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Wonderfully Smart Show
Micah100313 June 2005
One of the best new shows in the last few years. Entourage brings the lifestyle of the young and famous in a likable sharply written easy to take in way. The key to this show is the writing, always witty and hard hitting. The writer's don't tame it down, it makes it easy to believe these are real people and gets you connected to the cast quickly. The realism of the series and the great guest stars they get is also a wonderful treat (sara foster, Scarlett Johanson, Jaime Presley, Ali larter to name a few). Ari Gold the super-agent is rapidly becoming one the most recognizable characters on HBO series with his hilarious lines and over the top antics. WATCH THIS SHOW!
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winnr13 September 2004
With a full season now out of the way, as a whole, I am definitely impressed with what I've seen over the last 8 weeks. I like all five of the main characters and believe all the actors to have done a good job at portraying these guys. A special nod, of course, goes out to Piven for what he's done with Ari and the same for Kevin Dillon as Drama. I realize a lot of people don't buy Grenier as 'Vinny' (to quote Ari), but I think he plays him well. Same with Ferrara as Turtle. This guy may act like a loud-mouth goof ball most of the time he's in front of the camera, but I definitely see Queens coming from him. And then there's Eric, the "cynic" of the group. He may be cynical, but he's also very practical and seems to be the sole reason that things haven't fallen apart up at the mansion. He keeps them all in line and makes the decisions for Vince. A very cool character indeed.

Doug Ellin, a guy I had never heard of before this show came on, along with Larry Charles, formally of Seinfeld, both write the lights out in this one and deserve much of the credit for its ability to appeal. I will admit that during the early trailers I was bit skeptical, but am now a definite fan. Good writing equals greater success.
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Look for this one to go the distance.
ranblv20 July 2004
There is no doubt in my mind that the most interesting shows have came out of cable in the last two years and this one is no exception. This show revolves on the life of a movie star and his entourage that consists of 3 friends and an agent (played brilliantly by Jeremy piven) If I have to sum up this show in one sentence it would be:

Larry sanders meets sex and the city.

since it revolves around tinsel town it has endless plot possibilities, and its always interesting to see more of the back stage of the movie business especially when it feel like the real deal as the old Larry sanders show did for late night talk shows.

I Highly recommend giving this one a chance, it might turn out to be the dark horse of the season.
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Ride of a Lifetime
Shapster1130 March 2006
Entourage follows the great HBO series tradition of sharp cutting edge comedy and, as other HBO shows have been, addictive. The first season was a trial balloon for this very hip, and hip hop, version of life in the fast lane. It succeeded better than HBO envisioned. The second season was a full 15 episodes and now fans are eagerly awaiting Season 3 in June.

The storyline is not new, just well conceived in this fast paced and energetic venue. Vincent Chase, played very well by Adrian Grenier, is the "IT" new actor in Hollywood. Surrounded by his "entourage" including his brother Johnny "Drama" Chase(played by Kevin Dillon), the erstwhile Turtle (played by Jerry Ferrara), and Eric "E" (played by Kevin Connolly. Like most modern day posse's these boys serve specific roles in their support of their guy. Vince is, after all, the meal ticket and these guys know it to varying degrees. "E" has assumed the role of Vince's Manager since he is quick witted, knows people, and has Vince's undying trust. As a former manager of a Sbarro's Restaurant in Queens, NY he has all the qualifications, at least for Vince! Yet "E" is intuitive and handles himself well among the sharks in LA. "Drama" preceded Vince to Hollywood having starred in the 90's TV show Viking Quest. But Johnnie's career never took off and hit the skids a while back but with Vince's help he'll get the chance to show his stuff as a bit player in all of Vince's projects. He also serves as the family cook. Turtle is the ultimate hanger-on. His role is that of "gopher" or a man servant who does all the menial chores around the house. However, toward the end of the second season Turtle begins to spread his wings and shows he may have some real street smarts as well.

Keeping this vehicle moving in the right direction is Ari Gold, Vince's agent, played brilliantly by Jeremy Piven. Ari is a fast talking, on top of the game and industry action agent who has finally found his actor that can catapult him to the top of the agent game. He resents "E" because they have diametrically opposite backgrounds in as much as Ari has an MBA and J.D. from Harvard and has paid his dues while "E" was born in the right neighborhood near Vince. But Ari learns that he can't steamroll "E" as Vince ultimately trusts his best friend more than anyone in the world.

Other characters of note are Shauna, played by Debi Mazur. Shauna is, like Ari, very sarcastic and witty and clearly has a vision as Vince's publicist as to what and how she wishes Vince to be shown in the public. A myriad of Hollywood A,B, and C list people show their faces in cameo's as they interact with Vince and the guys. Romance, ego, opportunity, greed, and family love all play out in the fastest paced half hour ride you'll have in a long time.

HBO is now replaying Season 1 and then Season 2 before premiering the third season and if you have not yet experienced this show you owe it to yourself. See if you don't get hooked by it as well................a quick hint as to one of the hooks that got me...in the first episode the guys are wondering if they're gonna go back to Queen's for their High School reunion. They decide to do so and at the end of the show we see them getting ready to depart for the airport. We see Turtle wearing a Bayside High School letterman jacket and Vince is wearing a hooded sweatshirt with BAYSIDE written across the front. That is where I went to High School so my connection was set.
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Quick, light, and fun as hell!
Martina_Helene3 August 2005
Once again HBO bangs out another great TV series. This time a comedy revolving around up and coming heart throb of the moment Vincent CHase and his close group of friends and his "trusty" agent, aka, his Entourage. The writing is one of the best things about this show-it's amazingly funny and true to life, this TV show is universal for so many people, even if it is in an uncommon setting. The acting is getting close to being on par with the other amazing HBO shows (ehm...The Sapranos) and has gotten better as the two seasons have progressed. I would have to say (along with many others) that Jeremy Piven gives the best performance out of the cast as the rich, funny, and kinda frightening agent. I really am in love with this show. I watched one or two episodes of the first season and a few snippets of the other season one episodes and I loved it. I then started watching the second season and loved it even more! I got the first season on DVD and watched all of the episodes, and it really gave me all the background I needed to fully understand some of the inside jokes in season 2! I would definitely suggest watching the 1st season and getting the DVD set, and if you haven't started watching the show yet-DO IT on Sundays at 10 PM on the one the only HBO!
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The best show on TV, cable anyway.
Maw73917 July 2005
This show is absolutely hilarious. The thing that makes the dialogue so great is that it is what a lot of people in the early 20's use. Whomever writes the screenplay for this show ought to win an award. So many movies and TV shows lack what I call "everyday people language". Too many TV shows and Movies have stupid one liners and overall dialogue that just isn't what "real" people say. Its refreshing to watch a show that nails it perfectly. I would pay to see an "Entourage" movie easily. Jermey Piven as "Ari" is incredible. He is exactly what I picture a Hollywood agent to be. He deserves some sort of award for his role. The only thing I hate about the whole show is that it is only a half an hour long and only on once a week. I hope this show goes on for years. The Billy Walsh character is interesting with all of his quirks and superstitions.
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Glamorous show - most importantly it's intelligent and good-hearted fun
whoTheFuqRyou19 July 2004
I know that the show has only started however I must comment on this show. It's realistically innovative as it takes four friends from N.Y., one who happens to be an actor w/ the other three along for the ride. It really gives an insight as to what actors nowadays go through as far as roles taken and career moves - not to mention a reaction off of a bad review from a critic. With that said all of the characters are likable but so far it's Kevin Connolly and Dillon who are standing out so far, the other two play their parts respectively well and I'm hoping this show does well as I'm already treating it with the same respect as I'd treat The Wire and The Sopranos...

Entourage is a lot of fun for the one episode I've seen, I plan to watch more of it as well...
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excellent show
bengjoni200227 January 2005
this show is the real deal and i enjoy very much. so i don't know what all you other people are talking about. its not cliché.. its a straight up entertaining well written show! so enjoy. stop hating..everyone cast in the show are good actors and new yorkers!! so that counts for something too. everyone i knew liked that show and thought it was one of the funniest shows. Ari's character was hysterical and non stop humor. Vince chase was laid back and cool. turtle was a little fat pimp who was funnier than anybody. Matt Dillon's little brother is so funny. The whole story and concept of the show seems very realistic to me and very enjoyable.
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Unengaging and not particularly witty
lauren-2011 September 2006
Entourage is about up-and-coming actor Vince Chase (Adrian Grenier) and the people he pays to follow him around the dirty business world of Hollywood (Eric, his best friend/ manager; Ari, his hot-tempered agent; Jonny Drama, his brother, and for some reason also a hanger-on; and Turtle, whose main role seems to be making remarks that would get you kicked out of class in high school).

Honestly, I don't understand the buzz going on with this show. It claims to take a realistic view of the Hollywood lifestyle, but the humor mainly centres around hot chicks, money, and how money can buy hot chicks. Yet this show challenges nothing about male sexuality (comparisons to Sex & the City are basically stupid). "Every woman has a price" seems to be the name of the game, and wow, is that ever flattering for female viewers. Men may as well just watch porn, because anyone who's looking for that kind of entertainment probably isn't in it for the two exceptions that make this show worth pausing for - Ari, Vince's agent, and Eric, his manager, both of whom are played intelligently.

Make no mistake. That means that this show would be good if stripped of all other elements: Adrian Grenier's lazy, unconvincing superstar in Vince is grating, Kevin Dillon plays himself as Jonny Drama (and it is sad, not funny, because he does so without recognizing it, for the most part), and perverts have been more successfully funny on teen dream show Veronica Mars than they are with Turtle, who makes me shudder every time he comes on screen.

Let's put it this way: This show is how Marky Mark wishes his life in Hollywood was like. Does that sound like something worth wasting even half an hour on? Not so much.
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Awful stuff
maris114 November 2009
after reading a lot of "Hilarious!" about this show around the net, and how Piven is a comedic turbine here I decided to give Entourage a go. Well that will teach me how not to trust internet people. I've watched the first two seasons and I don't think I've ever seen another successful show in which every single character is an unsympathetic moron, jokes are high school level and unfunny to the maximum, plots are incredibly repetitive and actors are really, really, REALLY bad. This show gets 9.2 here in IMDb, and it makes me wonder about the average IQ present in this site. Every single show starts off one of two ways; there are very few exceptions: either "E" gets a wake-up telephone call from Ari Gold, who's douching it up on a golf course or something, or the four guys (E, Vince, Drama, and Turtle) hang out in the kitchen, engaging in witless, poorly-written banter while Drama cooks breakfast. Vince will be confused about something, Turtle will make a remark about banging some hoes, and Drama will get defensive about something and reference an old acting gig. Keep in mind that this last for about two or three minutes, which amounts to roughly 1/10th of the show. And people like this? And finally, there's Ari Gold, the boastful, obnoxious agent who treats everyone around him like crap. Like Drama, it's the same thing with Ari every episode: he kissed Vince's ass, makes some dumb jokes about Lloyd's knees being dirty, delivers half of his lines with the palms of his hands together and placed under his bottom lip, and delivers the other half with his arms spread and a big, stupid grin on his arrogant face. And for all this the guy won an Emmy? Whatever. If you do enjoy Entourage, that's just fine and dandy. I hope you enjoy the upcoming season. For me, though, it's redundant, amateur crap
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Not good
pyroseraphin200023 November 2008
After hearing some good things about this show and seeing its rating on IMDb, I decided to check it out. After watching Season 1, I have concluded that this is a bad program. It's boring, the characters are unlikeable, and it portrays women in a way that makes me genuinely sad.

The humor is dirty, and relies on being mean and making fun of people. Did I mention that all of the main characters are scumbags? I really find no entertainment in watching these idiots party and try to get laid.

This is a mean-spirited show, and is probably influencing the young and stupid viewers in a negative way. It makes me sad for humanity. :(
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Someone get Debi Mazar off my television!
whoisfletch24 December 2006
As many people have said before, the only aspect of "Entourage" worth seeing is Jeremy Piven, who has never failed to disappoint.

There's nothing even remotely redeeming about any of the shallow characters, making it impossible to care. "Entourage" prides itself on it's shallowness, and perhaps that's the point. But it's hard to appreciate any episode unless you're equally shallow. Otherwise, you'll just be repelled.

The performances, apart from Piven, are lackluster. The cardboard Adrian Grenier simply isn't convincing as a big star (coincidentally, that's why he never was one to being with, and hasn't gone beyond being listed as "the next John Travolta"). Kevin Dillon is...well, Kevin Dillon. It only goes further downhill from there.
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Comedy? Nah. Not even close.
gascichx511 July 2009
The point of a comedy is to make people laugh, either by using jokes, humorous characters, or humorous situations, with any combination of the three. This show, Entourage, has none of those.

Let's start with the jokes. There are none. Watching episodes I sit and wait for the humorous lines to come...and they don't. I think it's poorly written, not witty, and definitely not funny.

Next are the humorous characters. Sure, maybe jokes aren't what this show is about, like King of the Hill, and its a more subtle program. Therefore, this show must have humorous characters that makes things funny. Wrong. All of the characters on this show are the same: Jerks. They're all jerks. There is nothing funny about them, unless you yourself are the world's biggest jerk and find being an absolute jerk the funniest thing in the world. I found not a single character on this show to be different, with the minor exception of the manager, who was still an absolute jerk.

Well, no jokes, no funny characters, well maybe the situations on the show are funny, and you can laugh at the plight of the characters or muse at the funny things they get themselves into. Well, sorry to disappoint, but Entourage disappoints with this also. The situations are far from humorous. There is nothing clever, witty, or original about them really.

I find this show to be awful, unfunny, but it would probably work as a dramatic show better. Just re-label it, no need to re-shoot, the originals aren't funny anyway.
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Best TV show I have ever seen!
nazhrp23 December 2015
Just watch it and you will not be disappointed!!! This is the best TV show i have ever seen (ever!!!). Every episode is faultless and the emotional attachment to the characters is brilliant. The acting is of the highest quality and the story is well written. This is what a TV show needs to be like, not like the shitty, overrated, long-winded show called: The Walking Dead...etc. I haven't seen a TV show this good since FRIENDS.

I haven't seen the movie of the Show but I will. To be honest, I didn't want a movie to be made as I feel it won't be as good as the series and it will spoil the reputation of the Show.
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Brilliant show! Fun, exciting and yet so true
televisionseriesreviews24 January 2015
Entourage is a TV series which is vaguely based on Mark Wahlberg's life in Hollywood. Vincent Chase played by the very charming Adrian Grenier is a young and in demand film star. He's represented by Ari Gold, a ruthless agent determined to be the most powerful person in Hollywood. Jeremy Piven plays the role of Ari Gold brilliantly, and admits to have taken many attributes for this character from a real Hollywood agent named Ari Emanuel.

Vincents other entourage include his brother Johnny Chase, known as "Drama" who used to be a relatively successful actor back in the day, however his career is now on the down side. Johnny Chase is played by Matt Dillon's brother Kevin Dillon, and his job is now to cook for Vincent and the rest of the crew. Jerry Ferrara plays the role of Turtle, Vincent's driver while Kevin Connolly who plays Eric Murphy, also known as E, is Vincent's manager.

The series is made to seem like a reality show most of the times, and although the characters and their situations are of course amplified for entertaining purposes, the lifestyle these four young men live is a true reflection of young Hollywood these days.

Like most fans of this show I can't wait for the movie to be released in June this year.
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"Let's hug it out"
KineticSeoul17 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If you like watching shallow and superficial do shallow and superficial stuff, while goofing off and keeping the career afloat. This might be the show for you. It's actually entertaining and funny for a while but gets kinda tedious after few seasons in. And the guys are likable for the most part for guys that are part of a entourage. It even has some clever parts. The constant running on greed doesn't leave a good aftertaste though. Overall, the show is alright. Despite few entertaining elements, it's a tedious show. Personally I think the show is a bit overrated.

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Shallowness & stupidity as supreme coolness & totally emancipated American female sex-toys
santasa9930 October 2012
This show is suppose to be cool, clever tale about young, handsome, clever and talented urchins, who enjoy their high style life in Hollywood.

And it's not surprise that show is conceived by one such street kid from Boston, whom I always appreciated as a good actor, but who now suddenly trying to pretend to be artistic genius and intellectual author and able to produce TV homage to Hollywood style street scamp wisdom.

That's suppose to be funny and entertaining, intelligent and cool !? When you append constant sex, which has sense and substance as any cheesy soft-porn, in which women are present only as object and with sole purpose to serve and please our boys, and to some extent to trill our fellow viewer imagination. In these long eight years we have been subjected to episode after episode of one and the same plot, flavored with stupid, immature jokes and criminally stupid and immature dialogs, lots of Ferrari, Porsche, and other flashy sports cars, and women portrayed as brainless sex-toys, Hollywood assistants and secretaries as slaves, managers and bosses as dealer/mongers at some early 1990's East-Europena provincial street vegetable open market or rather as cavemen whose only way of communicating is humiliation, swearing, bulling, abusing sexually or otherwise, laying, and appreciation of as vulgar as possible obsequiousness above all.

While I accept that Hollywood is exactly like show portrays and certainly much worst, full of beautiful young talents with their IQ smaller then their shoe size, I am still nowhere near the state of mind which craves for this kind of masochism.

But you can always find some great inside look films, for instance about low-level Hollywood in "Mistress", my favorite.
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what's going on here? nothing!
dragokin20 April 2013
I understood that TV shows on IMDb get better notes than movies, but Entourage is way out of line. Based on Mark Wahlberg's rise to fame in Hollywood and recommended to me by several people, it didn't offer one interesting bit after browsing through a couple of seasons.

After some pondering i presume that the appeal of Entourage might be that a bunch of guys hang out together while one of them makes money for them all. Also, they smoke weed regularly, which i haven't. It might have helped while watching them doing nothing in Hollywood, yet somehow managing to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. The only thing making the show almost bearable is the short length of the episodes.

In the end Entourage scared me a little, because it is based on true people and events. If this is really what goes on in Hollywood, then no wonder they produce mindless block-busters.
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Best series on HBO
jkski90919 April 2018
Great show to watch with friends! Highly recommended and Victory
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The show is a frat boy "Sex in the City"
MarcyMarc24 September 2004
I've seen every show this season (last season?) because I enjoy it for three actors, Kevin Dillon, Jeremy Piven, and Kevin Connolley. They all have their characters down and their acting is nothing short of superb and I am a tough critic. I especially like the vulnerability that Kevin Dillon character has. It great to see that Dillon stuck in there and got a second chance. Jeremy Piven really devours the small screen with his off the wall character. I know he is on to other top notch projects. Kevin Connolley really is the main character and he has a subtle and likable quality. On the negative side is Adrian Grenier, who is wooden and personality free. Man, it's hard to imagine him being a great actor with his monotonous blandness. Maybe thats the point of the show.

The show is suppose to appeal to all of us pions outside of the "industry", a sort of look in to the wonderful world of money, women, and fame. But it really is more about a bunch of dudes in a frat house. But maybe that's the point.

A decent show, not a good one.
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The best HBO series since "Project Greenlight"
jellyneckr27 June 2005
Six years ago, there was a brilliant short-lived show on Fox called "Action starring Jay Mohr as Peter Dragon, a morally corrupt Hollywood producer who insulted everyone around him and did anything to stay on top. Way ahead of its time, the satirical and hilarious "Action" was canceled in just a few months after premiering in the fall of 1999. HBO's "Entourage", now in its sophomore season, resembles "Action" in a number of different ways. Both shows take on Hollywood, both contain raw and realistic language, and both shows are packed with celebrity cameos in every episode. "Entourage" doesn't have the same level of wit and edginess that "Action" had, but that doesn't stop it from being more entertaining than any other live-action show on television. The characters are engaging and funny, the dialogue is sharp, and the acting from Jeremy Piven, Kevin Connolly, and Kevin Dillon is Emmy worthy. The show still seems to be finding its tone at times with some episodes being heavy on comedy while others are a bit more dramatic and I'm still not a big fan of Turtle's character, yet these are only minor nit-picks. "Entourage" is the best HBO series since "Project Greenlight" and unlike 'Greenlight', should become a huge hit for HBO. I give it 8/10.
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Hard to judge
shermanlazzar9 January 2008
I watch this show only for the following reasons: the girls, the mansions, Ari and the other agents. In fact you could say I like most aspects of the show other the four douchebags on which the show is centred on.

None of Vince, Turtle, Eric or Drama are likable, in my opinion. Drama is just a whining, terrible actor shamelessly riding the coat-tails of his brother to pick up acting work. Turtle is just this annoying wannabe-homeboy leech, who does nothing other than reel off a few hit and miss jokes at Drama's expense. Vince is just this selfish, lazy and fairly simple movie star. He provides nothing to the show, no humour, no conflict really.

I used to think that Eric was the worst character and I still don't like him, but he is probably the least offensive of the four I would say. Ari is usually great as the pig-headed agent, but even his humour is becoming laboured and needs a fresh direction. I do enjoy his banter with the other agents - Harvey, Dana Gordon etc.

But I would not call this a clever show. Even Ari's character, the almost sole source of humour on the show only gets his laugh by being a loudmouth a-hole reeling off offensive one-liners about gays or his ex-Dana Gordon etc. The only way this show can derive its humour is by being offensive, which is fine really and its good to go along with the ride but its not all that clever.

It is hard for me to judge this show because it is enjoyable but tends to annoy the crap out of me as well. Maybe I should not analyse it so critically and perhaps I should just go along for the ride
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Solid... but story lines monotonous
mike77515 June 2006
The show consists of good characters, except for Drama, and relies on a steady brand of related themes. The Mandy Moore scenario was drawn out and an obvious play on attracting a popular name. The screenwriters fall victim to the common error of addressing audience demands. Opinion polls rank certain characters over others and they attempt to exploit that fact into interesting plots. As far as what is out there, Entourage is fun to watch and the easiest to relate to.

Each episode consists of an Eric/Vince argument followed by an Ari/Eric argument. Luckily for us, at the end of 26 minutes, all is resolved. The story lines are without limitation for this cast of characters. The show seems to drift further and further away from Vince. That may be okay if the audience really drafts towards a particularly character (maybe Ari?), but if the show intends on pursuing a long term deal, they need to center the plot around Vince.
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needs more female story lines
maura-miller5 April 2007
I like this show a lot. I think it lets us into a world that although comes off as very superficial is fun and entertaining to watch. I think the acting is really good. I like how each character has really developed their own personality and style. It kind of makes me wish I had a famous friend who took care of me like Vince takes care of his friends. The one problem I have with this show is that the female characters aren't very strong. They seem to be very submissive to the men, and if they are shown in a positive light, it is when they are not causing any problems for the men. Their characters aren't stylized and developed like the male characters are. I would like to see some story lines for the women in the cast, and I would like to see them as more than play things for the guys. Overall this is a good show and I enjoy watching it!
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Losing its touch
hihelloandhey12 January 2009
Man, I miss the days that these guys hit up Comicon, playboy mansion, Jessica Alba parties, Sundance, smoked weed with Val Kilmer as a funky hippie stoner, and took trips on helicopters.

This show is getting too serious with itself. It's getting too sappy.

Season 1 Vince was the MAN. He had a Tyler Durdan-like appeal because he had looks, style, swagger, marched to the beat of his own drum, and never allowed anyone to stress him. Every guy wanted to be him.

Season 5 Vince is some chump that is down on his luck,subservient and basically on E's junk, and needs ppl to handle things for him bc he is a retard actor as opposed to a guy that would just rather not be bothered with all the drama.

E takes himself way too seriously. Acts way too goody goody, never sits in the middle of the backseat with drama or turtle, acts like vince needs him more than he needs vince, is the leader? C'mon, Vince runs the show. (E: "I thought I was the one making the decisions for you. Vince: "Not ultimately".) Turtle is too rough on Drama and needs to be the shameless sidekick who is a proud hedonist.

Drama is good just the way he is and so are Ari and Lloyd and Mrs. Ari. Ari's energy and clever insults (pepperoni U and what if I were to tell you I had a 22 inch cock, is that something you'd be interested in) are 50 percent of what makes the show great.

I speak for my buddies and I when I say this. Make this a guy's guy show again. Lose the drama and E's ego. Add more partying and adventure.
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