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24 Jan. 2013
Grand Canyon Disaster
A mid-air collision of two passenger planes over the Grand Canyon shocks 1956 America. Conclusions reached by investigators of this accident will change aviation forever.
25 Feb. 2013
Catastrophe at O'Hare
When American Airlines flight 191 loses its engine and subsequently crashes into a hangar at Chicago O'Hare airport, the investigators shift the blame from a broken bolt to the airlines' unsafe cost-cutting measures.
26 Apr. 2013
Focused on Failure
When everybody thinks that human error bringing down a modern airliner is no longer possible, the captain of UA173 proves them all wrong.
19 Apr. 2013
Locomotiv Hockey Team Disaster
Contrary to popular belief, the famous Russian hockey team was not killed by a drunken crew. But could just one of the officers on deck with a medical deficiency have caused this disaster? Investigators dig deep.
27 Jan. 2013
Death of the President
The Polish political delegation, including the president, headed to Russia crashes during an approach to landing in Smolensk. Conspiracy theories fly rampant. But could it have been the politicians' self-importance that killed them all?
3 May 2013
Heading to Disaster
Ethiopian flight 409's crash could not be attributed to any common reason, mechanical, weather-related or even terrorism. However, the most common and most overlooked reason is lurking in the shadows, quiet and deadly as always.
10 May 2013
28 Seconds to Survive
The ATR twin-turboprop aircraft flying 43 passengers on Santa Bárbara Airlines flight 518, a perfectly good aircraft crashed in the Venezuelan mountains. Series of pilot errors and arrogance are to blame for this preventable tragedy.
17 May 2013
Air France 447: Vanished
Air France flight 447 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean for no good reason. Could it be that the automation systems developed to save lives are the blinding cause of destroying lives in the wrong hands of inexperienced pilots?
16 Dec. 2013
Fight to the Death
British Airways flight 548 crashes shortly after take off from London Heathrow airport in 1972. Piecing the clues together one by one, the investigation reveals shocking truth.
30 Dec. 2013
Speed Trap
An unfortunate mid-air collision in 1971 brings sweeping changes to the ATC system in the USA.
Lost in Translation
Crossair flight 498 crashes shortly after take-off from Zurich. The airplane was in good condition and the pilots had adequate training. Or did they? The investigation takes a dramatic turn when the cockpit voice recorder is retrieved.
23 Dec. 2013
Disaster on the Potomac
After Air Florida flight 90 crashes on take-off from Washington D.C., it is not easy to find the cause of the accident. It turns out eventually that this was no accident but simple and deadly oversight.
Titanic in the Sky
The biggest passenger jet in the world, the A380, suffers a catastrophic in-flight engine failure. With damaged flight controls and leaking fuel, can the crew return to the airport and land safely? And what happens if they do land the overweight and leaking jet?

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