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The silver lining of a dark cloud
sixtwentysix2 February 2007
Casey Affleck does a good job becoming the unlovable loser that you're actually interested in watching in this film. And for what it's worth, I feel like this film did a great job avoiding indie cliché's. Jim is not really overly inept or annoyingly stupid; in the contrary he's just kind of a high minded loser fumbling about for the same things most people fumble about for. Love, self respect and meaning in life. He's someone that's thinking somehow they are above the standard human fare because he has a specialization in literature.

Growing up in the Midwest I can say this captures Midwestern life almost perfectly. The tone of the settings, the reactions of the characters and even the fact that it appears to be shot in that brownish tan time between winter and spring which always reminded me of the Midwest no matter where I went. The supporting actors all turn in very good performances and it's interesting to look at.

This was a good movie. Steve Buscemi has mastered the art of subtlety and after seeing this movie and reading a few user reviews, I gather it's lost to a large number of people. Much like Ghost World which he starred in, he gives you hints and details that allow you to find character motivations and to flesh out their inner workings. In other words, he allows you to use your imagination. The film is like Jim, sad and brooding but with the hint of a good heart trying to find a way out. This is very funny and melancholy piece that's well worth a watch for people who enjoy films like this.
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Unpretenious, funny and Liv Tyler!
samkan26 January 2007
Although I agree with many of the people that this was a good movie, I do not necessarily agree that it had a moral, taught a lesson, etc. The script, as economical as it was, was terrific, not to mention hilarious! There is hardly a wasted line, scene, etc. Nobody overacts. The actors simply just do their jobs. Some of the jokes had me laughing out loud at midnight; e.g., when brother #1 says "awesome" upon learning brother #2 has bedded Liv Tyler, #2 thanks him - to which #1 says "No, I'm thinking her standards are so low I've still got a chance".

The movie is chock full of tiny lines of great dialog. Most are not crafted jokes but simply hilarious circumstantially, as when the protagonist comments on the strength of the stoner's weed and - in a casual aside - the stoner says, "Yeah, I put some crack in". Also, our hero so deftly manages to unintentionally insult everyone and everything while spilling his guts; e.g., believing he's offering profound insight into life but instead degrading the existence of his listeners. These asides and conversations, like much of the dialogue, are not stand alone funny but fit in so well to the mood and of the setting. The setting and circumstances - failed dreams in the Heartland - could be milked for much melodramatic value but is well treated here in a matter-of-fact manner. This movie is true farce. I hate to use clichés but Lonesome Jim is the perfect example of "What you see (and hear) is exactly what you get.

Casey Aflleck could easily have played his role as manic or overly deadpan but finds a great balance. Overlooked is his dad's character, who pulls pathos out of middle America. Liv Tyler displays more skill here than in all her minutes in Lord of the Rings combined. And the stoner uncle, without exaggeration could be a candidate for Best supporting actor. But Mary Kay Place steals the show outright. She is the Everymom of all time. I lost my mom last year and my siblings and I can see now that what we interpreted as mom's naive cheerfulness was actually a profound strength. No small feat to create this observation in a movie which, at times, seems almost completely played for laughs. In fact, the uplifting effect of the movie truly appears as almost an afterthought. Creating something out of nothing is the mark of good art.
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Poignant Realism, with Jokes
scif10014 March 2006
Annika (Liv Tyler) doesn't like the photo of a dour Ernest Hemingway that Jim (Casey Affleck) has on his bedroom wall. Jim says it's real life. She says it's depressing, and he replies, "Isn't that the same thing?" It's a funny line, but it's also much more. It describes the heart of this terrific new picture directed by Steve Buscemi. He's made a wonderful "small" film about the sadness and disappointment that is so much a part of life, and about how we each must choose to respond. Do we wallow in despair, or can we find hope, joy, and purpose? In "Lonesome Jim," we meet a range of genuine people who exhibit a range of choices -- sometimes conflicting responses within the same character. The casting is superb, and between Buscemi's measured pace and first-time screenwriter Jim Strouse's unpredictable (and semi-autobiographical) story turns, we get to know and care about these people...even though they each exhibit traits we definitely do not like. That's real life.
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Lonesome Jim is subtle brilliance
joemama7209 February 2005
If you've ever felt bored, alone, defeated, then you'll love Lonesome Jim. If you're from or have ever visited the Midwest for a significant amount of time, you'll love this movie. The portrayal of Jim, a 28-year-old failure who returns home after an attempt at 'making it' in NY as a writer is completely relateable to anyone. Who hasn't had a big dream, tried and failed? The cinematography is is sad and beautiful all at once; the direction is flawless; Casey Affleck (who I'm usually not the hugest fan of) is perfect in the portrayal. And lets not forget Mary Kay Place. She was amazing. James Strouse wrote such a tragic and heart-wrenching role for her; you ache when Jim says to her "I don't know...sometimes people just shouldn't be parents". This film is filled with great lines like this that just exude pathos. Subtle brilliance is the exact phrase to describe this movie. Thing is, you don't even have to love it in order to appreciate how moving it is. It was a great cast, great director, and Roger Ebert (who I'm usually not a huge fan of either) said it best when he called LJ 'a masterpiece of mood'. That it is, my friends; that it is.
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Son Returns to his Midwestern Dysfunctional Family and Learns that Some Things Never Change
WeRunWithScissrs23 April 2005
I saw this film at the Philadelphia Film Festival, the East Coast Premiere of the movie. It was extremely well received by the audience with laughter throughout the film.

Having roots in the Midwest myself, I felt this movie did not resort to stereotypes about life in the nation's heartland. Rather I believe the movie accurately shows that small town life is slower paced and that everyone knows you and your business all too well. Even the little sight gag of seeing the 3 bars with similar names felt familiar to me and I couldn't help but chuckle along with the audience.

Jim (Casey Affleck) has returned home dehydrated and depressed and is looking for sympathy and attention from his family. Instead, his brother is soon in an accident and is briefly the focus of the family. Jim meets Anika (Liv Tyler) during his visit and her gentle observations about her small town life offers the grace that his family can never provide.

This movie reminded me of the Kenneth Lonergan film You Can Count on Me in both pacing and the way the return of the brother stirs up issues in a family. It reminded me also of a much less slick and lower budgeted Garden State

If you are in an independent film place, I would recommend this movie. If you are looking for big stars and big production, look elsewhere.

I personally would be interested to see what Mr. Buscemi could do with some bigger stars and a bigger budget. Clearly the director was working with many limitations on this film.
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Mary Kay Place Oscar worthy
brainwave-210 April 2006
This is a great film which superbly walks the balance between bleak and hopeful, without ever becoming annoyingly angst ridden or overtly perky. Mary Kay Place, who has been such a solid supporting performer throughout her career, is Oscar worthy as the ever optimistic mom who shows layers upon layers with the simplest gesture -- a wonderful, comic performance. It would be a true tragedy, however likely it is, if the distributors do not put some muscle into a campaign in her favor. Buscemi's direction and the tightrope walk of a script is captivating throughout. Shot on mini-dv and certainly there have been better shot dv features. Film tends to get real noisy in the darks, and the titles during opening credits break to pixels. Too bad too, because it is unlikely this film will be taken as seriously as it deserves to be because the filmmakers/producers failed to take time/cost to make it right.
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hilariously honest
s33a2d171 February 2006
Laughing about other people's misery is something many of us like to do. Lonesome Jim gives us ample opportunity to do so. The admirable thing is, that the events and comments that make us laugh out loud here, aren't contrived or even over the top. There are people like that, they talk like that, they put each other down like that and most of all: they get by, just like that. Jim goes out of his way to avoid challenges, and that is nothing uncommon. The movie is painfully honest about average people's lives, and that is what makes this movie not just funny, but also heart-wrenching to see. It *is* funny though, very much so, even. The laughter in the audience was so loud at times I couldn't make out the next sentence. The characters know not to expect too much of life, and they don't. But they get by, just like we do, and with a little love, a little companionship and a little bit of happiness, that is enough.
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Lonesome train whistle sounding in rural rustbelt
correcamino26 September 2006
You can object to the choice to make this film about a so-called depressive. You can object that Jim doesn't just snap out of it. But of all the things you can say about Lonesome Jim, you can't say it is badly made.

This film is like a meditation: it totally clears the mind of everything else and allows you to focus on what is there in front of you.

The grainy film did not strike me as low quality or cheap. It made the film like watching home movies; there is nothing glamorous about this scene. It was totally in keeping with the theme of muted emotion. The graininess sometimes slows things down so much that the characters appear to be talking through the haze of their dull surroundings, and they are the liveliest things about the situation. It almost transforms film into a cartoon drama by the younger sibling.

Is the main character Jim (Casey Affleck) suffering from depression? Well, alright. But that assessment papers over the interesting sources of the emotion stifling: the relationship between son and parents, and how he has subverted his personality with them; and the relationship he has with the rest of his hometown.

The whole thing is so real – we especially digest meaning during Jim's driving scenes, inevitably at twilight when the post industrial fading rural landscape is at its most evocative, stirring feelings of profound longing and sadness.

(There must be a retrospective of Sensitive Boy flicks somewhere. To my recollection, Ordinary People could be the first in the series, but among the others, and I'm sure there are many, many more than I can think of here, are You Can Count on Me, and Imaginary Heroes. I've also heard that Garden State could be slotted in there, but I haven't seen it.)

This is a brilliant film.

So why not give it 10 out of 10? Because we do not know yet if it will stand the test of time. Already Ordinary People does not pack the same punch as did 20 odd years ago. Also, these films have a relatively small theme. So though while intense and delicate in emotional depiction, their reach is rather narrow and might not possess any universal themes. They are particularly US-centric. Which is fine, but it precludes them from greatness.
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A gem in a flood of lesser films
smshmouth8624 September 2005
I can't believe this films moderately low rating and the negative comments. I seen Lonesome Jim during the film festival in Athens Ohio at OU and I loved it!Lathargic is a horrible way to describe it. I would call it a dark comedy but not Lathargic. The plot isn't really revealed until late but it isn't important because its a character driven story. The cynical humor had the crowd at Athens laughing throughout the entire film myself included. There is some adult humor but if thats not aimed at you I have to ask why are you watching or rating this movie? Casey, Liv and the rest keep things over the top and fresh and the overall presentation is a nice change of pace from the standard summer movie.Clever writing. This should be shown in select theaters and i know a whole army of fans in Ohio are waiting for the DVD.
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Intentionally Unfunny?
tangoviudo18 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"Lonesome Jim" was directed by Steve Buscemi - a fact I missed when I first watched it. I thought it was a tad too methodical in its portrayal of a guy who is the sole author of his own misery. The film poster says it all - he lives under his own dark cloud.

But Buscemi accomplished something quite well - he made the entire film feel like the inside of Jim's head. Casey Affleck proves once again where all the talent went in his family - not to Ben. And Liv Tyler continues to surprise, not so much with her talent as with her odd choice of roles. But I can't complain about an actress being TOO pretty for a part. Mary Kay Place is excellent in a completely unbelievable part - the all-forgiving, long-suffering mother. Only Seymour Cassell comes off perfectly straight as Jim's dad.

But the giveaway of the film is the character of Evil, who drives a scooter with a helmet painted with skulls. How he is eventually nabbed is truly hilarious - a touch that Buscemi couldn't have pulled off with a straight face. In fact, the entire film could be looked at as a kind of existentialist comedy. Jim tells his brother that his life is a tragedy, so his brother drives his car into a tree. The kids' basketball team hasn't scored a single basket all season - so in the climactic game they manage to score - one basket.

Set in Indiana, the film stinks of middle-America - the ugly towns encroaching on the country, the dank weather, a world with low ceilings and no windows. Just the kind of world a young person would leave because there are no opportunities. Trains are constantly driving through town, never stopping. The only escape is by bus - which Jim has to take (but somehow doesn't take) at the film's conclusion.
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not bad
charliecheswick18 April 2006
this movie was pretty good , i enjoyed it. the dry sense of humour in this film will probably not be to everyones taste, but none the less , it does have a few gags in it that even the most cheery folk would laugh at.if you have ever grown up and left home and returned to experience the "small town mentality", then you will probably like this film . I did think the film could have done with an injection of adrenalin half way through as by that point u are kind of mystified as to why the lead character is still depressed. despite this, it was a pretty good attempt and overall it is a feel good film . the only major disappointment was the ending of the movie , which can be predicted after watching the opening ten minutes.i also thought the casting wasn't that great. affleck looks just a little too cool and smug as the lonely Jim , and Tyler plays the same character she seems to play in every other movie i have seen her in (mrs sexy + sensitive) .overall , this movie is not bad , but could have been better.
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Sorry Jim
seamus6710 September 2006
Whilst this is most definitely a well crafted piece of film-making, it's thoroughly without any entertainment value whatsoever.

If you're depressed already, this film will send you over the edge.

If you're feeling somewhat depressed, this film will be just one more thing in your life to feel bitter about. You'll feel that it's just your luck to have chosen to watch a movie that turns out to be a complete waste of time.

Otherwise you might be able to make it through this film unscathed (I didn't, BTW), safe in the knowledge that your life is so much better than Jim's. Then again you might consider that you have been fooling yourself, and that are in fact in a much worse situation than you'd previously realized. You might feel a bit annoyed at Jim for bringing this to your attention. You may want to slap him around a bit with a wet fish.

The sad truth is, much as I wanted to like this movie... I hated it. It took rather a long miserable road down the path of oblivion and then suddenly, for no reason whatsoever, looked back at itself and then stopped.

Jim does not have an epiphany, at least not one that is conveyed on screen. Jim has a miserable life and a miserable set of options. He discovers nothing that one can relate to and fails to make any significant progress on his journey of self-discovery.

Of course no-one alive could write a happy ending to this movie. As others have said it's no Hollywood tale, it's gritty and it's real. It's well made. Life is quite a struggle at times. If anyone were to know "the answer", they do well to shout it from the rooftops.

Still, I feel cheated because this movie pretends to have something to say. You feel that it's going to say something, that if you just suffer through a little more of it, it'll have something to say. It'll make you stop and think.

It doesn't.

Again, I do submit that this is a well crafted film. And therefore may be of value to a film student with a penchant for e.g. lighting techniques of the use of colour palettes.

For the rest of us, it's utterly miss-able.
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not depressing at all....just plain awful
steven1111116 February 2008
I am sitting here writing this review and the movie's not even over yet. In fact, I just checked, and there are 45 more minutes to go. But no matter, there's no need to see it through to the end. I'll just write this review and laugh as the film plays in the background and stumbles onward to some kind of presumably horrible conclusion which I don't care to ever see or know.

What accounts for my hostility to this movie? The characters are not believable. The plot is not believable. The pretentiousness of the movie is sickening. Basically, every element of the movie rings false. Buscemi obviously thought he had something to add to the dozens of movies which have already explored the well-worn themes of dysfunctional families and the apparent meaninglessness of life. However, Buscemi was badly mistaken, because this movie contains nothing new. It tries very hard to be depressing, but fortunately no one can really be depressed by it, because it's obvious that no people like this exist in the entire world.

What IS depressing however is the knowledge that somehow this film was voted several undeserved awards. Disgusting!!!! Bottom line: stay away from this worthless film at all costs.
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Pretty grim, is Jim, despite some sharp human observation; don't see it if you are already depressed!
inkblot119 July 2010
Jim (Casey Affleck) has just returned home to his parents house in the Midwest. Being an aspiring writer who loved living in Manhattan, this is cruel and unusual punishment. However, his two part time jobs didn't pay the bills so, thank goodness, Mother Sally (Mary Kay Place) is happy to see him. Father Don (Seymour Cassel) is less enthusiastic, probably because the couple's other son, Tim (Kevin Corrigan) is living with them, too, thanks to divorce and a low-paying job. Naturally, the parents urge Jim to "do something", after the first few days, so the young man reluctantly accepts a job at the factory run by his mother. He also meets a beautiful, single-parent nurse, Anika (Liv Tyler) at a local watering hole and they begin a relationship of convenience. But, nothing ever seems to make Jim come out of his perpetual "funk" and he fails to connect with anyone, except perhaps a pot smoking co-worker. Will Jim bring everyone around him down, too, even his always-sunny mom? Can he get his "act together"? Viewers who put this into their DVD players may not feel like watching after the first half hour. It is fairly depressing, despite some sporadic but successful "gallows" humor. However, those who choose to stick it out may appreciate the sharp life observations. The cast is really very nice, with Affleck doing a truly great job in a difficult role. Place, Cassel, Tyler, Corrigan and the other lesser role players are impressive, too. Appropriately, the setting is fairly nondescript and won't charm anyone while the costumes are well-chosen but far from attractive. The script has its moments of humor and pathos, almost too real for comfort. Then, too, the slow pace and undistinguished edit hurt its success, too. There are some fun moments, as when Jim goes bar hopping among the three local watering holes, named Riki's 1, 2 and 3. But, all in all, this is a grim flick, which will never earn the word "entertainment". Therefore, stay away, unless you are a fan of the cast or a serious student of film-making. Lonesome Jim will ultimately attract only a few "lone wolf" admirers.
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A struggle to maturity with humorous undertones
bellestaton6 February 2005
Lonesome Jim deals with a common dilemma of those in todays 18-30 year age bracket of wanting to skip the hard part of life and go straight from childhood to the same life style it took their parents 20-30years to achieve. When this fails,as most often it does, despair follows first, followed next by falling back on financial reliance of parents and then for those with moxie the inevitable reality that they must deal with life and in fact pay some dues before living large. This movie details this story with an overlay of dark moods , while transitioning a sexual tryst into the development of a mature man-women relationship and at same time bringing the character Jim into an adult to child relationship with its accompanying responsibilities. Lonesome Jim achieves all this while at the same time bringing the movies audiences quite often to laughter which certainly attests to Steve Buscemi's directing ability and the screen writing skill of James C. Strouse
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Trapped in a repellent world
vcgraves8 April 2007
I was attracted to this film by its offbeat, low-key, 'real life' story line. That is, a twenty-something guy flops in the Big Apple and comes back home to live with his parents and even more floppy brother. It just might have worked but there's a problem. And that problem's name is Casey Affleck.

Casey Affleck is nearly catatonic in this film. His acting mantra must be "exert as little effort as possible at all times". Or "why speak when you can mutter?" Or maybe "put yourself into a coma as soon as the camera rolls". Lips moving when speaking? Barely. Facial expressions? None. Muscles in face? Atrophied. Something? Nothing. ANYthing? Zip.
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What was the point?
caffey-323 December 2006
This movie was a total downer....just like the characters. I watched it to the end to see if there was really a point to it. There wasn't. There was a redeeming quality in that Liv Tyler was the most uplifting person and the youngster who played her son ( Jack Rovello ) was really good. Casey Affleck might be a good actor in that he made me detest Lonesome Jim for the laziness and pathetic character he played. Mary Kay Place was the ever optimistic mother of the two looser sons and husband. This movie made as much sense as Napoleon Dynamite...and I couldn't make it to the end of that one. I'm sure there was a moral in this story, but I couldn't find it. Don't waste your time!
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Where have you gone Steve Buscemi
jse12624 July 2006
I like Steve Buscemi. I like his work very much, both as an actor and a director. You could say that I am -into- Steve Buscemi. A Steve Buscemi freak. I lurv Steve Buscemi.

I remember when I first saw Buscemi's full length directorial debut, "Trees Lounge." I enjoyed the movie, although it wasn't as good as it could have been. It was -almost- there. It -almost- scratched that itch, the itch of wanting to see "small" movies about "small" people in "small" bars that are in "small" towns. It was close enough to where I would say that it was a very good movie - one that with a few tweaks could have been great. But that's OK. I like the movie and I've watched it more than once.

But this review is not about Trees Lounge. It's about "Lonesome Jim." When I saw the description of the movie and then I saw who's movie it was, I was excited at the prospect of finally seeing the movie that I knew that Trees Lounge could have been. But what I actually experienced was not unlike that of leaving one of those smalltown bars with a belly full of cheap whiskey and an armful of cheap floozy, heading back to your apartment with a mushy brain full of exciting prospects that inevitably disintegrate into the reality of alcohol-induced impotence and headspinning regurgitation.

In other words, this movie left me flat and unrequited and sorry that I wasted the time and the money that it took me to get to that state - the film equivalent of waking up next to that cheap floozy the next morning, or if you happen to be the floozy, waking up next to that stinking and farting and unshaven imbecile. The film had all of the substance of a stale white bread sandwich (with store brand white bread, no less) and the emotion of a cadaver. I am not sure what the point of this film was, and since it was supposed to have some sort of a point and was not an exercise in abstract surrealism that can get by without one then this lack of a point is a sin of omission. Sorta like those new cars that don't come with ashtrays anymore although there are millions of people who smoke and buy new cars (I'm not one of them, but hey, I can sympathize). Overall it was a boring film about boring people doing boring things and had none of the grit and believability that can carry and save such a film. I mean, Trees Lounge was about boring people doing boring things, but it was interesting.

I blame a lot of this on Affleck. Why do people keep casting these Affleck turds? They suck the life out of anything that they are connected with. One Affleck was in one decent film (and wasn't even the reason why the film was decent) and all of the sudden every butthole named Affleck is stinking up as many films as they possibly can. And Liv Tyler is no better. Being the daughter of a rock star does not necessarily make an actress. She is as lifeless as Affleck. These people simply do not rise from the flat page of the script. People pay to see films and they deserve to see actors and actresses with a bit of charisma - these two duds together don't have the spark of the old guy who hands out shopping carts at Wal Mart. I always thought that Steve Buscemi was the type of guy who would rise above this type of pablum, but oh Steve you let us down. This film makes me want to stuff you into another wood chipper.
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like a mid-west winter...
fnorful14 March 2005
...a few bright moments to break up the grey times.

It's a fair representation of what so much of the midwest is about: a bit about futility, about a lifeless life, yet still containing a few bright moments. And having hope.

The digital film present a dull grey-red tone to the proceedings...not engaging to the eye but it seemed to fit the mood. The characters, while not sympathetic, were nicely developed. The events, even those seemingly "large" ones, do not develop the magnitude that might be expected. But that's how life usually works.

This is a much better view than the low marks indicate, but it's not great film-making either. It is a good Indie movie, and one that encourages a look at Buscemi's future projects.
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Brilliant Aesthetic but script lacking...
ryanjpoland24 January 2005
I had the pleasure of viewing this film at the Sundance Film Festival with Director Steve Buscemi as well as the Director of Photography/Cinematographer, Editor, and Screenwriter in attendance. I really felt that the production aspect of the film was amazing especially being that it was shot entirely in Digital Video using Lower-end Pro-sumer cameras and transferred to film later. The Direction, Acting, and Cinematography were all outstanding making the aesthetic of the film very prominent. However the problem that I found with the film is that it was rather mediocre in terms of content. The film is what I would personally call a dark comedy with hints of romance. 27 Year old Jim (Casey Afleck) a depressed aspiring writer journeys back home to small town, Indiana after utter failure to assimilate and attain success in New York. The film then continues to explore his mundane and despondent existence in relation to his overzealous Mother, disinterested Father, and his similarly depressed Brother. Throw in a bit of impossible romance with a nurse named Anika (Liv Tyler) and the story unfolds. The film did have its comedic moments playing up typical daily occurrences that most people can relate to. Overall it was pretty good but I just felt it was lacking something in terms of screenplay, which may be due to the fact that Writer James C. Strouse is a first-timer in the world of screen writing. There is definitely potential in his later work, but I think this piece needed a little revising. All personal opinions aside I have to commend the filmmakers for the grassroots approach to production and after speaking to the crew members in attendance I was very impressed with their professionalism and their openness to express their ideas and offer other filmmakers helpful advice and encouragement.
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See This Film!
LELIA122522 April 2005
I saw this last night at the Boston Independent Film Fest and loved every minute of it. It was HILARIOUS and charming. Casey Affleck, as unlikeable as his character Jim is, was still charming. Mary Kay Place, as the overbearing, disgustingly cheery mother, is excellent. Mark Boone is hysterical as Jim's uncle Evil. I don't want to give any plot away, other than to say that it's about a depressed guy who goes home to Indiana to live with his parents and even more depressed older brother. Steve Buscemi did an excellent job directing. I highly recommend this to indie and non-indie film fans alike. I can't wait for this to come out on DVD!
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indie cliché
leopoldfrank3 May 2006
Oh, I just saw this at Cannes because I love films and know what I'm talking about. Just joking.

The other week after seeing Junebug I said to my friend, "I hope I never see another f***ing faux pas indie film about some loser who returns to his hometown to find himself or confront demons from past." Takes about an hour to get going. Once it gets going it has some nice bits, some funny bits but it's all very predictable. Just another indie film playing on the same tired formula. These types of films are just self indulgent. Won't remember it in a year.

It's too like Garden State as well which doesn't help cos I HATE Garden State.

How do these miserable losers keep falling ass first into happiness and a girl anyway? It's ridiculous. I want to see a film about someone who's miserable, and things get worse all the way through, then he hangs himself leaving a note saying "screw this pointless godless existence", then the coroner says "such a shame, if only he'd gone back to his old home town and confronted a few things this may have been avoided." That would be loads better than this.
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Lonesome, Miserable, Boring Jim
jordan224019 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoy many types of movies, from the big blockbusters to the small independents, and when I saw Steve Buscemi had directed this one, I rented it with some enthusiasm. This movie drained the enthusiasm right out of me. Perhaps something was resolved in the end (though the other comments here seem to indicate it isn't), but I couldn't make it. After watching Jim plod through life while pretty much nothing else happened for an hour had me craving sleep. And, as someone else mentioned previously, how does a complete loser like this end up with a girl like Liv Tyler. Where are all those beautiful, desperate women around here?!? Anyway, no complaints about the performances, but I found this to be a very slow, boring film, and the main character seems to have absolutely no redeeming qualities at all. However, second viewings of movies I've disliked in the past have often changed my opinion, so if I ever catch this on cable, perhaps I'll give it another shot. But then again...
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depressingly unrealistic
wrlang17 September 2006
Lonesome Jim is kind of like a romantic dark comedy about a dysfunctional family whose two boys are total losers. Both boys around 30, living at home, with absolutely nothing going for them. I live in the Midwest and I can't name one family like this. I picked it up because I kind of like Buscemi acting humor. Now I realize I need to have a counteracting agent to that humor to make it work. The acting and camera work and editing was fine. The first 15 minutes got you set, and the last 15 minutes helped prevent the film from being totally depressing Jerry Springer trailer trash type of story. The female members of my family were begging me to turn it off, but I prevailed under the premise that there had to be a turning point near the end, and we watched the entire movie. The male family members, as expected, simply walked out after the first 30 minutes.
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Waiting for more out of Jim
istomtom10 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I just picked this off the shelf for the hell of it. Throughout the whole movie I was expecting Jim to say more. Maybe that's his appeal to some viewers, but the kid just needed to spit it (his feelings) out more. Come to think of it, the movie lacked dialogue! His character reminded me much of his character in The Last Kiss. I haven't seen many films with Casey Affleck, but I'd draw parallels to Owen Wilson in that his characters are all very similar, typecast so to speak. Casey Affleck is the melancholy quiet kid who lives in his own head. As I expected more from this film I rated it a 5. The case description is also misleading, he doesn't so much 'stumble into a romance' with Liv Tyler's character as they're getting it on in a hospital bed within hours of their meeting each other. I was expecting something more emotional of their relationship and it was HARDLY that.
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