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Audrey Tautou: Sophie Neveu



  • Robert Langdon : This is the original icon for male. It's a rudimentary phallus.

    Sophie Neveu : Quite to the point.

    Sir Leigh Teabing : Yes, indeed.

    Robert Langdon : This is know as the blade. It represents aggression and manhood. It's a symbol still used today in modern military uniforms.

    Sir Leigh Teabing : Yes, the more penises you have, the higher your rank. Boys will be boys.

  • [Langdon is speaking into the intercom at the gate of Teabing's house] 

    Sir Leigh Teabing : Robert! Do I owe you money?

    Robert Langdon : Leigh... my friend... care to, uh, care to open up for an old colleague?

    Sir Leigh Teabing : Of course.

    Robert Langdon : Thank you.

    [Sophie goes to shut the car door] 

    Sir Leigh Teabing : But first, a test of honor. Three questions.

    Robert Langdon : [somewhat annoyed]  Fire away.

    Sir Leigh Teabing : Your first. Shall I serve coffee or tea?

    Robert Langdon : Tea, of course.

    Sir Leigh Teabing : Excellent. Second. Milk or lemon?

    Sophie Neveu : Milk?

    Robert Langdon : That would depend on the tea.

    Sir Leigh Teabing : Correct. And now the third and most grave of inquiries. In which year did a Harvard scholar out-row an Oxford man at Henley?

    Robert Langdon : Surely such a travesty has never occurred.

    Sir Leigh Teabing : Your heart is true. You may pass.

  • Sophie Neveu : She has some things... she wants to tell me. About my family.

    Robert Langdon : What will you do? The legend will be revealed when the heir reveals himself.

    Sophie Neveu : They just got the pronoun wrong. She said when Saunière died he took the location of Mary's sarcophagus with him. So... there's no way to empirically prove that I am related to her. What would you do, Robert?

    Robert Langdon : Okay, maybe there is no proof. Maybe the Grail is lost forever. But, Sophie, the only thing that matters is what you believe. History shows us Jesus was an extraordinary man. A human inspiration. That's it. That's all the evidence has ever proved. But... When I was a boy... When I was down in that well Teabing told you about... I thought I was going to die, Sophie. And what I did... , I prayed. I prayed... to Jesus... to keep me alive so I could see my parents again, so I could go to school again, so I could play with my dog. Sometimes I wonder if I wasn't alone down there. Why does it have to be human or divine? Maybe human is divine. Why couldn't Jesus have been a father and still be capable of all those miracles?

    Sophie Neveu : Like turning water into wine?

    Robert Langdon : Well, who knows? His blood is your blood. Maybe that junkie in the park will never touch a drug again. Maybe you healed my phobia with my hands.

    Sophie Neveu : And maybe you're a knight on a Grail quest.

    Robert Langdon : Well, who knows? His blood is your blood. Maybe that junkie in the park will never touch a drug again. Maybe you healed my phobia with my hands.

    Sophie Neveu : Thank you. For bringing me here. For letting him choose you, Sir Robert.

    Robert Langdon : You take care.

    Sophie Neveu : Yes.

    [They hug, Robert kisses Sophie on the forehead and they both walk away from each other] 

    Sophie Neveu : Hey.

    [Sophie walks up to a nearby pond, sticks out a foot to see if she can walk on it and fails] 

    Sophie Neveu : Nope. Maybe I'll do better with the wine.

    Robert Langdon : [smiles]  Godspeed.

  • Sophie Neveu : A cryptex. They are used to keep secrets. It's da Vinci's design. You write the information on a papyrus scroll which is then rolled around a thin glass vial of vinegar. If you force it open, the vial breaks, vinegar dissolves papyrus, and your secret is lost forever. The only way to access the information is to spell out the password with these five dials, each with 26 letters. That's 12 million possibilities.

    Robert Langdon : I've never met a girl who knew *that* much about a cryptex.

    Sophie Neveu : Saunière made one for me once.

    Robert Langdon : My grandfather... gave me a wagon.

  • Sophie Neveu : Maybe there is something about this Priory of Sion.

    Robert Langdon : I hope not. Any Priory story ends in bloodshed. They were butchered by the Church. It all started over a thousand years ago when a French king conquered the holy city of Jerusalem. This crusade, one of the most massive and sweeping in history, was actually orchestrated by a secret brotherhood, the Priory of Sion and their military arm, the Knights Templar.

    Sophie Neveu : But the Templars were created to protect the Holy Land.

    Robert Langdon : That was a cover to hide their true goal, according to this myth. Supposedly the invasion was to find an artifact lost since the time of Christ. An artifact, it was said, the Church would kill to possess.

    Sophie Neveu : Did they find it, this buried treasure?

    Robert Langdon : Put it this way: One day the Templars simply stopped searching. They quit the Holy Land and traveled directly to Rome. Whether they blackmailed the papacy or the Church bought their silence, no one knows. But it is a fact the papacy declared these Priory knights, these Knights Templar, of limitless power. By the 1300s, the Templars had grown *too* powerful. Too threatening. So the Vatican issued secret orders to be opened simultaneously all across Europe. The Pope had declared the Knights Templar Satan worshipers and said God had charged *him* with cleansing the earth of these heretics. The plan went off like clockwork. The Templars were all but exterminated. The date was October 13th, 1307. A Friday.

    Sophie Neveu : Friday the 13th.

    Robert Langdon : The Pope sent troops to claim the Priory's treasure, but they found nothing. The few surviving Knights of the Priory had vanished, and the search for their sacred artifact began again.

    Sophie Neveu : What artifact? I've never heard about any of this.

    Robert Langdon : Yes, you have. Almost everyone on earth has. You just know it as the Holy Grail.

  • Sophie Neveu : We are who we protect, I think. What we stand up for.

  • Sir Leigh Teabing : And this is from the gospel of Mary Magdalene herself.

    Sophie Neveu : She wrote a gospel?

    Robert Langdon : She may have.

    Sir Leigh Teabing : Robert, will you fight fair?

    Robert Langdon : She *may* have.

  • Sophie Neveu : [rips the tape off Silas's mouth]  Did you kill Jacques Saunière?

    [no answer] 

    Sophie Neveu : Did you kill Jacques Saunière?

    Silas : I am the messenger of God.

    Sophie Neveu : [slaps him across the face]  Did you kill my grandfather?

    Silas : I am the messenger...

    [Sophie slaps him again] 

    Silas : Each breath you take is a sin. No shadow will be safe again. For you will be hunted by angels.

    Sophie Neveu : You believe in God? Your God doesn't forgive murderers... He burns them.

  • Sophie Neveu : So dark the con of man...

  • Sophie Neveu : [telephone message]  Professor Langdon, do not react to this message. You must follow my directions very closely and, above all, reveal nothing to Captain Fache. You are in grave danger.

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