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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of adventure violence, including frightening images

Sex & Nudity

  • Women wear low cut dresses
  • There's a scene where one of the protagonists (Elizabeth Swann) is in a jail cell, a group of men in the next cell put their hands through the bars and make cat calling noises, however Elizabeth is on the other side of the cell, the men never stated their intent but from their body language and noises it's implied that their desires were not wholesome.
  • A woman distracts a man near the end of the movie by kissing him with extreme passion. He returns the kiss, and it's quite prolonged and intense. Though the kiss happened mainly for distraction purposes, it was shown throughout the film that there was some sort of attraction between the two characters, including a flirty near-kiss moment. The woman already has a fiancé whom she truly cares for, however.
  • A woman in jail is upset that her wedding was interrupted by her arrest. Her fiancé, talking to her from outside the bars, assures her that they'll be able to get married eventually - if she'll still have him, he jokes gently. To which she responds with this suggestive line: "If it weren't for these bars I'd have you already." The same woman later says to someone else that she was robbed of her wedding night because of her arrest.
  • Jack and the crew end up on an island with tribal inhabitants at one point in the movie. The people and wear next to nothing. There is no nudity (private parts), although lots of skin is shown and several men wear loincloth looking material. There are a few female tribe members with cleavage showing, but mostly male.
  • Will gets whipped and his bare back is shown.
  • After Elizabeth's wedding dress is found on deck, one of the sailors assumes that it belonged to a virgin who lost her would-be husband and became a ghost, which is objected by the captain, who tells the crew that what the dress means is that there is a stowaway aboard, a young woman who is "probably naked."
  • The word "know" is used as an innuendo when a woman asks a man if he wants to know her. Another man interjects, "There'll be no knowing here."

Violence & Gore

  • A sailor whips several other sailors onscreen. No gore is shown but we hear lashing sounds and cries of pain from the sailors.
  • The first scene is ultra violent and very very gruesome and disturbing
  • A man has his eye pecked out by a black bird and blood drips down his eye. Very violent, but the lighting is dark and the scene very short.
  • We see a man hanged from his neck by a rope. We also see a faceless man. There is no blood shown.
  • Jack Sparrow shoots a black bird with a gun.
  • After a character sees the two dead men a sea-like creature comes after him The character slashes at the creature, cutting it. Green gooey guts and things that the creature ate come out. There is no blood shown, just green goo.
  • A man has his throat slit. Blood is briefly shown spurting.
  • It is implied that man has his head cut off, but we don't see it, only hear a cutting sound.
  • A man stabs another man with a sword, pulls it out and we see blood on the sword.
  • A man is whipped 5 times and his bloody back is shown briefly.
  • When Jack Sparrow is on the island, the cannibals offer him a dismembered (not bloody) toe. He bites it. (No blood is shown.)
  • Davy Jones' heart is shown, but it is not as bad as you would think. (Not bloody) It's just like a normal heart.
  • There is a lot of stabbing with swords, shooting, and fighting. Most of the time no blood is shown, and it's not very graphic
  • There is a scene where a character is whipped (off screen) as punishment, we hear lashing sounds and the resultant wounds for a split second afterwards.


  • 1 "damn you", 1 "ass", 7 "bugger", 1 "bloody", 2 "eunuch".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • It is not specified whether or not Captain Jack Sparrow is drunk throughout the entire film, but he constantly acts strange and tends to ramble on about things to himself.
  • Commodore James Norrington becomes an alcoholic after chasing pirates ruined his life. He is constantly in disarray and at one point causes a fight in a bar.
  • Jack holds up an empty bottle and wonders why the rum is always gone. When he goes looking for some, he runs into the barnacled-covered Bootstrap Bill and wonders if this is a dream, but then says it isn't as there'd be rum. Bootstrap Bill then offers him some and Jack has to pry the encrusted bottle from his crusty hand. Bootstrap Bill then has some as well. Davy Jones smokes a pipe in one scene. Jack and others usually shown tipsy.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Any given scene with the Kraken will be intense, as it appears very suddenly and wreaks havoc.
  • It's very Hard to look at Bootstrap Bill
  • Similarly, the appearance of some of the ghostly and/or monstrous characters, including Davy Jones (and his tentacle-covered face and large crab claw "hand"), his minions (in various stages of fish or crustacean transformation), Bootstrap Bill (with barnacles on his face) and the Kraken may be unsettling or scary to younger kids.
  • There is a scene aboard a ship where a father and son are punished, the son's punishment is to be whipped and the the father's punishment is to do the whipping, although he does it out of kindness and to avoid a more severe beating from one of the other sailors. We only see their reactions and hear lashing sounds, and one very brief glimpse of the resultant wounds. The captain of the ship seems to enjoy the act. This scene can be unsettling and hard to watch


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Jack and the Pearl are destroyed by the kraken. This is quite violent.

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