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The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be (Reality Show)
slutsky24 January 2011
By far the most entertaining reality show ever produced.

Kenny and Spenny, two lifelong "best friends", battled in weekly competitions (spanning 87 episodes) with the loser having to do an act of humiliation of the winner's choosing. This aired on the Showcase network in Canada for six seasons but was never able to find a home in the U.S. as the Gameshow Network and Comedy Central each bumped it after one season.

Kenny cheats, lies and simply outwits Spenny to emerge victorious in an outstanding 70% of these competitions, resulting in Spenny's televised humiliations becoming a near weekly event. A MUST SEE for anyone with a sense of humor.

My personal favorites include "First One To Talk Loses", "Who Can Sell More Bibles?", "Who Is Funnier?", "Who does She Like Better?" and "Who Can Commit More Crime?", However the first season is a good starting point for any newcomers to the show as you can watch Kenny slowly break Spennys spirit throughout the duration of the series.
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Probably the most entertaining and interesting reality TV show ever!!
Jeremy MacGregor14 March 2008
Basically Kenny VS Spenny is about two best friends, each with radically differing personalities, who compete against each other, as the show states, for the Glory of winning. And what about the loser? HUMILIATION.

This show is without a doubt the most entertaining character study I have ever seen. Kenny is an over-the-top, narcissistic strategist, while Spenny is the neurotic, helpless do-gooder, who's main goal is to be the fair, moral competitor - so as to show the wrong-doings of his "best friend" Kenny. The personalities of the two absolutely MAKE this show for me. I enjoy nothing more than watching these two bicker, fight and basically drive each other crazy.

Kenny almost always cheats, but credit must be given to Spenny, not only for withstanding this torment week after week but for actually trying. Some of Kenny's devious plans are just mind-blowing. From the seemingly tame ("who is the better actor?"), to the downright stupid ("who can wear a dead octopus on their heads the longest?"), the competitions are endlessly engaging.

All I have to say is that this show is really great, and I can't speak highly enough about it. I just hope it doesn't get canned to make way for some cliché sitcom.

Great Show!
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Kenny Vs. Spenny is the best Canadian TV. programme. FACT.
mad_mental_people23 December 2008
Kenny Vs. Spenny is immature,stupid and awesome. I've watched every single episode and I love them all. Kenny is something of a real life Eric Cartman (one of the most evil geniuses ever) and Spenny is so the opposite that you wonder how they ended up as 'best friends'. Kenny is so intent on destroying Spenny all the time, it's not really even fair, so when Spenny actually wins you feel kind of happy for him. The only thing that's sometimes bad about the show is that it feels as if the episodes are scripted, when it's supposed to be spontaneous. Saying that though-their lives are probably as weird and crazy as it makes them out to be. After all, Kenny went to a war and Spenny did acid. The thing that's best about Kenny Vs. Spenny is that whether they're tying themselves to goats or making disabled people like them, it's ALWAYS funny. Recommend it.
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I am impressed
leon_macpherson27 November 2003
There is something amazing about this series. Kenny and Spenny seem to capture the essence of competition in their half-hour show. It is a brilliant production and very entertaining. Each guy has a totally contrasting personality, which makes for hilarious interaction. No one in their right mind would want to miss a show like this. I look forward to many more episodes in the future.
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ettiwhat27 November 2003
This show kicks some hardcore ass. It's been compared to Odd Couple meets Survivor, and that's probably the easiest way to describe it. Two friends, Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice compete against each other in competitions to see who can stand the longest, who can stay awake the longest, who can make a better woman, who can put on a better concert, who do girls like more, etc. Kenny, the evil genius, and Spenny, the one with moral integrity, are absolutely hilarious. This show is a Tuesday afternoon staple. It kicks ass!!
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The Best Reality show invented!!!!
Tiro Lihipha12 December 2005
I usually hate reality shows with a passion, but kenny vs spenny opened my eyes least this show. It's a show about two roommates/ best friends who do some random competition they come up with. They vary from impressing old people to racing rats. Spenny is a clean freak who's all about the rules and spending as much money as possible. Kenny's all about bending the rules to limit where there's cracks, he's a masterful evil hilarious genius. Spenny's abit paranoid and scared of everything and Kenny being a true friend exposes it as much as possible. Both have weaknesses and there exposed in each new episode. If there competitions weren't funny enough (which always have me rolling on the floor) they have a humiliation at the end of each episode, which is too funny to put into words!It's a Canadian show, I know it' filmed in Toronto, so I don't know if the united states can watch it. BUT, if your a Canadian it's on show case after trailer park boys on Sunday or befoure Six Feet Under. Definitely watch this show it's the best Canadian show out there, since the red green show is ending (Corner Gas is #2).
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Poor Spenny....
Kenny Vs. Spenny is a Canadian reality/game show based television series about two childhood friends, with completely different personalities who battle against each other in Outragious competitions to see who is better at a task, such as wearing dead octopuses on there heads longer, to See who is a better Drag Queen to even seeing how long one of them can keep a poop in there diaper longer. Why? the opening theme explains it all. Glory for the winner. Humiliation for the Loser. Kenny Hotz is a manipulating Evil diabolical Genius. the "villain" of the show per-say. he will do everything in his power to win, even cheating. Spenny is a Paranoid, yet good natured "good guy" of the show and often plays by the rules. The humiliations involve a number of embarrassing stunts performed on national TV such as the Human Bidet, the dragged out prostitute on the corner, giving an old guy a sponge bath to eating a booger. The show airs Mondays at 9pm on Showcase and I recommend it to anyone who has a sense of humor.
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Simple, Fun and Entertaining
Gustavo_Lequerica20 December 2006
I don't know what it's the appeal of this show that it makes so entertaining up to the point it's a guilty pleasure to watch it every single time on Showtime. Maybe the appeal of this show lays on his simple Darwinian premise to see who is the strongest one Kenny or Spenny? But also the premise of the show is related to how we competed with our friends when we were kids and maybe that's the main reason why Kenny Vs Spenny is so fun to watch because it can bring memories to anyone who is watching these two friends compete each other every week to see how is the best. I give a ten to this show because it's original and both characters are sincere and honest with their intentions.
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So underrated, I won't miss an episode
dwynpiper23 April 2006
This show doesn't get nearly enough credit. It's such a classic showcase of human nature. It's reality television without all the trend and cheap sales tactics, and it's believable. Spenny is adorable, sexy in the most vulnerable and raw way imaginable. He's downright masochistic and he's the kind of personality that you can't stop watching even as he runs himself into the ground in a naive attempt to be "the better person". Kenny is cruel,and shrewd in a way that makes the competitions not only unfair but also a guilty pleasure for the more sadistic audience. How they stay friends is beyond me, but it is so much fun to watch Spenny become so stressed that he finally blows up. Seeing the "nice guy" get pushed to the point of fury over the smallest things is entertaining. I love Spenny's fussy, anxious, angst ridden demeanor, there is something so enticing about it. Kenny is the perfect one to pair up with him too, because he is brutal enough to treat Spenny with merciless disrespect, and that's what makes it so appealing.
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kenny vs Spenny, the best
googoogirl8228 November 2003
I love this show, it is awesome. It is hilarious and original and I honestly can't think of anything else like it. If you haven't seen it check it out immediately or you will remain a very sad person.

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Good entertainment!
robschan17 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Good entertainment but sometimes too obvious that it's staged, especially in the 4th and 5th season. This doesn't necessarily take away the entertainment since most of the writing is hilarious. Looking at this series I can't stop thinking about if Spennys "mental state" is just an act or if he's really that dumb and depressed. The same goes for Kenny when it comes to his nasty behavior. I'd like to know how these guys treat each other when the cameras are turned off, I'm doubting we'll ever see a "Kenny Vs Spenny: Behind the set". Conclusion: if you want to see two crazy guys doing crazy **** on TV, then this is the series for you!
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hardy719228 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
After purchasing the first season on DVD, I couldn't turn it off, I thought it was hilarious. I did, however, find myself beginning to question whether or not the show was scripted as the constant theme of Kenny "out-smarting" Spenny rather than staying true to each contest became a little too predictable.

I have just picked up season two and now have no doubt that the outcome of each episode is predetermined. This has become so obvious in the first few episodes of season two that I have begun to loose interest. The show has a great premise and two likable stars and would be much funnier if the two just went at it a stuck to the rules rather than each episode being a mockery of how Kenny manages to find a way to fool Spenny into losing. Gimme a break, are you going to tell me that Spenny is that big of an idiot, Christ, Spenny why don't you just take a look at the videotape before just always jumping right into your "humiliation" week after week.

The "who can drink more" contest was really when it hit me that I may as well be watching a sitcom rather than a reality show. Kenny once again "fools" Spenny by drinking "non-alcoholic" beer and states that Spenny will never know because Kenny has selected a beer that packages their "non-alcoholic" beer exactly the same as their regular beer. The beer they are both drinking is "Becks". "Becks" bottles their non-alcoholic beer" with a blue label which clearly says "non-alcoholic" right on the front. Of course, keeping with the standard theme, Spenny doesn't realize that once again he is the only one sticking to the rules. The episode probably would have been quite hilarious of the two of them would have just gone head to head with each pounding beer after beer.

Realizing you are watching a scripted reality show is kind of like finding out Santa Claus doesn't exist. Well, I guess it's back to reruns of "Jackass".
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it's REAL man
kidswillbeskeletons18 April 2004
This show is great because it has a horrible message. Kenny cruelly manipulates spenny and cheats in the most underhanded ways and always gets away with it. There is never any moment in the show where the two are remotely friendly with each other, no handshake or grudging pat on the back at the end; there is nothing but hate between them. I don't think it's even fair to call them "friends", at least based on what you see on the show. It is refreshing to see something on TV that is so honest and still funny. My favourite episode was the standing contest, which fell apart after a bitter argument over what constitutes "standing." It seems to be on hiatus in Canada right now, but the website says it will be back in june.
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Legendary & Perfect as it gets!
joonas1346 June 2014
Kenny vs Spenny is one of the best reality-shows ever made, every episode is just pure gold with amazing flops, jokes, tricks and everything is just adrenaline pumped and it's not missing anything. I wonder when I watched first couple of seasons.. and yeah I was immediately hooked. Every episode has purpose and how every episode is executed is just perfectly out-smarted for the viewers to just enjoy every episode.

Kenny is the god in this show, almost every episode Kenny thinks outside of the box and just fool with Spenny. Spenny is narcissistic, but really smart guy too, but keeps things too simple to "confuse" Kenny.

When Spenny tries something new or "fair tactic" depends of course which competition is on, Kenny always finds a way to out-smart Spenny and in the end Spenny is always the screwed one person, who suffers or have to do humiliation.

This show has everything in it, love, passion, intelligent, crazy situations, gross ones sometimes, but not over-hyped stuff at all. Maybe couple scenes are staged and already scripted, but overall it's pretty realistic when something awful or just mind-blowing stuff happens to Spenny or both of them.

If you love Canadian culture, outrageously funny situations or laugh out loud funny moments and just want to entertain your friends or yourself watching some funny stuff, THIS SHOW is for you perfectly.

I have not ever laughed so much, when I watch this show! It's just that good. I want more seasons, I'm so sad Season 6 was the last one. Really missing this show, there is nothing what replaces this pure gem.

Thanks Kenny Vs Spenny, I miss both of you, you made one of the most legendary show's ever in decades. This series really show's what is a real reality-show with endless fun!

Show is that good, I can't even describe it with words. :)

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Kenny vs Spenny 2004
viddy25 March 2004
A Canadian Import: "Best friends, better enemies" Kenny vs Spenny landed on GSN in March 2004. I'm not sure if you would call it a "reality show" or a "game show?"

Two guys challenge each other to contests like "who can stay awake the longest", etc. The loser has to perform a humiliation of the winner's choice.

It's absolutely guilty pleasure television. And has added an interactive game that can be played against other viewers while the show is airing. Which is the closest thing you'll find to convergence right now.
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amazing best comedy show on the planet
ilovemovies201617 June 2018
Two life long friends compete to embarrass each other intro says it all two friends compete in strange odd competitions who can 69 the longest and who can stay awake the longest you want some laughs watch this
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Viewers are dumb for thinking this is real.....
soc_dk29 August 2008
I'm not gonna rate the show itself much, besides giving it a 5 for the mediocre-ness. Mediocre humor and entertainment.

The purpose of this review is to let people know how incredibly dumb they are for mistaking this to be real. Of course the traits of the Kenny and Spenny characters are similar to each of them in real life, but this is still scripted. Most likely the acting is improvised along with the shooting of the episodes, but the process is written. It's obvious, so stop saying "Greatest reality-show ever". It's not...

And before you start screaming "It R 2 Real!!" remember how Kenny steals an X-ray machine in one of the episodes... Nope... Not going to happen. The show would never air these clips or allow Kenny to steal one in the first place... They wouldn't allow Kenny to slip Spenny acid nor would they air the clip of Kenny buying the acid from a dealer. Retarded
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Two best friends feud over everything, the loser needs to complete a 'dare'.
PhopoJijo12 November 2003
This show is the pinnacle of modern Canadian broadcasting. What could be funnier than two best friends competing against each other with the complete allowance to cheat (only penalized if the oposite person catches the cheater.) I believe my personal favorite concept was the "Who is most Sane" show, though through actual laughter factor, probably the humiliation of "Who is the strongest" competition...

I'll leave it to you to see THAT episode, though.
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Comic genius.
Jon Solo9 March 2013
It isn't for everyone, but if you can find humor in the sometimes gross, immature, and offensive, then this show is perfect for you. I consider it to be one of the best comedy television series that has ever aired, and absolutely the best reality show.

It is original, it is clever and most importantly it is hilarious.

The chemistry between the two is a match made in heaven. (Or maybe hell) Kenny is devious, gross and clever. Spenny is gullible, angry and honest (most of the time). They are a comic duo that will never have an equal.

I can watch these episodes over and over again and still be brought to tears with laughter. Thank you Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice for making me laugh for so many years.
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Best reality show in history
BerzerkerX3 February 2013
It's been couple of years since the series stopped, even though there's rumors about a KvS-film or a season 7, even so i can't stop watching this show. When time passes i feel the urge to watch this show again. What makes it brilliant is that Spenny and Kenny are complete opposites and the show wouldn't be the same. Their relationship evolves through out the series, mostly Spenny becomes more cynical, paranoid and sometimes he even compromises his principles. Kenny is the mastermind of the show, he's the one who mostly comes up with the competition and methods how to ''Go around the rules'' or even methods to cheat. If you start watching the show, notice that there are some faked scenes, most of the time by Kenny to mess with Spennys mind, but the competitions are real and Kenny and Spenny are really what they are in the show.
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A special show, but fun
Robert Sandnes2 April 2011
This show is a lot of fun to watch, and the episodes are not too long. I like the competitions, and there are lots of interesting things that happen in each episode. I kind of wish that Kenny didn't cheat as much though. Sometimes Kenny does things that make me a bit upset, rather than funny, because they are so incredibly evil towards Spenny. It would be fun sometimes, to actually see Kenny manage to do what the competition is about, instead of cheating himself to a victory.

With that said, there are loads of fun moments in this show, and I recommend it to everyone who likes to see people do dumb things and get humiliated.
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Wow, Kenny is cheating again this week?
brainmegaphone-117 March 2008
I realize this show is a reality joke that is meant to be funny... however what bothers me is that Kenny cheats in every competition. While this makes for funny TV (sometimes) after 2 or 3 episodes it becomes completely expected by the viewer. So why does Spencer not realize Kenny is cheating in every competition? Honestly, if Kenny did not cheat I would be surprised. So how can all of the competitions be taken seriously? Kenny has staged each one to his advantage and it takes away from the funny random reality show it should be. It is almost a complete insult to viewers to expect us to think that Spencer does not expect Kenny to cheat every single episode.
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It's not about the competition...
dizzycow129 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Kenny Vs. Spenny is a brilliant 'reality' TV show about two best friends who compete against each other in various tasks, ranging from the satirical (Who can sell the most bibles) to the utterly stupid (Who can keep a dump in their pants the longest).

However, the beauty of the show is not in seeing who will win (Kenny usually wins, either by cheating or by tricking Spenny), but in seeing how the two different personalities juxtapose against each other. Spenny, the hopeless hero, follows the spirit of every competition, while Kenny relies on deceit and manipulation. Basically, Spenny plays to win, and Kenny plays to make Spenny lose.

That's something I think a lot of reviewers here have missed. You don't watch the show to see who wins the competition (although the 'humiliation' bit at the end is always good for a laugh), you watch to see how these two incredibly different people go about handling a situation, and the hilarity that results from their personalities and methods. It's really not that important if it's scripted or not... the show isn't about who wins, it's about how they got there. And in this, Kenny vs. Spenny is like no other TV show I've seen.

It's especially nice if you're from Toronto, as various locales and characters from the city make their way into each episode.
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Obviously Fake
doctorawesomepants20 September 2010
I don't understand why people actually argue that this show is a "reality" show and enjoy it for all the stunts they pull on/with each other. Sure they actually do the stuff, they will tape themselves together or annoy people in the streets, but the results are obviously -- obviously -- scripted and even the stuff that happens completely "unexpectedly" is also carefully planned out. Case in point, when one of the guys climbs out the upstairs window to sneak away from the other guy and cheat on a challenge, and then they cut to him climbing out the window outside, how do you think the camera crew got there? They jumped out the window with all their gear? They walked right by the other guy through the house? No, it's a planned TV show and it is one of the most obviously fake "reality" shows I have seen, so I am not entertained by this show one bit. Kenny is pretty good (if he is the shorter, chubbier, grosser one) in his role as a cheating slob but the whiny, taller Spenny is so over the top and desperate to seem "real" that he fails completely. He is annoying and seems to be genuinely an unlikeable person in real life. I root for the other guy but even when he wins (most of the time) I don't really care and feel cheated because it was all scripted. Like WWE wrestling this show is fake, people! I give it 2 points because at least Kenny is sometimes entertaining and although it's scripted they do actually perform these stupid stunts.
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Surprisingly Entertaining
rockstar7811 November 2003
I watched this one Tuesday afternoon when nothing else was on. My friends and I all assumed it would suck but after seeing it I told my roommates all about it and now I watch it every week. It helps that Kenny is naturally witty and also a cheating bastard, so it's easy to root for Spenny.

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