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a movie for those who already experienced true love
caspare26 February 2005
The movie is excellent and one of the few deeply touching me. I had tears in my eyes all the way home. It is a wonderful movie about "true love" and what "true love" on this world really means. It shows that even the greatest love on Earth can not stand the persistence of memory, the impermanence of the body and the insignificance of all our day to day actions. While it doubtlessly demystifies "true love" on one side, on the other side it shows how powerful it is and that the world is empty, dark and meaningless without it. Especially the casting of Alexandra Maria Lara as "Venus Morgenstern" is as brilliant as it gets. She is not only a stunning beauty; she also has so much soul and amiability in her eyes, she should get an academy award for it. The movie basically is re-telling the story of Orpheus and Eurydice from Greek mythology. For this, it is re-using the wonderful music of Christoph Willibald Gluck's Opera. The scenes in the underworld are generally well done, but when Venus (aka Eurydice) sings out her love for Mimi (aka Orpheus), even the God Hermes starts crying and EVERYBODY in the movie theatre will start crying too. However, the movie has one big drawback. The movie is a mirror: it makes only sense to people who have already experienced deep love and loss in their life. For all the others, it will be just "kind of a weird story" as some of the comments here already show. The movie comes with a reflection of feelings of love and loss but only to those who already learned about this before. For the others, it will certainly just be a quite silly comedy. I hope the small group of the others will prevail. This movie is not mainstream.
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Magdalena J27 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
i watched "vom suchen und finden der liebe" on DVD. the movie is about love, which is quite obvious after the title...but its also funny. the thing i love about that movie is, that it goes deeper than most other romantic movies. and it shows aspects of love and relationships which are often left out in films. it wraps up the orpheus and euridyke story, in a total new perspective... the actors did a really good job, i think, and there are 2 guest stars, we know from German TV... i think the cast is just great! i recommend this movie wholeheartedly to everyone who strongly enough believes in love, not to be depressed after wards, because "vom suchen und finden der liebe" tells us that love is not enough to be happy ever after.
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thumbs up for a German cinema!
pudli2 February 2005
honestly i don't think, that this movie wants to prove that everlasting love is a myth. i have seen it few hours ago, and i found it really, really good. actually its a very good romantic piece. it balances itself very smart between a comedy and a drama. to recognize some actors/actresses its recommended for you to know some famous German TV-celebrity of todays, but also very enjoyable even without this knowledge. some visual effects are very well done, especially at the end. This movie is not flat. not at all! Be prepared for some very deep thoughts about meaning of life, meaning of love, spiced up with humor and sometimes with very surrealistic scenes. worth watching, its a not-common piece with very good acting, and with a beautiful music. Alexandra's voice is amazing. 9/10
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sorry, it's awful
bbock-214 February 2005
Sorry to say, but this movie was the worst I have seen for quite a while! The theme itself is - no doubt- beautiful: love, able to cross the borders of death: When Mimi kills himself after the end of his love-relationship with Venus, she follows him to the Underworld to bring him back.... but everything in the film seems so exaggerated that it is hard to decide, whether this is all meant serious or it is supposed to be a satire on the main motives of love in myth and literature! And if so, it's not convincing. My personal advise: Don't invest in a ticket for this film, but go and buy yourself a copy of the classical composition from E. Gluck, that is part of the soundtrack. Much more beauty in this one.
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Excellent Film
Ladykracher24 October 2005
The brilliance of this film is on several levels. The visual effects and the direction of Helmut Dietl perfectly compliment the writing (script by Dietl and Patrick Süßkind) and the superb cast. In addition the all the visual appeal, the music is not to be missed.

This is a film that you will either love or hate, that's what it comes down to. I think that if you enjoyed Eternal Sunshine (Vergiss mein nicht) you will enjoy Liebe. There is a balance of raw emotion coupled with the humour that is always missing from straight up dramas.

The problem people seem to have with this film is the distinction between whether we are supposed to think that Dietl is making a joke or if he is serious about the possible existence of eternal love, die einzige große Liebe I'm Leben. I believe that Deitl wants to show us that it's possible, but that humans inevitably screw it up.
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I loved it
turinedeth10 May 2005
I saw this film when I was in Frankfurt. I had seen trailers for it, but I had no real idea what it was going to be about. The film sometimes seem to move too quickly or too slowly, but it tells the story it sets out to tell, and does so really well. It is a strange film, in the way that German films can be strange (I mean this as no bad thing, Goodbye Lenin, or more appropriately Run, Lola, Run.).

There are many recurring ideas and images in the film, which is something I alway appreciate. Despite the difficulties I had understanding the language, I understood the story, many of the jokes, and the characters' relationships to each other.

The music, the setting, the mythology used and the "twist at the end" (I didn't see it coming because I am not particularly familiar with the myths used) left me breathless. I also walked back into see it again. (But I had neither the time nor the money.)
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Truly beautiful
WestMike7 September 2005
Watching a film by Helmut Dietl you expect the usual posse of sometimes hysteric and strange people. You get this here - but intelligently woven into a true romance drama of love, life and death and their relationship. One of his best works was the TV series of "Monaco Franze" in the late 70ies, here he succeeds again in showing REAL feeling. Additionally it is sheer unbelievable how strong Dietl can lead his actors into impersonating their roles - wonderful and worth an academy award.

If you're into Greek mythology, German films or true love and its remainder - go see it. Don't forget your handkerchief by the way...
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Great acting, scenery and storyline. Comedy and tragic at its best.
westwaerts22 September 2005
Mimi with the help of her love (Venus) is becoming successful as a music star, which Venus can't digest. While not being so overly happy with the trailer, the movie itself was great. I've seen it on DVD and even there the pictures and all the beautiful scenery comes out. Even more important, the main actors are great, not forgetting to mention the side characters. Heino Ferch dressed up as Hermes playing the most surprising (at least to me) role of his movies. Alexandra Maria Lara already seen in the Downfall stands out as well. The most important thing is though, that it is not just comedy or tragic it is 1.) harmony of these two together with great shots and visualization 2.) it is about acting and 3.) about the storyline. I can only recommend it.
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One of the Best Films I have ever seen
insyght16 September 2006
Fits of laughter followed by uncontrollable sobbing. I have to ashamedly admit that I cried over this film and like a baby. Actually, I am not ashamed at all. The cast were faultlessly BRILLIANT. The story was so well adapted from Dante's Inferno and Opheus's trip through the Underworld (Enfers). Those with a foreknowledge of these works will NOT be disappointed no should they expect to be able to guess what is coming next, especially not the ending. Took me completely by surprise and finished off my box of tissues. You will split your sides and cry a river during the viewing of this film. So if you are a macho-man who refuses to cry in public then I strongly suggest renting the DVD but whatever you do DO NOT MISS THIS MOVIE!

A release in the English Language should be a serious consideration because IMHO this film has the potential to be a global blockbuster!
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SpeedyGonzales1 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw this film for the first time tonight, and I must say, simply a piece of art. Where to begin? It starts with the voice of the narrator and what he had to say caught my attention from second one. It was intelligent and slightly ironic, the first hint, that the movie to come would have comedic elements. Moritz Bleibtreu, Alexandra Maria Lara, Anke Engelke and Uwe Ochsenknecht are extremely well cast. It's fun to watch them act out their scenes. The wonderful story of Eurydice and Orpheus first draws a thin red line throughout the movie, then becomes the movie. I cried for the first time, when Mimi (Bleibtreu) slowly takes one sleeping pill after another, after he had arranged them on the piano spelling "Venus". And then "he" hit me: Heino Ferch as the Hermaphrodite shooting like a golden torch through the sky and down to Greece, to guide Mimi's undying soul to the realms of the dead. Any other movie would have been ruined, because that would have been accidentally funny. But not this movie. Dietl simply made a caricature out of Hermes(Aphrodite). Problem solved. The rest was just moving. Venus wants to return to Mimi, but finds out too late that he's dead. She's desperate and throws herself down the well that portrays the connection between earth and underworld. She almost manages to bring Mimi back to life. But a stupid fight destroys their second chance, just like in the myth. The movie is well written, just as well cut and cinematically beautifully shot. And, for me the most important: it moved me deeply, I cried several times and it even managed to make me cry and laugh at the same time. An achievement that, to date, not many movies can account for. I can only suggest to watch this movie, if opportunity comes up. BUT: be open-minded, that's essential. Or else it will not show all of its facets to you, humble viewer.
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A somewhat unique take on the fugacity of love that is not working for the most part though
Warning: Spoilers
"Vom Suchen und Finden der Liebe" is a German movie from 2005, so this one is already over a decade old and it was written and directed by the late Helmut Dietl, who was among Germany's biggest filmmaking stars back then still with several really successful movies under his belt. So it is no surprise that stars like Bleibtreu, Lara, Ochsenknecht, Ferch and several others appear in this movie here. The two I mentioned first are the ones whose love story the movie is about really. I think this film struggles a lot with its core idea. On the one hand the film is about sending the message that no love is eternal or forever while going against this message in depicting all kinds of (attempted) romantic scenarios which already stats with the protagonists' names or with their approach to love and how they see each other. Or also with the important role music plays in this film. It is a mix of comedy and drama I guess, just like there are so many combinations of these two genres these days. But sadly, this one here is equally weak as the Schweighöfer films of the 21st century for example, just for other reasons. I would say that the film never really succeeded with story-telling and also that there were just too many lengths and this 105-minute film could have run for 15 minutes shorter, maybe even more. Besides, the poetic queer (not in the sense of gay, more like pompous) approach hurt the idea overall and that's pretty bad as it was an essential component to the idea. it makes it all look fairly pretentious at times. There were moments when the actors (especially Bleibtreu) managed to elevate the material and make it look not so bad, but these were clearly in the minority compared to the amount of weak moments. If you are looking for an interesting romantic movie from recent years that manages to mix romantic with realistic components, then this is not it, probably because they messed up on the fantasy aspect and I just found the story-telling here really underwhelming. Thumbs-down. Don't watch. Another example of how Dietl is pretty overrated in my opinion.
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Not a great movie, though a joy to watch
Guy Burns22 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Not a great movie; still, I found it a joy to watch. The imaginative opening credits (reflected in the watery-background theme in the close) set the tone for the film as a whole: convincing and witty dialogue without sounding too clever; surreal scenes of the underworld in the latter half of the movie; engaging twists in sexuality (a husband not interested, a wife who is, then their romance is rekindled via threesomes); and a soundtrack that is in turn banal-pop or highbrow-opera. The wonder for me is that such an apparent mismatch of ideas works, when all too often in films interesting ideas turn to mash. The writer and director never tip into the void of farce. They approach the edge warily but boldly, not afraid to continually flirt with outrageous ideas. That's the wonder of this movie – how did they get away with it? The answer is: through skill and competent film making of high order.

I came away feeling that although this is not a film of stellar quality, it would bear a critical second viewing. On a first viewing I was a bit suspect, wondering why the soundtrack featured opera and pop in equal doses. And did the ancient Greek mythology really have a part to play, or was it included for no good reason other than to impress the audience? But the film displays little overt pretension. Classical music compliments the Greek-antiquity storyline when appropriate, and just as appropriately, "plagiarised" pop music (the word is actually used by one of the actors to describe the music) compliments the dullness to which love can sometimes descend. Music is important to this film, and was decisively chosen. The music swelling behind the closing credits (a reprise of music already heard), has the viewer anticipating the lyrical high-notes that signal the end of the music, bringing the movie to a satisfying close.

Part humorous, part serious, this movie never has too much of either. It visits fantastic places, but is always pulled back from going too far by its tongue-in-cheek attitude. Characters from Greek legends are balanced by the more mundane problems of what to do about being in love.

I'm hoping this film appeals to me as much the second time around as it did the first. I suspect it will.
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soooooo bad
Natalie K15 February 2005
I really looked forward seeing this movie! I love the main actors and the trailer was good. But the movie wasn't what you expect after seeing the trailer. The Story about the one and only love is a great idea, but it was totally boring. It's not worth your money. I was never more bored in cinema. It was my first German movie I saw in cinema and probably my last. Next time I wait till it comes on TV then I can switch the channel. You better watch Moritz Bleibtreu in "Das Experiment", "Im Juli" or in "Knockin' on heaven's door". And AlexandraMaria Lara in "der Untergang" and Anke Engelke in "Der Wixxer"! ;-) One good thing besides the actors, who can't save the story, is the music. Alexandra Maria Lara sings really good. But as far as I see it, me and my friends missed the humor and comedy in this movie. Maybe I really fell asleep.
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Pretty Awful
XeniaisGod27 November 2006
I really hope this was intended as a black comedy. Sadly, I don't think it was, though it would have failed as a black comedy regardless due to its being extremely unfunny.

The characters were so two-dimensional and boring that the audience has a hard time caring what happens to them.

To be fair, I couldn't get more than 3/4 of the way through this film, as it was meaningless and hollow.

Unfortunately this is the case with too many German films, which are so bent on pretension that in the end they have nothing to say.

I'm really not sure there is more to say about this film, other than that it was annoying and a disappointment.
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wonderful movie
theguyonthecouch-17 April 2006
i'm from Germany, and i gotta say: for a German movie it was brilliant. moritz bleibtreu was as perfect as always (best German actor ever). this movie is about love, ending love and love which wins over death. the dialogs are really good, even the little characters are very well played by some 'not that famous' German actors. this movie really delivers a message. i'm sure that it gives some people who lost they're loved ones, a little bit of hope that there's gonna be something after they die, too. sure, it's a sentimental, even slighty sad theme, but it happens to everyone of us and we're all gonna have to deal with this problem some day. and the end, i'm not spoiling anything (!!!), just shows, that even the smallest sentence, without any meaning, can brake a whole relaionship. honestly, at the end of the movie i had tears in my eyes. romantic, good movie, brilliant performances from moritz bleibtreu and alexandra maria lara. if ur in love, watch this movie with your girlfriend/boyfriend :)
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