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  • Young teenager,DJ suspects that there's something wrong with an old house from his neighborhood,whom owner,Mr.Nebbercracker won't let anyone near it and will go as far as threating childreen that come near his home and take everything that lands on his yard away.Just two days before Halloween his parents let him alone with his deliquevent baby sitter and his friend pays him a visit in order to convince him to go threat or tricking this year but his ball eventually lands on Nebbercracker's yard.DJ goes to return it but he's caugh,yelled and threated by Nebbercracker who eventually has a heart attack.DJ feels guilty about what he did to Nebbercracker and he starts suspecting that his house wants revenge.Later he discovers that Nebbercracker's house is indeed haunted and will eat whoever comes near it,but with the help of Chowder and a young teenage girl named Jenny he plans to destroy the monster house for good. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Monster House is based on a screenplay by Don Harmon,Rob Schrab and Pamela Pettler. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Althought that he tackles Zee to the floor and they roll around while she is shown to protest his actions nothing sexual is implied to take place and his intention seemed to be rather just a mockery. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The House is haunted by Mr.Nebbercracker's wife,Constance.Constance hated being mocked since she used to belong to a freak show due to her weigh.On Halloween's eve a group of childreen attacked their house(which was still in construction during that time) with rocks and eggs and Constance couldn't bare it and was willing to attack them with an axe but she accidentally ended up falling in instant cement which killed her and left her entire body sealed in the basement floor.Constance seeks vengeance from whoever "invades" their house next. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Mr.Nebbercracker started to not let anyone near his house because he knew about Constance's intentions.Halloween was the hardest day of the year for him so he started threatening people and then assumed this crazed and isolated personality for the people's own good.He even let kids believe he fatten up his wife and then ate her.With Nebbercracker out of the picture,Constance can finally get her revenge. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • After a couple of failed attempts,the kids encounter Mr.Nebbercracker who just got out from the hospital.Dj tells him it's time to let his house go,enraged Constance breaks out from the foundation and chases them to a construction site.While talking to her,Nebbercracker attemps to blow her up with dynamite but Constance sees the sticks and attacks him,kids however manage to help him escape and they get the dynamite.Chowder fights off the house with an excavator,causing it to fall into a pit.He continues to distract Constance while DJ and Jenny climb to the top of a crane and DJ throws the dynamite in the chimery(its heart) and kills it. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes,Bones comes out from its basement unknowingly that his old kite is on his back.Same goes for the two cops. Edit (Coming Soon)


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