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Where are they now?
Chip_douglas10 July 2004
Inspector Gadget was unique amongst eighties cartoons. It was one of the few series not blatantly pushing a toy series (there were some based on the cartoon, not vice versa) and managed to be funny and exciting at the same time. By comparison, product driven shows like He-Man and Thundercats had their comic relief represented by silly sidekicks, while other cartoons funnies like Heathcliff and Denice the Menace were aimed at a younger audience. After the senseless 1995 Gadgetboy series, DIC dusts off their flagship property once more for a new, original series. Not better of course, but still interesting.

Gadget has been promoted to Lieutenant, Penny is a bit older, and Brain has retired from crime fighting (actually to get away from Gadget). To replace him Penny has constructed two miniature versions of her uncle called Gadgetinis. Apart from being almost as dumb as their inspiration, these two only have one distinguishing character quirk: orange Fidget thinks of himself as human and blue Didget keeps reminding him he is not. Penny basically uses the two of them as spyware to keep track of her uncle, which I find a bit disturbing.

Dr. Claw now wears a golden gauntlet, and many of his new schemes are hatched solely to eliminate Gadget. For the first time you can see some legs sticking out beneath his chair and we occasionally get a glimpse of other members of the Claw dynasty. To keep up with contemporary comedy fads, many plots feature gross out humour involving slimy things. The Lieutenant has to report to Colonel Nozzaire at WOMP headquarters at the start of each episode. Like Chief Quimby (who has also had a raise) before him, the French Canadian Colonel continually gets unintentionally hurt by Gadget. Unfortunately (for him) he has to suffer twice per caper, and this shtick gets tired really fast. Sure the gag with Quimby's exploding messages was the same every week, but at least he appreciated Gadget's work and kept his dignity at the end of each episode.

Other updates include octopus like tentacles springing from Gadget's sleeve, another one to separate himself at the waist and even a coffee- and washing machine in the stomach (!?!). The Gadgetmobile has been traded in for a mini that morphs into a plane and his personal Gadgetcopter now comes with a built in safety helmet. For some reason he also insists on wearing green sunglasses that do not match his new dark blue overcoat. Meanwhile Penny has forsaken her computerbook in favor of a laptop (which seems like a step back to me). The new theme is catchy enough to stick in your mind indefinitely, but unlike the classic one, you find yourself wanting to shake it.

7 out of 10
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gadget and the eh....
jakelovesdmartel31 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
so i just heard about this recently and was very skeptical since i'm a huge fan of the original cartoon from the eighties, but i decided to suck it up and check it out.

I was pretty disappointed with a number of changes they made to it, and i understand that it can't be completely the same, but regardless, it felt too different to be any good.

the good - well, its still inspector gadget so it gets some free points for that, and a number of things are reveled in this one that weren't explained in the original (not sure if that's good or bad).

the bad - firstly, brain is virtually non existent in this series, and apparently hates gadget. What?? come on how can one of the main characters just get taken out like that? Second, Not only does penny not have her super cool computer book and only sports a laptop now, but she really doesn't do as much here, plus she doesn't even look a whole lot like the penny we remember. And thirdly, gadget's tiny robots get really annoying really fast (still arguably better than capetard though). To me, gadget is funnier and works better solo.

This show is definitely better if you haven't seen the original first. 2/10 for too many negative changes
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Not better than the original but still worth watching
Alexander Kravchenko27 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so Gadget and the Gadgetinis may lack some of the key elements that made the original series of Inspector Gadget (my favourite) such a hit, like Chief Quimby appearing with self-destructing messages or Brain lending his assistance (having been retired in this series), for example, but I think it has its plus points, too.

Fidget and Digit are pretty cute, Maurice LaMarche's take on Gadget is pretty darn close to Don Adams' take in the original series, Dr. Claw's voice too sounds almost like it does in the original cartoon (I think Brian Drummond did a superb job on that, as he is one of my favourite voice actors), the theme tune is okay, in spite of not being the one we're all familiar with and love, and Penny is as intelligent and protective of her uncle as she is in the original cartoon (and still cute, despite being slightly older), in spite of having less screen time and not being as patient as in the original, nor having her computer book. The animation is not too bad either, in my opinion.

Yes, so a lot of crazed Gadget fans might not like it as much as they do the original, but I, a crazed Gadget fan, personally think that it is pretty much okay. Especially when compared with the CGI reboot, in my opinion.

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