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Season 26

1 Dec. 1992
In the Stillness of the Morning
Take a walk with Bob Ross and experience the quiet motionless beauty of a glassy river as the morning fog hangs onto the distant shore.
8 Dec. 1992
Delightful Meadow Home
Hike into the expanse of wilderness with Bob Ross and happen upon a quaint little home sitting among softly blowing meadow grasses.
15 Dec. 1992
First Snow
Follow Bob Ross into a lovely mountain setting with magnificent evergreens, where the first touches of snow appear in the valley.
22 Dec. 1992
Lake in the Valley
Discover a beautiful quiet lake hidden deep in the wilderness - and just beyond a glorious snow-covered mountain. - from the magical brushes of Bob Ross.
29 Dec. 1992
A Trace of Spring
Stroll along a wonderful hustling, bubbling river with Bob Ross and enjoy the emergence of springtime blossoms on spectacular trees.
5 Jan. 1993
An Arctic Winter Day
Travel to the coldest place imaginable with Bob Ross and find a lonely cabin comfortably nestled on the edge of a glassy-smooth frozen pond.
12 Jan. 1993
Snow Birch
An incredibly unique Bob Ross painting -- delight in the effects of white and black gesso, discover a birch tree forest perfectly mirrored in the cold stillness of winter.
19 Jan. 1993
Early Autumn
Follow along with the brushes of Bob Ross and step into a beautiful mountain oval - experience the first signs of autumn.
26 Jan. 1993
Tranquil Wooded Stream
Bob Ross takes you to a lovely spot deep in the woods where the seclusion, silence and beauty offer serenity to the soul.
2 Feb. 1993
Purple Mountain Range
Take a nice walk with Bob Ross along a peacefully flowing river and enjoy a view of gorgeous amethyst mountains and stately trees in the distance.
9 Feb. 1993
Storm's a Comin'
Join artist Bob Ross under turbulent skies as the windy waves rush to crash upon the rocks - all within a pleasing oval shape.
16 Feb. 1993
Sunset Aglow
Find yourself in a gorgeous late-afternoon mountain masterpiece by Bob Ross -- breathtaking purples skies, defined evergreens and smooth lake.
23 Feb. 1993
Evening at the Falls
Sneak away into the cold shadows with Bob Ross and enjoy the beauty of a winter night at the foot of a large fierce waterfall.

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