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Very cute for a kids' movie
abigail-johnson25 October 2004
I saw this movie Oct. 24, 2004, as part of the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis, and I really enjoyed it. I'm not usually a huge fan of kid and dogs movies, and the flick is somewhat predictable, but it still tugged at my heartstrings. Without giving any details, there is a sad scene towards the end. I was sitting in a room full of kids while watching the movie, and you could hear them all sobbing. It was almost laughable.

The kids' acting is pretty good, the dog is cute, and the storyline is solid, as long as you don't think too critically about it. I'm guessing it won't win any Academy Awards, but I know lots of children who would really enjoy it, and I'd guess it will do well in the small fry crowd.
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Great family movie!
tmdreg23 January 2007
I watched this movie with my two toddlers (3.5 and 1.5 years). We all really enjoyed it. There's plenty of cute puppy action to keep the kids engaged, and the story (while predictable) was heartwarming.

The parents were very loving, the children sincere and sweet, and the "villains" weren't too scary. (It was nice to have a movie with some dramatic conflict without my toddler cringing because of scary music or scary people.)

I liked the elements of faith (it was subtle, not preachy), family loyalty, love, and forgiveness. People were willing to change, and many of the characters learned and grew and made changes in their lives. I found a lot of opportunities to talk with my kids about important life lessons throughout the movie. Two Mommy thumbs up!
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Lovely Family Movie
Luigi Di Pilla20 May 2012
My nine year old son discovered Chestnut first on cable but the movie was already in the last part. So we decided to buy it on DVD. First he watched it with his best friend. They had both tears during the running time because the story is told very lovely.

The wonderful dog Chestnut is the great star in this family film. We all spent a very entertaining evening and had to laugh a lot. Congratulations also to the director for his fine work.

The average rating here is too low and merits no doubt a higher vote. I give rarely a 10 but this time all the family voted clearly with 10 out 10.

If you have children or you are a dog fan don't miss this. You won't regret.
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Awesome Family Movie
midnight_dreamer_hotrod27 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
About two girls that is in a Orphanage , They have Found a dog that was almost hit by a car, and they rescued him and took him in the Orphanage and hid it from the sisters cause they don't allow then to have dogs. In a few days they where adopted and when they arrived to there new home which did not allow dogs to live there , and there new dad was allergic to animals with hair but also hid the dog from there new parents. A good movie for the kids or for the family to watch. I was impressed when i watched the movie with the kids and liked it really much.My wife alos enjoyed the movie and we told our family that they need to buy this Movie for there Family
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