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Bloody Northern Line
vmvm30 January 2005
This is good little shocker; not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but tight, competent and disturbing. An excellent example of a simple idea developed into a compelling 90 minute script.

The set up requires no bells and whistles, no lengthy exposition or wordy back story; Kate (Franka Pontente), a young German business woman living in London, drifts off whilst waiting for the last tube train. She awakens to find the place deserted, but quickly comes to realise that she is far from alone. Someone, or something, is down there with her and it's intentions are wholly malicious.

In fact she encounters several other characters in her quest to survive, including a lecherous work colleague, a homeless couple and a caged sewage worker, all of whom add pace and substance to the plot. There is a slightly awkward gear change somewhere in the middle of the film when tension thriller mutates into gore fest, but nothing so clumsy as to slow the hectic pace. For those of you with weak dispositions this is likely to be a harrowing ride; for those of you who relish a bit of well executed carnal mayhem this should press all the right buttons.

The climax of the film is perhaps less successful than the main body of the film, but it is punctuated with a nice moment of unexpected social commentary which provides a satisfying conclusion.

Some may find themselves feeling somewhat cheated of a clear explanation as to the exact nature and history of the threat encountered by Kate and her confederates, however, for me this was not the case. A horror film writer should not need feel compelled to dot every i and cross every t, in the same way a writer of political thrillers might be expected to. There are enough clues here to give you a very pretty clear idea of what brought this evil into existence, making a detailed and conclusive solution superfluous. The retention of a certain sense of mystery is to be welcomed and reminds us that in this film the ride was always going to be more important than the exact destination.

My understanding is that the budget for this film was, to say the least, minimal, in which case our applause for this British horror should be all the louder, for at no point does one have the impression of corners being cut or effects failing to deliver.

If this sounds like your kind of film then it probably is. Buy a ticket and climb aboard.
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works against its own ideas
snow0r20 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Creep is the story of Kate (Potente), an intensely unlikeable bourgeois bitch that finds herself somehow sleeping through the noise of the last underground train, and waking up to find herself locked in the tube station. After somehow meeting workmate and would-be rapist Guy on a mystery train that runs after the lines have closed, things go awry and she finds herself pursued by what lurks beneath the city's streets. Her story is linked to that of George (Blackwood), an ex-con working in the sewer system; they meet in the final third of the film, brought together by their attempts to escape the monster that pursues them.

The pair proceed through a set of increasingly unlikely locations; from the Tube station, they end up in the sewage works before somehow finding themselves in some sort of abandoned underground surgery. Most Tube stations don't have toilets, so how one has a surgery is beyond me. Naturally, the film cares to explain that the surgery doesn't have running water. Yet it has electricity? Just one of many inconsistencies that work against the atmosphere of everyday believability that the film tries to create.

The monster itself is a problem. There's a complete lack of reasoning for its actions, it just kills people for no obvious reason. And then of course it keeps some alive for no real reason either, perhaps just so that they can eventually escape and give the film an extra 15 minutes or so running time. I understand that natural evil is supposed to be scary, but then the film attempts to explain itself via a photo of a doctor and his son, and a few shots of some jars containing babies, and yes, it is just as tired and pathetic as it sounds. It also fails to explain how the creature has been underground long enough to lose the ability to speak, communicating only in raptor screams, but not long enough for its pair of shorts to decay. Hmm.

This doctor business leads to scene that is the film's desperate attempt to implant itself on your memory, and while it is gory and uncomfortable to watch, it just isn't enough. The final third of the film hinges on an emotional relationship that never existed, and the characters break down and recover for little or no obvious reason. George breaks down, unable to cope with something despite stating that he wants to escape so he can see his daughter again, and Kate becomes emotionally tough seconds after going to pieces over someone that ripped her off for a travelcard. Yeah.

After starting out as a "this could happen to anyone" movie, it quickly falls apart as it introduces ideas that make it more and more unrealistic. A complete lack of emotional interest in the characters and an absence of suspense make this one to avoid.
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Moments of horror greatness squandered
trouserpress4 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The London Underground has something inherently creepy about it, with its long winding tunnels, the escalators taking you deeper and deeper underground, and of course the rats roaming the tracks.It a source of wonder that it is not used in horror films more often. It was used in the seventies horror Deathline aka Raw Meat, featuring a cannibalistic tribe living in a disused tunnel, and the celebrated chase sequence in American Werewolf in London. So I was pleased to see that someone else had tried to capitalise on the atmosphere of the tube at night with the recent UK production Creep.

I thought the film started off well, with a highly effective credit sequence that was genuinely unnerving, followed by a scene in the sewers that sets up the premise of there being something evil lurking below the streets of London. However, Creep went downhill from here, and I found myself wishing that I'd switched it off after this opening scene, leaving me with a favourable impression of the film. All the characters become unsympathetic and unlikable, even Potente herself, and the director felt the need to hit us over the head with social commentary about homelessness. he also made the mistake of showing the "monster" in full lighting, where he ceases to become remotely scary, and reveals his name to be Craig. How can you have a monster called Craig? It turns into an X Files-type thing, and reminds one of the episode Tombs. In fact, I was wishing Mulder and Scully would turn up and sort them all out for me.

As for the infamous sexualised violence, it is very graphic, disturbing and totally unnecessary. It seems to be there merely to shock the audience rather than for any intrinsic plot value. The trouble is it is so over the top and horrific that it actually numbs you to the rest of the horror, which is a mistake as it's only halfway through the film.

So there you go. The only redeeming feature of the film for me was a rare appearance from Ken Campbell, one of my favourite occasional actors. You don't see him very often, but when he's on screen he acts everyone else into a corner. Casting him as a sewer inspector was a stroke of genius, unfortunately the only one evident in the film.
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What a sickly, demented creep!
lost-in-limbo21 October 2006
After leaving a party one night, Kate heads to a London subway. But being a bit drunk, she nods off and when she finally awakes, she realises she's alone and has been locked in. Now she's panicking, but a train pulls up and to her surprise no one else is on board. After a few seconds the train comes to sudden halt and Kate comes to the realisation that someone or something is lurking down there, which has some nasty surprises waiting for Kate.

When watching "Creep", what entered my mind was that I was seeing the backwoods horror slasher "Wrong Turn (2003)" basically set in a subway, but only more bloodier and incredibly cruel. I get the train to work and back, but I'm just glad that there are no subway systems on my journeys. But there's no doubting public transport can be the pits.

Christopher Smith the writer and director of this slick British Indie subterranean horror flick presents one very tight and atmospherically Gothic feature that benefits highly from its relentless surge of twisted and ragged jolts. It's gruesome, mean-spirited and unflinching terror is mostly delivered in a serious manner, despite the script being sprinkled with quick-witted remarks. The damp, isolated and claustrophobic setting of the poorly lit tunnels makes a huge imprint on the disorientating cloud the audience and main protagonist face. Smith integrates some flashy and rapid techniques. The versatile hand held photography adds a real moody and intimate vibe amongst the very effective sound effects and creaky understated music score. Hitting the mark was the graphic and always on the ball makeup effects. The appearance of the hideously unusual subway dweller just lingers in your mind and when it came to the kills it didn't disappoint.

However, there are things that really do bring the film down. By the third act it starts to wear a bit thin with predictable jumps and wearisome clichés. The story is terribly vague from the get-go. Illogical patterns and stupid circumstances unravel throughout the string-like plot. Originality comes in minor doses, but in all, there's a nice sense of realism and a speeding train-like pace created to keep you mostly involved. Franka Potente gives a strong, flexible and quite capable performance as Kate and the amusing Vas Blackwood gets caught up in the gruel too.

A very nasty and dour slasher that won't blow you away, but it provides the nightmarish thrills and intensity one would hope for.
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If you live in London you have to see this.
cardech31 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Just saw this at a preview at the Prince Charles in London. Luckily I didn't have to get the tube on the way home afterwards. A great film for everyone who has ever got the tube late at night and thought to themselves that there has GOT to be a great horror film in this experience!

Creep is exactly what you would expect having seen the poster. It is scary in all the right places, fast paced, well edited and has a great, eerie soundtrack . Those who don't like horror films needn't waste their time but afficiondos will appreciate as a fine example of the art. It comes with the expected STUPID moments where you wish the characters would do something sensible but that, in many ways, is part of the fun isn't it!?

The lead character is pretty unsympathetic which doesn't help but the horrible and unflattering yellow dress she is wearing is partly to blame as well.

The tube stations look fantastic - empty and creepy a la An American Werewolf in London and the whole design is very effective.

You know exactly what you are getting with this film - an efficient modern horror movie with jumps and suspense in all the right places. As with 28 Days Later it's setting alone makes it a must see for anyone who lives in London or uses the tube regularly.

Overall, four stars. It won't change your life and it probably won't make you scared to get the tube but it will raise your pulse, keep you entertained and might make you think twice about getting the last train home.

The director and star gave a q and a session after the screening and they seemed genuinely nice and were clearly pleased with the film, as they should be. Just watch out for the rats which are only pretending to die.....apparently.
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Run from the creep Lola, RUN!
Coventry20 March 2005
"Creep" is a new horror film that, without a doubt, will please many genre fans simply because it's so down to the point and unscrupulous! It has many genuine shock-moments, a whole lot of repulsive gore-sequences and a rare claustrophobic tension. What it hasn't got is logic and a solid plot but, to tell you the truth, that didn't bother me for one second. When the end-credits start to roll, there are still many unanswered questions to ponder on but director/writer Christopher Smith (in his debut) seemly preferred to fully focus on tension and adrenalin-rushing action instead of long, soporific speeches and theories that could explain the existence of the "creep" in the London subway. The story revolves on the young and haughty Kate, who leaves her own party in order to go and meet the famous actor George Clooney who's in town to present his new film. She falls asleep in the subway, misses the last train and she finds herself trapped in the underground subway network. Things really get terrifying when she encounters a mad-raving lunatic who lives in the old tunnels and kills/kidnaps people to experiment upon. Even experienced homeless people, security guards or sewer-workers can't rescue her from this ravenous monster! I really dug the creep-character! He's nauseating, hideous and primitive but in a strange way fascinating. Christopher Smith only leaves us clues and hints, and it's merely up to the viewer to guess this vile creature's origin and background. I reckon this isn't very original, and I'm sure many people won't appreciate the lack of content, but I forgive Smith and I think it's better this way than going over the top completely, "Jeepers Creepers"-style (that particular film started out great as well, but as soon as the Creeper's identity was clear it turned into a very mediocre horror effort). The obvious aspect-to-love is the outrageous gore! There's some severe butchering going on in this film and the make-up, as well as the sound effects, are very convincing. The ominous setting of the abandoned London subway during night is effectively used. There also is some acting-talent present in this film, with Franka Potenta (Run Lola Run) returning to graphic horror nearly five years after the cool German film "Anatomie". Creep is terrific entertainment when you're in an undemanding mood and Christopher Smith definitely is a director I'll keep an eye on. Make sure you don't have to take the subway right after watching this film...
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Better than some recent Horror Movies, But still wide of the mark
mjw230531 July 2005
Creep doesn't do what its title suggests, it isn't exactly creepy, but it is pretty violent and gruesome. The story is fairly linear and has no plot holes that i noticed and the acting and script are OK.

The problem with Creep is that it doesn't really do anything to set it apart from the rest of the Horror crowd, but when compared to some its not to bad.

With floods of horror movies in recent years (Toolbox Murders, Grudge, White Noise, Descent, Boogeyman to name but a few) Creep is left languishing in mediorcratity.

For horror fanatics, its worth watching and it can hold its own in the genre. For movie lovers in general there is not enough here to warrant your time.

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Strange, strange film
Catakiosk11 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw this film last night at Toronto Film Festival where it was playing under the Midnight Madness section. To tell you the truth, the only reason why I went for this movie was because it shared its name with the Radiohead song, and also because my friend had bought the tickets so I really didn't have a choice :-D I went in expecting it to be something like The Silence of the Lambs, but it turned out to be semi-gore flick. Somebody has already mentioned that none of the characters are likable, and that is absolutely correct. I really couldn't care less if Potente's character got her entrails ripped out by the Creep. I was rooting for the homeless to make it out alive with Potente's character getting her just desserts. Christopher Smith has certainly done a great job with the visual aspect of the film. However, the story is rather weak, but then again the whole point of the movie was to scare the crap out of you and it did that quite effectively. The score by a Bristol band called The Insects was top notch. That, more than anything else, really scared the crap out of me.

The director was a really decent chap and was quite entertaining during the Q&A session. I really do hope he gets to make better films in the future.

This one is strictly for genre fans, but I'd recommend non-fans to give this a try anyway. It was a fun ride.
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Not a great deal of sense, but reasonably entertaining
Danny_G135 June 2005
Brit horror successfully marries suspense and gore to create a more than decent movie.

Franka Potente is Kate, a socialite on her way to a party in London where George Clooney (Yes really) is believed to be hanging at and where she will attempt to seduce him (Yup, I'm not kidding).

However, she falls asleep at the subway station and misses the last train, leaving her trapped inside. Jeremy Sheffield's Guy is pursuing her though, and when a train finally arrives (Yes, the logic's already disintegrating), he appears out of nowhere and tries to rape her. Unfortunately for him, there is a real killer in the underground who drags him off her and wounds him fatally.

The rest of the movie is killer-pursues-Kate.

Quite frankly the logic in this one was never meant to be particularly strong. It's not even obvious that she fell asleep while waiting for the train, and instead it could have been mindgames. And indeed, mindgames seem to be the only explanation for some of the slightly ludicrous events which occur in the first half.

Nonetheless, this movie is about running away from the bad guy, whose appearance and identity imply he's 'not normal' (Are they ever), and to this end the film does a decent enough job. Once the bizarre first half hour of silliness is past, it is simple enough fare, with more than a hint of severe gore.

There's little more that can be said, such is the basic nature of this, but if you accept the intrinsic daftness of some of it, you'll get a reasonable kick out it if you like the genre.

Seen worse.
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You always end up hating the main character
ZiggyStardust7225 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers a horror movie that is. Alright first off , lets start with Kate. Her main goals include getting laid by George Clooney, looking good and last but not least screwing everyone over. Gotta love her. She had about 3 amazingly good chances to finish off this sicko but ..... instead she ran. I mean she didn't wanna bring Guy out for 10 minutes and when she did it was too late. I mean the guy tried to rape her. I cant get into these movies where the main character is a sad idiot. I mean who honestly would have any sympathy for a guy who finishes off everyone she has meet in a night. The movie kept going on. And as a result lost all its credibility.
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Rush hour in the summer is far more horrific
arahman4 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Many commuters fear missing the final London underground tube after a Saturday night out. Many equally fear being attacked by one of the many weirdos that also choose to use the service. Creep is a budget horror movie that preys on these fears (although frequent delays and rush hour in the summer is a true life horror story never seems to be addressed). Kate (Franka Potente) falls asleep on the platform after drinking too much and wakes up to find that she has been locked up in Charing Cross Tube Station (one would expect that the underground staff would have woken her up although given how helpful they are when you attempt to renew a season ticket this would not be surprising). She manages to board a train but is attacked by a friend who is subsequently mutilated by an unseen assailant. The assailant then hunts Kate and some homeless residents of the underground station using a series of long forgotten underground tunnels. Little attempt is made to analyse the back story of the assailant, however this is of no consequence as the audience quickly loses interest in his motivation and hopes that the film will end soon. Average performances from the cast, a somewhat unrealistic series of events (the assailant could have been killed on multiple occasions but it is quite clear the director wishes to drag the film along) and no real plot combine to produce a below average horror flick. Thrills and fear are substituted for gore which without a psychological aspect just serves to be a little discomforting as opposed to thrilling. Those who enjoy the 'gore' aspect of the horror genre will also be disappointed as the gore factor still remains tame compared to the recent flicks such as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. Overall a highly unsatisfying movie that leaves you feeling that the whole experience was completely pointless. Whilst this is a short movie (85 minutes) it is too much time to waste of your life. Spend 85 minutes on any alternative past time, cutting your toe nails or watching a reality TV show will be more rewarding.
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A run of the mill horror movie which doesn't impress
lollyshaun25 January 2008
I'll keep this short as a movie like this doesn't deserve a full review.

Given the setting, this movie could have been something really special. It could have been another "28 days later" or even a "Blair Witch Project"

The first 20 or so minutes of the movie I was really excited, directer did a decent job with cinematography and suspense, although I don't think He managed to capture true eeriness of an empty London Underground.

Characters were a big let down. Our "heroine" in this movie is a worthless piece of crap, and you really don't care if she dies or not. As many people have said before, I was rooting for the homeless people and the black guy, who managed to give me a chuckle or two(whether intentional of the writers or not).

The main villain, is kept in the dark for the first half of the movie, but when he is revealed I was really disappointed. I won't spoil it but lets just say my 10 year old sister could probably beat him in a wrestling match.

All in all this is just another mediocre horror film which falls into the trap of following a simple Hollywood formula. This film had a lot of potential but really failed to hit the mark.

Just to highlight how lame this movie was, the characters in this movie had at least FIVE TIMES to finish off and kill the main villain. INSTEAD THEY RUN AWAY.
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could have been so much better....
lucymcbrucy19 September 2005
The potential was there. I saw Creep and thought, 'Oooh, this is getting interesting' several times. Yet somehow the interesting plot lines wound up unexplained or ignored, like they never happened. The lead character was irritating throughout the movie, and at one point my fella and I both shouted that we wanted her to die. There are some genuinely spooky/scary moments, but these are grossly overshadowed by the moments that just annoyed the hell out of me. It's another one of those horror movies that crops up and intrigues you for a while, but ultimately leaves you frustrated and a little confused about what the movie makers were trying to achieve.

The one saving grace of this movie is the bad guy, but when the baddie is more likable than the lead character you know you're on to a loser.
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uncomfortable-george21 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This film was just woeful in all aspects. The characters are un-likable, especially Kate. The acting is below par and to top it all off the god awful story is basically this. The main character, Kate (Franka Potente) wants to go to a party to shag George Clooney but falls asleep in the tube station and gets locked in the underground. Kate meets some homeless people, Jimmy and Mandy, and a bloke who tries to rape her.

Jimmy Mandy and the other bloke are killed. Then the creep is revealed to the audience in a laughable way, it's such a lame sub-human thing it's hard not to laugh at how he tries to be scary when he shuffles around. The creep captures Kate, instead of killing her, which is what we all wanted to see, and locks her in a cage with George (Vas Blackwood). The creep then pokes its prisoners with a stick for no particular reason other than to make me laugh at him more. Kate and George escape after Kate stabs the creep leaving him cringing on the floor, but she doesn't kill him because that would be too sensible for this film.

Kate and George eventually find some sort of children's hospital in the underground, why that's there is not explained because it's too stupid to be explained. In the hospital they find one of Kate's homeless friends, who is later gruesomely butchered by the creep just for the sake of it.

George is eventually killed by the creep because of a mix of horror film stupidity (standing by an open window in these situations isn't clever, but it's the norm in this film) and Kate's incompetence. Kate seemed determined to mess up all opportunities to kill the creep.

The creep is killed in a very lame way after we find out its name is Craig. This just adds to the overall humour of the anorexic, drug addict now known as Craig. Kate finds her way back to the platform and is left looking like a homeless person and the audience has no idea what the creep actually is or why he felt the need to live in a tube station and kill people. THANK GOD IT'S OVER

The film delivers laughs when it shouldn't and the occasional small thrill. But it could've been so much better, with a better plot.

Overall, The film delivers laughs when it shouldn't and the occasional small thrill. But it could've been so much better, with a better plot. I wasn't impressed, but the underground almost looked creepy and the first 10 minutes was decent, but this film is beyond redeemable because of general stupidity. I'm glad I didn't pay to see this or I really would've been annoyed.
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Effectively made horror thriller
davideo-218 June 2005
STAR RATING: ***** Unmissable **** Very Good *** Okay ** You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead * Avoid At All Costs

Stuck-up career bitch Kate (Franka Potente) heads to the London underground to catch a train to take her to meet George Clooney. However, after a hectic working day, she dozes off and awakens to find herself alone in a deserted platform. As she races off on a situation taking her from one daunting encounter to the next, however, she learns of something far more malign and evil waiting for her out there.

In a lot of ways, the British Film Industry is really becoming one on it's own, especially in the horror thriller department, with films such as Creep and the successful 28 Days Later (which this has strong echoes of in parts.) In terms of succeeding in what it set out to do, Creep does cleverly create (especially at the beginning) a scary sense of isolation and tense fear. At it's clever running time, it also (though inadvertently, I suspect) manages to pay homage to some of those pioneer high-concept horror films from the 70s that rely on shocks and fear through-out without really focusing too much on character development and such.

Of it's weaknesses, some scenes are a little predictable, but these don't really succeed in making it less scary or effective in any way. I'm not sure if the ending was meant to make it come off as some sort of morality play and it's not exactly perfect, but it's certainly very effective and serves it's basic function very well. ***
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Not too bad, but not really too good either
dragonspiderlady6 August 2005
I had very high hopes for this film. And as the summary says, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best.

The main problem was it appears to have been cut too much, making it look like the film didn't know whether it wanted to be teen slasher or psychological horror. It had a couple of truly disturbing bits but also several, "oh look, we blew the budget on fake blood" moments.

All in all I'm glad I saw it, but I'm also glad I borrowed my mate's DVD and didn't go to the pictures to see it and therefore waste a fiver. Worth a watch if you're a horror fan though.

Kim xxx
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Good start and little more
Agnelin26 January 2008
This is a could-have-been that starts out on an attractive premise, but fails to deliver and ends up looking like the makers were too ambitious and wanted to make a horror movie that would work on different levels, with more than just one basic plot line, but ended up with a messy movie that really goes nowhere, just like the tube that the protagonist gets into at the beginning.

The movie begins with a sequence in the sewage system of London, where two employees are doing their maintenance work. Suddenly, something goes wrong and they're attacked by someone or something that we don't get to see. Then it switches over to a party, where we meet Kate (Franka Potente), a young woman who needs to leave to meet her friend. She goes to take the underground, but falls asleep while waiting for her ride. When she wakes up, the train has arrived, but there's nobody at the station. She gets on the underground, only to find out she's all alone there too...

The introduction is certainly appealing to the horror buff, and we're led to believe that we're in for a movie that will explore our fear of being trapped, the "underworld" (both in a real and metaphorical way), the dark, claustrophobia... Instead, the movie soon chooses to follow a different plot line, which, in my opinion, is much less interesting and much more conventional, more oriented to commercial success and to please those viewers who look for easy scares and blood-packed, gory scenes. The ending isn't fulfilling in the least, and seems sudden and not very well written or connected to what we've already seen.
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waste of time
stuart-arnold-127 August 2007
The film began with a good opening with a promise of an intriguing plot but, unfortunately like most modern horror films, the film was severally let down by Clichéd events, "I will stand with my back to this broken window, whilst we are been hunted", two dimensional character "I am a girl I can not hurt an unarmed murderer" , and awful script "I will shout and scream, even though the bad guy is searching for me' and uninspired finale 'how to kill the bad guy and not get my hands dirty in the process'. I wonder why the British film industry allows this sort of work to be financed and produced. The writer/ director gets a C for effort!
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Less Story More Violence
springsunnywinter18 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The story started off quite good about a party girl Kate (Franka Potente) who just made it in time for the last train in the London underground but fell asleep & missed it, the station is shut down and something is after her. But then it was all blood, gore & violence, the story dropped down really fast and I just don't know what that thing Creep exactly is, there were some hints like the picture of a doctor I think he is a gynaecologist & a boy which must be him. Franka Potente is one of my favourite actresses and I don't think I would have liked the film if someone else was in her place. The whole movie was taken care by her that is the main reason why I think it's good but not great, it could have been better. That scene was so strange where that thing Creep wore a surgeon coat and was washing its hands under a broken tap with no running water then wore surgical gloves that must have been used in hundreds of operations. Not really that scary, more of a relentless thriller type of film.
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Just awful
spookshowbaby7829 July 2005
I was expecting something a bit more sophisticated than this American style "horror".

I'm usually a scared person (heck, I was even scared by Scream!) and love to be scared, but the villain was so poorly unbelievable, I just got bored and wanted it to end. I think they wanted it to be like Jeepers Creepers, with bizarre freaky killer, but I would have been happier if it was a mad homeless person, rather than the freak of nature, so unbelievable, it just didn't work.

I was hoping for me to be so scared , that I would have been scared to go on the tubes for a while, but sadly no. This horror freak was not impressed.

Nice idea for a film, just a shame they spoilt it.
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Eerie atmosphere and sinister killer into London subway
ma-cortes13 April 2007
Kate (Franka Potente) a young girl leaving his acquaintances during a night party goes to London underground . Kate takes a nap but she's slept and losing the last train . It's the beginning a terrifying night with incredible terror , claustrophobia and killing pursuit by a dangerous being . After a subway train passes Kate encounters his friend Guy (J. Sheffield) . Later on , she encounters drug addicts and a homeless couple . They are stalked and pursued by a horrible creature starving of blood and drags his victims away . She flees throughout the obscure tunnels and along with another young man (Blackwood) will battle the loony mysterious murderer with disfigured face .

The picture contains creepy scenes, eerie horror , scary mystery, suspense and lots of blood and gore , including : Throat slitting, stabbed in the crutch , slicing , tortures and impalement ,among others horrible images . From the beginning to the ending , terror , action and tension is unstopped . The film take parts from the classics ¨Texas chainsaw massacre¨, ¨The hills have eyes¨ and borrowing on recent pictures just like ¨Wrong turn¨ or ¨House of 1000 corpses¨. The movie gets a spooky atmosphere with adequate cinematography and eerie musical score by The Insects . The motion picture was well directed by Christopher Smith . The flick isn't apt for little boys neither squeamish . The story will appeal to horror movies fans.
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More UK Film Council rubbish
Lobsterpot7 May 2007
Yet another example of the complete waste of UK Lottery money. Just how commercial did this film prove. The Film Council ,who funded this miserable garbage should be stranded, on one of the London Undergrounds disused stations, for allowing this clichéd, dismal specimen to be committed to film, a half mutant thing made up of all the horror movies the director has seen and felt fit to imitate, most notably Deathline. Amongst its many sins is the quite obvious failure to make the lead character remotely sympathetic until the last minute. It's a little bit too late then! Surely all those development executives, at the UK Film Council, could have noticed this at the script stage. Add to this the terrible acting and the laughable appearance of the creature and you get a prime example of how not to scare.
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creepy or crap?
Christian_alternakid17 August 2004
I've seen Creep as an advance showing at the Fantasy Film Festival in Berlin that was also attended by the director. there are some problems with this movie: first of all there's absolutely no likable character whatsoever. Franka Potente is a slutty German tourist, the guards are arrogant assholes (but that's business as usual in those kind of movies, I think) and the ones that help our "hero" are hopeless junkies. So while I do not have a problem with unusual portrayed characters, I do have a problem when I just don't care as they are running for their lives. the second main problem is a bizarre shift of atmosphere during the film. The beginning is all creepy horror but towards the ending there's more and more trashy (unintended) humour. the performances are OK and the story is so-so: it is just a dirty little horror movie, with a simple plot, stupid characters, some graphic scenes and one genuinely shocking moment (believe me, the first sighting of the creature is nothing you would wanna show your kids). I would not recommend it but for genre fans with a six pack beer at arm's length it could be an enjoyable evening (4/10). Good luck to the director though, who was very nice at the Q&A after the screening.
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I'm Sure Its Original Title Was " Cliché " !
Theo Robertson11 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
!!!!! OF COURSE THERE'S SPOILERS !!!!! I'm sure this project started off as a screen writing workshop on avoiding clichés in horror movies: Female protagonist - Check Bad things happen to drug takers - Check Heorine knocks out villain - Check Heroine doesn't notice villain recovering unconsciousness - Check Frame the sequence so we see recovered villain creep up behind heroine - Check Unfortunately it seems someone has sent this cliché list to a film studio instead of using it for class . Dear oh dear if only London transport was as regular as the clichés turning up here . In fact there's so many clichés and seen it all before moments that no one actually thought about going into detail as to what the eponymous creep is or how long he's been killing people on the underground . I'm led to believe it's the result of some human experiment and perhaps it's not until that night he decided to take his revenge out on humanity but all this is so vague as to be meaningless Not to be totally negative I doubt very much if the producers thought they'd be making a film that was going to sweep the Oscars that year and there's always a market for horror movies . Likewise I doubt if it cost too much produce and had one eye on the DVD market rather than cinema distribution and I will state that it's slightly better than 1972's DEATH LINE which also featured a murderous cannibal hiding in the London underground . it's just that when you think all the clichés have been used up in this film another cliché comes along to raise its ugly head
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I'm ashamed to be British because of this film.
heartagram-sam20 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Turd. Pure Turd. This film was 85 Min's too long.

Firstly, the main character had many chances to kill 'the creep', but rather than do so, she decides to make this film like a Scooby-Doo episode, by running away screaming, going through endless tunnels and train tracks!

[*Some info below I learnt from the bonus features DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW M-KAY?]

Second, OK SO, the Creep's name is Craig, he was a little boy that was being tested on, and when some government dudes came to save them all, he decided to HIDE, so he was stuck down there. Sounds OK right? SO


WHY IN THE NAME OF THE GOOD LORD DOES HE HAVE SUPER HUMAN ABILITYS? Just because you live in a cave/underground tunnel, doesn't mean you suddenly gain these ability's. BUT THATS NOT ALL. Not only is he SUPER HUMAN, he also kills people for no god damn reason.

Thirdly, why was there unneeded sexual stuff in there? OK I'm a girl, and they represented women as dolls in this film. The main characters aim was to have sex with George Clooney. Stereotypical? Oh yeah, and there was a rape scene also, and stuff about a mans wilkins. All had nothing to do with the plot.

That about raps up this turd heap of a film.
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