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‘Wrath of Khan’ Director Nicholas Meyer: ‘Art Is A Dictatorship,’ but Without Fans, There’s No ‘Star Trek’

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‘Wrath of Khan’ Director Nicholas Meyer: ‘Art Is A Dictatorship,’ but Without Fans, There’s No ‘Star Trek’
The director of “Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan,” which many consider to be the best “Star Trek” movie of all time, thinks the best “Star Trek” movie of all time is the 2000 film “Galaxy Quest.”

“I think in a way that’s a perfect movie,” Nicholas Meyer told IndieWire. “Because it satirizes aspects of it but it also delivers on it. You know, that’s the three hat trick.”

In addition, the 2000 film is about the former cast of a “Trek”-esque show meeting a group of alien fans so intense in their devotion they actually made the show into a reality. At its core, “Galaxy Quest” is a celebration of the fandom that surrounds “Star Trek,” which from Meyer’s point of view is what has sustained the franchise over the decades. “Without the fans, the show is nowhere, it would never have been revived, it would never have come back,
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Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers Reminisce About Working With Trump on 'SNL'

Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers work in the same building, are back-to-back on NBC's late-night lineup, but it turns out they have even more in common. They also both starred in a sketch on SNL with President Donald Trump

The Late Night host appeared on Wednesday's Tonight Show to talk about the upcoming Hrc Greater New York Gala and their shared history with the president. 

In 2004, they, with Horatio Sanz, starred in a sketch called "Fathers and Sons," in which Meyers played Trump's son who can't stop fighting with his dad on a show that was supposed to...
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Elaine Cassidy Interview – No Offence return + musical Strangeways Here We Come

Author: Guest

Right from its opening scene – where a suspect is chased under a bus and his head squashed like a jam doughnut – No Offence marked itself out as a gripping cop show like no other. The brainchild of ShamelessPaul Abbott, it smashes together lightning-paced police drama with dark comedy and lashings of soap opera. At the centre is impulsive detective constable Dinah Kowalska, played by Elaine Cassidy, who we caught up with on the phone ahead of the second series beginning tonight (January 4th) on Channel 4. Key to No Offence’s success, she told us, was the Paul Abbott factor.

“It is like when you really like a band and you are waiting for their next album,” she said. “No Offence felt like his next album after Shameless, even though he has written films and stuff since. Paul’s writing is unique. It is just about three degrees left of reality.
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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 3 Review: The Other Shoe

  • TVfanatic
It's nice to have Snow White back at the helm of this story, and it's nice to see people in Storybrooke smiling for a change.

That can't be a coincidence. 

While frustrations have been high surrounding the recycling and repeating storylines we've become accustomed to, Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 3 became self-aware.

Is this our life now? Defeat and repeat?

Mary Margaret Permalink: Is this our life now? Defeat and repeat? Added: October 09, 2016

Mary Margaret became the voice of the viewers, wondering if this story is all that we'll ever have on Once Upon a Time. Defeat and repeat. 

As the hour went on, we discovered that there is a way to put a spin on the same recycled story, even one that's already been re-told once before.

Cinderella's tale brought something comforting to the table that we haven't seen in quite some time. Maybe it's because she's a well-known character,
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Bruce Dern, Anthony Michael Hall to Star in ‘King Lear’ Adaptation (Exclusive)

Bruce Dern, Anthony Michael Hall to Star in ‘King Lear’ Adaptation (Exclusive)
Bruce Dern, Anthony Michael Hall and Sean Astin are starring in “The Lears,” a comic adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” Variety has learned.

It’s the first in-house production for distributor NeoClassics Films and has started production in Malibu and other parts of Los Angeles. Aly Michalka, Victoria Smurfit and Nic Bishop are also starring.

Carl Bessai is directing from his own script. NeoClassics Films’ CEO Irwin Olian is producing in association with Bessai’s Raven West Films Ltd. NeoClassics will also serve as the film’s international sales agent.

“Carl’s script is a smart, modern day derivative of Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear,'” said Olian. “In the classic play, the old King wanted each of his three daughters to prove their love so that he could determine who was most worthy of his kingdom. In our modern spin, iconic architect Davenport Lear has created a family
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'Nightingale' Review: David Oyelowo Goes 'Psycho' in Uneven HBO Character Study

'Nightingale' Review: David Oyelowo Goes 'Psycho' in Uneven HBO Character Study
Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters — these are the relationships given preferential treatment in the film world. But when those pairings are switched, danger lurks around the corner. Be it horror films like "Sleepwalkers" and "Psycho" or lighter fare like "The Graduate" and "Throw Momma From the Train," strong bonds between mothers and sons or fathers and daughters can lead to complications later on for both parties. "Nightingale" — the new film acquired by HBO from director Elliott Lester ("Blitz") and first-time screenwriter Frederick Mensch — fits snugly into this latter grouping, as half a film filled with volatile relieved repression and half without any new ground to cover. Read More: 'Selma' Star David Oyelowo Gets Frank About Race in Hollywood It's fitting, really, that only one of two offending parties is shown throughout the 82-minute feature. "Nightingale" is a one-man show, with 2014 breakout...
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Liveblogging “Days of Our Lives” The Final Countdown!

Will and Sonny make last-minute preparations.

Sonny is on screen with someone … i don’t really recognize … oh wait, It’S Justin! What the hell is he doing here? Oh yeah … the wedding. He congratulates Sonny, and tells him when he came out, he and Adrienne never though they’d be going to his wedding. Sonny tells him how he lucky he feels, and Justin says ‘Not as lucky as Will.” Agreed.

Meanhwile, it must be Fathers And Sons day because Lucas is with Will and Ari (who seems to be totally comfortable with Guy). Lucas asks if he’s ready, and Will says ‘Dad, i don’t know if I am.” Ari looks at Will like “Bitch, don’t be pulling this bullshit now.”

Sonny tells Justin how lucky he feels that he has him and Adrienne as parents. When he came out, he knew he wouldn’t have to worry about their reaction.
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Exclusive clip: It's jail or stuff on 'Hoarding: Buried Alive'

  • Hitfix
Exclusive clip: It's jail or stuff on 'Hoarding: Buried Alive'
Fathers and sons bond all sorts of different ways. Some fish. Some play basketball. Others let piles of trash pile up all over their homes. Aw, isn't that sweet? In this week's episode of "Hoarding: Buried Alive (Wed. Feb. 12 at 9:00 p.m. Et on TLC), Jason and Joe prove that the family that hoards together faces jail together. Really, why haven't we seen these guys in a heartwarming Lifetime movie? Their home—which has no functional bedroom or usable kitchen, by the way—is packed to the ceiling with items the pair has relentlessly accumulated over the past decade. Guess what? The...
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LatinoBuzz: Interview With Actor Richard Cabral of 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones'

Growing up in East Los Angeles with a single mom, Richard Cabral was in a gang by 13 years old, made his first trip to jail at 14 and by 15 was addicted to crack cocaine. His teenage years were a series of trips in and out of jail. At the age of 20 Cabral was arrested and charged with attempted murder and would spend a year in jail while he awaited trial. If convicted, he was facing a sentence of 35 years to life. Making a plea deal gave him a reduced sentence of 5 years of which he would serve 27 months. Upon release he found a support system in Homeboy Industries, Father Gregory 'G-Dog' Boyle's charity, where ex-gang members are provided jobs as an alternative to gang life providing they stay clean. It was there that led to Cabral being cast as an extra in CSI: Miami. Earlier this month we saw the release of Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones featuring Richard in the role of Arturo. LatinoBuzz got to hear from Cabral about his transition in life.

Latinobuzz: You are from East La and joined a gang at 13 years old. What was it about that time and place that you felt that it was yours and your peers only option?

Richard: I feel that in all kids that I've came across, that at the age of 12-13 is a big transition . They begin forming the Young Adult there going to become, here molding . I can't put a "name" on it but it's something. Your trying to find yourself, were getting ready to go to High School and as this world teaches you, you must "belong" to something. (So we Belong to Something)

Latinobuzz: I did a piece on Father G-Dog – how important was Homeboy Industries to your spiritual evolution and why are organizations like them always in jeopardy of losing funding when they change so many lives?

Richard: 'Homeboy Industries' is a great organization but beyond that, it is Father Greg. He is the reason why I was given this second chance. Of course other things play a factor on this amazing journey I've gone through, but if there was no Father Greg there would be nothing. I believe 'organizations' like these are always in jeopardy because what we are taught in this sickening world (“Society”) is "greed" and we as people are not one. 'Majority of "minds" are warped into the belief of the only person worth helping is themself. People think others that come from gangs, poverty, drugs are below them. Which is bull-shit because the whole world is going through problems, were all suffering together, people are just too blind to see.

Latinobuzz: Is it crazy to think that you would be a part of a blockbuster film franchise when you were facing 35 years to life?

Richard: Ha! It's ludicrous to even say it in the same line:) Well, that's what we are taught to believe and that's what I would have stated when I was sitting in a cell. But the power of belief, of God is beyond what mere mortals can Imagine. There is no restrictions in my Life. If I do what I love, work night and day, and I'm open to the spirits. that's when the "Greats" take over.

Latinobuzz: How important is 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' for Latino filmmaking?

Richard: Huge! This is the first time in history that Latinos have done it and made the "Studios" this amount of money and signed to a franchise. There is a wave of seasoned and young Latino actors right now! We're making money for the studios and were bringing the Noise, there's no stopping it.

Latinobuzz: What moment as being an artist impacted you the most?

Richard: The true meaning of an artist/actor is opening my heart to the audience and at the same time opening their heart. Through sharing my pain I can possibly heal your pain, there is no other feeling like it, money doesn't compare. This is the true meaning of Art. I will attempt to do it till my dying day. The theater is the 'church' and when I'm on that stage I am the Priest/Pastor, it is a pure spiritual journey for me.

Latinobuzz: You've cited Miguel Pinero and Stephen Adly Guirgis as writers that understood your world. What was it about these two, very much New Yorkers, made you feel that way?

Richard: Learning the craft as an actor in Los Angeles is a very hard thing to do, in my opinion. We all come from a certain world and when you start learning the craft, you need material to read/study that you can relate to. We do not have too many Latino writers on the West Coast that I was able to relate to (or at least, I didn't know at the time). I came from the streets, so the most published authors had no relation to my world. As soon as I picked up Pinero & Guirgis, it was all over. It was my world, just in a different location. They cracked me open inside and out. They talked about the "inside" of the barrio, the emotions, the stories that people know is happening but were too scared to talk about. "Sun Always Shines for The Cool" and "Den of Thieves" will always be my favorites/breakthroughs.

Latinobuzz: What's your dream role?

Richard: I can't point my finger on a “dream role”, but the day's that I'm able to fulfill the stories of the hood/barrio on film, those will be great days. The stories of why people from the barrio become what they've become. To show that sensitive side of a man, its always filled with macho bull-shit, but we must see the other side (Fathers and Sons). In film and television they never get the good stuff, while at least I feel on my behalf.

Latinobuzz: What do you want to leave behind when it's all said and done?

Richard: When I die I want a child that never met me, to hear were I came from and what I accomplished and for him or her to live their life to the fullest and do what they were put on this world to do. No limitations, blowing past everybody's expectations. Screw whatever body thinks!

Written by Juan Caceres. LatinoBuzz is a weekly feature on SydneysBuzz that highlights Latino indie talent and upcoming trends in Latino film with the specific objective of presenting a broad range of Latino voices. Follow @LatinoBuzz on Twitter and Facebook .
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The Place Beyond The Pines Movie Review, Trailer, Pictures & News

Ryan Gosling reteams with Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance for a sprawling, ambitious crime story that packs an unexpected emotional wallop. Gosling is a funfair motorbike stunt rider, turning to crime to care for one-time fling Eva Mendes and the son she had by him, while joint lead Bradley Cooper is a rookie cop facing his own battles. Fathers and sons, atonement for past wrongs and the inevitability of history repeating itself through generations; it's all here in a bold and daring movie likely to end up on lots of annual Top 10 lists.
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Blue Bloods Review: The Highway Hitman

  • TVfanatic
When do major crimes detectives investigate car accidents? When they're not accidents.

Which is why a vehicle taking a header through the guard rail of the Bqe (Brooklyn Queens Expressway, for those of you not from NYC) led to the hunt for a serial killer. And a particularly green one at that.

Not only was our environmentally conscious killer eating vegan black bean burritos and probably wearing hemp clothing, he took the time to track down environmentally friendly, lead free bullets. How thoughtful. It's nice to know he was trying to protect the Earth while blowing people's brains out while they drove.

Is it wrong of me to admit that I'd gladly burn a few extra gallons to be able to drive that Porsche 911?

But back to the case. I knew the ex-military man hadn't committed suicide because there were still 20 minutes left in the show. However, I did love
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'Being Tolkien's grandson blocked my writing ...'

Simon Tolkien was always close to his famous grandfather. But the creator of The Hobbit cast a very long shadow

As creator of The Hobbit, Middle-earth and The Lord of the Rings, Jrr Tolkien is one of the most successful authors in history. And yet, says Simon Tolkien, the grandfather he remembers seemed to think he had failed.

It wasn't that his work hadn't met with acclaim: by the time of his death in 1973, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were bestsellers. The problem, says Simon, was that the bigger picture Tolkien had wanted the world to know – the complex hinterland of which The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were but a small part – had not been deemed publishable. "He'd produced this huge output that covered everything from the history of the gods to the history of the people he called the Silmarils – that was his
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A new clip from Red Dwarf X

The classic British comedy series Red Dwarf returns to TV screens in October courtesy of UK channel Dave, with co-creator Doug Naylor looking to recapture the show's former glory by shifting away from the flashy mini-series approach of the underwhelming 2009 revival Back to Earth and going back to basics with a traditional live-studio sitcom format.

Earlier this week, the titles for the six new episodes were revealed - 'Trojan', 'Fathers and Sons', 'Lemons', 'Entangled', 'Dear Dave' and 'The Beginning' - leading to speculation that Red Dwarf X could mark the final outing for Lister (Craig Charles), Cat (Danny John-Jules), Rimmer (Chris Barrie) and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn). If this proves true, hopefully it'll be so that the show can go out with a bang, rather than the well being completely dry.

Anyway, here's a brand new clip from the upcoming series, which has just been released today and sees
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Father’s Day: My Favorite Movie Dads

Father’s Day is this Sunday, so I thought it would be appropriate to talk about some fathers in movie history that stand out above the rest. I’m not a father, but as a son I can tell you that a man’s relationship with his father is one of the most important relationships in his life. It might be that reason alone that the bond between father and son is put on the big screen so often, it’s relatable and universal.

So grab a cold one with your dad this weekend, maybe even pull out one of these movies and make a memorable moment you will never forget. Use the comments below to talk about your favorite movie dads, enjoy!

Here is some relevant music to accompany you while you read.

Download audio file (Cat’s In The Cradle.mp3)

Don Vito Corleone – The Godfather (1972)

“A man
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'Bones' creator Hart Hanson talks Booth's emotional episode

'Bones' creator Hart Hanson talks Booth's emotional episode
If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Bones, stop reading now. Spoilers ahead!

Booth’s grandfather Pops (guest star Ralph Waite) visited and brought with him the news that Seeley’s father had died. At first, Booth couldn’t look past his issues with his dad (he hadn’t seen him for 20 years) to see how much his grandfather was hurting. Pops eventually read him an excerpt of a letter he’d found among his son’s things asking him to tell Seeley that he loved him and that he knows he deserved a better father — one like he’d had.
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Extra Scoop: 'X Factor' -- The Final 32, Plus Recap

Extra Scoop: 'X Factor' -- The Final 32, Plus Recap
After weeks of auditions of thousands, 162 acts became just 32. Four categories of contestants; boys, girls, "over 30s," and groups will be mentored by Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, La Reid and Nicole Scherzinger.

Full story NJ.com

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Review: 'Real Steel' a Fight Film for Fathers and Sons -- CNN

Steve Jobs Agreed to Biography so His Kids Could Know Him Better -- Apple Insider

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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"Amazon Falls" - March 18, 2011

Director Katrin Bowen reports that her first feature, "Amazon Falls" will screen at the Magic Carlton Cinema 9, Toronto, Ontario, the week of March 18, 2011. The film will subsequently screen at select cities across Canada ending in Vancouver at the Denman Cinemas for the week of April 15, 2011.

"Amazon Falls" premiering @ the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, September 2010, stars April Telek ("Flight 93"), Anna Mae Routledge ("Harpers Island"), Zak Santiago ("Young Blades"), Ben Ratner ("Fathers and Sons"), William B. Davis ("The X-Files") and Tom Braidwood ("The X-Files").

Co-produced by Darren Reiter, the film is loosely based on Bowen's experiences as an 18-year-old B-movie performer living in Los Angeles.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Amazon Falls"...
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The Best Double Features of 2010 (Updated With Reader Suggestions)

  • IFC
The Best Double Features of 2010 (Updated With Reader Suggestions)
The double feature is the moviegoing ritual most deserving of a comeback. It's the stuff of movie palaces, drive-ins, and getting more bang for your entertainment buck. The double feature is that magic that happens when two totally separate movies get juxtaposed together and begin talking to one another in strange and exciting ways. As part of IFC.com's year-end hullabaloo, I decided to list the five most interesting hypothetical double features of 2010, along with five more runners-up. In no particular order, they are:

Money, Family, and Escape in Modern Boston

"The Town"

Directed by Ben Affleck

with "The Fighter"

Directed by David O. Russell

Though these films are from totally different genres -- one a classic one-last-job heist movie, the other an inspirational boxing film -- they share a common theme at their respective cores: a working-class man's obligation to his friends and family and his realization of his
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Road to Perdition Blu-ray Review

Three quarters into Road to Perdition (2002) , professional thug/hit-man Micheal Sullivan (Tom Hanks) is enlightened by a benevolent stranger as to how his son dotes on him but he is blind to the affection. Here lies the turning point of director Sam Mendes' (American Beauty) graphic novel inspired slice of depression era film noir that is soaked to the point of drowning in themes of Fathers and Sons. After a heartbreaking tragedy forces the duo to flee for their lives from surrogate father/organized crime boss John Rooney (Paul Newman) and his dangerously inept offspring Connor (Daniel Craig), Sullivan and son Micheal Jr. learn to bond and lovingly accept each other, character flaws and all.

Before taking in Paramount's Blu-ray, it had been eight years since I last visited the film theatrically, which at the time left little impression upon me. While the heavy-handed parent/child motif wears much
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Justified Review: "Bulletville"

  • TVfanatic
Season one of Justified wrapped up last night with the season finale “Bulletville” and the show certainly lived up to the name. Beyond the proliferation of violence punctuated by gun shots, we were treated to a well done episode of television that skillfully wrapped up a number of major story lines while leaving us open ended for the start of season two this fall.

The season finale started off with a bang, but not the gun shot kind – those would come later. Walton Goggins continued his masterful performance as Boyd Crowder with a well written and acted scene with Joelle Carter as Ava Crowder.

Although we never suspected that Ava would actually shoot her shotgun at Boyd, Joelle channeled her inner-Timothy Olyphant by listening to Boyd without believing a word he said. Boyd on the other hand, professed his sincere sorrow for how he had treated her and promised to leave her alone.
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