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Just Tipsy, Honey (1989)
paulbehrer2217320 January 2009
I viewed this episode while in high school, and I had no idea that Ms. Pettet was portraying a person who was addicted to alcohol until I looked it up just now. I'd have to guess that she acquitted herself in this role, which ultimately proved to be her final TV role. She should have had more roles as good as the ones from the 1970s onwards to this one. It would have been very interesting to have had her appearing in such TV shows as E.R., Law and Order, CSI, and many others from the 1990s to present, had Joanna chosen to remain active in the acting profession. It's simply a thought that I wished to express, nothing else. There are no spoilers in this comment, just to inform you in advance. Thanks for your indulgence and patience.
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