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MPAA Rated R for sexuality, nudity, language and some violence

Sex & Nudity

  • Two men have sex in a dark tent. They kiss and one man rolls onto his stomach and unfastens his belt, his buttocks are very briefly visible. The second man undoes his pants and begins thrusting forcefully. They both moan. The camera cuts before the climax. The scene lasts under a minute and no nudity is shown apart from the brief sight of the side of a man's buttocks.
  • A man and woman have sex. He thrusts on top of her and her bare breasts are visible for a few frames. They stop before either of them climax.
  • A couple has sex. After they kiss passionately, he flips her over onto her stomach, and begins thrusting and moaning. Brief and no nudity.
  • A man and woman kiss passionately, she removes her top, revealing her bare breasts. They caress and sex is implied. Only lasts a few seconds.
  • Two men jump into a river nude. From a distance, we see bare buttocks and genitals, hardly visible. Scene last a few seconds.
  • Two men lie in bed kissing. They caress and one moves on top as they kiss passionately. Sex is implied.
  • A man is shown nude from the side. His buttocks are visible.
  • A man is shown nude from behind. His buttocks are briefly visible; however, the man is out of focus in the background.
  • Two men wrestle playfully. They stop and kiss each other. This is shown from a distance.
  • Two men lie in a bed after sex. They hold and caress each other. No nudity
  • Two men kiss very passionately. One man's wife witnesses this and is shaken.

Violence & Gore

  • A man beats up another man for saying dirty words in front of his daughter. He punches him and kicks him in the face.
  • A man grabs his wife by the neck and hold his fist against her face. He lets her go and goes outside. A car honks at him for walking in front of it. The man walks to the opened window of the car and starts punching the man. The driver gets out and overpowers the man, beating him to the ground.
  • A short of graphic shot of a gay boy lying dead on a ditch. He is badly decomposed and his pants has been pulled down. His penis is missing and you see a red spot.
  • A few quick fist-fights, one of which results in a small bloody nose for one man and a facial bruise for the other.
  • A dead, dust-covered man that is mentioned to have been beaten to death and castrated is briefly seen from a distance.
  • Two men shoot an elk.
  • We see a sheep that has been graphically gutted (by a coyote).


  • 22 uses of "fuck", 11 uses of "Goddamn", 9 uses of "shit", 3 uses of "son of a bitch" and "queer", and 1 use of "dick" and "asshole".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some scenes depict characters drinking, sometimes to excess. A few characters smoke.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man tells another man a story about a young man who was accused of being a homosexual. The young man gets beaten up and killed by some local people. His penis gets tied to a car by a rope and torn off. You then see a quick shot of the young man dead, decomposed and his penis missing.
  • The beating is disturbing.
  • A man punches his male lover across the face after the latter accidentally hits him on the nose.
  • There are themes that involve homophobia.
  • The ending can be rather upsetting.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is beaten to death by three men in a brief scene. Nothing is audible. His very bloody face is shown for a quick second. Quite graphic.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Ennis' final scene with Jack's parents can be very hard to watch.

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