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Sex & Nudity

  • Some mention of nudity though the nudity is always implied and rarely if ever shown. There are also references to sexual orientation and humor around character's sexual orientation. Additionally, there are several sexual jokes throughout the show. However, references to sex, sexuality, nudity are never explicit.
  • Meredith flashes Michael for about two seconds, then he runs away. Implying that she is drunk.
  • Jim and Michael go to hooters, women are shown in scantily clad outfits.
  • Michael kisses Oscar in a conference room. This episode also has a LOT of gay humor.
  • The character, Oscar, turns out to be gay. There are some gay jokes and other stuff, but it is hardly ever mentioned.
  • A stripper is hired in a warehouse. Fully clothed, she sits on another person's lap, starts dancing a little bit, and then rips off her shirt to reveal her bra and midriff -- which can be seen for about four to five seconds. Not a very suggestive scene, and is meant to be humorous in an awkward way.
  • Michael fondles Jan's clothed breasts for about 10 seconds.
  • Two characters come close to basically having a legal prostitution-like contract. No sexual action is shown.
  • Only one instance of a sex scene being shown and not implied. It is between Dwight and Angela. Still, this is brief with no nudity. We only see a bare back and shoulders. It also looks completely fake.
  • A married couple worries about whether or not their baby is breastfeeding correctly. A lactation consultant comes in and puts his hand up the wife's shirt to make sure nothing is wrong. This makes the husband uncomfortable since the consultant is a male. Mainly comedic.
  • Andy is a sexual education instructor. In the conference room, there are many lines of dialogue about STDs, impotence, and erections in this episode.
  • Three men prepare to skinny dip and their backsides are seen, although their buttocks are all blurred.
  • Andy fails to perform sexually and there is an entire office meeting discussing impotence. This includes references to "satisfaction" and ejaculation and is pretty explicit, even in comparison to Todd Packer episodes.
  • An instance of Dwight's entire naked body onscreen with his penis blurred out.
  • The F-word is about to be used with its sexual meaning but the character stops himself saying "you (two) were fuu-uuhhh ahhh!"
  • One male says "Let's talk about penis diseases, how about you." He points towards a female and she says "I don't have a penis, I have a vagina." Meant for laughs.
  • Although sexual references to oral or anal sex are never explicitly stated, and they are usually somewhat cryptic and subtle double-entendre references, there is one episode in which Michael explicitly talks about oral sex as having a "penis in your mouth." This is perhaps the most explicitly-stated crude content in the show.
  • Overall, while there is a lot of sexual content in this show, all nudity is suggested and covered by sensor techniques. Also, a lot of the sexual jokes are not supposed to be accepted, and often the characters are appalled at one character in particular's language.

Violence & Gore

  • Jim and Dwight wrestle comically in a hallway at one point.
  • In one episode, Jim hits Dwight in the face with a snowball, and the two repeatedly hit each other with snowballs later, with Jim bleeding at one point.
  • Rare scenes of violence or gore, though some mentions of bodily functions in a humorous manner.
  • The violence is usually only limited to fist fights and comedic accidents that involve non-graphic injury.
  • Roy tries to charge at another man and beat him up, but Dwight is able to stop the incident with pepper spray. This is brief and there's no blood, but it's notable for being one of the only scenes in which the attempted violence is dramatic and not just played for laughs.
  • Most of the characters induce vomit by seeing someone else vomit, and they all vomit, and the camera close-ups on some of them.
  • The office is shown a low-budget action film that Michael has finished making. In it, Michael's character shoots another character, and there's a mild amount of blood on that person's shirt. In another scene, a character played by Oscar is choked to death. This isn't very explicit or graphic, and the choking is meant to look low-budget for comedic effect.
  • Dwight keeps on wiping out trying to succeed at a tightrope activity. When quitting, a little bit of blood is seen coming out of his mouth.


  • Some adult language and profane jokes.
  • "Bitch," "ass," "hell," "damn," and "bastard" are said sporadically. "God" is said often. "Fuck," "shit," "asshole," "goddamn," and other borderline TV-MA profanities are bleeped out.
  • In one episode, Michael constantly says Bitch, such as "Your going to be my Bitch!" or "WASSSUP BITCHES!"
  • In the episode "Michael Scott Paper Company" Michael says "Its Brittney bitch and i'm back bitch."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Mild references to drug and alcohol usage though it is not depicted in a graphic or explicit manner.
  • In a few of the episodes there are people drinking alcohol, sometimes getting drunk.
  • The entire main plot of one episode is about a half smoked joint being found in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot, and Dwight trying to find out who's responsible for smoking it.
  • Meredith is known to be an alcoholic throughout the whole series. In certain episodes, her alcoholism is commented on more than others.
  • Most of the alcohol and drug use in this show is all for humor reasons.
  • It is heavily implied that creed is a drug addict/dealer.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The scene when Michael drives into a pond with Dwight in the passenger is a bit jolting - the car submerges in water.
  • Dwight cutting off the CPR Dummy's face and then wearing it is pretty frightening.
  • The scene in which Roy charges at Jim may be a little frightening to some viewers until Dwight quickly stops it with pepper spray.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • At a bar, Roy throws chairs and smashes glass in anger after having found out that his girlfriend was kissed by Jim. No blood or gore, but he later says, "I'm gonna kill Jim Halpert."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The series finale scene where Erin is reunited with her birth parents is pretty emotional.

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