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IF you think you might like this, trust me, you will!
belialprod12 November 2004
Towards the climax of "Seed of Chucky", Chucky himself manages to subvert the ENTIRE concept of the ENTIRE series so far, and thus most films of its kind, by using simple reasoning. I have been dying to hear that from a "slasher villain" for, well...since the birth of slasher villains.

What a great time this movie is! "Bride of Chucky" reinvented what had become a dull, unscary franchaise as black comedy. "Seed" takes that ball and runs with it. Don Mancini, who created Chucky many years ago, finally gets a chance to direct and I think this film will get him jobs outside the series. He not only makes the fifth take on Chucky feel fresh- a major accomplishment in itself for any series that has gone on this long- but shows a flair for satirizing movie clichés (a certain object flies upwards towards the camera at one point and it's a gas considering how overused that shot has been in action movies of recent years)and has a strong visual sense- check out the floor of Jennifer Tilly's foyer for an unexpected laugh. And I've got to hand it to Ms.Tilly- the girl's a trooper for sure,letting herself be the butt of jokes, both cruel and crazy. This is balanced by a great scene- a lot of directors would have left it for the DVD- where she reveals that she's not the one note Hollywood caricature she's been built up to be. Add that to a gender confusion subplot, and a piss take on twelve step programs, and you've got something a hell of a lot smarter than most horror films. Hell, than most comedies.

Speaking of Hollywood, the refreshing thing for a movie that takes place there? It isn't married to tired in jokes- save for one great one for B-Movie fans- the name of Chucky and Tiffany's child- which I will leave you to discover for yourself.

"Seed" has the over the top humour of the best obnoxious comedies ("American Pie" comes to mind, but better examples probably escape me), and a surprisingly graphic amount of gore- this thing doesn't skimp on the blood. For the latter reason, no way will it cross over to a mainstream audience. It is what it is and is the most entertaining version of what it is, I think, possible.

What it all comes down to is, if you're on this page, reading reviews, you're probably a partial convert to a movie like "Seed of Chucky", and if you're wondering if you'll like it, I have to tell you, this movie doesn't skimp. It's got all the slasher movie essentials like gore and nudity, married to a crude, black, very funny sense of humour, and even some semblance of humanity.

What I'm saying is, you'll like it.
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Stuff for fans
sinco2 May 2005
Give it up, if you didn't like Chucky before, you are absolutely going to hate Seed of Chucky. I read many negative reviews prior to watching this movie and was quite ready for a major disappointment. However, it did not happen. In my opinion, the movie is the crown of the entire series, an ode to Chucky, the star of popular culture. Look how he refuses to become human ...superb! For a lover of camp, gory flicks, horror and parody, there are so many delightful moments in the movie. However, it is not horror as such,nor any other particular genre for that matter. Chucky is not even the main star of the movie! I have already declared myself as a fan, and maybe my view is not entirely unbiased. Still, here are some things I particularly enjoyed:

1. The appearance of John Waters as an actor. Need I say more? Big +

2. Glen/Glenda who speaks with British accent, resembles David Bowie from his Ziggy Stardust phase and has sexual/personality identity issues. How cool is that? Big +

3. Very clear references, notably to Psycho, Shining, Rosemary's Baby (and some other movies by Mr. Polanski, but more in the form of allusions), and even Pinnochio. I am sure there are many more. Big +

4. Jennifer Tilly, one of the sexiest, most sensual, intelligent actresses I have ever seen. Ideal for all sorts of subversive films. Of course, she is wonderful in this one too. Mmm... Jennifer I love you. There, I have said it. Big +

5. Directing, music,setting, costumes. Yes, I liked them all... Thank you people, well done.

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Not a disappointment.
oldman00731 March 2005
I am a big fan of Chucky, i have been a fan on him ever since i was 6 years old. When I first saw this movie was going to be made, i thought it would be terrible. This film can just go to show you how wrong thoughts can be. I heard Glen was going to be in it. I thought he was going to be stupid at first, but i was wrong again.

Chucky was only in this movie for 30 mins. But, that didn't worry me at all. The other characters were interesting as well. No bad characters. just about everything you could ask for. Don Mancini did a great job at directing this movie.

This film had everything you could ask for. Glen was a very lovable character. Tiffany came back into it again. And Of course, Chucky! It had great actors in it. Jeniffer Tilly really helped this movie along with this movie. She plays a great part. And Introducing Billy Boyd. He played a great character. And Brad Dourif returns as Chucky again! This film is definitely for the Chucky fans. If you are not a Chucky fan, then you should not watch this film under any circumstances. This movie also had hilarious bits in it. Such as Britney Spears getting rammed off a cliff. If you are a humungous Chucky fan like me, you will not be disappointed at all.
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Playing With Dolls
cconner12 November 2004
'SEED OF CHUCKY' is perverse, absurd, disgusting and fun as all hell.

Anyone who goes to see a CHUCKY movie expecting a horror film is not living in reality. CHUCKY has become a comedy series of the blackest sort and that's certainly not a bad thing. While 'SEED' is no 'BRIDE', it still manages to deliver the goods and there are about a million in-jokes to test your movie IQ. Go to see this in the proper frame of mind and you won't likely be disappointed.

---My only serious criticism would be that this whole movie stars spoofing themselves (John Malkovich, Neal Patrick Harris, etc., and now Jennifer Tilly and Redman) has been played out. It's great to see that they have a sense of humor about themselves but it's getting old.---
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much more of a comedy than an horror movie.
Jessica Carvalho26 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was curious about watching the SEED OF CHUCKY, since the last movie made everybody stay in a sort of expectation about chucky's baby. The movie itself doesn't have any big surprise and it's very predictable,although funny: some of the best parts it's about Chucky's and Tiffanny's kid, Glen.(or Glenda?lol) Glen was raised in U.K.,by a ventriloquist who found him six years ago in a cemetery,where Tiffany and Chucky died. He had a terrible life in U.K., only serving the ventriloquist purposes,and after watching his parents in television, he decides to go Los Angeles to meet them. He resuscitates his parents by accident, and after that, many people starts to be killed. Until then, Glen was different from his parents, and was not a big fan of killing people, but near the end, seeing him all dressed like Tiffanny,helping his father to kill, was much more funny than horrifying. ;)
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Summary: Non-predictable and interesting sequel.
Mauro Cosentino20 February 2005
Who could foresee some years ago that Chucky could have such an extended franchise like this one? He became an icon of modern horror (the word modern referring to the period started in the early 80s). He has won his place along Freddy Kruegger, Jason or Michael Myers, but after many years of recess he had the fortune of had a talented screenwriter such as Don Mancini who always had faith in the potential of the concept of the killer doll.

Mancini reinvented the franchise of Chucky in the previous effort 'The Bride of Chucky' he added humor to the mix and then Chucky got new life. Seed of Chucky takes place some years after the events told in the aforementioned 'Bride' It can't be said that 'Seed' is a predictable horror piece. As the movie goes on (delivering some unforgettable jokes), the personalities of the dolls take unexpected directions. The ending will surprise even the loyal followers of Child's Play saga.

The director has the opportunity of create the most delirious story of Chucky to these days, and he also pay homage to some of his favorite films. Psycho, Glen or Glenda and the films of John Waters (he has a secondary but nice role here) are admired by Mancini and he shows here how much he loves them and respects them. Seed of Chucky not only delivers the necessary amount of blood, scares and laughs, also give us some criticism on Hollywood's trends. The rapper Redman is the tool to make fun of that annoying trend of rapper-actors; even Jennifer Tilly makes fun of herself! And there's more. But the most important is that Chucky still is the star, he has the same charm that makes us adore him.

Film Editing, Cinematography and incidental music are superb, this is a good gesture towards the audience, they pay good money for a movie ticket and they deserve a work well done. This is not the case where creators just exploit the strong points of the sequel and forget about other aspects involved in film-making.
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A triumph of Jennifer Tilly.
Morfeus Ivanovich20 October 2005
What can I say, this movie is the greatest part Jennifer Tilly ever did. She demonstrates unbelievable courage and sense of humor by playing herself in the movie which is just a big joke about her. She also delivers her usual more than decent performance, since comedy is her natural gerne. Other members of the cast also do a good job, especially Redman, since he also got a chance to play himself. The plot is fair enough for a movie parodying a horror movie, so all the blood and deaths don't actually scare anyone. Some humor is also in place, most of which deals with Tilly's appearance. So, to sum up, a very good satire, a decent comedy, and a great performance of Jennifer Tilly - all in one.
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Bravo! An amazing showcase for Jennifer Tilly--an instant classic!
django-125 November 2004
I haven't seen a Chucky film since the first one, but with Jennifer Tilly "playing herself" and with John Waters in the cast, I figured I'd give this a chance, and I'm glad I did. While Chucky (Brad Dourif) and his wife Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) and their child Glen/Glenda (Billy Boyd) are entertaining, the film is really a vehicle for Jennifer Tilly, playing "herself", in other words, an exaggerated version of her public persona. And she is incredibly funny and incredibly daring in that role. For me, this is the performance of the year. I know that Ms. Tilly has a rabid following who see every film she is in, but now I am joining that fold. This film is funny, scary, a wonderful satire of Hollywood and the cult of celebrity. I don't know why others have put down Redman, but he is perfect for his role...also playing an exaggerated version of his public persona. If anyone doesn't "get" this film, then I guess they don't "get" performers such as Mae West or Jayne Mansfield. With this film, Jennifer Tilly should be elevated to that level of greatness. Yes, she is a fine actress who can play any kind of role convincingly, but she also has an aura about her that one cannot buy or train for. There are a few jokes about Julia Roberts in the film, but as Tilly herself surely knows Ms. Roberts could not have gotten away with a role such as this (although she did in a way play a similar role in FULL FRONTAL). Writer-director Don Mancini has hit a grand slam with this film, which will surely become a cult classic. Of the hundreds of films I have rated on the IMDb, this is one of the dozen or so that deserves an unqualified "10." John Waters is perfect for his role as a sleaze reporter--that he was offered a role in the film shows that the filmmakers surely know their lineage! Finally, there is a wonderful musical score by the legendary Italian composer Pino Donaggio. I can't imagine how a Chucky 6 could follow up this film, but the minds who created this amazing film can probably surprise us once again. However, should they choose to retire the franchise with this entry, they will be going out on top. I'll be buying the DVD the day it comes out. And I need to get a picture of Jennifer Tilly for my wall!
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Seed of Chucky is definitely worth watching!
gsdisno110 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Seed of Chucky is the best horror movie I have ever seen, and in my opinion, my favorite movie. An example of dark humor. It may also take a little time to understand some of the happenings in this movie. If you're looking for a movie with blood and gore but mostly humor, then Seed of Chucky is the movie for you. Seed of Chucky isn't scary at all, but is an attention catcher especially for the younger generation. In this movie, there is a new addition to the family, and it's name is Glen/Glenda. Whichever name you want to call it since it's gender confused, but I always go with Glen. Believe it or not, but this offspring of Chucky and Tiffany is a really adorable, cute, and well-mannered kid who doesn't want to follow in his dad's footsteps. And did I mention CUTE? But that's not the main idea of this movie. The main idea is that Chucky and Tiffany want to get human bodies for themselves and get Glen one as well. This movie is great and worth watching but then again has blood, gore, sexual content and humor. If you don't like any of that, then I wouldn't suggest watching it. If you've seen the Child's Play movies and didn't like them, that doesn't mean that you won't like this movie, either. These are two totally different movies and I don't see what's wrong with trying to watch this one. I hope you find this comment helpful and get to enjoy this movie.
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a light piece of fluff with some gore
movieman_kev2 June 2005
Chucky's son, picked up at the graveyard where he was born in the last film by a British bloke, now work as a 'dummy' to his ventriloquist. He's having recurring dreams of murdering, and wondering who his real parents are. After seeing Chucky and Tiffany on Access Hollywood, he runs away from his home to America. Once there he reads from the magical necklace and resurrects the two dolls. When finds out his parents are murderers he pees himself (a recurring gag) See he's pretty much a pussy who doesn't know if he's a boy or girl. So Chucky calls him Glen and Tiff calls him Glenda. (laughing yet) While the first three Chucky films were played straight, and "Bride of Chucky" seemed to be a horror comedy. This one is Comedy, with some horror. I found myself amused to a point. Din't really care for the son character. But that's just my opinion. Definitely better than Child's Play 3, but I liked it less then the original, part 2, and "Bride of Chucky"

My Grade: C

Eye Candy: Stephanie Chambers gets topless; we also see Tiffany's doll parts
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Funny Black Humor Comedy
Claudio Carvalho24 September 2005
Shitface, the son of Chucky and Tiffany, travels from England to Hollywood to meet his parents he had seen on TV. He accidentally resurrects them, and they try to transfer their souls to the body of Jennifer Tilly and Redman.

"Seed of Chucky" is a funny and very gore black humor comedy. There are many bloody jokes, and the movie presents a witty Jennifer Tilly, mocking with her weight, her shape, her voice and her behavior. I found this actress very brave in performing such a outrageous role, and I liked her a lot. John Waters is also hilarious in the role of a snoopy paparazzi. The music score is also great. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Filho de Chucky" ("The Son of Chucky")
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Decent but Chucky isn't the star
christian12327 November 2004
Chucky the killer doll (voiced by Brad Dourif) and his wife Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) are back from the dead thanks to their pacifist son Glen (voiced by Billy Boyd). For the fifth film in the franchise, they head to Hollywood when they learn that a movie is being made about them, and of course, Chucky and Tiff go on a Hollywood style murder spree, which forces their son to try to stop them.

What was once a promising franchise is now kind of a joke to watch. The first movie was pretty good, offering enough scares and thrills to satisfy the viewer. The second and third films were bad sequels that offered no scares or thrills. The Bride of Chucky was an improvement over the last two sequels but it was still missing something that made the first one good. So, where does Seed of Chucky fit in? I'm sad to report that this latest entry is closer to the bad sequels than to the original. It's better than the second and third entry but the film is kind of a dud itself. First, there is a lot of gore but the film is not scary. Even the death scenes are a bit disappointing.

Second, Seed of Chucky is actually more of a comedy than a horror film. The director tries to mix these two genres together and it just doesn't work. Besides for Jennifer Tilly, most of the jokes are lame and Chucky is just not that funny. Third, Don Mancini really dropped the ball and focused more on the comedy aspect instead of actually trying to put real scares in. The story actually had potential to be scary and it completely failed. The only saving grace in Seed of Chucky is Jennifer Tilly. She offers a funny, engaging performance and she's such a good sport for making fun of herself. She is the only thing that keeps this film alive. The rest of the supporting cast include Red Man and Hannah Spearritt. Neither of them do anything special though. For me, this film was a major disappointment and I really hope this is the last movie of the franchise. In the end, this film is better left on the shelf. Rating 5/10
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"That's my boy!"
blindognathan30 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I've always been a Chucky fan, so; quite naturally, I enjoyed this one. (But I do have one, small gripe: is it me, or did that fight scene at the end seem just a little bit too easy? I mean, come on! Chucky never even had half a chance before Jennifer Tilly/Tiffany passed Glen the axe! No, no. If I had been in charge of the writing; I would have made it so that poor Chuck had time to strike back a few times- you know, like he normally has.)

In regards to everything else though: great. Brad Dourif: as always; delivers two hundred and fifty percent of himself! Perfection. (If you want my opinion; I'd say he's one of the main reasons this series is so well liked! Everybody loves a bad boy.)He's such a great screamer. (I actually found myself feeling sorry for him a lot in this one.)

The soundtrack is really nice. Creepy. (Much like 'Bride of')

The main title sequence has one of the most disturbing visuals of birth I have ever seen. (Much like 'Bride of' has one of the strangest sex scenes I've ever seen.)

Jennifer Tilly: Well . . .I'm not sure how to feel about her. I mean, I like her enough as an actress (like in 'Hide and Seek'; she was just evil) but in this . . .she probably could have played herself less like a damsel-in-distress, and given herself a little more self confidence.

Redman: awful. Worst acting I've seen in a long while. (But I must admit; he did make me wanna slug him, 'cause of the way he was treating the afore mentioned Ms. Tilly.) I think Tiffany says it best: "That pig!"

Billy Boyd: Awe. Loved him in LOTR, loved him in this. (I knew right away that Glen was a boy. All you've gotta do is listen to his voice . . .and can I just say; Glen is the most Scottish sounding Londoner I think I've ever heard!)
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A Timeless Horror/Comedy..........
Eberts_HomeBoy29 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I only have 3 words to describe this film. FUNNY AS HELL!!! I walked in to the theater expecting to get a few frights and maybe laugh a little because 'BRIDE OF CHUCKY' cracked me up. As I watched the first scene my expectations were true, only to be proved wrong when the young girl Claudia called out to Glen, "You're pissing your pants! You're pissing your pants!" The audience went hysterical. When I walked out of the theater I thought to myself, "Don Mancini has really reinvented these movies in a way you never thought he would." "He's taken a horrifying character, Chucky, and turned him into a father! A family man!" This turns people away from these movies I think, but trust me it's not a bad thing! This movie will make you laugh, cry, and hide for face behind your hands. It's the perfect popcorn movie. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good laugh.

10 Reasons you should watch this movie.

1. It's funny as hell.

2. It has awesome killings.

3. Jennifer Tilly's Boobs.

4. Gender confused doll.

5. Chucky and Tiffany making out in front of a body spewing blood from the neck.

6. Jennifer Tilly's Boobs.

7. John Waters

8. Jennifer Tilly's Boobs.

9. Masturbating Doll.

10. Did I mention Jennifer Tilly's Boobs?
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they're not even trying anymore!
Media_guru14 July 2005
For some odd reason I liked Bride of Chucky (my guess is I was 15 at the time and thus really cheaply thrilled) but just an ounce of gained intelligence was all I needed to be turned off by the newest addition. As easily predicted, it follows Chucky's son (or daughter, but who cares?) (Billy Boyd) to England where he is a sideshow attraction. Later as he's watching TV (because even living dolls just can't resist a little telly) he sees replicas of his parents. soon he's in Hollywood resurrecting Chucky (Brad Dourif) and Tiff without even knowing it. Then they kill a bunch of people, the end. Jennifer Tilly is in this one as well but this time as herself, as well as Tiffany's voice (if your going to use the same person for two parts could you pick someone with a less distinctive voice? this is the first of a wide array of faults mainly with the script. knowing it lacked in the horror department Marcini attempted make it part-comedy but the jokes proved worse than the watered down plot which was the biggest iceberg of this box-office Titanic.
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The_Orenda14 November 2004
I never had the guts to watch Bride of Chucky. The second Child's Play was hard enough on the nerves. However I found Seed of Chucky tolerable, and if I dare say so, there was a visual art to the movie non-existent in today's more mainstream shows. I can't explain it, and to be fair, don't watch this movie because of the art direction please. This movie involves Chucky and Tiffany's kid who finds his parents in Hollywood. The disturbing twist is the child has a problem that only Ed Wood would understand: is he Glen or Glenda? This leads to some disturbing moments, particularly toward the end. To round it up, the movie sucks, and the horror, if there was any in the series to begin with, is nowhere to be found. I swear the movie almost feels like a television episode but that is a redeeming quality, believe me. Some cameos here and there, but only after some homework did I find them. S Club 7 Hannah is also in there but throughout the movie I was wondering which Spice Girl was I seeing on screen. To Billy Joel, the good die young but in Seed of Chucky they haven't a prayer's chance getting any remorse.
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You can't keep a good guy down!
Shawn Watson30 September 2006
The Chucky films have had a curious consistency in the decline of horror and the incline of humour. Child's Play was played straight for chills. Yes, it was ridiculous but had a rather mean-spirited edge to it that made you forget how silly it was. Child's Play 2 was less savage but with a touch more humour. Child's Play 3 (a film that had an unbelievably bad reputation thanks to moronic tabloids in the UK) found the right balance between laughs and scares. Chucky was downright evil, but you began to root for him more and more because his one-liners and easily irritable personality became rather er...cute. Ronny Yu's Bride Of Chucky, while very gory, simply was not a horror film at all - an entertaining black comedy that was ridiculously over-the-top, yes, but not a horror.

Now, fifth time around, series creator Don Mancini steps behind the camera, cranks the bad taste all the way up to eleven and delivers the most intelligent dumb film you've ever seen. The horror is non-existent but the gore is plentiful and the humour sicker than a syphilitic junkie. He rips out all the stop signs with such carefree abandon and directs with such hedonistic pleasure that you can't help pity other directors who take their own material far too seriously.

The child born at the end of Bride Of Chucky (voiced by Billy Boyd) has been picked up by a gruff English new age traveller and made to act in a fake-ventriloquist circus show, thanks to his bizarre doll-like appearance. He knows he's not normal, suffers terrible nightmares of killing and slaughter and is eager to find his real parents.

In Hollywood, a new movie called Chucky Goes Psycho, starring Jennifer Tilly, based on the Chucky urban legend is in production and when the young orphan sees a behind-the-scenes clip of what can only be his real mum and dad on TV, he escapes to Tinseltown to find out why they abandoned him. The obligatory chant to the almighty voodoo god Damballa resurrects Chucky and Tiffany, who are more than delighted to be together with their own child. Trouble is, they can't decide whether he's a boy, or a girl - a Glen, or a Glenda.

However, the killer dolls are still keen to get out of their plastic bodies once and for all and be human again. Obviously Tiffany is partial to Jennifer Tilly's body and Chucky aims to switch places with rapper/actor/director Redman who is planning a new Jesus Christ movie. As you can imagine, many deaths occur along the way, much to the distress of Glen/Glenda.

It sounds same-old-same-old, but let me assure you that Mancini crams as much daft humour and sick jokes in as possible. John Waters - the King of Bad Taste himself - has a hilarious extended cameo as a sleazy tabloid photographer who happens to snap a silhouetted image of Chucky hammering one off to a porno mag. How crazy is that? Chucky himself is a wonderful comic character. You just can't help but love him. Don't you think that he and Tiffany make a cute couple? He may be short but he's far scarier than Michael Myers ever was and his mere presence makes every scene a riot.

Seed Of Chucky is not a film for everyone. You have to be pretty open-minded to endure the morbid humour, but it's the guiltiest pleasure you're likely to have for a long time. The self-aware Hollywood references never become intrusive and the convoluted story never becomes confusing. Still, as I have said, it's not easy going entertainment if you're a stuffy conservative.

All fans of gore and brainless amusement must see. Oh, and in case you recognise the actor playing Jennifer Tilly's lawyer, that's Nicholas Rowe, better known as Young Sherlock Holmes.
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The Seed gets the gold!
JBurd15 July 2006
I have read many different reviews on this movie, however, if you notice, i gave it a 10 out of 10, and i never do that! I loved it! Being a horror movie fanatic, i do understand what we as viewers want. Some of us want blood, some of us want suspense, some of us want campy, it just keeps rolling, this movie raps it up, throws some comedy in, and tosses it at you. It is the best Chucky i have ever seen! First, i loved the whole plot outline, wonderful! It mad it much more interesting and enjoyable to watch. I loved Jennifer Tilly, great actress.

In my opinion, this is a perfect horror. It gave it a different feel! I great feel. You really should rent this, or buy it! If you already watched it and hated it, watch it again, as many times until you see it for what it really is, a great addition to Chucky and the genre!
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Lost the Plot!!
pete-56323 November 2006
Nah!, not having it! As a true fan of the original, and really Bride of Chucky was an acceptable addition, this worked on NO level. Laughable story, crap jokes (sat stone faced throughout, terrible acting, No Scares, In-jokes? they'll be out jokes in 2 years time!

Look Charles Lee Ray wants to get out of that body, he does! The original film,whereby to transfer into a body of a child, that's Horror! will he,won't he, and can he be destroyed? We're supposed to accept the premise that he wants to remain in his doll body, with the other two freaks. Ludicrous!

In this film the killing seemed out of place. There was no point. Influencing idiots out there that killing is fine! Unacceptable bad taste! Jokes crap! References to Julia Roberts....unfunny. That "Seed" didn't cut it. The three together look like freaky dolls in a bad Disney "Toy Story" type film.

It's now gone camp, hence John Waters, in a useless role. Brad Dourif surely can't do another one. Pay cheque must be good, I suppose.

The only interesting point was Jennifer Tilly (You still would.) carrying her age well. The best line was some reporter (just heard on sound) asking her "What year were you born? I know it was meant. Can't she recognise her own voice in the Tiffany doll? No more please. This series cannot go further.

Early reviewers in this section saying how pleased they were at the humour on display. This should be a horror flick! I suppose they'll be wanting half hour situation comedy series on TV!
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Surprisingly funny
Pigalina20 July 2005
I have never watched any of the Child's Play movies, never been terrified of my toys coming to life to murder me. What a deprived child. Anyway, Seed of Chucky was pretty good! It is really a comedy with a few deaths thrown in. Chucky and his wife Tiffany had a child (yes, they are dolls that breed) who is in England being touted as a ventriloquist dummy, when he is really "alive". The guy who uses him as a dummy is an angry fellow that wants the dummy (his name is Shitface) to be mean. S-Face though, is actually quite nice and manages to escape. He flys to Hollywood to find his parents, he saw them on TV so knew where to look. When he meets his parents the poor thing becomes gender-confused as he has no bits. Chucky wants a boy so calls him Glen, Tiffany wants a girl so calls his Glenda. Glen/da doesn't seem to mind and is happy being both. Jennifer Tilly plays herself in this film and this makes up the comedy bulk of the film. The dolls all live in her house and plan on taking over her body. Mayhem naturally follows.
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Pretty Fun, but maybe the worst in the series...
nickybreez5 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Warning, to let everyone know, there is an NC-17 version of this film being released in the beginning of April, this review is based of the theatrical cut.

Now let me put this out there, I own all the Child's Play movies, and Child's Play has always been one of my favorite movies. I'm a huge horror fan. I love this rubbish. As you all probably know by now, Seed of Chucky is Not a scary movie, its camp horror, which I also like. There was a lot about this I liked, and a lot I didn't. I'll start with likes. It's very funny. Jennifer Tilly was very funny. Second off, Brad Dourif is still the man. For any fan of the series, its always great to hear his oneliners and hear him swear. Someing about potty mouths on dolls just appeals to me. Also, there was a lot of blood and gore in the select scenes with blood and gore. But that leads me to what i don't like about this movie. There wasn't a whole lot of death going around. Honestly, about five people bite it in this movie. Chucky is the supernaturally possessed doll of a serial killer, but really, he doesn't kill anyone and it makes me very mad. Another thing i didn't like about this movie is the fact that the Glen/Glenda doll exists in the first place. I couldn't stand his voice, and he/shes a wimp. Could of done without him. I hope the next Chucky movie is about him killing nonstop. Make him scary again. I mean, they made Freddy scary again 11 years ago, they can do it to Chucky.

Anyway, this is a pretty good flick, but I cant wait for the new DVD. And everyone should buy it so they make another one.
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Drives the Chucky franchise into the ground
braden42415727 January 2007
This is the most idiotic and perverted movie i have ever seen. Chucky is (or should i say was) a legendary slasher. everyone knows who Chucky the killer doll, however, no one is likely to care. I am disappointed in Don Mancini for making this crap fest (and then telling the world he was gay...thanks Don, nice to know). I'm also disappointed in David Kirschner for supplying Chucky, Tiffany and Glen. Brad Douriff could have turned the role of Chucky's voice down..but did he? no. He helped Don Mancini butcher the biggest movie of his life...and last but not least...Jennifer Tilly. Your career is over. She admits it in the film about 500 times and it's true....she's done. One last thing...Child's Play was not a comedy. Neither was 2 or 3. Seed of Chucky sucks. 0 out of 10
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Is it depraved and twisted? Yes...but is it entertaining even on that level? No...
moonspinner5524 August 2005
I honestly felt the Chucky movie-franchise died out after "Child's Play" installment no. #2, which boasted an imaginative, elaborate finale but suffered from enervated sequel-itis, complete with a shabby, boring script. Yet the curtain failed to come down on the killer-possessed doll, and so--years after his exploits have ceased to be scary or even maliciously amusing--we have "Seed of Chucky". How is one able to seriously critique such a product, rife as it is with the kind of sniggering stupidity we all left behind in junior high? Bloodthirsty dolls Chucky and Tiffany meet their offspring, a freakish, sexless goon, and each take turns making life hell for actress Jennifer Tilly (sending up herself, but not looking very happy about it). The puns and wisecracks are kept to a minimum, but there's still lots of blood, a disembowelment (the movie's low-point), a decapitation, and two bodies hurtling over second-story balconies. What "plot" there is early on quickly goes down in flames as the filmmakers resort to far-fetched idiocy (such as two dolls dragging heavy human bodies around--and hiding corpses in closets). What we don't get to witness is ridiculous enough, but what is actually on the screen is really beneath contempt. * from ****
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Worst movie in the entire world
uheartcynthia31 July 2006
This was the stupidest movie I have ever seen in my entire life. What a waste of five hours- two hours to watch, and three hours to complain about how much time you wasted watching it. The movie didn't make any sense and Jennifer Tilly may be by far thee worst actress. I still do not understand why "Glinda" aka Glen has a British accent and why he is both a boy and a girl. Also, how could Jennifer Tilly only be pregnant for a day and then give birth? The movie had me laughing at its stupidity. Even the "gory" scenes were laughable. Child's Play was good, and even Child's Play 2 was pretty decent. They should have just stopped there. How can Chucky keep coming back to life? And what was with the stapled on hair extensions?
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