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  • Yes, Turtle's real name is "Salvatore Assante"; it appeared way back in Season 3, Episode 11, where it was hidden under the box lid, in the graffiti art, on the Nike Air Force Ones that Fukiyama custom made for Turtle.

    Also, in Season 5, Episode 11, "Play'n With Fire", he tells actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, with whom he is starting a relationship, that his name is Sal. And in the last episode of the series, in the last scene, he suggests the name "Baby Sal" to E for his baby.

    Jerry Ferrara asked that Turtle's real name be "Sal" in tribute to a friend of his who died at a young age. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, they are half-brothers. Which explains why they look nothing alike. They have different fathers. Which also explains the large age difference.

    Actually, since they both go by the last name Chase, they must share a father, not a mother.

    Although, if both of their fathers did not stay with their mother, it could be said that they both share their mother's last name.

    It is possible that the writers changed their minds about being half-brother to being full brothers. In season two, Johnny talks about wanting his calves augmented and says to Vince (roughly quoting here) 'you have YOUR mom's legs but I got Dad's calves.' which implies that they share a father, not a mother. But in the 'Aquamom' episode, Johnny also calls Vince's mom 'mom' and jokingly accuses her of favouring Vince even though he (Johnny) is her first born son. It could be that Johnny just misspoke and they are actually full brothers.

    They must share their mom's name because they do share the same mother, but have different fathers. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the intro that appears before every episode, Turtle is driving the boys in a black, four door 61-69 series Lincoln Continental. It has widely been stated that the year of the car is 65'. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It has been a running gag on the show that Drama is very old. For the most part his age has been left ambiguous, he stated in an early season that he was 31. But the dialogue of the scene suggested that he was lying. He also had mentioned that he drove Vince to see his first concert when he was 7, which prompted Turtle to ask "You were driving when Vince was 7? How fuckin' old are you Drama?" However if this was supposed to be his character's age, it would place him at about 41 by the end of season 6. However, Kevin Dillon who plays Drama is 44 years old. So given that it's generally left unsaid we could assume he plays his actual age. Although in season 2 episode 1, Drama and Turtle visit Adam Davies to find out if Drama has landed any parts. Davies then proceeds to tell Drama, one of the set backs he had was Drama's head shots. Drama says "whats wrong with my head shots? I've had those since 92." Davies says "people get annoyed when they expect to see a 24 year old." Given the year Drama gave and the year season 2 was shot, it would put Drama at about 38 years of age in 2006. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • After Medellin flopped at Cannes, it likely marked the end of Billy's career and because of how he handles criticism and rejection, he left the business on his own. No studio would want to work with him after seeing Medellin. So his deal to make Silo/Lost in the clouds would have fallen through, as nobody would want to see a film that was written, directed, produced and starring the same people from Medellin.

    In season 7, Billy returns stating that after he walked away from the film business, he went to rehab and even became an ordained minister. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, in Season 8, episode 6 her name was finally revealed to be Melissa.

    Yep - Mrs. Ari is named Melissa, and she is so smoking hot! Edit (Coming Soon)


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