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One of the few shows on TV I actually make time for
Pythe28 November 2004
Rarely do we, the television audience, experience the privilege of a show that is equal parts educational and entertaining. Not that I'm learning anything from it, mind you, but other people very well might.

The simple premise is that our two hosts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, recreate the conditions of popular myths to verify or, as is more often the case, bust them. Of course, a premise alone does not a good show make. The fun comes from watching Jamie and Adam gleefully trounce the sometimes ridiculous stories. Adam is the energetic and outgoing one, taking every opportunity to goof off and make the work look more like play, whereas Jamie reacts to things with a much drier sense of humor and is somewhat more sarcastic. I was as disappointed as anyone upon learning of the inclusion of three "Jr. Mythbusters" for the second season, but my concern was ill-founded, as I realized that they had just as much personality as Jamie and Adam, and my conclusion is that anyone who thinks the show has gone downhill as a result of the new additions is simply averse to any change whatsoever. The show remains a favorite.

On a side note, you really have to admire how smart these guys are. Most of what they do can be traced back to physics, which makes me respect them all the more, based on my consistent inability to grasp the simplest of concepts in this particular field.
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Makes the scientific method fun!
flourish_and_blotts14 January 2004
I didn't think it was possible, but this show actually makes the scientific method fun. I love this show, and this is what I call good television. I think it's highly entertaining, and educational. Did you know most eel skin wallets or actually made out of hagfish? Just a snippet of what you might learn on this show. The two hosts also make a great team, Jamie with his sarcasm, and Adam is just crazy and hilarious. It's the only show I watch on discovery channel.
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The name says it all.
Bronco4618 January 2004
This show is nothing but fun. You can only hope that some of the individuals who pass on these urban myths will watch this and start using there head when it comes to passing on these ridiculous stories. That being said, it's a lot of fun watching these guys use science, engineering, and art to debunk, or in some cases prove possible some the stories we've all heard while growing up. Well worth watching, for all ages.
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Great show!
Blkbush27 December 2004
Mythbusters is one of my 'don't miss it' programs.

I don't think I've ever seen quite the talent for destruction that Adam & Jamie share. Nearly every episode has to feature a myth involving things blowing up, or shattering into thousands of pieces. And I LOVE it!

Their enjoyment for what they do, whether seen in Adam's nearly boundless enthusiasm, or in Jamies much more controlled attitude, along with the well-known & lesser-known myths that are proved or 'busted' each week make Mythbusters a winner.

Highly entertaining, and educational.
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The Discovery Channel's new hit
dokmartin18 February 2004
This show is, quite possibly, the coolest new show that has hit the telly in some time. I watch it every time it is on, and the new shows are getting better. The hosts play well off of each other. Jamie being the more serious one and Adam being the more hyper one. Watching them blow stuff up is good, as it feeds the pyromaniac that all people have. Hopefully the first season will come out on dvd soon. My only question is : What else have these two done? Their bios on IMdB are woefully uninlightening. I did not know that Jamie and his workshop, M5, were behind that cool Nike remote control car. I was floored when I found out. I see nothing but good thing from this show in the future. I wonder what they do with all the myths that they construct to use on the show? Hopefully. they keep them somewere in Jamie's shop. Will we see a Mythbusters exibit in the future? Stay tuned...
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Smart and funny
Stibbert23 September 2005
This show is genius. Take two crazy special effects guys and let them take the urban myths to the ultimate test. In each episode Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage test different myths to see if their actually true or just made up.

The two hosts are just perfect. They do a great job in making the whole thing crazy and funny. You feel like you get to know them. That is a good thing as it then gets more personal. The show is well directed and well written. The cinematography I think is cool. You see booms and cameras in the picture all the time, but that gives credibility to the show. It gives the impression that they're focusing at documenting the experiments and not on the look of the show. I like that kind of "rough" and incidental look of the show. When I say it's well written I mean well written. It's not coincidence where they go to get the stuff they need and so on, but they made it seem like it is. It's things like this that gives this show a nice down to earth feel. The fact that the two host obviously have a lot of fun when putting the myths to the test also reflect on the show and it makes you interested and makes you pay attention. If you start watching time flies. They also does a good job in letting us know what the experts think of the myth. This makes it all the more interesting as they will have to prove them wrong or right too.

Mythbusters is a show I can recommend. It's funny, it's intelligent and it's educational. It's science made cool.
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"MythBusters" is the ultimate show on Discovery Channel!
simplysoda_19f12 December 2005
I have watched the Discovery channel every since I was a little girl, and yes I have to admit they have had some pretty cool shows, but no matter how cool they are, they don't amount to "MythBusters".

"MythBusters" is a great show for those young and old. The hosts and Adam & Jamie, together, they have had lot's of experience working with special effects. Adam & Jamie take a myth, that maybe some people have heard of, and some people haven't, and they actually put it to the test, to see if it's a possibility that the myth could work. Sometimes they do, and sometimes the myths are busted, hence the name, "MythBusters".

Along with Jamie & Adam there's Buster, Buster is a crash-test dummy, who helps them along the way, cause let's face it, some of the stunts they do, aren't exactly safe. Also in the crew are 3 Jr. "MythBusters" and they do try to put smaller less harmful myths to the test.

So, that's basically the whole concept of the show, except, when a myth is busted, they try and do things just to see what could make the myth work, and usually that's where the fun part is.

So, if you like seeing people testing things to there limits and beyond, watch the "MythBusters" it's a great show, with a great cast, and lot's of action.
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The best show out there
lpokeefe29 October 2005
It's ironic that "Mythbusters"- a show hosted by two (pyromaniac?) guys who look like my uncle Gordon that attempt to prove myths of all strifes false- is the best show out there, trumping all the sitcoms, dramas, news-hours, sports programs and "car" shows out there. Why? Well, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have figured out how to entertain, and they've got it down to a science.

Hyneman is the more reserved of the two hosts, and also the most memorable, with his penchant for cleanliness and his neat beret. He's usually the one who figures out the basics of a myth and possible ways to "bust" it. Savage is the younger, louder and more energetic one of the two. He usually comes up with the "rigs" used to test the myths. Both are intensely crazy and cool, and are the kind of guys that I look up to, even if they are obsessed with explosions.

Supporting these two wackjobs are a team of nutties that I happen to like very much, collectively called the "Build Team". The two that have stuck around are Kari Byron, a beautiful, enigmatic woman who fits the show well; and Tory Belleci, who I don't like very much, as he's a bit of a camera hog, and tends to play the idiot. Two others left just before the second season ended: Scottie Chapman, who is easily the best of the builders, as she is very intelligent, works well with the others, and is the embodiment of cool. Christine Chamberlain is not a personal favorite of mine, as she seems too serious to be around the rest of these guys and doesn't share everyone else's sense of fun and humor. Coming in at the end of the second season is Grant Imahara, who, while not the best builder, could well be the definitive cast member: a smart, humorous guy who is slightly nerdy and is an electronics expert.

All in all, this nutso gang attempt to "bust" myths of all sorts, from Civil War legends to modern high-tech tales. Not once have their attempts to try out a myth seem contrived, calculated or (most of all) deadly serious. And yet, they manage to deliver educational material along with their terrific sense of fun. Everybody could like this show, from teachers to scientists, from little kids to their hard-nosed parents. I wholeheartedly recommend this show. It, for me, is the benchmark against which all nonfiction shows are measured, and is the second best show of all time.
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Fantastic series
Sintek17 October 2003
I rank this up there with "Junkyard Wars" in the Discovery channel's edutainment lineup. Every day myths to obscure urban legends are tested and either proved or busted in entertaining and sometimes educational experiments.

Recommended for Urban Legend buffs or anyone with any amount of interest in Science.
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Started out great, went downhill recently
DrLex3 March 2014
This used to be one of my most favorite TV shows ever. It was the first show I looked up on IMDb so I could rate it a 10. It has never been entirely rigorously scientific, but that would have been too boring anyway. In the first seasons they managed to strike a great balance between sensation and scientific validity. Initially each episode spent quite a bit of time showing how Jamie and Adam constructed their experiments, which made it quite educational.

Then it gradually went downhill. The attention for how the experiments were built, was gradually reduced with every new season. Until 2013 however it never reached a level where the show was reduced to all style and no substance. Then however, episodes started popping up that were obviously intended to promote some other Discovery show. This only got worse with the 2014 season which started with a Star Wars special that gave a forced impression like "someone paid us to spend an entire episode on this franchise that has no ground in reality at all".

Then came the live Twitter pop-ups, which I find horribly annoying. Every thirty-something seconds there is this moving rectangle in the corner of the screen that grows to cover a substantial area of the image. I do not care at all about the text inside it. Having comments from random viewers shoved in my face is like watching YouTube and being forced to read the inane comments below the video. Ignoring these pop-ups is nearly impossible due to the attention-grabbing animation and the simple fact that they cover essential parts of the image. Please, please stop superimposing this junk on the broadcast. TV is not interactive and I like it that way, so do not pretend it is by feeding us these obviously heavily moderated tweets. Anyone who badly wants to read live tweets can see them on any other device they like.

My dwindling respect for this show got another hit when I stumbled upon a report of some episodes being unauthorized re-makes of copyrighted material, like the "airplane boarding" episode which never aired in the USA because the lawsuit is still ongoing. I still have respect for Jamie and Adam because I tend to believe they just go with what their producers hand them, and most of all, because of all the years of televised enjoyment they offered me. Yet I am afraid that if MB continues on its current trajectory, I will have to say it goodbye.
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Just love it, and you learn a lot
catrandom22 April 2005
A fine show, co-hosted by an up-for-anything redheaded seeming goofball (who's actually quite smart and occasionally capable of startling arrogance) and a muscular, mustachioed pain in the a**.

There's obviously tension between the hosts, but it seems to make for more effort and better work on all sides. (One exchange that made it to air: "Quit whining, you big baby"/"F*** off!"/Sound of off-camera things breaking).

They do much useful debunking, but the guys being competitive is what's the most fun about MB. I kinda wish the show hadn't promoted Kari, Tori and Grant to effective co-hosts, since it means less A&J, but the hosts may have real lives to get back to, and perhaps it's been discovered that they do better if they don't spend quite so much time together.
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Best show on TV
jamest19947 November 2009
What a great show. One of the very few which have managed to make science and education fun.

Jamie and Adam are hilarious, and the myths (and the lengths they'll go to), are very entertaining. Watching someone blow up a cement truck with 400 pounds of C4, and trying to make diamonds with 5000 pounds of C4, how can you go wrong?! But, of course, the whole show isn't about blowing stuff up (although there wouldn't be anything wrong with that), it's about busting or confirming myths, and the results are usually very surprising.

Overall, I give this show a 10 out of 10. It couldn't get much better.
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Educational, But Still Hilarious!
johnny-38615 November 2006
This is BY FAR my favorite show. Period. Its funny, no, downright hilarious, and still educational. I love how different Adam and Jamie are. Adam is immature, funny, and goofy, while Jamie is sardonic, sarcastic, and serious but still funny. They go great together. Another great part of this show isn't just watching the experiments, but seeing how they made it, what problems came up with the experiment, and fixing them. So that is somewhat the educational part, but more so is that the are busting myths that are actually heard of. Like whether walking or running is better in the rain. So, basically, this is stuff that you could use in everyday life. But my favorite part of the shows is the massive projects that they do. Like say blowing a house up with bug bombs, or getting the life rafts on airplanes dropped from a helicopter. So its like the movie, Jackass, but for nerds.
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Running out of ideas
WakenPayne27 February 2014
Okay, I sometimes watch this show because it was pretty entertaining. It was a pretty enjoyable premise and definitely a show that has a niche for doing some crazy stuff that you either see on movies or other such things saying "Could that actually happen?" Is there any part of this idea that doesn't sound even somewhat entertaining? Well it is.

My biggest problem with the show is that after a while when viral videos weren't really enough for them to destroy stuff with science instead they are now doing stuff like the battle of the sexes... huh? Isn't this the show that blew a cement mixer sky high with the hopes of cleaning the inside? I want more of that, not "Can a woman hold their hands in iced water as long as a man can, or can men fall short?" That is not interesting, not entertaining and just downright pointless. I mean I get they are trying to break the gender stereotypes but with how they're doing it they're breaking gender stereotypes only to build new gender stereotypes.

This show was fun in it's time. It was basically confirming or busting myths that honestly - I think were fun to see. The problem is that they have been going on for 15 years when really it's just beating a dead horse now. Even if you could kind of tell the myth would be busted the early stuff would still have been fun to watch. Now it's not even interesting even if you couldn't tell.
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Can science be fun? Confirmed.
Son_of_Mansfield9 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
What says entertainment like a little bit of science, a lot of destruction, and a man in a beret? It's easy to criticize the science on Mythbusters, but watching it is like being a kid again. Everyone remembers that wonder of finding things out or the fun of destroying other things. It's those two polar opposites that makes this fun to watch. Jamie is a proponent of the former while Adam is a lover of the latter. Among my favorite bits: duck's quacks do echo, just at a frequency that humans can't hear, ping pong balls can bring up a small boat from the bottom of the water, and almost every cool thing from a movie is impossible. Then, as if all this wasn't enough for the show, the second season put the Bust in Mythbusters with the introduction of the redhead with the great smile, Kari. Pinch me.
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sailorddrn19 July 2005
This show is by far one of my most favourite of all time.

Not only is there the science element, but Jamie and Adam make it hilarious!

The idea of mixing myths with science is one of pure genius. My girlfriend and I both have a great time watching these guys try to make modern myths into modern fact, but at the same time bust myths that are complete rubbish. If only more TV shows were like this!

In the words of Adam;

"That was intense!"

Now check out why he said that!
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Science Redefined
AngelOfPolitik29 July 2007
I had seen ads for the Mythbusters around 2005, but I didn't start watching it until September or October 2006.

The only thing I was wondering, why didn't I watch this before! This show is hosted by these two guys who are complete opposites. Jamie is the dry, sometimes sarcastic, no nonsense guy who has to stand the other host, Adam, who is energetic and always getting into trouble just to get a good laugh.

And once they got season two, they added a few other people to the Mythbusting team, dubbed "The Junior Mythbusters" or more recently "The Build Team". When they first started, it consisted of three members: Kari Byron, an artist, Tory Belleci, a former employee of Jamie, and Scottie Chapman, the proclaimed "Mistress of Metal".

But Scottie then left the team for reasons unknown and they had to hire someone else. That someone else was Grant Imahara, a robotics expert and former model maker for films. I was quite satisfied with their decision. Not that I hate Scottie, but Grant, he just adds to the show, in some way.

So for every episode, they put myths to the test. And they always have to have explosive results, which makes the show enjoyable.

And to wrap this up, I think the Mythbusters did great job in making a show that actually appeals to people. All other attempts makes science boring. These guys redefine science...
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Kind of cool, but lacks a bit
zizumia12 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen this show many times over the years and I used to like it, till I found repeated times that their myths they test, are not what they claim it (mostly when they say it is false), for I have personally experienced these myths before and proved them true.

Example is when they test a myth that you can be knocked out of your shoes, well they "proved" this myth wrong, because they never could get the dummy to fall out of its shoes when run over. Well I know someone could be knocked out of their shoes for I saw someone get hit by a train right in front of me and his shoes lay, still in the position they were in when he was wearing them, right where he was standing. So the myth is right, but since it didn't get THEIR results, it's automatically false.

The show is interesting, but I have seen quite a few episodes that were not to their results so they proved it false, even though I know it is true..
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I can't believe I actually used to be a fan of this show...
sinjinza1984-114 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I used to like Mythbusters, I really did. Then, something happened and I think that I've started to despise it a bit. I'm not really sure what happened, I just know that sometime in about 2010 my interest in the show declined rapidly. I have this sort of nostalgia for a couple of the older episodes, like when they packed a cement truck so full of explosives that they practically vapourised it. Or when they sabotaged a water heater to destroy a room-sized house that they had built. Watching the hosts test those urban legends was a lot of fun.

Then came the episodes to bust myths about Batman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, zombies, and even The Simpsons. Have you ever watched any of the Terminator movies with someone who entirely ignores the fact that the titular character is a time-travelling cyborg, but who will comment on how you almost never see anyone reloading their gun? Mythbusters is kind of like that when they're testing myths about fictional

Let's ignore the fact that Luke Skywalker can travel between star systems at what is probably way above light speed, that he has a sword made out of light, or that he uses a mystical energy to move objects with telekinesis. Mythbusters will ask you to suspend your disbelief on all of these things, but to question whether the wire he uses to swing across a small gap is too thin to hold his weight.

Therein lies the problem - the show's producers and hosts have stopped subjecting suspicious viral videos and dodgy internet rumours to real-world tests. They've stopped looking at those nonsense chain emails that everyone gets with claims of the hazards of microwaving organic carrots, so that they can examine the minutiae of costume design in a science fiction movie.

The absolute worst example of this has to be the zombie episode. Telling a group of actors to pretend to be zombies is not scientific. Telling them to act like the zombies that they've seen in films is not empirical science. All that does is show whether your group of volunteers can follow basic instructions.
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Fantastic Show!
rowansterling11 May 2006
I am terribly and incurably addicted to MythBusters. This is one of the best science shows around! It presents scientific contents in a fun and interesting way. The hosts don't overdue the jargon and the results of all the tests are understandable to the layperson. Not only does one learn science, but everyone I know is taken back in time to their childhood when the big bully on the block made them eat pop rocks and soda telling everyone it would make them explode! Adam and Jaime are knowledgeable about all the myths they test as well as being simply fun to watch. The co-hosts, Grant and Kari, are just as entertaining. If you don't want to know the truth about urban legends and myths, stay far from this show. If you are just as interested as I am in knowing whether the "5" second rule applied to that chip you just dropped on the floor...tune in!
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Best Discovery Channel Series
Thor200023 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a big fan of urban myths, and while The Learning Channel floats its urban myth series around looking for a place in its schedule, I still at least have Mythbusters! The show stars Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman as sort of the intellectual version of Abott and Costello, two obviously gifted guys who expose crazy urban myths born out of society and make it funny while trying to tick each off. Deep down, these guys really are buddies, but the humor mixed in with the science actually makes the show work. Adam sometimes gets too cartoony and Jamie a bit stodgy, but when they bounce off each other and an experiment goes right, or even funnier goes wrong, it's interesting as they scratch their heads and try to figure out why gasoline won't erupt into flames or their washing machine won't explode. Rounding out the cast is folklorist Heather Joseph-Witman giving the facts or history of the myths, Tory the builder and comic straight man and Kari the redheaded sexpot, a very talented artist in her own right. Of course, the true star is Buster the resident victim. A sort of human-sized articulated mannequin dummy, he's been blown up, set on fire, dropped from the sky and in an elevator and the mute witness to things blowing up in his face. I imagine this series will stay available as long as they can find myths that can be tested scientifically, or at least be able to blow up. This show has to have created the biggest explosion short of a nuclear blast - a concrete truck filled with dynamite. I hear Adam is still looking for where he parked it!
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The best ever TV show.
abhijit_net27 May 2009
There is no way this show be rated lower than any other TV Show ! This show is real ! it shows real things and still excites every one! As an engineer, first few series were not that good, i was kind of thinking the technical way. But once you know you have limitations in house (i.e work place for them) then its pretty good. You do have limitations every where, you can never have a perfect build. Thats what they do, make the best fit and test it. They keep getting better with every episode and every season. Season 7 episode 1 was awesome. I found that episode more entertaining than the blockbusters of that year (any year for that matter). These people are here for serious entertainment, and also will tickle your mind, as to how far can you go in the best Lab conditions! 10 out of 10 is too little for this show, as this one entertains beyond any other TV series ever can! I term them "gods of entertainment" ! And last thing is - Kari Byron is very hot !
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One of the Best Shows on TV!
whirlawayC319413 January 2009
Long story short, this show is totally amazing! They have Jamie and Adam, two completely insane special effects experts, debunking the most random of urban legends. The two hosts are perfect for the kind of show this is; they make a science show funny and entertaining.

Some of the great things about 'MythBusters' are that it's educational while being fun, it's well-made, and it's hilarious. The things Jamie and Adam do are so out there that it's entertaining by itself to watch what they're going to do next. They've already taught old dogs new tricks, blown up a tree, shot frozen and thawed chickens at airplane windshields, tried to fool a Breathalyzer test, and escaped from Alcatraz. What next? Bottom line, this is a show worth watching.

'I reject your reality and substitute my own!'
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Busting myths one by one!
leader-1617 September 2008
Wow, words cant describe how interesting and fun this show is, my words can and probably nobody else's can. I can't remember when i first started watching this show, every now and then i watch, but I'm too busy doing other stuff or watching my other favorite shows. Its fun how they research it and test it, i would love to do that kind of stuff, but they say DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, EVER. My favorite myths were the pirate series, so much fun. It's interesting how they get along, even though they don't consider them selves friends,( Jamie and Adam) they still get along well together on the show. Classic show, i will always love it, i hope they will remain on the air for a long time. Grade A entertainment.
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Keeps getting better
ketchuppackets-126 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
After several years on the Discovery Channel, Mythbusters just keeps getting better. Many people argue that their scientific standards aren't this highest, which may be true, but at least they get people to think about what they know, and question what they believe. The show is also remarkably entertaining because of the personalities, the subject matter, and of course, the occasional explosion. The programing on the Discovery channel is some of the highest quality on TV, and Mythbusters is one of their best shows. Keep up the good work Adam, Jamie, and team! By the way, this websites has results from all of the episodes:
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