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Sex & Nudity

  • The main character's mother is a prostitute, and she is seen wearing low-cut clothing. She often wears a thin gown which shows her breasts through the material.
  • Two teenagers kiss and grope each other in several scenes. In the first they are interrupted and stop before it goes any further. In the second the boy puts his hands under her shirt and starts rubbing her breasts through her bra.
  • A teenage girl takes off her clothes and takes a shower. Her breasts are seen for a couple of minutes. Her mother takes off her clothes too, and her breasts are seen as well, but only for a few seconds before she walks away.
  • A man and woman (who is a prostitute) kiss while he gropes her. Another man comes over and pushes the first man away before pulling his pants down, revealing his buttocks. The woman gets on her knees and performs oral sex on him. Sounds are heard, and the movements can be seen. He then turns her around and has sex with her from behind. He grunts loudly and walks away when finished. This scene lasts for around a minute.
  • A clothed woman rubs herself against a man and offers to have sex with him, but he refuses.
  • Two people are seen adjusting their clothes. The man hands the woman money, implying he paid her for sex.
  • A teenage girl sits naked on the edge of a bed and one of her breasts is shown. It's implied she had sex with a teenage boy.
  • A teenage girl performs oral sex on an older boy. The camera is behind the boy, so we only see her head making bobbing motions. Realistic sound effects are also heard. The top of his buttocks is seen. When he finishes, the girl wipes her mouth with a tissue.
  • A woman has a large amount of blood on her thighs between her legs. It's implied this happened after she prostituted herself. She lifts her skirt to clean herself, but it's heavily shadowed, so no nudity is shown.
  • A woman takes off her clothes and gets into a bath. Her breasts are briefly shown.
  • A teenage girl takes off her clothes and bra and is embraced by an older man while he masturbates. No nudity is shown, but graphic sound effects are heard.
  • An older man is seen completely naked, including full frontal nudity. He caresses a teenage girl who is also naked. Her breasts and buttocks are shown. He begins groping her buttocks and says he wants to have anal sex with her. She agrees and the scenes ends.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman has a large amount of blood on her things between her legs. It's implied this happened after she prostituted herself.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several characters smoke cigarettes throughout the film, including a teenage girl.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Despite there being no violence or scary moments in the film, this is probably one of the most bleak and depressing films ever made. The tone is very dark and pessimistic, and there are several extremely emotional scenes. Because of how sympathetic and tragic the main characters are, it makes many of the scenes extremely depressing and hard to watch.

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