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13 Mar. 2004
Hazard Reduction
Fifi has to deal with her unpredictable brother Hank who has just returned from prison and has a different story to tell to everyone he meets. Back at home the Sharp family try to welcome this free radical element as Hank tries to wheedle his way back into Fifi's life. Lill and Perry are trying hard to deal with Taz, Perry's moody teenage daughter who's arrived for the holidays. She clashes with Lill over everything and confronts her father with her palpable distaste for her stepmother. Lill prepares for the fire controlled Hazard Reduction but is unprepared for the ...
20 May 2004
Kin Oath
Peg Beecher is back and after escaping from her nursing home, she makes a beeline for her house only to find it's been rented out to the new doctor and his family. When Peg lands on Lill's doorstep, Lill decides to champion her cause, but she doesn't know what she's let herself in for. Peg's not happy, so it's tantrums all round first at Lill and Perry's, then at Backa and Svettie's. Backa is agonising over whether to sell the homestead paddock that his father's ashes are on while Svettie sympathises with his dilemma she knows they need the money and pushes him ...
3 Jun. 2004
Closing In
Perry's moved into the mud brick house and Lill is happy about that-or is she? During a drunken phone call with Perry's ex-wife, Lill realises her relationship may really be over. Then the unravelling starts as her happiness turns and reality starts closing in. Can she live without Perry? It's another hot day and a fire has started in the Tuza State forest. Fifi learns that Fire Control Officer Bryce Austin will do everything he can to save Fox Cove, including putting his own house at risk. Meanwhile Mike is closing in on Svettie and Sharpie's dope crop. He's torn ...
17 Jun. 2004
Fighting Fire with Fire
Lost River's very existence is threatened by the fires. Backa believes that it is less than 24 hours before the fires reach the village. The Lost River brigade also insist on sniping in front of Divisional Commander Donna Bruce. Svettie makes an unexpected visit to the station and learns that the fire may reach Deep Creek by nightfall and alerts Sharpie, who enlists the help of his son Hank, to help harvest their Deep Creek plantation before the fire arrives. Meanwhile, Lill asks Perry for a truce until the fire has passed, but Perry refuses. Backa convinces Donna ...
24 Jun. 2004
Precious Things
The fire front is racing into Lost River, it's much bigger than they thought and the water pressure has failed. The trucks are going to have to relay back and forth to the dam at Sharpie's to refill, and when they discover that Suzie's place is burning inside the roof, Backa has to make a difficult call. Meanwhile, Lill's left Perry with a box and a question. Joey's thrown into the thick of things at the Sharps, with Hank being his usual infuriating self and Sharpie way too relaxed to be much good. Svettie knows exactly what to save-but what should she do first when ...

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