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A canny look at both sides of a musical experiment. Jandek plucks out his atonal efforts, and the record-store obsessives speculate about every subtlety.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
A revealing portrait of outsider music nerds.
Film Threat
The mystery behind Jandek is still intact at the end of the eighty-eight minute-long film, but it’s diminished substantially because you feel like you know too much.
Chicago Reader
Director Chad Friedrichs works around Jandek's never having revealed his identity by interpolating shots of the PO box and rocks on the beach with the talking heads of fans, critics, and journalists, and lots of Jandek's wistful, haunting music.
Village Voice
Chad Friedrichs's doc has too many rock-crit talking heads, too often saying the same thing based on scant information -- a clumsy portrait of the artist that inadvertently serves as a mirror of the critical faculty itself.

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