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Season 3

5 Oct. 2006
Freaks & Greeks
Captain Hero starts his own fraternity to compete with the Greek family next door, while Ling-Ling's father falls for Toot.
12 Oct. 2006
Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!
A Terminator tries to stop Wooldoor's new children's show from turning the world gay. Toot pursues the mythical Wienermobile.
19 Oct. 2006
Spelling Applebee's
Foxxy competes in spelling bees. Captain Hero discovers Clara has a sexual fetish for car crashes.
25 Oct. 2006
Unrestrainable Trainable
Captain Hero's "special" son, mothered by his sister, attacks the city. For the attention, Clara makes Wooldoor's life a living hell.
1 Nov. 2006
N.R.A vs. Ray
The house-mates return home to find they've been burglarized. Hero panics and decides to buy a gun, which escalates to an assault rifle once he discovers how much he enjoys shooting animals. When Bambi confronts him, carrying the bullet-riddled corpse of his mother, Hero has a change of heart and decides to rid the world of high-power weapons. Foxxy, meanwhile, is investigating the burglary, leading her to discover her grandson Ray-Ray living upstairs with all his stolen goods. To protect him from the police, Foxxy secretly hides him in the walls of the house, from ...
8 Nov. 2006
Captain Hero and the Cool Kids
Toot and Ling-Ling go to Mexico as newlyweds, but end up having to cockfight to avoid going to jail. In their absence, the rest of the house-mates split up into cliques.
15 Nov. 2006
Lost in Parking Space: Part One
The house-mates go to the mall, but end up trapped in their van. Clara, meanwhile, is left alone at the house with a delivery guy she thinks is Satan.
4 Oct. 2007
Lost in Parking Space: Part Two
Second half of "Lost in Parking Space, Part One." Toot drinks saltwater and goes insane, prompting the others to kill and eat Ling-Ling. Foxxy is kidnapped by the manager at Hot Topic, who reveals the truth behind the store's success. And a sinful Clara shows up to torture Foxxy. Meanwhile, Xandir befriends two homeless men and learns an important lesson about leadership.
11 Oct. 2007
Charlotte's Web of Lies
Spanky Ham has a one night stand with Charlotte the Spider, who thinks he's "Some Pig," and the relationship quickly turns into a fatal attraction. Meanwhile, Captain Hero comes face to face with his arch nemesis, and forges an unlikely bond. We also learn the origin of Ling Ling's violent tendencies - he never truly wanted to be a fighter, oh no, all he wanted to do was dance.
18 Oct. 2007
Breakfast Food Killer
Wooldoor becomes the cereal mascot of Quackers cereal after the original mascot is mysteriously murdered. Wooldoor parties it up Hollywood-style with his new cereal friends, and soon finds himself addicted to Crunchberries. Toot discovers that the cereal industry is evil and tries to bring it down before they lose Wooldoor forever.
25 Oct. 2007
Drawn Together Babies
In this parody of the series "Muppet Babies", the Drawn Together Babies have a grand adventure: hiding the body of the babysitter they accidentally killed while at the same time trying to convince her boyfriend that she is still alive.
1 Nov. 2007
Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care
After Ling-Ling's 21st birthday, he is put into foster care for being only 3 "calendar" years old. Meanwhile, a shocking experience with a homemade nipple ring causes Captain Hero to be able to talk with a 12 year old "loser" in the past.
8 Nov. 2007
Toot Goes Bollywood
Toot and Foxxy make a bet concerning sex: Toot going to start having it and Foxxy stopping, which leads to Toot being worshiped by millions, and Foxxy confronting those who made her what she is today: Phat Allan and his Junkyard Pals.
14 Nov. 2007
American Idol Parody Clip Show
Is it American Idol? Is it Survivor? No, it's both, as the house mates battle it out through the gift of song to determine who stays and who gets evicted.

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