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So...George W. Bush is going to put oil wells everywhere and kill bunnies?!
MartinHafer16 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Hmmm...oddly, this one-joke short film is probably among the best from a DVD compilation of shorts entitled "Movieside Film Festival"--a compilations of mostly terrible short films. Now you need to understand that I rarely say such negative things about shorts--after all, you want to encourage young film makers....except for the ones whose films are featured on this disk. You see, I love short films and have bought or seen just about every short film compilation I could find over the years and it offends me that such slap-dash and suspect quality films were marketed to unsuspecting viewers.

This entire 2 minute short consists of a parody of "The Teletubbies" with George W. Bush substituting for the usual baby's face on the sun. As the face of Bush smiles over a landscape that is MOSTLY like that of show (plus a TON of oil derricks), you see bombs shooting out of Bush and blowing up one bunny after another. Whatever. It is amusing but not particularly meaningful. But, I did like seeing a director bold enough to blow up bunnies! By the way, no actual bunnies were harmed in the making of
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