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MPAA Rated PG for scary images and sequences, thematic elements, some crude humor and brief language

Sex & Nudity

  • Puberty and sex jokes are frequently mentioned and said in the movies dialogue but they're extremely mild as this is a family movie.
  • When chowder is telling DJ where his parents are, he says that his "Dad is at the pharmacy and his mom is at the movies with her personal trainer." Watching a movie and fitness don't necessarily go hand in hand...
  • A man tells his son that when he was younger, he used to spy on two twins.
  • A man tackles a young woman onto the floor, and they roll around briefly -- although it is not implied that anything sexual takes place and the young woman protests his actions.
  • A man licks and kisses a boy's stuffed animal.
  • A girl kisses a boy, a boy and a girl hug, a boy tells a girl that he loves her, and two boys flirt with a girl.
  • Two boys admire a girl as she walks along a sidewalk and they swoon over her.
  • We see a photograph of a husband and wife kissing.
  • A girl hugs two boys and one says, "She grabbed my butt."
  • A man talks about a man "kissing his house."
  • A girl tells a boy that what he is looking at in a house is its "uvula" and he says "Oh, this is a girl house."
  • A teenage girl tells a younger girl that "when a hairy man covered in tattoos pulls up to the drive-thru window, give him his burger, not your phone number".
  • During the film's ending credits, a woman kisses an overweight gamer on the hood of a car.

Violence & Gore

  • There is no blood throughout the entire movie, there is some dirt on clothes and faces, but that's pretty much it. my conclusion for violence and gore: no gore, and not as much violent as some other people claim it to be
  • A man is seen playing a game at an arcade with lots of gore, chopping off heads severed arms etc.
  • An angry and animated house pulls itself along a street chasing people, someone throws a brick at it, the house becomes angry and lunges at the person, and someone tries to set off explosives but the house grabs him.
  • A boy falls on top of the cement form of woman, and the cement breaks away revealing the skeletal remains of a woman; the boy and two other children scream and run.
  • A large tree becomes animated, it picks up a car (three children are hiding in it), puts the car inside a house, and the car is pulled apart and half of it is "eaten"; the children get out of the other half but remain trapped in the house.
  • A man sees a kite inside a house, he walks up the front steps and to the open front door and he is dragged inside (we hear the man screaming).
  • A boy rings the doorbell of a house, the house appears to become angry, the windows glow yellow, resembling eyes, the porch slats become like sharp fangs, and an entry rug becomes like a tongue and furls out to snap up the boy (the boy gets away).
  • A girl walks toward a house, the house becomes angry, the sidewalk planks lift up from the ground and push the girl into the air and toward the front door -- which now resembles an angry mouth filled with pointed teeth -- and her wagon rolls into the mouth (the girl is OK).
  • A dark house creaks and groans, a man opens the front door and yells at a girl that's on his front lawn, snarls and bristles and says, "Do you want to be eaten alive?"; the girl screams and runs away, and the man breaks her tricycle and takes it into the house.
  • A boy sleeps and a dark shadow creeps through the window, takes the shape of a large hand and crashes down on him (the boy wakes up in a start and is afraid).
  • A young woman and a man talk about a woman disappearing and that her husband "ate her."
  • A man pulls a boy's stuffed animal apart and we see stuffing and a detached head.
  • Two police officers in a car drive slowly behind two boys and a girl and one of the boys is knocked down (he does not appear injured).
  • A boy is hit hard in the face by a basketball, falls to the ground and says, "My nose is in my brain."
  • A babysitter is abusive to a boy that she is supposed to be taking care of (she insults him and says that she will blame him for things that he did not do).


  • One character says "You make me wanna throw up in a piece of tinfoil and eat it!"
  • A boy tells his father over the phone "you can kiss my big hairy butt!"
  • 3 uses of "crap", one use of "prude" 2 uses of "screw up/screw" it and 5 uses of "idiot".
  • 1 scatological term, 3 clinical sexual references, 2 mild anatomical terms.
  • A boy and girl make references to puberty (younger viewers may not understand what it means.)
  • Name-calling (moron, porky and wuss.)
  • "Oh my God", "good lord."
  • Jenny tells a babysitter to "cut the crap".
  • Bones calls Zee a "prude".
  • Because DJ and Chowder are acting stupid, Jenny asks them if they are mentally challenged.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • When the kids try to drug the House using cough syrup, one of the cops drinks some of it as if it were ordinary alcohol
  • A boy steals cold medicine from his father's pharmacy.
  • A man of indeterminate age drinks several beers in a couple of scenes and acts inebriated.
  • A boy asks his friend if his dad has any beer.
  • Z tells two boys that "whatever disease they have, she's sure that they make pills for it".
  • Chowder crawls across a lawn and picks up an empty beer bottle, shouting out, "oh no... a BOTTLE!", giving the thumbs-up and grinning.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • For a PG rated animated movie, it is a very intense movie.
  • Shadows come to life, and form a giant hand. The hand turns blood red and attacks a young boy. But it is a dream, and the boy wakes up.
  • A boy answers a telephone. When he does, there is a strange moaning sound coming from the other line. As soon as he hangs up, the person calls him again. The boy desides to call the house, but finds out it is coming from an abandoned house.
  • A house comes to life and nearly eats two kids in a somewhat scary sequence.
  • Two police officers are attacked by a house, one is attacked by a tree and is picked up off the ground and thrashed around like a ragdoll and eaten alive. The other cop is thrown in the air and is grabbed and pulled into a house and eaten alive.
  • A bunch of springs, wood blocks and pipes attack the three main characters. They throw the kids into a hole, about to be eaten.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman falls into a hole in the foundation of an inbuilt house (we hear a thud), and cement spills on top of her and covers her (we understand that she died and was buried in the cement).
  • A old man comes out of his house yelling at a boy, he chases the boy, picks him up and shakes him saying, "Do you want to be a dead person?"; the man then falls to the ground gasping and gagging, and he suffers a heart attack and is taken away by an ambulance. It is later revealed that he survived.
  • The children blow the house up with dynamite and two boys fall into a ditch.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Bones, the policemen and a dog get eaten by the house but are shown back to life during the end credits.
  • Two boys are attacked by an old man. The man picks up one of the boys before having a heart attack. This scene is quite creepy because there is no sound exept for the sound of a heartbeat and a spinal cord cracking. It is later revealed that he survived.
  • The story of Nebbercracker's wife is quite sad as we find out that she was a circus act because of her weight and when building the house she falls into a hole and accidentally pulls the lever of a cement mixer as she's falling and is buried by it.

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