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Trailer for Dutch epsionage comedy Spion Van Orange

From Dutch director Tim Oliehoek, designer of other such genre spoofs as Too Fat Too Furious (Vet Hard) comes Spion Van Orange, a mad cap spy romp that looks to straddle the line between spoof and straight up action adventure. Here's a bad interflab translation:

If the Netherlands is threatened by the terrorist twin brother of the awkward dressmaker Francois of Vliet, Francois are some which can save us. Francois must the place of its brother, Bruno, take to stop him. Bruno devise plans to destroy the Netherlands and Francois must turn out to be themselves to rescuer of the national. He is assisted in this mission agents Mustafa and Lena. It is however still but the question if Francois themselves no longer cause damage than its brother.

Just by watching the trailer, you'll get the picture that Spion Van Orange is more like Get Smart or Austin Powers than Jason Bourne however,
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