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The scariest movie I have ever seen
booneh1 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"Idiocracy" is the latest film to come from Mike "Office Space" Judge, and it certainly follows a similar theme of that film in the fact that it is an observation of stupidity and how mediocrity can overcome adversity... relatively speaking. It is a story about Joe Bauer (Luke Wilson), who is, quite literally, the most average guy in existence. Joe, and a prostitute named Rita (Maya Rudolph), become the test subjects for a military project of a hibernation chamber. They were to remain suspended for only one year, but due to lack of oversight, Joe and Rita are forgotten about and accidentally wake up 500 years in the future.

Here's the scary part: This film explains, in a very realistic and plausible way, how the entire population of 2505 became absolutely retarded. With no natural predators, the evolution of the human species does not necessarily favor the quickest, smartest, and strongest people for progression of genes... just the people who breed the most. Unfortunately, those people happen to be welfare-sucking, trailer trash idiots who breed like rabbits. This abundant reproduction of the stupid people has caused an adverse effect on societal growth and now Joe and Rita are the two smartest human beings on the face of the planet. If it helps, imagine the entire population as just a hybrid of rednecks, jocks, cholos and hoochies. Seeing this nightmarish dystopia, Joe learns of and attempts to track down a time machine to see if he and Rita can get back to when they came from, and that's basically the whole plot.

But despite how one-dimensional I may make it sound, this movie is higher brow than you can fathom. Nuances are everywhere and anyone can see glimpses (warning signs, if you will) of modern day dumb-ciety permeating facets of everyday life and turning it into the train wreck on display in "Idiocracy." The film has some truly awesome showcases of realistic retardedness put on a pedestal. I don't want to give anything away and ruin jokes for you, but let's just say that it is pretty thorough. I can see how some would say that it is just a lot of toilet humor, but it, odd as it may seem, has a purpose; to show how dumb and crass these people are.

This film, unfortunately, is destined to see the same fate as its predecessor, "Office Space"; no one will see it in theaters, but everyone will brag about discovering this awesome/funny movie when it comes out on video. My only complaint for the film would be that the flow of the narrative sometimes gets broken so they can do a Hitchhiker's-Guide-to-the-Galaxy type exposition on how things got to be where they are, but it is a necessary evil and is implemented better here. Other than that, good characters, funny jokes, and better-than-average social commentary wrapped up in a funny bow.

Final Note: If seeing our youth becoming gang-banger wanna-be's, acting like redneck/ ghetto trash and being proud of it... if you are educated and cultured in anyway and can see how our country is spiraling out of control into an abyss of stupidity, for god sakes, watch this movie.
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This is the beginning of a marketing mystery
michaelplewa2 September 2006
There's no other word for it...Fox dumped this out, with NO marketing of any kind. Nobody in the country, other than those who have been looking forward to this film, know anything about it. All the red flags have flown. It has to be a mess, it can't be anywhere near as good as Office Space, right? Wrong. Though Office Space it ain't, this film definitely has satirical bite and wit. It's a misfire on certain levels, but who's to blame is left to mystery.

Based on what is currently showing in theatres, I can say IDIOCRACY is a good movie. It's funny, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. It's effective, sometimes ingenious. What it isn't as far as I can tell, is finished. We will see something come of this film again, whether it's an extended cut or reshoots. Alone it can be hilarious. It's ballsy at times.

Leaving the theatre, looking around at the mall, I was surrounded by advertisements and billboards, commercialism and stupidity. It's not quite as damning a dystopia as 1984, but this movie paints an ugly future for our culture. And there doesn't seem to be much anybody can do about it. Anyway, go see this if you can and try to find out what happened that it was so specifically buried.
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Iddiocracy - Two D's for a double dose of comedy
motherfather2 September 2006
This movie was quite a pleasant surprise. I had anticipated it for a long time, and was afraid going in that it couldn't possibly live up to my expectations.

It exceeded them.

I adored this movie.

Hilarious from start to finish (stay until after the end credits!), it is absolutely remarkable how a movie about dumb and annoying characters can be so intelligent, witty, and engaging.

With it's obvious matte paintings, the movie's future Earth recalls the Planet of the Apes series and other Sci-Fi movies of that era.

In fact, this movie is essentially Planet of the Apes, but with people who are the mental equivalent of apes.

It moves at a fairly brisk pace, and Luke Wilson carries the movie quite well, with a character that recalls the one he played in "Bottle Rocket." (There's even a not-so-subtle nod to "Bottle Rocket" in an early scene).

Maya Rudoulph is also surprisingly good as a former "painter" who was frozen as well.

Despite all its strengths, "Idiocracy" has the distinct feel of a movie that was taken away from the director/editor before it could be fine-tuned.

I cannot for the life of me understand why a movie this funny would just be dumped into a few theaters with no advanced screenings, no trailers, no marketing whatsoever.

It's as if the studio decided they were not going to spend any more on it and just walked away.

Or maybe they thought the movie had the makings of a cult classic, and the only way for it to become a true cult classic was to set it up to fail?

Whatever the case, it is a shame, because Mike Judge and this film in particular deserve better.

I predict this movie will have real legs on DVD, and word of mouth will propel it to the success it deserves.

Perhaps the Fox Executives saw themselves in the characters, were confused, and thought it was a documentary?
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Maybe I'm crazy, but I just saw this movie and thought it was AWESOME.
philshibano1 September 2006
I'm not sure why there are no articles or posters or anything about this film because I just saw it and thought it was AWESOME. I guess it's not for everyone because it's basically Kafka's "The Trial" meets "Beevis and Butt-Head", which is a pretty tough combination to swallow. Still, I thought it was great. If you're going to see it because you want a sequel to Office Space you're probably going to be disappointed. But if you want to see one of the most brutal, acid-tongued, and hilariously honest looks at where our society is headed you're in for a treat. I just saw the 8pm show opening night in Los Angeles and there were only 12 people in the theater, which means the film will probably be gone in a week. That's really a shame because, in its own way, Idiocracy is one of the best satires to come along in quite a while. But then again it's basically making fun of the people who make up about 99% of the movie-going audience so I guess it's no wonder the studio panicked and tried to dump it.
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It's not about the fart jokes...
phrednash@hotmail.com2 September 2006
As social satire, Idiocracy is just as good as Office Space, but with a wider scope. To criticize this film as too puerile due to potty humor is to kind of miss the point, I think. There are certainly fart jokes etc., but they're not really intended to be funny to the audience - they exist to define the state of "culture" in the world of 2500 AD visited by Joe, as a background to the bizarre state of affairs in which he awakes. The real humor of the film lies in the many sight gags and attitudes present in this future society that are just a shade off of what we encounter in our daily lives, and which should serve as a warning. My personal favorite is the depiction of Fox News. The subtle brilliance in the film lies in the fact that it also digs at "smart" people, and average Joes like the protagonists. Note the times in the film when Joe and Rita almost subconsciously conform to the idiots around them, and you realize that Idiocracy is not created to pick on any group of people in particular, but on the culture of idiocy in general. I don't know what to say about the "made for conspiracy theory" behavior of Fox in releasing this film, but if it's not playing in your local theater, demand it. We all need to see this film, if not for the social commentary, at least for the fart jokes...
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Loved it, one of the funniest movies in 2006
Russman-36 September 2006
Shame on Fox for dumping this movie. It was a total riot and I only hope that it will find a second life on DVD and cable.

This is a hilarious satire. It takes the "What if" situation to an extreme and it doesn't pull any punches (or kicks to the groin). It makes you think... what is to become of this empire once we've gotten totally to lazy and stupid? Everyone gets hit in this one esp. a number of major corporations, and even Fox News takes a punch(which is probably why the movie never had a proper release - other than the marketing department over thinking the campaign and not knowing how to market it "so we'll just give up!") Some may find the movie sophomoric, due to the groin kicking, and farting, but the movie is much more than that. You either get what Mike Judge is saying, or you don't. Most of the negative reviews I've read seem to come from people who just don't get it or are film snobs.

It'll probably play for one week in the selected markets so if you miss it, keep an eye out for the DVD, it'll be worth the rental and I will eventually have it in my collection.

Good Job Mike Judge, it's a shame that you got screwed, but you made me laugh out loud and I look forward to the next movie you do.
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It's amazing how many people miss the point... oh wait. No it isn't.
subcreature21 June 2007
You can read all kinds of references into the world of Idiocracy. A futuristic world populated by pampered, self-indulgent morons spoon-fed by the technology of a bygone era: this idea has its precedent in H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine" and Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" amongst other satires.

Early in the film, a narrator explains the quick degradation of humanity over five hundred years, but does not fill in the gaps of where all the futuristic technology came from in the meanwhile. Most of the criticism of this very fun (and funny) film seems to surround this omission, and the resulting complaint that the world isn't "realistic". As if "realism" has ever been a necessary quality of satire. Is "Brazil" realistic? How about "Futurama" or "Transmetropolitan"? Hell, how about "Gulliver's Travels"? I thought not. "Idiocracy", while maybe not as pointed as the best of the genre, hits the same notes and generally does so successfully.

Besides, I didn't find the futuristic technology to be a problem. It is pretty easy to figure out that Mike Judge is satirizing the current trend toward automation and simple product interfaces, so that even total idiots can use them. As in "Brave New World", the society in the film seems to have reached a point of automated self-sufficiency at some point in the past (apparently created by the now-extinct 'smart people' in order to placate an increasingly stupid populace), leaving the remainder of humanity free to indulge all the worst, most selfish impulses they can come up with, and grow even stupider. The film just happens to take place during the last gasp of humanity, as everything begins to fall apart for good. It may still be "unrealistic", but if so, it's a remarkably well-presented brand of unrealism.

The stupid people take up most of the screen time, of course, but they're just the victims -- they don't know any better. Mike Judge saves his real hate for the intelligent people in power who are dead by the time the film begins, but who are very much alive right now, in the 21st century. People like scientists who chase "hair growth and prolonged erections" for no other reason than the possibility that they'll turn a profit on their snake-oil treatments. People like politicians who let corporations simply purchase the FDA and FCC. People like media executives and their yuppie stooges who promote stupidity -- who enable the destruction of all culture, morality and health to make a quick buck.

After all, who is really to blame, the Morlocks or the Eloi? The Paris Hiltons of the world, or the brilliant executives and advertisers that put her on TV and lowered our cultural standards enough to leave her there? This is all implicit in "Idiocracy", though. A line here, a hint there (witness the hilarious auto-doctor which literally does all the work in the health care system). It's one of the few aspects of the movie that's NOT pounded into the ground by the unnecessary narrator. It's just there for the viewer to pick up, or not, but it is one of the most interesting themes in a movie that's much smarter than any other comedy of the year.

Pity that so many people will leave the film thinking it's just an excuse to show rear ends farting and people being hit in the groin. Not that that stuff isn't funny too, and maybe it IS a little pandering. But in "Idiocracy", it's just not as simple as it seems.
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Idiocracy is a hilarious and biting commentary on Society
local_man23 August 2007
I had never heard of this film when a good friend recommended it. I trust this friend's taste, so I purchased the DVD. My wife and I sat down to watch it with no knowledge of what it was about. I thought it was the funniest film I have seen in a long time, mainly because I saw the truth in the satire. I strongly recommend this film to all my friends.

This is not a film for everyone. Some people will see the crass humor and aura of stupidity, and find Idiocracy to be one of the stupidest movies they have seen. What these people don't seem to understand is that the crass humor is there, not to amuse the audience, but to show what appeals to the morons in the future.

Luke Wilson is well cast as an "average Joe." He is mainly there to be a foible for the biting commentary about society that is spread throughout this film. Many of the funnier bits are in the background, so it is easily worth seeing several times. What makes the movie even funnier, and more scary, is that I see elements of it in every day life, in people I meet or on the media. Then, I go back and re-watch Idiocracy, and realize how good it is.

The few people who have seen and enjoyed this film are able to be part of an elite club. I'll see an advertisement for some product with some breakthrough new ingredient, and turn to my wife and say, "It's got electrolytes!" She knows exactly what I am saying.
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Satire on exactly what the studio did to it
mgmax2 September 2006
A lot of things in this futuristic satire are more theoretically funny than actually funny (though it does have some laugh-out-loud moments) but a lot of that is because it seems to have been cut by the studio to better appeal to exactly the idiots it's mocking. Many situations aren't allowed to develop, there's obvious overdubbing of expository material, and worst of all a narrator explains EVERYTHING (most of which needs no explanation), probably because some preview audience didn't understand what was going on. In other words, a movie about dumbing down has been... you guessed it.

One hopes that a longer, better version of this comedy will eventually surface on DVD, and it will become the cult fave it deserves to be, but even in this mutilated and somewhat comic- spirit-diminished form it's one of the more memorable films of the year-- a screech of disgust against our culture and all the ways it's become trashified, stupidified and uglified in the name of appealing to the yahoos. I watched it right after Land of the Dead, George Romero's latest milking of the single idea that consumers = zombies, which is basically the same point Judge is making; yet where Romero's counterculture viewpoint (now zombies = underclass that needs to revolt against the rich) seems hopelessly out of date, Judge's take is fresh, dead-on and far more disturbing. Just listen to the yahoos in your movie audience whooping it up for President Camacho's State of the Union just like their counterparts on screen, and you'll know that we're all doomed.
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A wonderful film - one of my favorites!
sohngg11 February 2007
This movie is "the" stupid comedy of the year, and quite possibly the best thing from Mike Judge since "Office Space". If you are a Mike Judge fan, or enjoy shows like Futurama, then you are doing yourself a grave disservice by skipping over this little known, limited release. Although the DVD touts very few "bonus features", this film is certainly funny enough to make up for it's perceived "lack of value".

This movie is about an army grunt by the name of Joe Bowers (played by Luke Wilson) who is part of a top secret Army experiment designed to preserve Army personnel in peace time so that they can be thawed in war time to fight for our country. However, things take an interesting turn as the general in charge of the operation is busted in a prostitution ring and the experiment is all but forgotten. Bowers, and his sidekick Rita (played by Maya Rudolph) both find themselves awake in the year 2505, where through the course of natural selection, the population of America has grown increasingly stupid. Now Joe and Rita have to find their way to a time machine to get back to the year 2005 with the help of Frito (played by Dax Shepard).

What I really enjoyed about this movie was Mike Judge's comedic satire on the course of US History over the last 50 years, and how mankind progresses over the subsequent 500 years. This is most evidenced by the advertising in the movie, which has become a staple of the American culture. With shows like South Park in the mainstream media, it's easy to see how conclusions could be drawn that in the future, profanity has become a marketing tool. This is portrayed in the film humorously with subtle things such as "Fudd-Ruckers" changing their name to "Butt-F###ers", and a billboard which displays the advertisement "If you don't smoke Tarryltons... F### You!". I also cannot stop laughing at Carls Jr.'s role in this future, with their slogan "F### you... I'm eating", and their automated kiosks self-advertising their "Extra Big-A## Tacos". (with more molecules)! This film contained everything I go to the movies for. Excellent, sharp, witty comedy, as well as an engrossing plot make this DVD one for the ages. Be warned, however. If you are not a fan of Mike Judge, did not care for "Beavis and Butthead", or do not have a sense of humor, then this movie probably isn't a good match for you. Otherwise, I would say this is probably the funniest movie to come out of 2506... I mean 2006.
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Just how stupid does this movie have to be for people to get the point?
imdbjeff3 September 2006
Let me start by saying that if you're expecting subtle humour, you're in the wrong theatre. It's low-brow and heavy-hitting. But he's not out to tickle your funny bone. He's got the sledgehammer out and he's drawn a bead on the side of your head. But fear not. As movies go, this is a fairly gentle education. Oh, also, heavy on the swearing, but once again, Mike Judge, not Fred Rogers.

Was this movie called 'intelliocracy'? F*** no. The gem, the essence that is Mike Judge is that he has the ability to make people laugh at themselves. Beavis and Butthead was most popular with teen-aged boys, the very people at which it incessantly poked fun.

With that in mind, I don't think the humour in this movie is aimed at the super intelligent. Maybe you are all too smart to get it. But he's not aiming at you. He's aiming at your average Joe. And he's got a message: get your act together and for god's sake, study botany! It is a little disjointed and the narrator gets to be a little irritating after a while, but once again, this movie is meant for people who need a lot of narration ;-) It's funny. It has a message that it wants to make sure that we all understand.

I question the casting of Luke Wilson in the role of a man with a 100 IQ. Sometimes, he's not able to play down (what's he got, like, a 104?) to the level of his character. Slightly forced at times.

Kudos on Dax Shepard in this one. I remember seeing him in Zathura and thinking, "This guys looks like an idiot." In this movie, he makes a great idiot. Maybe I'm psychic.

It took a while to warm up to Maya Rudolph, but I gave her a little leeway. After all, she did have to play straight man to an entire planet. But once she got a little screen time, she made a solid contribution.

Terry Crews played the same psychotic, aggressive character he's played many times before, but he makes a first-rate president none the less.

Another bonus is that the place was practically empty. Counting my girlfriend and I, there were literally six people in the theatre. We could've had a barbecue pit and a mariachi band. So, no annoying people talking, as appears to be the norm in the 'talking-to-the-tv' age.

All in all, a good premise and a competent delivery, given the intended goal. Lots of laughs sprinkled throughout.

What made this movie scary was the fact that when we walked out of the theatre, it was sort of like the movie was still playing. We saw a lot of idiocy in the people immediately around us, maybe made more apparent by the dose we got in the theatre....

They're all pods, all of them!
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BEST social satire I've ever seen!
Bladerunnerrr12 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is BRILLIANT.

I don't remember this movie even BEING in theaters, so thinking it was a "straight to DVD" I have fairly low expectations, even though I am a big fan of Mike Judge. It has some of the same kind of comic future satire as "Brazil" and "Demolition Man", but taken to the next level.

Then I saw the cast; Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph and Dax Shepard, who were all brilliant in their roles.

Needless to say, this movie won me over in the first 5 minutes, where it shows above-average people having fewer children and the poorest, stupidest, trashiest people having lots of ignorant children, and how this is leading to a kind of reverse evolution. It takes that concept, and then shows where we are headed with this pollution of the gene pool.

Sadly, I don't think it will take the 500 years as depicted, but probably only about 50. I already see the shocking rise of "mild retardation" in the general populace, media and culture. People who like classical music and art are ridiculed instead of respected. The lowest common denominator seems to rule, especially in Hollywood and on TV (eg, "Jackass the Movie" and any reality show where they make you eat something disgusting or humiliate yourself for money).

All of the political/social satire aside, this movie is also just LAUGH OUT LOUD funny! And I don't say that lightly; few movies make me actually "LOL", but this one did.

A lot of the best jokes are word/sight gags in the background, so you really have to pay attention to get some of them. I even had to pause and zoom in for a few of them (like when Joe got his government ID and for "hair" it said "yes" and for "eyes" it also said "yes"). Also, the prison has engraved on the front "House for Particular Individuals", since the cops in the movie (much like real life cops) call everyone "individuals" instead of people, etc. Again, this was on the screen for just a moment...this is one of those movies you can watch again and again and dissect it to get through the layers of funny.

Also, I normally watch movies with the subtitles on, and that clued me in to some jokes that might pass by your ears in the dialog mix, for instance, the police constantly talk about people "excaping" instead of "escaping", and there are many other mis-pronunciations that just cracked me up. But again, I might not have picked up on them just by the dialog mixed with music/sound effects; it is very subtle but still hilarious.

Additionally, the special effects were REALLY GOOD for a sci-fi/social satire.

I could go on and on, but overall, I think this is one of those movies that if you DON'T think it's funny, it's probably making fun of YOU! I plan on recommending this to many, many people!
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A Great Sci-Fi Comedy!
brianfizzy6 September 2006
I've never seen a movie get a worse release then this. And that's a shame, as this is the funniest film of the year! You would think an ad with the line "From the director of "Office Space"" would be enough to warrant a big release! But there are no ads, no posters, no website , I doubt the stars even knew it came out this weekend. What is 20th Century Fox thinking? Mike Judge's Sci-Fi comedy is set in 2505 but it could come true in about 10 years (if things continue as they are.) Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph get frozen in a top secret army experiment and wake up in a future full of consumer zombie inbred retards. The film reminds me of Woody Allen's "Sleeper" ,"RoboCop", "Planet of the Apes", "Blade Runner" and "Network" and the late great "Futurama". Try to see it before Fox burns all the prints!
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And we have arrived...
rogun-3575019 January 2018
I saw this film in 2006, after a friend recommended it to me. Back then, I considered it an interesting commentary on society, but one that was too exaggerated to really mean much.

Fast forward 10 years and I'd completely forgotten about it, until seeing it on TV recently. In hindsight, it no longer seems all that exaggerated. The character flaws associated with the stupid people in the film are more prevalent than ever, so it does make you wonder how far we could evolve in the next 488 years.

It's easy to associate this with younger generations and blame them for our devolution, but the truth is that they're just the manifestation of what the rest of us created.
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Intelligent film about a future without intelligence
NJtoTX3 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
First, let me say that although I generally appreciate Mike Judge's work, I've been merely tepid in my response to Office Space, King of the Hill, and Beavis and Butthead. I generally prefer more intelligent comedy, and therein lies the irony with respect to Idiocracy.

In a future world where the embodiment of Beavis and Butthead's views, basest instincts, and intellectual capacities are the framework of a chaotic, messy, semi-Mad Max semi-Blade Runner society, where every trailer-trash guy's fantasy becomes reality, a man with even average intelligence is threatening and accused of talking gay, and the mob mentality takes over. And this world is also incredibly funny.

Yes, it's obvious that Carl's Jr., Starbucks, Costco and Fuddruckers executives will be horrified at the twisted values given their products in the year 2505.

There were some missed opportunities with the film, and the relationship between the time travelers - the other being an average intelligence woman who's worried about her boyfriend's (pimp's) retribution - could have been stronger; the chemistry is there. And there don't seem to be too many women in the future.

I did leave with a grin on my face, but the experience is a bit better than the memories. Thus, it's my kind of popcorn film, and it will be fun to revisit on video. Recommended! FYI stay through the credits for an extra scene.
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This comment brought to you by Carl's Jr.
Sec_Education29 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is comedy gold. The cabinet discussion of Brawndo and the nature of electrolytes is worth the ticket price alone. Standout performances were Luke Wilson in the title role, Dax Shephard as Frito, and of course, President Dwayne Elezando Mountain Dew Camacho (I give you my WORD!). It's simply worth seeing, because the comedy is both excellent the subject is something that has not been dealt in this way for most of the history of film.

It is a telling indictment of Hollywood that this movie has been dumped by Fox. It had everything for a comedy; directed by Mike Judge, starring Luke Wilson, and IMDb rating of 6.3, which is very good for a comedy. (Note that Austin Powers 2, the best of that series, only gets 6.5.) Why was it not promoted? Why is it not being shown in Australian cinemas?

Anyone who says that money is the only thing that matters to studio execs is at best naive. This film would have made very respectable money. The reason why it was dropped is that it is anti-dysgenic, in other words, pro-eugenic. It is a sad fact that in the media, we can't see any discussion of eugenics without reference to the forced sterilization and euthanasia of Germany in the 30s and 40s. Which of course, is curiously absent any discussion of how typical such policies were in other countries such as the United States.

Mike Judge makes that very point at the end of the film. At the end of WWII, the "UN" un-Nazified everything. And it's true. In order to justify our own victory, we have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Eugenics does not require forced sterilization or euthanasia. What it does requires is that the media provide positive encouragement for intelligent people to have children, and discouragement against stupid people from having children. Instead, it does the opposite.

Another great thing about this movie was the positive portrayal of IQ as a useful concept. That is another thing that doesn't seem to be able to be discussed without reference to Gould's Mismeasure of Man, and how IQ has been "discredited". Well, guess what. If you can't answer a question as simple as "If you have a bucket holding 5 gallons and another bucket holding 8 gallons, how many buckets do you have?" correctly, there will be all sorts of other important real world ramifications:

1) You aren't going to discover a cure for cancer, no matter how many Hollywood movies tell you that work ethic is going to get you there. 2) There are all sorts of jobs that you are simply not cut out for, and should not expect to be promoted into. 3) Lotteries, an inheritance, pro sports, prostitution, violent crime, or danger money are your only realistic chances of making a lot of money, and they are either slim or come with huge risks attached. 4) A nation comprised of people unable to answer such questions will make very little technological progress and have low GDP/capita, perpetual famines, etc.

It should be bleedingly obvious, but it is testament to the power of Hollywood that it actually needs to be said.

Kudos to Mike Judge for putting out this film. He won't make any money from this film, but thanks to file-sharing and the DVD burner, this film will soon be a cult classic irrespective of the actions of Fox. Those who see it will leave it with the knowledge that the future of the world is in their hands. Will we have the collective intelligence to solve the energy problems of the future and expand our civilization beyond earth's atmosphere? It could very well be up to you.
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It's happening
mercforce204625 June 2008
All I have to say is that the person who wrote this is a genius. If you live in a big city you can see this happening for real. I laughed until I went to work and saw that some of the people around me were behaving like the dumber characters in the movie. I think this didn't end up in most theaters because it hit a little too close to home for most people. Fox most likely thought that the writers were talking about them.

Anybody who doesn't get this movie please do the intelligent thing and don't make any comments like, I didn't get it, or I thought it wasn't funny, or worse, make a comment about the fx. The movie is trying to make a point about where our society is headed while at the same time making you laugh. My final comment, "I like money."
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Destined to become another Mike Judge Cult Classic
Tecun_Uman10 September 2006
Most people are totally unaware that this movie exists. Fox, which paid Judge to make it, has kept it in the can for quite awhile and then spent nothing to promote it. I guess that made many people think it was one of the garbage movies being flushed in late summer. Well, I am here to tell you that this is a funny and rather frightening look at a future that is not that hard to believe. Basically, Judge puts forward the notion that the stupid are outbreeding the smart by a wide margin. Then these stupid are getting more stupid, by basically spending all of their time watching TV and having sex, which produces more stupid people. By 2500, a person of average intelligence today, will appear to be a genius, that talks "all faggy." Seriously, is this really that hard to believe. Oh sure, this future is painfully funny and ridiculously stupid, but still plausible. Luke Wilson is great as the time traveling army guy, hopelessly trying to get back to a more comfortable time. Where this story will gain its cult status is with the numerous funny one-liners, like "can we family style her" and "hey man, I'm 'bating here!" This is a funny movie and a rather sharp social commentary on an American society that seems to be fatuated with self pleasure, comfort and stupidity, and I guarantee you that I will be buying this on DVD the first day it comes out and watching it over and over.
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Best Social satire EVER!
livfreeordi3 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Some will view this movie only as comedy, but others, like myself take it as a warning.

There can be little argument with the facts pointed out in the first 10 minutes of the movie.

Dumb people are reproducing faster than the smart segment of our population...a LOT faster.

If I had any doubts that we were heading in this direction..they were washed away by the results of the presidential election last November.

It's understandable that people may have had doubts about Romney..but to re-elect as big a failure as Obama tells me that the age of the dumbed down, entitlement junkie voter has already arrived.

This movie isn't just a comedy; it's a pretty scary prediction.
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Only in America
Eschete23 April 2007
Cinematic flaws? Yes. But I don't want to be too long-winded, because I don't want to cushion the shock of what I'm about to say.

You know how stupid the people in this movie looked to you? How dumb, trashy, shallow? That's what America is looking like to a LOT of the rest of the world these days. Think about it.

I think this movie should be shown in HISTORY classes when discussing the downfalls of long-lived empires (or nations). Maybe then we might get a little cold fear in our bellies, fear of ending up with a wrestler (or bodybuilder) President who can barely speak English. Or fear that the dimwit with ten kids in front of you in line at the grocery store is raising the Senators of tomorrow.

Mike Judge is a prophet. I just wish Fox had backed him up more.
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Social Commentary for the 'regular' guy, explaining the life of the elite
gershon-bialer23 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Despite some flaws and missed opportunities, the movie provides a brilliant social commentary, attacking populist anti-intellectualism. By making the protagonist into a 'regular' guy, the movie attempts to bring down to earth the viewpoints and social views of the intelligent elite of society.

At the beginning, Joe is just a regular. However, when he is transported into the future, he is suddenly a genius. Yet, despite the superior intelligence, he lacks many of the skills to avoid effectively communicating with his intellectually inferior audience. His first successful communication invokes the supernatural, when he claims the plants have spoken to him.

However, the movie does conclude with a message on how the elite should act. Despite intellectual superiority, the movie concludes that the elite should work to help those less intelligent. Joe ends as president, and by doing so, he is able to promote intelligence among all.
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Parody? Or our frightening future?
kittenmalibu4 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I am rating this an 8 because of the premise of the film. The acting was fine, there wasn't anyone that stood out as amazing or appalling. It is disturbingly true that intelligent people are having less and less children, or choose to have none at all...whereas dumb ass "W in '04" supporters are procreating like rabbits. And, though I don't believe the earth will actually exist in 500 years, I can see Mike Judge's parodied prophet coming to be, as life imitating art. The world is being run by idiots, and it will get worse as the intelligent free-thinking people become the minority and the "git 'er done" fans outnumber them. The proof is our farce of an election.

But I digress. If you are fortunate enough to have this playing in your city, go see it. I have paid my $7.50 plus popcorn to see FAR WORSE rubbish than this (Date Movie or Napoleon Dynamite anyone?). There are laughs, there are cringes, but overall this is entertaining. If you have half a brain, you will think to yourself how this movie, though funny, is spot on (accurate) and a *tiny* bit uncanny. I'm not surprised AT ALL that this movie is almost completely unknown, as Fox was the one distributing this, and they wouldn't want any of their sheep to see this and think "maybe I WILL read a book, and not watch 'Next', or 'Cheaters', or 'Ow my balls'." If our society doesn't stop the dumbing down of everything,and the bastardisation of the English language (ahem, Mr. Bush), then this really is where we are going.
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A "pre-documentary"; scary-prescient.
rkhen5 July 2017
Saw this for the first time tonight; almost creeped out how accurate it is. Or was? (It was released over ten years ago.)

Somehow in 2006 Mike Judge saw it all coming. Particularly striking was his understanding that middle school values ("He's wrong cuz he got his ass kicked!!") would become standard in American culture. And that professional wrestling and rap aesthetics, including the way those worlds view women, would become mainstream and respectable.

I'm not sure the central premise -- that stupid people outbreed smart ones -- is watertight. Seems to me most of the Idiocracy types I know come from families of 1 to 3 children. Rather, it seems that folks who should know better have been converted to trailer park values.

Or maybe it's all that Gatorade.

Anyway, if you haven't seen Idiocracy, see it now. You'll be blown away by how incredibly accurately it portrays current American society and its economy.

And if you have seen it, but not recently, see it again.

Sorry to get all faggy on ya, bra.
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The best documentary film about 2016/17 years
pongracz-istvan14 March 2017
I saw this movie several years ago and I really enjoyed it. It is a future-vision satire with a lot of humor, mostly embarrassing and simple which really correlate to the average IQ in that future. Anyway, right after this movie, I realized, this movie is not a science fiction, but a brilliant vision about today. As I look around in my close environment or in the world, I can find hundreds of examples, our civilization really went to a wrong direction. Are you doubt? Just look around in the world now, read newspapers, watch news on the TV. You will find good examples which proofs, this movie rather a documentary than a sci-fi. But fun :) Camacho for president :)
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Fun but I choke on the laughter...
nadaht1 March 2016
When I first popped this movie in I really did't know what I was in for. What I though would be a fun romp turned out to be about as scary as 1984. Who knew?

The plot is very silly, cartoony if you will, and Futurama, I'm looking at you. So yeah, there's an experiment that goes Horribly Wrong and our heroes wakes up in the far future.

Now take a look at society today: reality TV, Donald Trump running for president, ketchup is a vegetable, the "look at me" culture. And turn in up to 11. That's this movie for you - a f-ing scary dystopia which I would have laughed my ass off from in the early 90's but today, it's just scary.

But it's still a fun and silly movie, it gives me tons of laughs. But I kinda choke on it. Add this to your list of great dystopian tales.
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