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Gordon Keith is brilliant!
rcbbo10 January 2006
Gordon Keith (Frank Sellers) is absolutely brilliant in this movie! He is a genius in this great comedy. I highly recommend picking this up at blockbuster sometime. I think he should be knighted for such a performance. I laughed, I cried, I cheered...Lady Gordon Keith makes me want to go out and become a better person with his jarring performance in "Shtickmen". Gordo's performance can simply be summed up in three words...poetry in motion. I went and saw the movie and as I exited the theater, I saw Mike Rhyner exiting as well. I stopped him and asked him what he thought of Gordon Keith and he said "I wept bitter tears when that movie was over. Not because it was sad, but because I'll never get to have that feeling of experiencing this great film for the first time ever again. Myself and the rest of the "Petty Theft" members will have to write a song about his brilliant performance." I was shocked! Rhynes just gave me the shocker with those words. "But Petty Theft only plays Tom Petty covers!" I told him. He smiled at me "His performance was so inspiring, I think Petty Theft can go outside the box for our next song"
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The American Idol of Comedy
davitalvitch16 January 2006
If a group of high school students were to write and perform an 86-minute comedy for their fellow students, parents, the faculty and community, the outcome would be no better nor worse than this film. Their play would garner a few laughs, but most of the laughs would be forced, and for support. It would show the promise of certain writers and performers but the play itself would be mildly painful to sit through, and except for a few amusing bits, ultimately forgettable.

The IDEA of "Shtickmen" is amusing, some of what makes it to the screen is amusing, but mostly it is flat, as if filmed after its rushed first draft. Watching comedians poorly mock "hack comedy" felt a bit surreal. My friend was listening to it via the speaker in our living room and he wondered how I was able to sit through the whole thing. I explained that I found it fascinating in its badness.

Ah! It's the comedy equivalent of sitting through two commercial-free episodes of "American Idol". With its string of misses and mild hits, I recommend this to be watched with your friends while drinking.
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I Love this movie!!!
ericjewell-121 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, this is an awesome movie. If you like Christopher Guest movies then you should see this one. The audiences I've seen it with laughed constantly. Especially this special edition final cut! And the DVD has a bunch of extras on it like cast and crew commentary, outtakes and bloopers, stand-up comedian segments, short films made by the cast and crew, behind the scenes stuff, and on and on ad nauseum... Plus the cast is really good at the ensemble type improv based comedy. The story focuses on Jerry Martin, a guy who is trying to make a living in the comedy world. But the only way he can make ends meet is by taking on extra jobs that are somewhat related to comedy, like defensive driving and stuff. Plus he teaches a comedy class filled with local yokel types who think they are funny but they're not. It's just a funny movie, that's all!!!
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Funny like Spinal Tap!
jeremybaggins3 December 2003
This movie is like a really funny Christopher Guest mockumentary. Like Best in Show but about comedians instead of dogs. It's got decent production values, but it was definately low budget. So what, Clerks was low budget and it was funny as hell too. I liked it from beginning to end. Saw it at Vision Fest Awards in New York where it won best screenplay.
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Worth renting!
ponder-429 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
If you like the occasional sarcastic comment and dry wit, this film is for you. (And these were the lines that had me laughing out loud.) But there is something for everyone, and if you like the occasional off-color or dark humor joke, there's something here for you too. Keep in mind that the film is actually ridiculing the inappropriate humor, so plan to enjoy the comedy on many levels.

The film makes fun of itself as it begins with the producer explaining that his clumsy film-making techniques don't matter as long as the subject is represented. The story has two primary paths, one following the ups and downs in the life a stand up comic who will take any paying gig; the other an in-depth analysis of a comedy class led by the I'll-take-any-job comic.

True comic genius shines through as the film starts by interspersing interviews with actual comics alongside comics created for the story. Then as the would-be-comics in class attempt to express themselves, on stage, each individually is like the wreck that you can't look away from.

To truly enjoy this film, be willing to laugh along with it, as the film repeatedly roasts itself. Also, pay attention to what's happening in the background – not a detail was overlooked.

Definitely worth picking up at Blockbuster!
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