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25 Sep. 2005
Episode #3.1
Fiona is deeply missing Ed and thinks that the clinic is falling apart without him. She feels like she is losing control and is desperate to ensure that her life and the clinic remain intact.
2 Oct. 2005
Episode #3.2
Brendan's inheritance of his Nan's house worth 2.75 million euro has just become official and the team questions Brendan on what he would like to do with this money.
9 Oct. 2005
Episode #3.3
Patrick meets his ex-wife. New GP Richard McKenna is struggling to cope at the clinic. Dan sets about seducing Cathy and Keelin uncovers Jean Keown's secret.
16 Oct. 2005
Episode #3.4
Clodagh gets some shocking news, her father had an affair and she was the product of it. Daisy takes a fancy to Brendan's replacement, Will Cafferty. Cathy & Dan's relationship develops further.
23 Oct. 2005
Episode #3.5
Keelin is furious to learn that Cathy has been referring patients to other physiotherapists. She confronts Cathy who calmly explains that Keelin doesn't have the necessary equipment to treat some of her patients.
30 Oct. 2005
Episode #3.6
Cathy's father, Mr. O'Callaghan is in horrible accident after losing the presidential nomination to his rival. Cathy is alone in her grief as she tries to cope with the alarming situation of her father's death.
6 Nov. 2005
Episode #3.7
Richard is struggling to deal with his wife Annie's illness while trying to keep his home and work life separate.
13 Nov. 2005
Episode #3.8
Daisy has fallen in love with Will along with the fast lifestyle of drinking, partying, and drugs. After a long night at the club she begins to worry about his safety when she does not hear from him.
20 Nov. 2005
Episode #3.9
Dan is terrified when he realizes he could get caught for dating both Cathy and Sinead. He desperately tries to find a way to prevent them from meeting.
27 Nov. 2005
Episode #3.10
Alex is shaken when he makes a mistake at work and tells Sam. Sam must tell Cathy even if there are severe consequences for Alex's actions.

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