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Sex & Nudity

  • We briefly see a painter working on risque paintings of women (scantily clad, bare back, nude profile blocked from view in convenient places).
  • A man and a woman kiss, and a woman and a young man kiss in a few scenes.
  • A woman confesses that she likes a young man and he tells her that he loves her. A woman talks about someone "messing around with" a man's daughter.
  • We see a young man's bare chest when he lifts his shirt to show scratch and bite marks from a rat. A young man tries to find a place to hide a rat, that includes putting it down his pants (we see the waistband of his underwear). The French sensually in this will most likely go over kid's heads, nothing to worry about.

Violence & Gore

  • A rat is exploring the kitchen and is trying to avoid the fire under the stove and getting put in the oven along with some type of food. He is okay after that.
  • Scenes of peril throughout.
  • A woman with a shotgun shoots repeatedly at two rats, many holes are blown in the house and furniture, the ceiling collapses and a huge number of rats pours out; the rats scurry and run, the woman follows the rats and continues shooting at them, the rats sail away on small makeshift boats, and one rat is separated from the others.
  • A woman aims a gun at a man, the man grabs the woman's arm, they struggle and the gun fires, but no one is struck.
  • While hiding under a young man's shirt a rat scratches and bites him repeatedly; the man swats at it and thrashes around (we see red slash marks on his chest and abdomen later).
  • A store window has a display with many rats whose heads are stuck in traps, and other rat killing items including poisons. A rat is trapped in a cage-like trap (it is not injured) and locked in the trunk of a car.
  • Two men are bound and gagged and locked in a food pantry by rats.
  • A pack of rats chases a man, clamber onto his car, and he tries to drive away but crashes. A man on a bicycle crashes into a parked car.
  • A blindfolded young man uses a knife to cut and chop food and cooks while a rat controls his movements.
  • The floor of a man's room is shaped like a coffin. A young man imagines a man telling him that he'd like to order his "heart roasted on a spit." We hear that a man died after receiving a bad review from a food critic. A man talks about having killed someone with his thumb, and a woman talks about several other men and their dangerous backgrounds (being in prison, and being mysterious).
  • We hear explosions and see flashes of light coming from inside a house and a rat crashes through a window. A young man flips a crepe out an open window and we hear a traffic accident in the street below. A rat pulls a young man's hair to control his movements.
  • A young man tastes a soup and vomits out of a window (we hear him gagging). A rat finds rat poison among the garbage that other rats are eating from, and stops them from eating any more.


  • "Welcome to hell" is said once.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man pours several glasses of wine for a young man, who drinks them, becomes drunk and later passes out, a man pours a glass of wine and drinks from it, a man drinks wine, people pour glasses of wine and toast (no one is shown drinking), and a man pours wine over a rat's head.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • SUGGESTED RATING: PG for Mild Language, Brief Drinking, Scary Scenes and Some Violence.
  • There is a near drowning scene while Remy is in the sewer. Various instruments for killing rats are shown. Dead rats are shown in a store window. Might be frightening for very young children.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A man kisses a woman. She lifts up a can of pepper spray to stop him but eventually gives in to the kiss.


  • 1 anatomical term, a few references to rat "patootie," 1 mild obscenity, name-calling (idiot, insane, fancy pants, stupid, dumb,) and the use of heck(american/British profanity), but more reffering to the place, 1 use of bloody(British profanity)

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