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Rex Lee: Lloyd, Lloyd Lee



  • Ari Gold : Lloyd, do you have Vince?

    Lloyd : No, I have Drama, and he says he's been authorized to tell you that Vince will not speak to you until he, Drama, has a job.

    Ari Gold : Really?

    Lloyd : Really.

    Ari Gold : Really?

    [storms out of his office and into a conference] 

    Ari Gold : People. staff meeting has been canceled. You all have one goal today, to get Vincent Chase's brother, Johnny Chase, a job. Any job. I don't care if it's a porn shoot in which he is being gang-raped by a gaggle of silverbacked apes; if there are cameras rolling, everybody wins. Ten grand to anyone who can deliver this to me, TODAY.

  • Terence : [about to fire Ari after discovering his attempted coup]  People! We have a traitor in our midst. Let this be a lesson to all of you.

    Ari Gold : You're making a very big mistake, Terrence.

    Terence : Oh, that's what Arthur Jensen said in 1973. He was the first conspirator I ever dealt with. Try finding him now, Ari, he's selling auto insurance in Reseda.

    Ari Gold : Ok, people. Most of you are sitting there, and you're looking at this good-looking old man, and you're wondering, "Who the FUCK is he?" and you know what, that's exactly what you should be doing. You all know who's been running this company for the past eight years. And you know that when I go, in no time, you will be repping nobodys like Bill from The Apprentice. No one needs to make a decision right now. I will be starting my own agency. Two very important rules will apply: to make everyone on the ground floor rich, and to burn this motherfucking place to the ground. Lloyd, are you with me?

    [Lloyd says nothing. For the first time, Ari's cocky demeanor falters] 

    Ari Gold : Lloyd, what are you doing? You and me, we have a special bond. Come on.

    Lloyd : Ari, swear to me that you will never again say anything offensive to me about my race or my sexual orientation

    Ari Gold : I can't swear to that, but I promise that I will always apologize after.

  • Lloyd : According to my widget it's 98 degrees.

    Ari Gold : What the fuck is a widget!

  • Ari Gold : In this envelope, there are the names of eight agents. If anyone catches you, eat it. Nod if you understand me.

    Lloyd : I understand.

    Ari Gold : You can't just fucking nod? Lloyd, I want you to... to swear your undying loyalty to me.

    Lloyd : Ari...

    Ari Gold : Listen to me, Lloyd. Do you want to make it in this business or fold shirts at a Chinese laundromat? Pledge.

    Lloyd : I pledge my undying loyalty to you, Ari.

    Ari Gold : Good. Now, I want you to go to each of these agents discreetly and say the words "tsetse fly". Say nothing else. Now go.

    Lloyd : Ari, are you leaving the agency...?

    Ari Gold : Silence is fucking golden, Lloyd.

  • Lloyd : Are you hiding something from me, Ari?

    Ari Gold : Only my cock and my asshole, Lloyd.

  • Ari Gold : What the fuck are you wearing?

    Lloyd : I'm trying out new looks! This one's my Andre 3000. You like?

    Ari Gold : No, I don't. You look like Michelle Kwan in drag. Why don't you do a triple fucking axle over the phone and try calling Cameron again?

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