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18 Apr. 1998
Ultimate Tofu Guy Drift
The Akagi Redsuns arrive on Mt. Akina to challenge the less-skilled Akina Speedstars and set a new record for the course. Later, Takumi Fujiwara, a local tofu delivery boy stuns the RedSuns #2 driver Keisuke Takahashi by passing him on the downhill during a delivery run.
25 Apr. 1998
Declaration of Revenge!
The RedSuns' Keisuke Takahashi begins hunting for the Eight-Six Trueno that passed him on the mountain the previous night, questioning Iketani in the process. Iketani then begins his own search for the ghost Eight-Six, which leads him to Fujiwara tofu shop where he assumes that Takumi's father, the less-than-supportive Bunta Fujiwara, is the mystery racer.
2 May 1998
Downhill Specialist Arrives
Due to a crash on Akina's downhill, Iketani finds himself injured and without a car to challenge the RedSuns. Iketani begs Bunta Fujiwara to help defend Akina, but Bunta can only offer a 'maybe' in reply. As race time approaches, the Akina Speedstars and the Akagi RedSuns are both shocked as the mysterious Eight-Six approaches- with Takumi driving.
9 May 1998
The Battle Begins
The match between the SpeedStars and the RedSuns is set to begin. Just as Iketani makes the desperate decision to put Kenji up against Keisuke, the Eight-Six appears - with Takumi behind the wheel.
16 May 1998
God Foot executes the type of improbable moves that helped him earn his nickname. Unfortunately for the legend, Keisuke thrives when he's pushed to extremes. The race continues - but the battle is just beginning.
23 May 1998
A New Challenger
Driving his new Three-Two, Takeshi goes head-to-head against Ryosuke on Mt. Akina. Meanwhile, Takumi offers Iketani a first-hand look at the thrill of riding in the Eight-Six.
13 Jun. 1998
Pride of a Racer
Takeshi is ready to take on the Eight-Six and he has every reason to believe that the car's driver is game. When Takumi catches wind of the situation, he's got to decide if the challenge is worth accepting.
20 Jun. 1998
Time's Almost Up
There's a crowd waiting for a race to start on Mt. Akina, but the Eight-Six is nowhere to be seen. Itsuki's in a tough spot - and Takumi's the only one who can get him out of it.
27 Jun. 1998
Battle to the Limit
The race is underway with Takumi behind the wheel of the Eight-Six. His competition, Takeshi, drives the Three-Two with undeniable skill - but he can't seem to pull away from Takumi!
4 Jul. 1998
The Five Consecutive Hairpins
Takeshi and Takumi speed toward the finish line! Victory is at hand for the driver who can conquer the final challenges of the course - five treacherous hairpin curves.
11 Jul. 1998
Shingo Arrives
Iketani's putting his S-13 to the test now that it's out of the shop, but a simple practice session turns into a dangerous situation when a reckless member of the NightKids - Shingo - arrives in a red EG-6.
1 Aug. 1998
The FR Killer
Shingo arrives with the NightKids and he's calling Takumi and the gang out. His demands: A Duct Tape Death Match against the Eight-Six.
8 Aug. 1998
Itsuki's First Date
Shingo's itching to take on the Eight-Six in a dangerous race, but with nobody stepping up to accept the challenge, he takes drastic measures to get his way.
15 Aug. 1998
Improving Genius of Drift
Takumi's had enough of Shingo's intimidation tactics. He agrees to take on the pushy NightKid in the most treacherous of races: A Duct Tape Death Match.
22 Aug. 1998
Takumi's Fury
The damage to Keisuke's car might prevent him from driving in the uphill race. Just as it looks like he's out of options, Kyoko arrives on the scene in her FD.
29 Aug. 1998
The Angel of Usui
When Iketani takes Mako out for a good time, his friends decide to tail the duo and figure out what she's all about. They soon discover her greatest talent: outdriving them all on Mt. Usui!
12 Sep. 1998
Sudden-Death Deathmatch
Takumi's upcoming race at Usui is creating friction among his friends. One reason for the tension: he's never driven the course. A bigger reason: his opponent is Mako.
19 Sep. 1998
Hot Winds & Furious Driving
Mako and Sayuki are having their way with Takumi and the Eight-Six on Mt. Usui. As Takumi himself questions his ability to pull out a win, the racers approach the course's toughest curve.
26 Sep. 1998
Super Drift!
The finish line is in sight on Mt. Usui! Mako and Sayuki know the course like the back of their hands; Takumi might need a miracle if he is to claim victory against the girls.
1 Oct. 1998
The End of Summer
When the gang heads out to a water park, Iketani sees signs that it could actually work out with Mako - until he finds photographic proof that her heart might belong to another guy.
17 Oct. 1998
Challenge from a Superstar
Takumi's growing rep has attracted the attention of Ryosuke, who's ready to face the Eight-Six on Mt. Akina. Takumi better get his head on straight - this will be his greatest challenge yet.
24 Oct. 1998
Severe Uphill Climb
At Itsuki's behest, Takumi heads out to watch an uphill race between two of his former foes - Takeshi of the NightKids and the RedSuns' Keisuke.
7 Nov. 1998
Downhill Rain Battle
Takumi struggles to keep up with the Northern Saitama Alliance's Cappuccino. As the rain soaks the course, both teams find their confidence wavering - it seems the race could go either way.
14 Nov. 1998
Akina's Superstar
Ryosuke may already be a local legend, but he still drives like a man with something to prove. He's determined to beat the very best racers Mt. Akina has to offer - and Takumi's next on his list.
28 Nov. 1998
Last Battle!
The match between the SpeedStars and the RedSuns is set to begin. Just as Iketani makes the desperate decision to put Kenji up against Keisuke, the Eight-Six appears - with Takumi behind the wheel.
5 Dec. 1998
New Downhill Legend
The drivers fly toward the finish line, with only one curve to go. Ryosuke and Takumi have earned their reputations - but the winner of this race will go down in history.

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