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Offbeat club film with intense style.
queenmoonbabe12 November 2005
This film took me back to when I was partying my butt off and just didn't care. Took me awhile to get into it, but then it got its hooks in me and I tripped. The music rocked, the actors were hot and the story was weird in a good way. Misha reminds me of a lot of people I've met. She's in between being a flake and getting her life together. She meets this off beat guy that has a way of reading people's minds or hypnotizing them. They have a thing together but Misha has trouble deciding what to do with her life, especially after re-hooking up with ex-hunk boyfriend and raunchy party friends... This ex-beau is hot-- Instant Star's Tim Rozon. This dude is like a reincarnation of James Dean!

Well worth checking out...
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A Movie for all of the Senses
thinsoapy26 September 2005
It was real treat to see the World Premiere of "Pure" at the Calgary International Film Festival over the weekend. Jim Donovan, the director, as well as Robert Crooks, one of the cast, were in attendance. "Pure" was shot on HD, using the Panasonic 24p camera and after hearing this I think I'm sold on it (I've wanted one since they came out!).

The film looked great, sounded great and had some great acting. Laura Jordan, the lead actress, should definitely be a huge star soon. The music, which was obviously so important to the film, is mostly (all?) techno-club music from Montreal - anyone from there will definitely recognize the sound. A lot of great effects and hard work made this film look much more expensive the the <$1M apparently spent on it.
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