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Not to be confused with the one and only, truly original, panther pink panther from head to toes.
Victor Field17 April 2006
I can see how this take on "The Pink Panther" has failed to be the box office disaster many have hoped it would be - it never pretends to be anything other than pure slapstick from beginning to end, which is no bad thing for a comedy. The trouble is, it's pretty BAD slapstick, rendering this "re-imagining" (with thanks to Tim Burton's problematic but slightly underrated "Planet of the Apes") somewhat pointless, and another misstep on the CV of inexplicably employable producer Robert Simonds and director Shaun Levy.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh at all; the gag with the MGM lion is better than all of Kurtz & Friends' animated titles, and Steve Martin and Jean Reno masquerading as Beyonce's backup dancers is genuinely funny. But for most of the time the jokes are set up so obviously that Ray Charles in his current state could see them coming, not to mention being flogged to death (why are there TWO laboured gags about people thinking our hero is shagging a wasted Emily Mortimer? What is this, "Three's Company"?), and though Martin as Clouseau isn't nearly as annoying as he was in "Looney Tunes: Back In Action," he's still more infuriating than funny. (And why is his hair white when his moustache is black?)

Though star and co-writer, the former comic genius can't take all the blame; Kevin Kline's ineffective as Dreyfus (as well as never explaining why this supposedly French Chief Inspector sounds almost as British as some of the cast members), and though an uncredited Clive Owen is much better as Bond-alike Nigel Boswell, 006 ("One away from the big time"), his scene seems from an entirely different movie. The director proves that the weak "Cheaper By The Dozen" wasn't a fluke, with his light approach being too light to bring across a comedy and totally unable to handle mystery (remember, the first two "Naked Gun" movies were both very funny AND told a good story), and this is the kind of movie where you can tell who the villain is by careful study of the opening credits. And as for the rampant slathering of endless Paul Oakenfold remixes of Henry Mancini's famed theme in lieu of proper scoring... not that Christophe Beck's original music is all that good, but he still deserved better than that. (I could also wonder why a movie predominantly set in France was partly filmed in Rome and Prague, but that's just being really picky.)

Jean Reno is terrific as Clouseau's far more intelligent and supernaturally patient partner, and Beyonce Knowles turns in her best screen performance to date (probably because she's cast as a drop dead gorgeous world-famous singer), but ultimately ANY instalment of ANY animated incarnation of "The Pink Panther" is more satisfying than this entire movie. And yes, that does include the one where the Panther talked.
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I'm sorry people. it just wasn't funny
hyde_park_inc10 March 2006
After my friend dragged me out of the house for pizza and a movie. We were going to go watch Capote. But that movie wasn't shown where we were. So I thought i just go see Pink Panther, I mean how bad could it be? Bad! Real bad. I mean this was the kind of movie I would expect to see Steve martin in but not Jean Reno or Kevin Kline. I thought i would laugh et some of the stupid jokes that would appear but nothing, nada, sipduda or something. I have never been so tempted to walk out of a movie in my life but i couldn't cause then they would have won. But if you like to watch these kinds of movies like American band camp then by all means see the thing. I suppose somebody has to like it. But i suspect a lot of people Don't like it. This has nothing to do with the previous films, I just hated this one for what was.
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cant beat sellers
saintpergammon9 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I think to put Steve martin to be compared with peter sellers is an insult. they could not choose a worse pathetic untalented actor. If you want to continue the film without Sellers you have to find someone with at least same respect as a comedian who can perform as close as possible to the original actor who made the series a success. Martin has nothing to compare with Peter Sellers, lousy humor of martin cant reach the class of Sellers. I cant understand how can directors make such a bad choice, they will be punished from low audience. I was a big lover of this series and I am greatly disappointed even angry with this, I hope they will realise and choose someone else if there is gonna be a next one.
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The Stink Panther!!!
batpickle2 March 2006
P-U this movie is one big stinker!!! How could anyone like this piece of garbage! Steve Martin is horrible as Inspector Jacques Clouseau, and could quite possibly take away the title for worst accents from Kevin Costner! I mean really Peter Sellers was a genius and that part was made for him but if Steve Martin can't do a French accent then get someone else! He tried to cover his lack of ability by pronouncing his "r's" as "w's" and it came out sounding like baby talk! Moderized gags and crappy jokes lead this stink bomb straight to the sewer. I took my kids to see this and they were not even impressed in the least and they are 15 and 10 years old! Don't waste your money seeing this in the theater, don't buy the DVD until it hits the $5.00 bin that way it won't cost much more than renting it and you can burn your copy after watching it that way you will get some satisfaction!
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what a waste!
illigalwarez15 March 2006
for anyone who have seen the real inspector Clouseau in action, played so well by Peter Sellers, this movie is not only a HUGE disappointment, but more of a personal insult. i 'm a huge fan of Steve Martin, but in this movie he is way off - at all times. i cant find one - 1 - single scene where he is remotely funny, and while watching it, i just wanna crawl under the table and cry, thinking to myself: why was this crap made? i wont start on any of the other actors, there is no need to. there is nothing positive to say, at all. and its not the actors fault, this ... accident of a movie. not even Steve Martins fault ... i try to convince myself ... even if he is in part involved in the screenplay. if someone invents a time-machine, please let me know, cause i want to go back in time, buy this script, and burn it.

no matter what you do, it will be time better spent than to go and see this ... this ... major disappointment.
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A fun movie, and let's clear up a few things...
iKramerica-116 February 2006
I really enjoyed this movie. I expected the worst because of many of the comments here, but that's why they play the game, so the saying goes...

There were plenty of laughs and a simple but serviceable plot that held together for the whole film. I personally don't think Martin was trying to BE Sellers, but to do his TAKE on a character created by Sellers. Think original Clouseau + The Jerk and you get the idea.

The key is that Marin captured the spirit of the character and the film captured the spirit of the original films as well. That's all one could ask.

Jean Reno was quite good, Kevin Cline not so good. He might have taken more time to make his own Dreyfuss.

Now to clear some things up:

First: For those who lament a crappy remake of the original film, I suggest you go watch the original film. You will be surprised at how unfunny it is. Sellers is good, but the movie itself is slow and obvious. I remember loving the movie as a kid, then I tried to watch it recently and realized I was remembering the sequel. The original was really weak and boring.

Second: For those who say Martin turned Clouseau into some kind of loser, I again suggest you watch the originals. He WAS a loser. He WAS pathetic. That was the point. He was a sexual repressed, pathetic loser who lucked into solving crimes while bumbling around and trying to get laid. Martin's Clouseau fits this mold.

Third: This is not a remake, but another in a series. To suggest that the original is so sacred that another film in a series can't be made many years later is the worst kind of snobbery. Why do people treat films with such reverence but not plays or musicals? If a great star creates a character on stage, does that mean no one else can ever play that character in the history of theater? Of course not. Sorry to say, Sellars is dead. He can't come back and do it again.

Now there are things about this movie that are different than the originals in terms of tone.

One is that the subject matter has been toned down a bit. Though there is the implication of sex in multiple places and a few murders (not violent and not seen), it isn't as risqué as the original, to fit a broader market one would suppose. Still not sure how they can get away with advertising it on Nickelodeon with links to, but that's a typical Viacom/MTV problem.

But this film is a bit lighter than the original for that reason. It is still satirical, but less blatantly pop culture gag driven than a Shrek. Pink Panther takes subtle jabs at the French and their love of cycling, hatred of American food, etc. It also incorporates a very fun sequence with 006, creates gags out of Viagra, ring tones, the TSA, etc. Basically, it's current without being so tied to 2005/6 that it will feel dated later.

If you like to laugh, you'll like this movie. If you consider yourself a tough cookie for laughs, then you may not. But that's your fault, not the movie's... ;)
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Humourless rubbish
Framescourer24 January 2008
A dreadful comedy. Unfunny from beginning to the 50th-or-so minute when I couldn't take any more. Martin mangles the faux-French accent terribly, curdling into Elmer Fudd whilst perpetually falling short of the risqué misnomers of Allo, Allo. Innuendo is poorly sold as are many of the slapstick gags (the majority are ill-executed as they rely on post-production). The thin story is padded out with tiresome comic digressions and insertions. The quintessence of this is a scene in which Martin's Clouseau prepares for a Stateside visit with a vocal coach and a single line of desperately repeated script - 'I would like to buy a hamburger' - which simply flatlines.

References to other films seem to tee themselves up and then evaporate. A rough Bond reference works - a Planes, Trains and Automobiles moment is ignored and various Austin Powers allusions waste away with th poorly executed innuendo. Beyoncé consequently has no acting to do, restricting herself to laughing and smiling a lot. Her co-stars Jean Reno and Kevin Kline seem paralysed by the awfulness of the contract under which they labour. A total waste of everybody's time, especially mine. 1/10
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even with an open mind, I came away deeply disappointed
Jackemeyer19 February 2006
I saw a preview 2 weeks before and was extremely excited to see this movie. I had seen Sellers in the Return and Revenge movies as a youngster and thought Steve Martin could easily pull this roll off! I am a hugemongous fan of his old stuff (Jerk, ...Plaid, All of Me, Man with two.... etc.)!

Neither Steve Martin nor Kevin Kline were able to consistently portray his character from start to finish. Too difficult an accent to master? Maybe the story demanded a deep and developed character?? Yeah right! The movie was only 93 minutes long, what were their problems??

I demanded my money back after the show. I had been so excited before the show, especially since I had endured a heavily loaded week at work and school. I left the theater feeling seriously ripped off and sick, sick of attempting to giggle at the same old joke of a man getting kicked in the family jewels.

For many minutes following, I was afraid the movie was a big joke on us, as if these actors were attempting to get away with putting in as little as possible in return for our ticket monies.

Get your money back or save your money for renting this flop from video store. No reason to see it on the big screen for sure. No reason to ruin the spirit of the Pink Panther either (by renting).
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Misses the Mark
Darguz23 May 2006
I have a confession: I haven't seen this movie. Yet. I will, and I may very well enjoy it. I like Steve Martin a lot, and have seen most of his movies.

I have, however, seen the previews, and from the first shot, when I saw that patented Steve Martin smirk, I knew they had missed the mark. The rest of the scenes confirmed it. This may be Clousseau, but it's an entirely different Clousseau.

The thing that defined Peter Sellers' Clousseau, and made him so funny, was his tremendous dignity. This was Sellers' brilliance. No matter what happened, Clousseau was un-flustered. Sellers' Clousseau was not a buffoon, as Martin has portrayed him. Things just happened around him, and it never occurred to him that it had anything to do with him. Clousseau was the straight man, and everyone else was the fall guy. To Clousseau, the entire world was slapstick, and he was the only serious person.

Martin has reversed that, and turned Clousseau into just another conventional slapstick character. If you go into this movie expecting traditional Clousseau, you'll be disappointed. But if you like traditional Steve Martin, you just may enjoy it.
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they should have left it alone
nobbytatoes17 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
At a massive football game of France vs China, Yves Gluant, coach of France's team, is murdered in front of everyone with the pink panther diamond Yves was wearing now missing. Chief Inspector Dreyfus jumps to the case, hoping to boost his dwindling image. Dreyfus comes to an idea of hiring a incompetent policeman to keep the medias attention of him; that policeman, Inspector Jacques Clouseau. Clouseau is teamed up with Gendarme Gilbert Ponton, to keep tabs on Cloaseau for Dreyfus, and his secretary Nicole, with sparks about to fly between them. Main suspect for the murder is Xania, Yves girlfriend and massive pop star singer.

As with any of the Pink Panther film, no matter where Clouseau goes, havoc is bound to follow, in true over the top fashion. The formula for this incompetent idiot worked in the first Pink Panther, much to the help of Peter Sellers flare for slap stick. The jokes are running so thin, there isn't a joke you've seen before, they're wearing out their welcome extremely thin.

One question that needs asking is why did Steve Martin decided to make this film; acting Clouseau and also responsible for half the writing credits. The bad part for Martin, he doesn't really interpret the character of Clouseau for himself, ending with a stiff and very badly accented character. With the success of previous films; Cheaper by the Dozen, Just Married and Big Fat Liar, director Shawn Levy was hoping history would repeat itself, but has ran out of luck on this film.

Wasted talent. That's all that can be said. When you can boast a cast holding Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, Emily Mortimer, Jean Reno and to a less extent Beyoncé Knowles, how can they get away with such dull and lack luster performances. They all just fumble around the place, which is disappointing from Kevin Kline, who is a great comedic actor. Jean Reno, also a great actor, looked so bored and tired.

The Pink Panther should have been left alone when the idea first came up to make this film. They should just leave some things left in the past.
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Peter sellers cannot be beaten by American crap
gkvlm4 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
OK lets get this from the beginning. This movie contains jokes which are too much for a joke. In the older version peter sellers made those jokes look realistic and really funny. Steve Martin cannot do the same.This movie is made in "American style". Beyonce plays the goddess of the movie? and there's rap music in it which are not the style for the pink panther. Also Hollywood shouldn't even try to do this movie because its obvious that its not going to be as the original which is classical and it remains in history like godfather,jaws,exorcist etc. When I got to the cinema I was really excited to get in and see this. After i saw it I was disappointed and I realized that i have waisted 2 hours of my life to see this....(******) I believe that no American actor can replace peter sellers as Insp. Jacques Clouseau. In addition to prevent this crap movie they should do something different like a different comedy or something and have a little of pink panther clues in it.
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Not quite what I'd hoped for ...
bonehead19 February 2006
I'm rather surprised at the outpouring of positive commentary about this movie, especially by folks who are older than ten or so.

I saw this with my son in a crowded theatre, mostly children, and from the reaction, most of them thought it was hilarious. I'd been hoping for a bit more of a nod to adults - something along the lines of what there was in Bugs Bunny or, more recently, in a lot of the SpongeBob Squarepants episodes - something more than fart jokes and basic slapstick.

Unfortunately, that's pretty much all there was. I felt like I was sitting through Mr. Magoo again, except with Steve Martin instead of Leslie Nielsen. Sure, there were a couple of funny bits, but they were certainly not enough to carry the movie - a lot like MIB II in this regard, where it felt like they had a couple of jokes left over from the first that they tried to use to carry the movie.

The wonderful actors Kevin Kline and Jean Reno were wasted in their roles - though without them it would have been completely abysmal, and Beyonce does a good job as well.

In short, it wasn't bad enough that I felt I wasted my time, but I'm sure glad that I went on a free pass and didn't pay $17 for the experience. Then again, if you've got kids under the age of 12 or so, take them - they will love it, it's right up their alley - just don't expect much to be there for yourself.
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Grey, dull and unimaginative
trilok-19 May 2006
I knew I would be dragged to the theatre (my girlfriend is a Steve Martin fan). So I ensured she watched the The Return of The Pink Panther (the best of the original series with Peter Sellers). She didn't find it funny enough, but did accept that, for the time the jokes were new and that Sellers as Clouseu was exceptional. But the original is still a great film. From exotic locales to a stellar cast to an intelligent script -it had it all. This version is a bore. It is by far one of the most unimaginative scripts ever written for a comedy film. Steve Martin tries to be funny and fails miserably throughout. It looks like he didn't even study Sellers' Clouseau or wanted to do his own version (our advice: don't try and improve upon perfection). The jokes and gags for the greater part of the film were predictable and childish. Beyonce, the actor, is useless. Only Jean Reno as Ponton was somewhat tolerable. Even the accents, that were so funny in the original, are a damp squib in this one. Steve Martin's french accent is as authentic as a Chinese Frankfurter. The lesser said about Kevin Kline in this film, the better. Overall avoidable on any format. Go watch the original. That's a class act.
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A lot less than I expected
Mike Raposo25 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I expected this movie to be really good but instead I was disappointed with the boring performance by all the actors in this movie it was just dull and pointless, the story went nowhere and for me it was not even that funny at all! The only funny part was the hamburger part where he's trying to say the word with an American accent but that was shown in the commercials so much that it ruined it for the movie! Steve Martin has done so much better in his other movies such as Cheaper By The Dozen that this was such a let down! I don't recommend watching this you'll only walk out of the theater yawning! I give it a 1/10! Not to mention how boring Beyonce was and then it all ends up being some professional trainer guy who steals the diamond, i'd be better off watching the cartoon at home!
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Pink Panther 2006
itspatagain5 March 2006
First off, why all the reruns? Are there NO creative minds left in the movie making business? Or are they all tangled up in making dreary reality films? Steve Martin deserves something original as he is certainly an original talent. Why must we have to go into a movie with the quintessential movie of that title already firmly etched into our mind? The comparison is going to be there, try as you may to squelch it. And in so saying, I will admit this movie isn't bad, it does have the moments and the laughs. But I, for one, am tired of rehash after rehash of previously made movies - most of which can't be improved on. (Witness the hideous remake of Charley and the Chocolate Factory. That will likely be the only movie that Johnny Depp, one of the world's best actors, shouldn't have made and that was almost embarrassing to watch.) And The Pink Panther should have been left the perfect jewel that was created by Peter Sellers.
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g.barlas5 March 2006
What a waste of time and talent...... Kline, Martin, Reno... They should have known better, considering their age, talent and somewhat rich past. In this new Panther NOTHING works! Everything is SO mediocre and banal.... Sad to see Martin finally sank to fart jokes! Y'know the rest.... It gives one goose-pimples just to hear the actors speaking in English with Frech accents! There is also this very embarrassing scene where Closeau tries to learn the right pronunciations.... Man, c'est horrible! Why do they churn out such idiotic films in nowadays Hollywood? Do they have no talent left or do they think we the audience such stupid mushrooms????? Avoid at any cost!
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Well worth watching
heifer-112 February 2006
Don't be swayed by some of the negative reviews. This movie is entertaining, and fun to watch. As has been noted in other posts, Martin is not Sellers, and Kline is not Lom. But you already know that. That being said, Steve Martin puts his own spin on the character, and most of the time it worked quite well. If you remember, the original Pink Panther was made in '63, A Shot in the Dark was in '64, and it was 12 years before the next one with Sellers was made. And during that time, Alan Arkin played Clouseau. So, Sellers playing the inspector wasn't an instant classic, and took over a decade to catch on enough to make sequels.

The plot in this outing is no more strained or outrageous than the others, and the slapstick comedy is just as forced at times as in the previous movies. But that is what Panther fans expect. If you were an adult when the first Pink Panther movies came out, you will remember all of the negative attitudes from numerous movie goers about how silly and juvenile they were. But those of us who 'got' the humor loved them. And those of us who 'get' the humor this time around love this movie.

I am just saying, give it a chance. It may not be the same as the originals, but it comes closer than anything else ever has or ever will. Sellers may be dead, but if you miss the spirit of Clouseau, it is alive in this movie. Let the people who want to appear sophicated bash this movie all they want, but I am pretty certain that even though they compare it to the original and point out its shortcomings, they would probably have had the same negative attitude toward the original movies had this forum existed back then.

The movie doesn't take itself seriously, so we shouldn't take it seriously either. Watch it, laugh out loud, enjoy it, and have an enjoyable evening.
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Why isn't Steve Martin funny anymore?
Vaseal4 March 2006
I really don't understand Steve Martin!! First he tries dismally to revive the late great Phil Silvers character "Sergeant Bilko" and now he also has tried to revive equally dismally the late great Peter Sellers character "inspector Jacques Clouseau".

Now don't get me wrong, I am a fan of Steve Martin but as I was checking out his movie history it dawned on me that he hasn't been funny in almost twenty years! If he had retired after "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" he would have had almost the perfect movie career. And would now be remembered as a legend of comedy just like Sellers and Silvers.

But as with most actors, he doesn't know when to quit and he has now starred in two decades of Turkeys. Bowfinger is perhaps the only exception.

Now back to the Pink Panther. It is a truly an awful film. His performance is lame to say the least. Peter Sellers Clouseau was a masterpiece; Martin is comparison a pale imitation. The problem is Martin has run out of original ideas. Like an aging pop star that has ran out of original material, he has reduced himself to singing covers.

But in the Circus that is Hollywood one should always seek the high wire and never be the clown. So therefore perhaps its time Martin called it a day.
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An Insult to the Series
SoncoChairman17 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
From the beginning I knew a prequel to the PINK PANTHER series would be an abomination. I did not, however, think it would be worse than I expected. I went to see the movie because I am a fan of Steve Martin and his writing. His attempt at either imitating or recreating the Clouseau role (whichever it was) was, in the very least, a failed accomplishment. The beauty of the Sellers "Clouseau" was the subtlety that Sellers brought to the character. He was clumsy as opposed to stupid. The real humor in the originals is that Clouseau would solve the case, more or less, by accident through his faults. Thus when he received acclaim it was that much more humorous. Martin's "Clouseau" is stupid and vain and has no likable traits. He actually has some police skills that help him in the end, but are not in the vain of Clouseau. He is NOT Clouseau. Why would anyone want to recreate a character that was perfect? Some may say to introduce the series to a new generation. I say buy the DVDs. They are well worth the investment. There is one good scene in the film, which revolves around a cameo by Clive Owen. Granted the scene contains inside jokes but if you get them then you'll laugh. However the scene has nothing to do with the story of the film and Steve Martin should be ashamed of himself for writing such rubbish. The bottom line Peter Sellers must turning over in his grave, but I am sure he's glad he is dead so he does not have to see his legacy damaged.
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One four letter word sums this piece of tripe up
Dan Paterson9 March 2006
One four letter word is all that is needed to sum this piece of tripe up, and it sure as hell isn't good, okay or fair. I hated it, it is insult not only to the original but also to Martin who seems to have taken to doing these god-awful remakes that in fact only serve to butcher the memory and heritage of the original film.

Sellars turned a star performance in the Original and while it was extremely silly, it was not childish.

I would suggest a better use of your time would be to drill a hole through your hand. I therefore poo poo this film utterly and without remorse.
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naitsirk-118 March 2008
I can see NO REASON (except money) for making Pink Panther movies after the sad demise of Peter Sellers - and this isn't even a good attempt at one... But isn't it OBVIOUS that it can't be good - if somebody had the GENIUS to make a movie as fun as the original panthers, then they'd probably also have the originality to make their own, new franchise - if you're desperate enough to revive another franchise, then you've already admitted that you're without any ideas of value, so it doesn't take a scientist to figure out that the result will be of a very low standard. I think it is a sad attempt at making money and I do wish that they'd abandon their current filming of a sequel to this rubbish, seeing as it's only tarnishing the otherwise magnificent career of Steve Martin - a comedian not in any way in the league of Peter Sellers, but still, under more amicable circumstances, a highly enjoyable actor whom I would wish I could have a better opinion of, despite this film!
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Can a film be worse than this dog?
roge567 April 2006
I used to love Steve Martin - that's why I saw this film. Remember his superb The Jerk, The Lonely Guy, The Man With Two Brains, The Two of Us, Roxanne.

But this one - what a piece of flat, mindless stupidity. Bad script, bad acting, worse direction. The original Blake Edwards' films with Peter Sellers were funny (even if uneven). But this one is dreadful. Cringe city! Maybe if Martin had had a director who understood comedy and comic timing and setting up jokes and hey actually being funny, then it could have worked. How embarrassing to see Kevin Kline wasted, and as for Beyonce - what is that about??? The film left a really bad taste in my mouth.
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contact_paul5 March 2006
I can safely write the shorts review ever for this... It is Junk, a poor representation of the original genius. Avoid this film, don't give the makers any incentive to make similar movies again.


However, in order to post a review, it needs to be 10 lines long.

So I will take the opportunity to tell you that in every scene is highly visible brand placement. Beyonce has a nice body, but she is not a movie star, or even a sympathetic screen presence as J-lo.

The accents are all over the place..

The acting is lame and tired.

Don't go. end of story
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another weak panther
suckow_161 March 2006
All the jokes are very predictable, there is nothing new in the story. Steve Martin is once again OVERRATED and after 15 minutes you want to leave the movie theater.

To be very honest there are only two good jokes and parts of the soundtrack is very good.

Sometimes the background out of focus is more interesting to watch than Steve Martin.

Hopefully they won't make a DVD of this film!

When I saw the film eight people were watching and only one guy were laughing.

I found a total waste of time and money!
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