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5 May 2006
Goatman/Banshee of Marrtown/Listowel Ripper
The Banshee of Marrtown - Marrtown, West Virginia: The Banshee, a harbinger of death rides on horseback through the West Virginia night. For hundreds of years those of Scottish ancestry have feared this black shrouded entity with glowing red eyes, as her eyes may be the last thing they ever see.
29 Sep. 2006
Bigfoot, UFO/Dungarvon Whooper
The UFO/Bigfoot Invasion - Greensburg, Pennsylvania This is a story so bizarre that Creepy Canada almost discounted it completely: Bigfoot creatures traveling to earth in UFO's, a cover-up by mysterious men in black? All you need is an Elvis sighting to complete the picture! But when respected UFO investigator Stan Gordon laid out the story and presented the evidence it changed our mind, and it may change yours. An amazing, and very compelling document of just what happened for one year in the 1970's when hundreds of UFO sightings merged with an incredible outbreak of...
11 Jun. 2006
Fort Saskatchewan/Laurel Caverns/Mary Ellen Spook Farm/Gallows Hill
Many male criminals were hanged at the Northwest Mounted Police outpost known as Fort Saskatchewan, but only one woman. Florence Lassandro was dubbed the Mob Princess, and her spirit is one of many seen on the grounds and in the preserved buildings of this historic site. :: [Laurel Caverns - Uniontown, Pennsylvania] This vast cavern going forty-six stories below ground was naturally formed, but is the scene of many supernatural encounters. The spirits of an outlaw, a murdered bride and a French soldier are just a few of the ghosts that walk these dark caves, while the...
2 Jul. 2006
Bigfoot Alberta/Great Dismal Swamp/Customs House
Bigfoot Alberta (a.k.a. Sasquatch Canada) - Camp Alexo, Alberta The foothills of the Canadian Rockies are said to be home to the legendary Sasquatch, or, as it is sometimes known Bigfoot. Hikers and hunters have long reported encounters with this massive hairy creature, and in the most famous incident a prospector was kidnapped and held prisoner in a cave for six days by a family of these mysterious creatures. Canadian Sasquatch researchers share their research as we search for this elusive crypto-creature.
16 Jul. 2006
Fan Tan Alley Ghost/Keefer House/Pennyland
Hugh Keefer, the black sheep of the respected Keefer engineering dynasty was a hard drinking, high stakes gambler who counted Jesse James and the Black Donnelly's as gaming partners. His former home has been an insane asylum, a hospital and a geriatric facility but each incarnation has left something ghostly behind. Spirits of mental patients, soldiers and Hugh Keefer himself have frightened many visitors. Creepy Canada takes a team of paranormal investigators into the darkest corners of this haunted mansion.

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