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Singer's $250M Lawsuit Over 'Grand Theft Auto' Fails

Singer's $250M Lawsuit Over 'Grand Theft Auto' Fails
Two singers. Both pursuing claims that their images were exploited as avatars in a video game. But whereas Gwen Stefani in 2010 was successful in convincing a California appeals court that Activision's exploitation of her image in Band Hero wasn't transformative fair use, Michael "Shagg" Washington has failed in making that same case against Take-Two Interactive over Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. A model and backup singer for the rap group Cypress Hill, Washington sued in 2010 after seeing a character named "C.J." in Grand Theft Auto that looked like him. The 2004 game was a highly

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'Grand Theft Auto IV' breaks U.K. record

'Grand Theft Auto IV' breaks U.K. record
LONDON -- Grand Theft Auto IV, the gangster-themed computer game that earned both critical acclaim and strong criticism, broke first day sales records in Britain, according to an industry body's initial estimates on Thursday.

The Entertainment Retailers Association, which represents 5,000 stores selling games, music and films, said the game -- published by Take-Two Interactive Software Inc -- sold about 609,000 copies on Tuesday.

That beats the previous record held by an earlier title in the same series, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which sold 501,000 copies on Oct. 29, 2004.

"The past 24 hours have been like it's Christmas all over again for our members," ERA director Kim Bayley said in a statement. "GTA IV is a phenomenon".

The game centers on an Eastern European immigrant who deals drugs, shoots police and beats up prostitutes after falling in with a crime syndicate.

Its release was one of the most hotly anticipated in the gaming world in years. Fans queued outside shops around the world to be the among the first to get a copy.

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