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King of fighters, the way it used to be.
knowledge20 July 2005
From 1999 to 2001, the king of fighters series featured elements of game play that fans weren't too happy with such as strikers and four character teams. So, the brains behinds the franchise decided to take the game back to the way it was in 1998- when fans were most happy with it. It worked.

KOF 2002 is almost as good as its inspiration- . The game play is good old hardcore stuff, and the backgrounds and character sprites are as excellently detailed as ever.The music , which features updated renditions of songs that featured in the games previous incarnations are also very good .

The only thing that stops king of fighters 2002 from bettering the all conquering 98 edition is the absence of great characters like Heavy D , saishyu and bryan battler and the addition of annoying ones such as angel as well as kula diamond.

Though its not quite up to KOF 98 standards ,2002 its still 2D fighting thats hard to beat.
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