute, harmless, and not dirty. For goodness sake, folks, raise your standards! This is 2007! CG movies with cute characters are a dime a dozen. As consumers, we should express a desire for genuinely worthwhile, well thought, funny kids/CG movies. Otherwise, we will get more and more of this drivel, and worse. The only good point for Bee Movie, is that they did not descend into a bunch of toilet humor. On the other hand, the instances that you could call "humor" at all were few and far between.

They anthropromorphized something else non-human. This is not a bad idea in itself, but it has been done so much better before; giving life stories and every little nuance of human civilization to Bees. Everything has clever little names, mostly variants of "bee" or "honey." Only problem is that in this case, most of the clever naming and theming of the bee world falls flat, stupid, and causes eye rolls - as opposed to say, Cars, which did it about a thousand times better.

Next to Bee Movie, even the usual also-rans of animation such as Over the Hedge, and Madagascar, seem like genuine masterpieces and instant classics. I snickered a time or two, but sitting through the rest was in no way worth it. Children who are simple enough to be held in awe by anything that is animated, will really dig this movie. I'm sure as their age and sophistication increase past 6 or 7, kids will even begin to wish this movie was as sharp and funny as the dozens of better CG movies they have been exposed to.

Sting and Ray Liota? That was just plain dumb, and really not worth revisiting several times in the movie. The movie pace and feel actually had a little mediocre passable groove going, until the idiotic lawsuit plot got rolling. That brought everything to a crashing halt. John Goodman's performance fell flat, seeming to be a chemical induced over the top fat lawyer with a huge drawl (in New York?) It was almost embarrassing to hear him desperately trying to do something funny with this disaster of a script. With a great script, he can do over the top and weird characters superbly like in O Brother and Big Lebowski, but here he should not have touched the part. Chris Rock was one of the funniest parts of the whole movie, making me chuckle more than any other character, although he was only around for about 3 minutes total. The 90 minute running time seemed to crawl by, and I would have sworn I had been in there at least 2 hours.

In summary, unlike other CG movies we are used to, this has next to nothing for the grownups, and not much more for the kids. I don't know if Seinfeld is washed up, his time is past, or just rich and lazy these days, but this is not a positive for his career. Take the kids if you must, but don't bother bringing your spouse. And you're certainly not going to find yourself sneaking this one in the DVD player when nobody else is around like some of us might occasionally find ourselves doing with The Incredibles or Ice age.
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Jemmargh19 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Writing as a 14 year old girl, this movie is...mediocre. I didn't particularly want to see it in the first place, but there wasn't much else on at the cinema, so I was stuck.

So into a theatre of 6-10 year olds we go and we watch Bee Movie.

The plot is...pretty weird. Even for a animated movie. Madagascar and Over The Hedge (Dreamworks' previous CGI films.) aren't believable obviously, but Bee Movie's plot is just a little too strange. It starts off with the main protagonist Barry graduating and getting a tour of his hive. He realises that he will always work the same job until he dies, which, obviously, freaks him out and he sneaks into the team that gets pollen and nectar. During this flight (introduce plot line number two) he meets Vannessa, a human, whom he seems to be infatuated with. I have to mention here, even though this is a story, the whole Bee loves Human thing made me squirm in my seat. It's so...cheesy almost and just downright silly. And later Adam mentions that Barry and Vannessa have been making out (which is just something Adam adds in). That just made me say 'What the hell?' He's a bee himself and he should freaking know that it's impossible. I'm pretty sure the younger viewers felt the same way too. So the story moves on and suddenly the 'love affair' is pretty much over and we introduce plot number 3. Barry finds out humans have been stealing honey. But he never really explains why this bugs him (no pun intended). He only says its hard work, but he never worked himself, so how does he know? So they got to court and the bees win. Flowers begin to die, but surely the whole world's flower population cannot die because of bees? What about the other insects? So anyway, Barry and Vannessa go to a flower convention and get some flowers and try to fly home. Aaand I wont reveal the rest because it isn't necessary.

So as you can see,the plot is pretty messed up, but the film's aim isn't story, it's humour. At my age, you begin to appreciate innuendos and the like, and there are a few...but not enough. Yes, it is a family film, but think of the first Shrek movie. That's a family film and had plenty of adult and child humour in it. This is where Bee Movie fails. It simply wasn't that funny, even for a child. I could count about 5 times in a 90 minute movie where more that 3 people laughed, and when you think about it, it isn't that much.

Now on to the rest.

Visual: The CG is good. I, personally prefer 2D animation, but the colours were lively and I loved the look of the honey. What I really liked were the flight scenes, the looked amazing, sometimes the felt like you were a bee flying with them.

Voices and Music: A few names I could recognise, believe it or not, I'd never heard of Jerry Seinfield (I'm British, so that might not help) but I had heard of Renee Zellweger, Chris Rock and Matthew Broderick (only because I watched Lion King a million time when I was young). The voice acting was fine, nobody grated on my nerves unlike some films.

The music, by Hans Zimmer if I remember correctly, seemed a little to dramatic at times. Lovely as it was, at some points it didn't fit at all, and added to the cheese factor a bit.

Would I see it again?: No, once is plenty. Would I recommend it to a friend?: If that friend was under 8. Was it worth the money?: To be honest no. If I had to see it again, I don't think I would pay above £3.
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Must have been written by urban idjits
jetgraphics5 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
When bee keepers are portrayed as evil scoundrels, it's time to question the intelligence of writers. Not only do they have no concept of bees and bee keeping, they don't know that only the sterile females do all the work. Male bees are DRONES, who do nothing but fertilize young queens. Which underscores why useless people are called drones. We might extend that term to include the writers and producers of this movie. Granted, animation is basically aimed at fanciful imagination and impossible situations. But let's keep it funny. Gross error and stupidity is not funny. Smokers don't kill bees - they discourage bee aggression. Even the "ecological" theme is skewed. The idea of entertainment is to entertain. This movie fails to do so. Undoubtedly, fans of Seinfeld and self absorbed urban culture will enjoy parts of this, but overall, it's awful. Jerry, revive "Seinfeld" if you want to parody New York culture, but spare us from further "bumbling" beez niss.
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Not really for children
reyhan-24 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I thought it was very funny in patches - Chris Rock gets some great lines - but also very slow in parts. Too "talky" for an animated movie, and the central conflict: humans stealing honey from bees, was much too tame to make for great drama. Loved the aerial scenes, especially Barry's first flight out of the hive.

However, the reason why I'm writing a comment is because I don't think it's appropriate for kids. I took my 6 year old because he wanted to see it. He sat silently for most of the movie. Afterwards he said that it wasn't nice that they shot Winnie the Pooh and also attacked the old lady at the restaurant, pushing her head down so she gasped "I can't breathe." It made him very sad. He says that he had fun but I and my son both think that it is inappropriate for kids under 7.
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Indescribably Boring
arc_a20073 December 2008
With most CG animated movies, I can watch them more than once. This isn't the case with Bee Movie. I've tried to watch it again on two separate occasions and I absolutely could not. It is indescribably boring and unfathomably dull. I could watch paint dry and be more engaged than this. They could have taken the themes of working class life and run with it, made it something that could really touch adults. Instead, they pretty much abandon that in a flash for a crazy "love story" that never really seems like a love story at all. Then they bring in things about bee cruelty, which intend to make the viewer "look through a bee's eyes" and abruptly abandon that for... I really don't know anymore. It's just one giant, honey-flavored mess. It's also laden with cheesy bee jokes and overused talent. Patrick Warburton and John Goodman have done enough animated movies recently to satisfy an entire century. So, in short, don't see this. It's easily one of Dreamworks' worst.
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Airplanes do not fly like that!
kaipi-17 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of the worst CGI films that I have seen in a long time. Basically this bee goes outside and gets caught and then there's this really boring part in the middle and some stuff happens in court. Then all of the flowers die because the bees don't work anymore. This in itself made me angry that this movie was released but what happened next only made me angrier. The stupid bee and his human friend stole a float for and got on a plane for some reason. This, like I said made me angry but this next part took the freakin cake; the plane gets struck by lightning and everything fries. After than millions of bees come and land the plane. Airplanes don't work like that! Everyone should have died!
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LifeisShortMakeFunofIt2 November 2007
What happened to Seinfeld? Did someone kidnap him and replace him with a dull identical twin? Those who loved his sitcom will be sorely disappointed by Bee Movie (which is, indeed, a B-Movie). The idea is not bad –bees decide to sue humans for stealing their honey—but the execution is clumsy and there are very few laugh-out-loud jokes. All the talent in the film (and there's a lot: Renee Zellweger, Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock, Matthew Broderick, Kathy Bates, etc) doesn't change the fact that there's very little about this movie that's original, witty, or funny.

Overall, the movie was predictable and boring and, coming from a famous comedian, what could be worse than that?
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Bee Gone
goldpromises25 December 2007
Dreamworks should be embarrassed for creating a movie like this. It is a piece of junk. Compared to Ratatoullie or any Pixar film, it shows lack of detail, poor animation, and poor writing, making it one of the worst films ever created. The concept of a bee falling in love with a woman makes this film inappropriate for a child, and unappealing for a sane human. It is obvious quality was not a concern for Jerry Seinfield, but, an ineffective attempt at comedy. The storyline didn't cause you to relate to the characters, but left you as a bystander watching. Although, the concept of a bee suing humans over stolen honey is cute, it was poorly executed and didn't cause the audience to side with the bees. Many of the sets were inaccurate (like LAX and JFK) and not detailed. The movie looked like it was made by inexperienced animators with no artistic talent.
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Witty but flawed structure
lastrow9 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The Bee Movie is very verbal and witty and the premise is cute if not novel. However it never resolves the main issue of beekeeping. Instead it paints beekeepers as evil thieving villains without morals or scruples and even manages to play the race card. It does a good job of coming full circle and educating young viewers of the important role that bees play in the food chain however it never goes back to the beekeepers, a fact which plays way down to every viewer. The movie revolves around a hive of wild bees and never instructs us in the difference between wild bees and domesticated bees, which are the ones that beekeepers tend, transport and care for. Domesticated bees are the bees civilizations have relied upon for thousands of years for crop yield, feeding the planet, etc., etc. Wild bees are good only for, well, bears and other varmints that are dumb enough to wrastle with them for the sake of their sweet tooths. Even Indians and primitive man calmed wild bees with smoke to get the honey. It's kind of like a cartoon movie about a wild mustang in the desert wanting to free all the domesticated horses in the world in the 1800's. Taking honey from a hive does not kill the bees or kill the hive. The movie presents disingenuous and unwarranted disinformation.
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Big disappointment
mscoyote18 November 2007
My husband and I took our ten-year-old grandson to see this movie, assuming it would be a delight. It was not. My grandson laughed two or three times; same for me. My husband fell asleep. Boring is the best word I can think of to describe the movie. I will say that some of the writing directed at adults was clever, but it wasn't enough to carry the film. I'm a fan of Jerry Seinfeld, but even he couldn't make this movie something worth seeing. Many children's movies have lovely animation and cute little characters ... that just isn't enough ... they must be entertaining and interesting. Lots of children's movies have succeeded, but this one doesn't. Wait for the DVD rental.
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