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The Best Half Hour of Comedy all year
a_mcdlt7 November 2003
I watch a lot of television. I was excited to hear that HBO was doing sketch comedy again. I am used to sketch comedy being drawn out and overblown. Sketch Pad is not. It's fantastic.

Sketch Pad 2 made me laugh out loud over and over again, and I never laugh out loud. The opening sketch is fast and has the best punch-line of the show. From the rollerskating waiter to the Astrophysics class mix-up to the bizarre Border Patrol Agent, it is easily the funniest 30 minutes of television I have enjoyed all year.

Keep an eye out for this episode airing on any of the HBO channels. You will not be disappointed.
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gavincummings15 June 2005
Absolutely brilliant comedy.

Up there with Seinfeld, the Simpsons, George Carlin stand up, and all the greats.

I watched this once a long time ago, and wished I could see it again, but then the other night it was on at like 3 in the morning, and I watched it in my house by myself, and laughed out loud many times throughout. It is some brilliant comedy Definitely worth taking the time out to watch. I am about to tape it so I can watch it whenever I want.

I hope the continue this series.
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a refreshing take on sketch comedy
DeweyFinn12 November 2003
I watch Saturday Night Live regularly, and I'm always amazed at how long they drag their sketches on. It's maddening. If they just quit while they were ahead, that show would rock.

Sketch Pad does just that. The show must have had 10 sketches, and not one was too long. They leave you wanting more. The sketch with the border patrol guard was terrific. I would not be surprised to see that actor on a sitcom soon (or even SNL).

And I was pleasantly surprised at the punchline of the final sketch. It was played while the credits were rolling, so I thought it was a throw-away, but I laughed at loud at the punchline.

Overall, a very good show. I hope HBO makes more.
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